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Daily Archives: May 8, 2011

When the U.S. Navy SEAL team assaulted the compound of Osama bin Laden this week, the killing of the terrorist leader was seen around the world as a major success, a demonstration of the skill and planning Continue reading
The love for a mother and a motherâ??s love is universal, and in that aspect, there is not much of a difference between nationalities and cultures. Nonetheless, Motherâ??s Day is a special holiday for Continue reading
Days before Castro State Security carried out the beating death of Cuban dissident Juan Wilfredo Soto García, they were busy cracking down on other dissidents on the island. This past Thursday, opposition Continue reading
Information from several sources in Cuba are reporting that Cuban dissident Juan Wilfredo Soto García was brutally beaten by Castro State Security in the city of Santa Clara and later died in the hospital Continue reading
Movimiento policial tras muerte de disidente8 de mayo a las 1:05 AMEscuchar mensajehttps://www.google.com/voice/fm/16166385738979693582/AHwOX_Cr5KH5ppZ8c_XsRL7Vrac5ScU5kEV4lsF-cZt-yd2FnuNyaPl47m02Te8ByCCbPV1uBHnsh8cZCTXrKWTlyotiLm8oaKgYB0z6LkuJ_zJoXusC... Continue reading
Publicado el domingo, 05.08.11Dos escenarios y un viajero extraviadoRaúl RiveroMadrid – Ahora que el VI Congreso del Partido Comunista de Cuba es sólo un murmullo desacompasado, los cubanos viven la realidad de que los cambios anunciados du... Continue reading
La disidencia cubana denuncia el asesinato de Juan Wilfredo Soto GarcíaMUNDO. Los disidentes cubanos están denunciado durante toda la noche la muerte del opositor Juan Wilfredo Soto García. "Asesinaron una vez más a un hombre e... Continue reading
DDC La Habana - Santa Clara El activista Juan Wilfredo Soto García, de 46 años, murió esta madrugada en Santa Clara víctima de un paro... Continue reading
During the 1950s Cuban divers and underwater archaeologists found extensive artifact evidence of a Native American civilization on the western end of Cuba that was different and more advanced that the Continue reading
Cuba issued on Monday the 313 reforms recently approved by the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party (CCP only), with which President Raul Castro seeks to rectify the current socialist model for half Continue reading
Editor's note: The remote Navajo Nation is about to get wireless communicaton service, better opening it to the world. This story is part of a series looking into the Navajo's global potential and perspective Continue reading
Jornadas contra la HomofobiaLa directora del Cenesex, Mariela Castro, asistió al evento y recibió el homenaje de los artistas y del público, en un apartado de la gala que también honró la memoria de su madre, Vilma Espín Continue reading
La UCI me vigila diariamente. Porque estos tipos del régimen sí que se toman en serio lo de la ciberguerra y todo eso. Dicen que los millones se destinan desde aquí y es desde allá. Porque maniatar la libre información cuesta dinero, sobre todo. T... Continue reading
City Rep. Eddie Holguin holds a commanding lead in the race for his District 6 seat, and when the dust clears after Saturday's city election, he is likely to be one of the City Council's longest-serving Continue reading
A woman holds up a homemade poster of Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro during the May Day celebration in Revolution Square in Havana, Cuba, Sunday May 1, 2011. The gathering of hundreds ... Continue reading
I want to make some observations about your May 1 "Reader Travelogue" article, "Why Cuba? / Island nation's people, culture just as captivating 20 years later." First, I'd say, "Not Cuba. Why?" For the Continue reading
El científico cubano Gustavo Kourí, quien dirigió por décadas un prestigioso centro de investigaciones sobre enfermedades tropicales, falleció en esta capital. Tenía 75 años. Continue reading
El cantautor Silvio Rodríguez pidió este jueves a la prensa cubana contribuir a “desbaratar” la “burocracia inmovilista” que frena los cambios emprendidos en su país. Continue reading
Folks all over are being creative when it comes to making money in this tough economy, and one group's handy work hit shelves Saturday afternoon and is selling fast. Reporter: Candace Riley Email Address: Continue reading
El diario oficial Granma afirmó hoy que es urgente elevar la cultura de reciclar desechos plásticos para ahorrar más en Cuba, donde en 2010 solo se recogió el 75 por ciento de lo previsto a pesar de las leyes que impiden destruir esos residuos. Continue reading
Una semana después de haberse realizado el VI Congreso del Partido Comunista de Cuba, las autoridades de la isla anunciaron que reducirán el café para el consumo subsidiado en la libreta de racionamiento y eliminará la cuota para los menores de se... Continue reading
              Altera el tiempo medidas del espacio; el pueblo, tacita ahora entre montes. Observa cómo llegan agujas del deseo. Contempla el aire limpio, el tibio atardecer, casas y árboles. Sustancia es la luz de l... Continue reading
Alonso do-it-all senior Jose Fernandez was spot-on with his mid-to-high-90's fastball, baffling the Plant High batting order during a Class 6A region semifinal won by the Ravens, 8-1. Fernandez struck Continue reading
--- The initial batch of selections have been unveiled for the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival slated to run from June 16-26. Produced by Film Independent, the nonprofit arts organization that also produces Continue reading
HAVANA, May 7 (Xinhua) -- The Cuban government said Saturday it will soon release the new version of the economic reform plan promoted by President Raul Castro to "upgrade" the country's socialist economic Continue reading
Just arrived on my planet and quickly, the good news: Coffee is scarce and rumors are it will increase in price. This overnight raising of prices is nothing new. What caught my attention, and had me worried, was today, on receiving the new quota of coffee was reading the label, where it said: Ground coffee/dark [...] Continue reading
Bertrand de la Grange Madrid La muerte del líder terrorista provoca más desasosiego en Occidente ... Continue reading