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Tuesday, 15 March 2011 16:04

Over 7 months allowance delay

Solomon Islands students studying in are frustrated over the
delaying of their semester allowances.

Reports reaching Solomon Star yesterday claimed that it was almost 7
months now and most of the local medical students have yet to be paid.

“We've never received allowances from the government; 4months last year
and including this semester.

“Since December last year we lived without , assuming that the
government should pay our outstandingfor the 4 months last year and this
new semester early this year but nothing has happened,” a spokesperson
for the students said.

A student speaking on behalf of the student said hunger is affecting
them, the food is less in quantities and each day they never had enough.

“We begin the day with empty stomach until the dusk fall and it becomes
our daily routine.

“The diet is lacked quality and quantities that can't sustain us
longer while doing more loads of works and studies,” the student claimed.

As result some of students are admitted at the hospital and some are on

“Their sick are related to hunger and we don't know how life would be
for us if we continue to live in this condition,” the student said.

The students are now appealing to the government through its responsible
ministries to help assist them in their plight.
“We appeal to the government to seriously look into our plight,” the
student said.

The report said apart hunger some of the students also lost their
belongings such as clothes, towel and personal belongings.

“Stealing is commonly practiced here and that made some of us become
poor,” the student said.

Report said the students have nothing to keep them continue on with
their studies.

“So sad that now 4 boys can use one towel and some they don't have
enough clothes to keep them for sometimes.

“The conditions that we are facing here is not an easy. Living many
miles away on foreign land without money and continue to live in such
conditions is painful,” the student.

The students are also appealing to their parents to form a committee to
approach the government.

“Because our affairs with regards to allowance is ignored or overseen,”
the student said.

Attempts to get responsible officials from the Health Ministry for
comments were unsuccessful yesterday.


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