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Daily Archives: September 15, 2012

A partir de octubre se eliminan tres conexiones aérea semanales de España a Cuba, a través de Iberia y Air Europa. Continue reading
RepresiónEl blog “Cambios en Cuba” publica un vídeo en el que médicos que supuestamente visitaron la casa de la disidente el pasado jueves desmienten información sobre su delicado estado de salud Continue reading
DPA/Havana The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) do not rule out US involvement in planned peace talks next month with Colombian authorities, rebel negotiator Luis Alberto Alban, alias Marco Continue reading
In recent days there have been assemblies to “elect” the members of the National Assembly of People’s Power. This will start with electoral districts and municipalities, and continue with the provinces until the process will end with the selectio... Continue reading
Dos de los principales bailarines del Ballet de Camagüey, de Cuba, desertaron de la isla y harán su debut en los Estados Unidos en Miami el domingo. Continue reading
When Jorge Vazquez Chaviano stepped out of his house in Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara on the morning of March 27th, 2012, on his way to the city of Havana to assist the Mass offered by Pope Benedict XVI, he knew he was running serious risks.  A few days prior to that date, he had [...] Continue reading

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But this week, I thought I'd goof off and write about something a bit different. I saw a guy hit Goal at my meeting last week, and I really enjoyed hearing what he had to say. He said for him, the biggest Continue reading
Cuba Saturday launched its national population census. About 55,000 enumerators are participating in the exercise, Xinhua reported. They will collect data on age, sex and housing units, besides the ... Continue reading
now takes aim at Regulators are close to taking action against for insufficient safeguards. The agency is also scrutinising several other giants, including BofA Jessica SilverGreenberg & Ben Protess / Continue reading
"Pakistan is with the United States for the long haul. However, rather than calls for 'do more', Pakistan needs to be given strategic space and sympathy", Ambassador Sherry Rehman, speaking at an event Continue reading
DDC Santa Clara El pianista, compositor, arreglista y productor Pucho López murió este sábado en Santa Clara, y su entierro estaba prev... Continue reading
15 de septiembre de 2012, 15:45Havana, Sep 15 (Prensa Latina) Cuba officially declared the start of the National Census of Population and Housing 2012 on Saturday, which will run until September 24. The Continue reading
The Obama administration's much touted "people-to-people" travel program to Cuba has all but ground to a halt due to tighter regulations issued in May, apparently to placate Cuban-American lawmakers, Continue reading
Mientras la Iglesia Católica reza y se muestra preocupaba por la salud de los huelguistas en Cuba, médicos del régimen hablan de buena salud. Continue reading
Two Cuban dancers After their performance in Quito, Ecuador with the Ballet de Camaguey, Principal Dancers Milena Teresa Garcia and Julio Cesar Concepci?n Mederos traveled to Mexico and crossed the border Continue reading
Sadly, Havana's Diva-like splendour is being chipped away by the ravages of time. UNESCO has declared old Havana a world heritage site and funds begin to flow into projects all over the city, but work Continue reading
The term Casa Particular is one first-time visitors of Cuba will probably be unfamiliar with. The following article is designed to answer all questions you may have on the subject. Spending your Cuba Continue reading
Challenging Cuba’s tourism growth, the two Spanish airlines offering scheduled flights to the island are reducing their frequencies, first reported. In response to sagging demand in Spain, flag carrier Iberia will reduce its weekly flights from Madrid to Havana from six to five, according to the Spanish tourism industry portal. Iberia will cut its sixth flight beginning [...] Continue reading
Meeting with Manuel Perez Gavilan in his recent visit to Banes is a true fortune, because this baseball player nicknamed Mani Perez has many things to say about Cuba's national passion, among them, having Continue reading
The start of one month in the Dominican Republic for the release of five Cubans convicted in the United States 14 years ago was highlighted on the everydays events of the week. The Dominican Campaign Continue reading
A new presentation of the Cuban-German fine arts cultural project "El Vuelo del Bronce"  (Bronze Flight) is open to the public through October 24 at main CelloMusik Hall in Berlin - the country's capital, Continue reading
Cuban trova singer Ray Fernandez gave a concert at the Gabinete Caligari in the city of Holguin, which is part of the Cancion+20 cultural project, whose goal is collecting funds for the upcoming Romerias Continue reading
