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An activist of UNPACU injured after police violence on January 19th.

Each Tuesday, members of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) meet at the home of one of the coordinators of that movement, Luis Enrique Losada, in Maffo, Contramaestre, to participate in courses of civic non-violent preparation. To counteract these events, State Security organizes mobs of police agents and drunkards hailing from other towns to watch, repudiate, harass, and beat the dissidents, according to members of UNPACU.

This past 26th of February, the same thing occurred outside that house, where 3 activists were injured by government mobs, according to a report made to this blog by Luis Enrique Losada.

“Yoandry Veranes Hernández, Jialin González and Carlos Miguel Gallardo Mosqueda were beat”, denounced Losada, “In the case of the latter- Gallardo Mosqueda- he was beaten by a mob of more than 30 people as he tried to make it inside my house. He was injured on his right leg; it was a deep wound which required some stitches“.

The repressors were armed with sticks and threw rocks at the house (where there were also underage children present) as they have done on previous occasions. This past 19th of January, social networks exploded in condemnation and solidarity after a group of dissidents in the same house in Contramaestre suffered similar attacks at the hands of the mobs. The result was the raiding of the home, broken heads, injured bodies, and various arrests. Photos of these events went around the world.

Losada affirms that the same people who carried out the attacks in January were also present on this past occasion. “They are the same people which the police used to violate my house on January 19th, beating me and my family members. The majority of them are drunkards who are taken out of their jobs and paid and ordered by the political police to attack us. Members of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) are also present, like Mario Agusti and the one known as Ricardo“.

“We hold the Cuban government accountable for what could happen to us“, expressed the dissident.

However, Losada says state-sponsored violence is increasing due to all the fear which the system feels of losing control, considering that “there is much more activism on our behalf and there is also lots of sympathy from the everyday people with us…the regime is truly bothered by all of this. When Tuesday comes around, the majority of neighbors leave their houses, coming up with excuses to leave in order to avoid being forced to participate in acts of repudiation and acts of vandalism against us“. Many citizens have personally told the activist of this. They are displays of non-cooperation with the dictatorship.

An audio with more details of the attacks of February 26th were published on the YouTube channel of UNPACU, which can be heard in this link.

For more information straight from Cuba, contact:

Luis Enrique Losada- Cell Phone: +53-842-319

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