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Daily Archives: December 27, 2011

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 27 (acn) The number of fixed and mobile telephone lines in Cuba increased in 18.5% in the year 2011, Juventud Rebelde newspaper reported on ... Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 27 (acn) The 29th Southern Cross Brigade of Solidarity with Cuba coming from Australia and New Zealand is expected to arrive in Havana December 28 where they will participate ... Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 26 (acn) The greatest soccer player in the world, Lionel Messi, will probably travel to Cuba next year to receive the ... Continue reading
Don Quijote, Sancho y los tiranos[27-12-2011]Joisy García Martínez(www.miscelaneasdecuba.net).- Después de atiborrarse de novelas de caballería, que lo llevaron a creerse que él era un caballero andante, un hidalgo justiciero s... Continue reading
Shrimp farming operations in Cuba. (Photo: FAO) CUBA Members of the committees of Agri-food, Education, Culture and Science of the Chamber of Deputies agreed on the need for the Government to redirect Continue reading
Bajo el microscopioMartes, Diciembre 27, 2011 | Por Ernesto Santana ZaldívarLA HABANA, Cuba, diciembre, www.cubanet.org -A juzgar por la más reciente encuesta, parecería que el Instituto Cubano de Radio y Televisión quiere hacer cam... Continue reading
Please excuse the weird “” showing up all through the texts… we’re working on it! Continue reading
… the 1936-39 civil war and Franco dictatorship have been recognised as Spanish. Most applicants were in Latin America, particularly Cuba and Argentina. Continue reading
… en Argentina y Cuba, los países con mayor número de solicitudes, de acuerdo con fuentes de los co … españoles en Cuba será de entre 180.000 y 190.000 (cerca del 1,7% de la población de la isla) cu … qu... Continue reading
Publicado el lunes, 12.26.11Más empleados estatales convertidos en trabajadores privadosRigoberto DiazAFPLA HABANA -- El gobernante de Cuba, Raúl Castro, decidió profundizar un programa que convierte en trabajadores privados a empleados ... Continue reading
Minsk, Dec 27 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Embassy in Belarus exhibited its country´s cultural and tourist attractions to artists, business people, officials and journalists on occasion of ... Continue reading
Mexico, Dec 27 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Greco-Roman style wrestler Mijain Lopez was chosen among the five members of the Commission of Athletes of the Pan-American Sports Organization (ODEPA) on ... Continue reading
Lista de algunos de los prisioneros que serán liberados[27-12-2011]Red Cubana de Comunicadores Comunitarios(www.miscelaneasdecuba.net).- Antecedentes: Nota Oficial del Consejo de Estado de la República de Cuba, relativa al acuerdo de indultar... Continue reading
HAVANA--Cuba will open up more of the country's retail services to the private sector next year, allowing Cubans to operate various services such as appliance and watch repair, and locksmith ... Continue reading
Excarcelaciones anunciadasMartes, Diciembre 27, 2011 | Por René Gómez ManzanoLA HABANA, Cuba, diciembre, www.cubanet.org -La alocución hecha por el actual presidente Raúl Castro el pasado viernes ante la Asamblea Nacional ha provoca... Continue reading
Cuba to release 2900 prisoners More than 2500 Cuban prisoners have been released in recent days under a New Year's amnesty announced before a visit next spring by Pope Benedict XVI, according ... Continue reading
Queues formed outside Spanish consulates in Latin America, on the last day that descendants of Spanish exiles could apply for citizenship. Since 2008 more than 200,000 people whose parents or grandparents Continue reading
The last thing able to survive from our Cuban heritage is housing, owing to the totalitarian will of Fidel Castro, who dictated for more than 50 years that everything was his property and only he would decide what was whose and when it stopped being so. Fortunately or unfortunately, the family home was the only thing that couldn’t be sacrificed to survive the [...] Continue reading
Texas Rangers have won the right to negotiate with the Japanese pitching phenom, Yu Darvish, Major League Baseball has turned its attention to Yoennis Cespedes, a captivating Cuban outfielder with a ... Continue reading
Havana - Five political prisoners are among the more than 2,900 inmates whose releases were announced last week by the Cuban government, a dissident group said ... Continue reading
Licencias entregadas y devueltasMartes, Diciembre 27, 2011 | Por Frank CorreaLA HABANA, Cuba, 27 de diciembre (Frank Correa, www.cubanet.org ) -La provincia de La Habana marcha a la cabeza de la entrega de licencias para trabajo por cuenta propia hasta... Continue reading
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico The proposed changes, contained in a 27-page draft order, have sparked a backlash from the Pentagon-appointed attorneys representing the five Guantanamo prisoners charged in the Continue reading
