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Daily Archives: June 11, 2011

Existe la amenza de que el gobierno cubano cambie a sus propietarios los viejos coches estadounidenses que circulan en la isla por autos de uso de fabricación rusa. Continue reading
El presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez fue intervenido quirúrgicamente el viernes en la capital cubana debido a que presentó una nueva dolencia, un absceso pélvico, informó el viernes el canciller de la nación sudamericana, Nicolás Maduro. Continue reading
Cuba aims to triple oil refining capacity by 2017Havana—Cuba, with the help of allies China and Venezuela, intends to triple its oil refining capacity from 120,000 to 360,000 barrels a day by 2017, officials said Thursday.Plans to expand and moderniz... Continue reading
Publicado el viernes, 06.10.11Tamayo:"El pueblo está perdiendo el miedo"La primera conferencia de prensa Reina Luisa Tamayo, madre del fallecido opositor Orlando Zapata Tamayo, tras su arribo a Miami este viernes.JUAN CARLOS CHAVEZjcchav... Continue reading
Orlando Zapata Tamayo's Mother Brings His Ashes, And His Fight For a Free Cuba, to MiamiBy Cristina PuigPublished June 10, 2011Reina Luisa Tamayo, the mother of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, arrives at Miami International Airport on Thursday carrying her ... Continue reading
SPA -- The Saudi Embassy in Cuba has held a reception ceremony to mark the 55th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Cuba. The occasion Continue reading
“La aparición de un autor como él es una evidencia estimulante de que algo está cambiando en el modo en que las nuevas generaciones de la isla abordan la realidad”. Continue reading
Extract not available. Continue reading
                  Y hablando del relámpago Gonzalo se zafó de su persona, se muy rápido volando fue como la luz antes del trueno. Cara de loco se está riendo aquí, en estas mismas sílabas que él trenz... Continue reading
Decenas de cubanos recibieron de pie a la madre de Orlando Zapata cuando llegó al Teatro Artime en Miami portando el cofre con las cenizas del disidente Continue reading
Reina Luisa Tamayo, madre del fallecido opositor cubano Orlando Zapata Tamayo, vaticinó hoy que la democracia en Cuba “se avecina” y exhortó al disidente Guillermo Fariñas a deponer su huelga de Continue reading
Las autoridades dominicanas anunciaron la detención y extradición a Estados Unidos de dos hermanos dominicanos acusados de dos homicidios supuestamente cometidos por encargo, a cambio de dinero. La Continue reading
Guillermo Fariñas depuso la huelga de hambre y sed que inició hace una semana por la muerte del opositor Wilfredo Soto, por petición que le hicieron miembros de la disidencia interna y ex presos Continue reading
Disidencia, ExilioReina Luis aseguró que el Gobierno jamás pudo doblegar a su familia: “Muertos primero antes de ser pisoteados y así se lo dijimos hasta el último momento” Continue reading
Agencias - DDC Buenos Aires Exmiembros de Madres de Plaza de Mayo piden que se le investigue. El Go... Continue reading
HAVANA -- A Cuban court has sentenced 11 more people to jail in a corruption case involving a Chilean businessman who was once Fidel Castro's close friend. State-run media said on Friday the 11 received Continue reading
Agencias Miami Reina Luisa Tamayo relató los últimos días de su hijo. 'Me dijeron 'vamos a acaba... Continue reading
According to dictionaries, a revolutionary is someone who favors or causes a complete change. Is directly related to the new, the cutting edge, never with the old and obsolete nor with the retrograde. In Cuba, in different eras, it was the one who fought for new ideas as opposed to the old, who proposed to [...] Continue reading
She wasn't suggesting minor league life would be easy. She wasn't trying to say her son would be impervious to pitfalls that have consumed countless first-round draft picks. Considering what Jose Fernandez has endured to reach this point, what his moth... Continue reading
Alejandrina Hernandez packed only light clothes and a makeup bag when she flew here from Miami this spring...Jose Goitia for The New York Times Cuban-Americans and Cubans living abroad are a source of Continue reading
MY family emigrated from Cuba when I was almost 7, after the failed Bay of Pigs mission. We had a nice life in Cuba. My father worked for the Coca-Cola Company, and we'd spend weekends at our beach ... Continue reading
AVN .- El acta final y los respectivos contratos que forman parte de la Oncena Sesión de la Comisión Intergubernamental de Cooperación Cuba-Venezuela, fueron firmados durante la tarde de este sábado Continue reading
HAVANA, June 11 (UPI) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had hip surgery in Havana, Cuba, and will recuperate there for a few days, his foreign minister said. A medical examination Friday found a pelvic Continue reading
