July 2009
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It is an uncanny thing when you are in Cuba. With no cameras around, most Cubans on the street will speak freely about their frustrations and complaints after more than 50 years of socialist revolution. If the camera goes on, however, almost eve... Continue reading
The establishment of Cuba as an Nearshore services base for US corporations is not as outrageous as we might have thought only a year ago. Continue reading
There are just three cities in the U.S. that have flights departing for Havana, Cuba, and Key West would like to be the fourth -- or at least the fifth Continue reading
Whether at the beach, poolside, or on a city rooftop, summer is a great chance to grab a cool drink and relax with a good book. That's why throughout the hottest months Tell Me More has been recommending great reads. This week we speak to Cuban American author Achy Obejas. Obejas' latest book, Ruins, is an insightful look at Cuba in the mid-90's. Continue reading
For a communist country, Cuba has marketed itself pretty well over the years. It's almost impossible to hear the island's name without thinking of white rum, cigars, salsa, Ernest Hemingway and streets lined with battered 1950s American cars. Continue reading
Aleida Guevara talks about having to share her 'Papi' with the world – and her dislike of the commercialisation of his image Continue reading
Bacardi Limited, the largest privately held spirits company in the world, today announced the Supreme Court of Spain has decided to hear its appeal in the case involving trademark rights to the Havana Club rum brand. The decision by the Spanish Supre... Continue reading
"Yo quería derribar a Castro y desgraciadamente derribé al presidente que nos estaba ayudando, a Richard Nixon". Eugenio Rolando Martínez se define a sí mismo como un frustrado. A sus 86 años no se arrepie... Continue reading
Miles de estudiantes están a punto de ser universitarios, gracias a la 'ahudasia ingreible y marabillosa' del sistema educacional Continue reading