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Daily Archives: August 17, 2012

Enrique ?Henry?? Cardenas spent 28 years behind a camera for WSVN-7 ? and most of his spare time feeding stray cats.He carted around huge bags of cat food in ?Unit 22?? ? his station-issued, white Ford Continue reading
Activistas y firmantes de la Demanda Ciudadana por otra Cuba advirtieron este viernes que el uso de la "fuerza bruta" por parte de la policía contra los ciudadanios puede conducir a un "camino sin retorno". Continue reading
CAMAGÜEY, Cuba, 17 de agosto (Calixto R. Martínez, www.cubanet.org) –   El Hospital Pediátrico de Camagüey  se encuentra totalmente abarrotado con pacientes infectados con dengue, al punto de que sus directivos se han visto obligados a habilitar camas en los pasillos. Según una fuente que labora en el hospital que pidió no ser identificada, las salas [...] Continue reading
Bolivian Solidarity Movement Demands Release of Cuban Five HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 13 (ACN) Bolivia's Solidarity-with-Cuba Movement reiterated in Cochabamba its support of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters Continue reading
President Kennedy discussed the possibility of assassinating Fidel Castro during the 1960 presidential campaign, according to former Californian Senator George ... Continue reading
The Spanish politician accused in the deaths of Cuban dissidents Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero will go on trial Aug. 31 on a charge of vehicular homicide, according to news media reports Friday. Madrid?s Continue reading
The crowd Holder doesn't want to upset (0) Comments | Print friendly | Email Us The story we get repeatedly from the press is that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange received asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy Continue reading
LA HABANA, Cuba, 17 de agosto (Agencias, www.cubanet.org) –Opositores cubanos denunciaron en un documento dado a conocer el viernes el “clima de conflicto” que ha creado el régimen de la isla con la sociedad civil y advirtieron que la prepotencia y la represión por parte de las autoridades pudieran llevar al país a “un camino [...] Continue reading
Havana, Aug 17 (RHC) The member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA) strongly rejected the threats launched by Great Britain against Ecuador's embassy in London. Continue reading
Havana, August 17 (RHC)-- Cuba's National Election Commission (CEN) convenes 8.5 million voters for the upcoming General Elections organized by the Council of State.  A total of 51,000 assemblies will Continue reading
Santo Domingo, August 17 (RHC) -- Cuban Vice President Esteban Lazo fulfilled a busy diplomatic agenda during his recent visit to the Dominican Republic, where he met with the newly sworn-in president, Continue reading
In the popular slang of my planet “to give tooth” is a term used for those people who like to talk, talk, talk more than they like to be heard, or to listen. I was watching television for few hours late yesterday, something I am not accustomed to d... Continue reading
Last week the BBC ran a story, by reporter Sarah Rainsford, claiming sources within the dogmatic and unyielding Cuban state-run radio had declared that previously forbidden Cuban-American musical performers Continue reading
La bloguera cubana Yoani Sánchez consideró hoy una paradoja que el australiano Julian Assange, protagonista de una ?cruzada por la información?, haya recibido asilo del Gobierno de Ecuador, que tiene una política ?rígida y agresiva? hacia los... Continue reading
DDC Estocolmo Derrotó nuevamente a la campeona mundial, la brasileña Fabiana Murer. ... Continue reading
Diana Nyad calls the quest the "Xtreme Dream" "This has got to be the last time," she says Nyad will begin the swim in Cuba on Sunday She holds the world's record for ... Continue reading
Last week the BBC ran a story, by reporter Sarah Rainsford, claiming sources within the dogmatic and unyielding Cuban state-run radio had declared that previously forbidden Cuban-American musical performers Continue reading
Sophie's Cuban Cuisine has agreed to bring four restaurants to the Washington area, the company announced Friday. The New York company signed an licensing agreement with a D.C.-based group, ... Continue reading
Gertrudis Ojeda Suarez- Lady in White, activist of the Rosa Parks Movement for Civil Rights and of the Eastern Democratic Alliance- made an urgent call on July of 2012 when she was informed by State Security that she would be taken to trial and possibly sentenced to 2 years in prison along with her husband, [...] Continue reading
Proponen en Argentina a Yoani Sánchez para premio de DDHH El Centro para la Apertura y el Desarrollo de América Latina (CADAL), con sede en Buenos Aires, Argentina, ha propuesto a Yoani Sanchez para el Premio Internacional de Derechos Huma... Continue reading
Detenidos miembros de Frente Línea Dura FLDBOZT 17 de agosto de 2012 La Habana, Cuba – www.PayoLibre.com – El pasado día 14 fueron detenidos varios opositores pertenecientes al Frente de Línea Dura y Boicot Orlando Zapata Tamayo, ... Continue reading
Detienen a bibliotecario independiente Félix Reyes Gutiérrez 17 de agosto de 2012 Ranchuelo, Cuba – www.PayoLibre.com – El bibliotecario independiente Yosmel Martínez Corcho resultó detenido en la localidad de Quemado de G&#2... Continue reading