Several US agencies have reported bureaucratic obstacles imposed by the government to renew their licenses and prevent them from organizing trips to Cuba, subject for over half a century to US economic, Continue reading
Two principal dancers with Cubas Ballet de Camaguey have defected and will make their U.S. debut in Miami Sunday. Milena Teresa Garcia Valido and Julio Cesar Concepcion Mederos will perform the Don Quixote Continue reading
The members of "Ninety Miles," which performed Friday night at LaFayette College, demonstrated that while the name of their Jazz sextet stands for the distance that separates Cuba from the United States, Continue reading
Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), praised in this capital the development of this industry in Cuba, despite the obstacles arising from the impact of the U.S. blockade. Continue reading
Cuba expects to receive this year 2.9 million foreign tourists, said here Xiomara Martinez, deputy minister of tourism and delegate to the 54th Regional Committee of the World Tourism Organization for Continue reading
Destituyen a directivo de prisión Félix Reyes Gutiérrez 15 de septiembre de 2012 Ranchuelo, Cuba – – El capitán Orelvis Enrique Morales, jefe de la prisión del Síndrome de Inmunodeficiencia Adquirid... Continue reading
By Marc Frank - RETAIL sales by Cuban state-run businesses declined significantly over the last two years, the government reports, as privately imported goods and a growing "non-state" sector took their Continue reading
Habitantes disgustados por mal servicio médico Yasmary González Martínez 15 de septiembre de 2012 Sancti Spíritus, Cuba – – Vecinos de la comunidad de Las Tozas, en el municipio capital espirituano, expresaro... Continue reading
15 de septiembre de 2012, 13:52Havana, Sep 15 (Prensa Latina) The arrest 14 years ago of five Cubans in the United States, with four of them still in jail and one on parole, marked the week which ends Continue reading
15 de septiembre de 2012, 13:51Hanoi, Sep 15 (Prensa Latina) With a resounding twitting in favor of the freedom of the five Cubans antiterrorists unjustly imprisoned in the United States began the day Continue reading
Madre gana batalla para operar a su hija en Cuba Publicado el Viernes, 14 Septiembre 2012 14:29 Por Calixto Ramón Martínez* Después de cuatro años de un incesante batallar para operar a su hija en Cuba, Ivania Rodríguez vio s... Continue reading
TurismoIberia, que en la actualidad cubre el trayecto Madrid-La Habana seis días a la semana (tan solo los lunes no hay conexión), eliminará una frecuencia a partir del próximo 28 de octubre, Air Europa eliminará dos, debido a la menor demanda Continue reading
The recent arrest of political cartoonist and anti-corruption campaigner Aseem Trivedi in Mumbai on sedition charges for allegedly depicting national symbols in a despicable manner has triggered a fresh Continue reading
Cuando todo parece estar listo para el inicio en Cuba de negociaciones exploratorias de paz entre la guerrilla y el gobierno de Juan Manuel Santos el más esperanzado es el pueblo colombiano. Continue reading
The Beautiful One Has Come, by Susan Kamata. Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, 2011, 212 pp., $15.00, (paperback) Long-term Japan resident and writer Suzanne Kamata juxtaposes the charming and the unappealing Continue reading
El 24 de febrero de 1996 se produjo un lamentable incidente frente al Malecón habanero. Dos avionetas pertenecientes a un grupo terrorista de Miami fueron derribadas por la defensa antiaérea cuando violaron el territorio de Cuba. Decenas de violaciones semejantes habían ocurrido en el último año y el gobierno había advertido públicamente que no toleraría su repetición. Continue reading
- ¿Cuántos son los cubanos? ¿Cómo y dónde viven? La isla dio inicio el sábado a un censo nacional que se extenderá hasta el 24 de octubre, luego de 10 años ese su última medición. Continue reading
Proporcionar una vivienda digna a los cubanos, es un deber del Estado. Pero en la práctica éste se ocupa más de desalojar y demoler que del deber. Continue reading
15 de septiembre de 2012, 12:18Santo Domingo, Sep 15 (Prensa Latina) The start of one month in the Dominican Republic for the release of five Cubans convicted in the United States 14 years ago was highlighted Continue reading
- La peluquería de Gilberto Valladares “Papito” ha dado vida a una céntrica calle de La Habana con un proyecto comunitario que incluye una academia para jóvenes valores y pronto hasta un parque temático infantil, Además de ser un laboratorio... Continue reading
The following are China news stories moved by Xinhua News Agency as of 16:00 GMT, Sept. 15: TOP STORIES * 1st Ld-Writethru: China's non-CPC parties condemn Japan's "purchase" of Diaoyu Islands BEIJING, Continue reading
DDC La Habana 'Se le pudo ver conversando animadamente, y levantándose y acostándose sin pesar a... Continue reading