Havana, June 11 (BNA)--Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez underwent surgery in Cuba on Friday to treat an abscess in his pelvic area and is recovering, Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said. According to Continue reading
Agencias Turín Yargelis Savigne ganó en triple salto en Oslo, en competencia de la Liga de Diaman... Continue reading
MY family emigrated from Cuba when I was almost 7, after the failed Bay of Pigs mission. We had a nice life in Cuba. My father worked for the Coca-Cola Company, and wed spend weekends at our beach house. Continue reading
Many have officially cursed the once booming Republic, now so tainted For the new generations, born with the Revolution, it is like talking about a love gone bad. Or they act like it never existed. Whenever I can, I recommend to everyone around me, that they visit the model of Havana. There they will appreciate [...] Continue reading
VENEZUALEAN President Hugo Chavez underwent surgery in Cuba yesterday to treat an abscess in his pelvic area and is recovering, Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said.According to Maduro, the surgery was Continue reading
11 de junio de 2011, 09:12Havana, Jun 11 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro made an official declaration last night about the successful surgery President Hugo Chavez underwent Continue reading
ChavezChavez began the recovery treatment, and is expected to soon return to Venezuela. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez underwent surgery due to pelvic abscess in Cuba, Friday, June 10, 2011, local time. Continue reading
In Cuba it’s normal to breathe in fear and insecurity, but to read between the line of the editorial “Fabricating Excuses” in the newspaper Granma, and the last three paragraphs of the text, terrifies you. It’s easy when you decide not to remain silent any more. It is hard to bear the pressure after 75 [...] Continue reading
Americaâ??s Funniest Bloopers by Presidential Candidates â??I donâ??t know? Does Cuba have a government-run health-care system?â?? Imagine a secret tweet by Sarah Palin disclosing such ignorance. But Continue reading
Tuvo un absceso pélvico que requirió la intervención quirúrgica en La Habana Continue reading
How confident is Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez that he can undergo surgery in his own country and live to tell about it? Apparently, not confident at all. After plunging an oil rich nation into political Continue reading
Agencias Montreaux La selección femenina de voleibol protagonizó el viernes una dura remontada ante Japón y finalizó invicta en la pri... Continue reading
HAVANA President Hugo Chavez underwent surgery in Cuba for a pelvic abscess Friday but is in good health and is expected to return to Caracas in a few days, Venezuelas foreign minister said. The procedure on Venezuelas president Continue reading
Until the last minute, I was hoping to interview you before your final departure from the country. On several occasions I tried to travel to your town and couldn’t, for reasons beyond my control. Once I talked to you over the phone but the conversation was not as deep as I would have liked. I’m [...] Continue reading
Agencias Miami El cantautor cubanoamericano Jon Secada invitó a sus seguidores a participar en un concurso para grabar un dúo con él, i... Continue reading
Agencias - DDC Bogotá El pianista cubano estará en julio en el Salsa and Latin Jazz Barcelona Fes... Continue reading
Chile and China signed agreements to increase cooperation in mining, banking and telecommunications during a visit by China's Vice President Xi Jinping on Thursday. A delegation headed by Xi, tipped to Continue reading
A man survived a suicidal leap in front of a Light Rail Transit-2 train at the Cubao station on Saturday morning, according to a report on GMA Newsâ?? "24 Oras." Source: GMANews.TV â?? Nation Tags: light Continue reading
DDC Madrid La organización considera que la agencia gubernamental está haciendo preguntas que pod... Continue reading
Una ONG estadounidense visita a Alan Gross en CubaPor Agencia EFE – hace 10 horasWashington, 10 jun (EFE).- Una delegación de la organización no gubernamental de EE.UU. Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA) visitó ayer al contrati... Continue reading
"La democracia se avecina en Cuba"MIAMI (AFP). "El pueblo cubano se está manifestando. La libertad y la democracia se avecinan en Cuba", dijo ayer Reina Luisa Tamayo, madre del preso opositor muerto en huelga de hambre Orlando ... Continue reading
Sociedad"Granma" aconseja cómo preparar el café mezclado con chícharosEl diario oficial del PCC publica un artículo donde vuelve a explicar las razones de esta medida de ahorro del gobierno y ofrece detalles de la elaborac... Continue reading