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When Mrs. Cooper's car would roll up in front of the house, the younger children hid. At 17, Eddie Dulom was one of the oldest boys in the house and tried to coax the little ones out from under the bed. Mrs. Cooper was from a local orphanage, and she... Continue reading
Hector Rodriguez will never forget June 6, 1961, a day that "lives in infamy." That day, his parents snuck him onto a ferry leaving Havana, Cuba, for Florida. It was an unexpected trip for him, but one his parents had been planning for a while. Things... Continue reading
Javier Llorens cupped his hands to his ear and pressed it against the airplane window. He could hear the humming of the propellers. Suddenly, the air pressure bothered the 11-year-old's ears, and he began to cry. He turned to his older brother, Julke, ... Continue reading
Emy Botet was 14 when her father died. Sitting together in the house with her grandmother, parents and younger brother Fredy, she heard men yelling outside. "Sal para afuera, Botet! Si no sales, te matamos a la familia!" (Come out, or we'll kill your... Continue reading
Bill Jaume's family threw him a birthday party the day before he left Cuba in 1962. Since he would be in Miami for his eighth birthday, they decided to celebrate three days early. The boy was told he was going to the United States for a few months... Continue reading
Jorge Padron grew up in Marianao, a city within Havana. He was the only child of a quarry miner and a live-in housekeeper for the Alvarez family. They helped send Padron to a private school across the street where classes were half in English and half... Continue reading