MEXICO CITY â?? For Latin America, 2011 was, in Frank Sinatraâ??s terms, a very good year â?? and 2012 doesnâ??t look like being so bad either. For a region not always accustomed to things going well, Continue reading
More than 2500 Cuban prisoners have been released in recent days under a New Year's amnesty announced before a visit next spring by Pope Benedict XVI, according to a local human rights group. Cuban President Continue reading
Cuba  El número de teléfonos móviles alcanza por primera vez el de líneas fijas en Cuba con … se instalaron en Cuba 43.362 líneas fijas --de un plan anual previsto en 33.000--, con lo que suma … Cuba http://not... Continue reading
El número de teléfonos móviles activos en Cuba alcanzó por primera vez al de líneas fijas sumando en conjunto 2,4 millones de teléfonos en servicio, tras experimentar un crecimiento del 18,5 por ciento este año, según datos de la estatal Empres... Continue reading
Agencias Miami Alta presencia de cubanos entre los que presentaron la documentación para acogerse ... Continue reading
Cuba indultos  Silencio oficial en Cuba, pero opositores hablan de más de 2.900 liberados  … Benedicto XVI a Cuba. … del Gobierno de Cuba desde 1998, cuando fueron liberados más de 200 presos a raíz de la visit... Continue reading
A continuación reproducimos un editorial de la revista Convivencia que plantea: "toda visita de un Papa tiene una dimensión religiosa, y otra política y social. Y por lo mismo crea expectativas espirituales y políticas en sentido amplio, aunque su visita sea esencialmente religiosa". Continue reading
At least a dozen teams have an interest in the Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes, who has an athletic body and a home run bat. Continue reading
and Security Assistance in Latin America and the Caribbean. Cuba-US.: the Swap policy US Historic Agression Stance Against Cuba Maintained The research took place between 2009 and 2010 and it came after critics questioned the efficiency of the Continue reading
Indulto de presosOpositores hablan de más de 2.900 liberados. La CCDHRN afirma que tiene “reportes creíbles” de que durante el fin de semana hubo más de 100 en cada una de las 15 provincias de la Isla Continue reading
Nacionalidad española“Datos concretos no tenemos, pero nuestros cálculos son que las peticiones podrían estar en torno a las 20.000”, dijo hoy Javier Pagalday, cónsul adjunto Continue reading
Two political leaders have died only a few hours apart. But aside from the timing, they were also incompatible in their ways of seeing life, acting and delivering for their people. One represented Justice on earth and the other personified evil. The first, Václav Havel, was a born fighter, an intellectual and politician by nature, one of [...] Continue reading
By Rosa Tania Valdés HAVANA (Reuters) - More than 2,500 Cuban prisoners have been released in recent days under a New Year's amnesty announced before a visit next spring by Pope Benedict XVI, a local Continue reading
As the New Year's celebration nears, jazz makes a come back to the Cuban city of Holguin, which hosts the Holjazz festival, in its fifth season, which is organized by the Hermanos Saiz Association (AHS), Continue reading
Yesterday's 2-1 run win over Guantanamo team last Monday, gave the nicknamed Puppies of Holguin its 14th victory, thus keeping on with its amazing performance so far, when becoming the most winning squad Continue reading
REGINA -- Passengers on an Air Transat flight to Varadero, Cuba, almost had their vacation plans a scuttled this morning when their aircraft was grounded after a fuel indication issue.The flight had ... Continue reading
: On Friday, Cuban President Raul Castro dashed the hopes of Cubans, by announcing that the nation would not be pressured into moving too fast to ease travel restrictions and citing continued aggression Continue reading
Loans intended to stimulate private enterprise in island communist state In one of the latest steps taken to "modernize" the economy of Cuba, one of the world's last remaining old-style communist nations, Continue reading
InmigraciónEl Gobierno de La Habana y "el paso de la luna" de Michael JacksonLa política migratoria cubana lesiona la soberanía nacionalMarlene Azor Hernández, México DF | 27/12/2011Un amigo me escribió recientem... Continue reading
Fin de añoDeseos para la Cuba de 2012 (VI)Activistas, intelectuales y artistas de Cuba y del exilio nos dicen cómo ven la Cuba del 2012… y cómo la sueñan. Dinos tú cómo ves y cómo sueñas nuestra Isla para el nu... Continue reading
For generations residents of Comuna 13, a hillside neighborhood in the Colombian city of Medellin, have had to climb the equivalent of roughly 28 flights of stairs a day just to get home from the center Continue reading
El gobierno cubano retiró de las plantillas de empleados públicos a joyeros, reparadores de colchones y carpinteros, entre otros oficios, y los convirtió en trabajadores independientes que arriendan un espacio al Estado. Continue reading
Al menos cinco presos políticos se incluyen entre los más de 2.900 excarcelados tras el indulto anunciado por el Gobierno cubano el pasado viernes, según informó hoy la opositora Comisión Cubana de Derechos Humanos y Reconciliación Nacional (CCD... Continue reading