Acusan a disidentes en Holguín Félix Reyes Gutiérrez 17 de agosto de 2012 Ranchuelo, Cuba – www.PayoLibre.com – Los disidentes Yoandry Naoky Ricardo Mir y Gertrudis Ojeda Suárez fueron acusados el 11 de agosto pasado en Banes... Continue reading
Vigilia en Banes Félix Reyes Gutiérrez 17 de agosto de 2012 Ranchuelo, Cuba – www.PayoLibre.com – Seis opositores realizaron una vigilia en Banes, Holguín, el 8 de agosto último, en homenaje a Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas ... Continue reading
Publicado el viernes, 08.17.12 Cuba: Arrestan a tres disidentes en La Habana Juan O. Tamayo jtamayo@elnuevoherald.com La policía cubana detuvo el jueves a tres disidentes que repartían folletos en una esquina de La Habana en apoyo a una in... Continue reading
Más de la mitad de Cuba bajo amenaza de dengue Publicado el Jueves, 16 Agosto 2012 05:49 Por Redacción CaféFuerte El gobierno cubano alertó este jueves sobre focos del mosquito transmisor del dengue en 98 municipios del país,... Continue reading
The procession starts again after a few minutes of resistance under the burning sun of the nation, Rodiles, Aleago, Guillermo and others already on their way to the jails. The line of vehicles follows the avenue in Cerro crossing a cordon of police and... Continue reading
Friday, August 17th 2012 - 11:20 UTC Cuban health authorities admit dengue and yellow fever outbreaks The Cuban Public Health Ministry (MINSAP) this week again called on people's support to help eradicate the proliferation of the dengue transmi... Continue reading
Cuban player still missing By Kevin Maimann, Edmonton Sun First posted: Thursday, August 16, 2012 02:59 PM MDT | Updated: Thursday, August 16, 2012 03:04 PM MDT The governor of the Edmonton International Baseball Foundation said little can be done a... Continue reading
Salarios y productividad: La piedra fundacional agosto 16, 2012 Fernando Ravsberg* HAVANA TIMES — El principio de incrementar la productividad como paso previo al aumento de los salarios parece desde la economía, un principio irrebatible. Sin... Continue reading
Ese no era el colmo agosto 17, 2012 Erasmo Calzadilla HAVANA TIMES — En su intento por comprender el capitalismo actual, la investigadora Naomi Klein me ha enseñado mucho sobre nuestro socialismo. "La doctrina del shock", una de sus... Continue reading
Power Elites Here and There August 17, 2012 Erasmo Calzadilla HAVANA TIMES — In an attempt to understand modern capitalism, I learned a lot about "socialism" here in Cuba from the progressive Canadian researcher Naomi Klein. The Shock D... Continue reading
Posted on Friday, 08.17.12 Cuba warns of mosquito increase, disease threat The Associated Press HAVANA -- Cuba is warning of high concentrations of mosquitoes and is asking islanders for help stamping out potential breeding pools to avoid the sprea... Continue reading
Represión Lanzan gas pimienta contra disidentes que repartían la 'Demanda por otra Cuba' DDC La Habana 16-08-2012 - 11:11 pm. - Lograron entregar al menos un centenar de copias, pero la policía también reprimió a la... Continue reading
“Yo asumo todos los errores de la revolución, me siento responsable de ellos también", declaró Alfredo Guevara a la televisión española. Continue reading
(Argus) - Cuba will be the first country to lose preferential oil supplies from Venezuela next January if opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski wins the 7 October national elections, Continue reading
State regulators at the Department of Health have approved a plan to upgrade the sprinkler system at Cuba Memorial Hospital's skilled nursing facility. The $200,000 project allows the Allegany ... Continue reading
LA HABANA, Cuba, 17 de agosto (Luis Cino (PD), www.cubanet.org) – La bloguera y periodista independiente Dania Virgen García permaneció detenida arbitrariamente más de 48 horas, entre la mañana del domingo 12 de agosto y la tarde del martes 14, en una celda del Departamento Técnico de Investigaciones (DTI) de la barriada capitalina de La [...] Continue reading
A dilapidated old boat recently came ashore in South Florida. The rickety vessel was a small, old fishing boat. Eighteen passengers were crammed aboard. Its engine was recycled from an old Soviet automobile Continue reading
Unos 8,5 millones de cubanos podrán votar en las elecciones generales de los delegados a las asambleas municipales del Poder Popular que se celebrarán a mediados del próximo octubre, ha confirmado la Comisión Electoral Nacional (CEN), según inform... Continue reading
The 62-year-old distance swimmer says "this has got to be the last time" to attempt a feat she calls the "Xtreme Dream." read more Continue reading
LATEST NEWS: Circus to Havana and Santiago de Cuba LATEST NEWS: Support of Venezuela Cuba Ratifies Online: 19 guests News The World Ecuador expects support from UNASUR-ALBA-OAS meetings on British threat Continue reading
DDC La Habana Responden a la violenta detención de tres activistas que repartían en la calle la '... Continue reading
Staring intently at computer screens, two groups of soldiers huddle on opposite sides of the classroom. They point at various elements of electronic maps with furrowed brows, working as a team. The soldiers Continue reading
TRINIDAD, Cuba, 17 de agosto (Katia Sonia Martín Véliz, www.cubanet.org) -  Abdel Rodríguez Arteaga, Ricardo Santiago Medina Salabarria y Frank Reyes López, directivos del Partido Cuba Independiente y Democrática (CID), fueron detenidos a las en la mañana de 14 de agosto cerca de Playa La Boca, provincia de Sancti Spíritus, acusados de “desorden público”. Cuando [...] Continue reading