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12:23, March 20, 2011

Cubans will adjusts their clocks one hour forward at midnight Saturday
to implement the “summer time,” aimed at using better the daylight and
reducing energy consumption.

Cubans will adjust their clocks at 24:00 on Saturday to 1:00 on Sunday,
replacing the so-called “normal time” in force since Nov. 1.

Director of Rational Use of the Electric Energy Union (UNE), Tatiana
Amaran Bogachova, said that “with the new schedule will be earned one
hour of daylight, which allows to extend the practice of daily
activities, from sports to business and leisure.”

She also noted that “as the evening is delayed,” thus the use of
appliances is reduced, and the energy consumption in this period is less.

The official said that after the adoption of the Daylight Saving Time
(DST), only in the last 11 days of March, will save some 8,000 tons
of fuel.

She added that despite the implementation of the DST, the country
increases its energy consumption, mainly in the months of July and
August, when the heat is intense and more people are on vacation in the

Hence the authorities called on citizens to use only the needed
electricity and meet the standards for the use of appliances.


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