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HAVANA, July 31 (Xinhua) -- At least seven people have died after drinking wood alcohol, or methanol, and 41 others have been hospitalized, with eight in critical condition in Havana, Cuba's public health Continue reading
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MIAMI A Cuban-American gunman who opened fire in his apartment building, killing six neighbors, had told police he feared he was being targeted by witchcraft, police said Wednesday. Pedro Vargas, 42, Continue reading
A CUBAN-AMERICAN gunman who opened fire in his apartment building, killing six neighbors, had told police he feared he was being targeted by witchcraft, police say. Pedro Vargas, 42, set fire to $US10,000 Continue reading
The hunger strike that began nearly six months ago at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba and spread to include two-thirds of its 166 prisoners has tapered off with a Ramadan pardon that has allowed Continue reading
A CUBAN-AMERICAN gunman who opened fire in his apartment building, killing six neighbors, had told police he feared he was being targeted by witchcraft, police say. Pedro Vargas, 42, set fire to $US10,000 Continue reading
LA HABANA (AP) " Al menos siete personas murieron en Cuba esta semana tras haberse intoxicado luego de beber alcohol no apto para consumo humano que fue vendido ilegalmente, informaron las autoridades... Continue reading
The number of Cubans leaving their country has increased steadily in recent years, the government reported on Wednesday, reaching levels not seen since 1994 when tens of thousands took to the sea in makeshift Continue reading
Puerto Ricans are used to wet tropical weather, but the past few weeks have unleashed a series of storms of almost biblical proportions, destroying hundreds of homes, sweeping away cars and leaving tens Continue reading
El programa Cuba al Día de Radio Martí abordó el tema con varios invitados Continue reading
LA HABANA, Cuba, 31 de julio de 2013, Dania Virgen García/ www.cubanet.org.- Desde hace varios días, el activista Félix Pérez Gamboa, quien se encuentra en el destacamento 11, se halla pidiendo asistencia médica, debido que sufre diferentes dolores en las articulaciones clavicular-humeral derecha, agudizándose el dolor cada día, informa desde la prisión Kilo 7 el [...] Continue reading
Seven Cubans have died and more than 40 have been hospitalised after drinking industrial methanol which they thought was rum, the public health ministry ... Continue reading
The last British resident in Guantanamo Bay claims he is being assaulted, sometimes sexually, during prison searches as he continues a hunger strike against his unlawful ... Continue reading
Siete personas han fallecido y más de cuarenta permanecen hospitalizadas, ocho de ellas en estado grave, tras ingerir por equivocación metanol industrial --un compuesto químico tóxico-- pensando que era ron, según ha informado el Ministerio de Salud Pública a través de un comunicado. Continue reading
HAVANA - Cuban state television says at least seven people have died of poisoning after consuming methyl alcohol and 41 others remain hospitalized. A Health Ministry report read out on the afternoon news says numerous people began showing up at Havana... Continue reading
Los fallecidos, seis hombres y una mujer de entre 37 y 58 años de edad, residían en el municipio habanero de La Lisa, al igual que el resto de los intoxicados. Continue reading
En una conversación que sostuvimos con la profesora y escritora colombiana Beatriz J. Rizk, Ph.D., directora del programa educativo del XXVIII Festival Internacional de Teatro Hispano de Miami (FITH), que acaba de culminar el domingo, se originó una serie de comentarios sobre la historia de sus aspectos académicos. Ella no solo modera las discusiones tras la presentación de las obras que participan en el festival, sino que organiza un minicongreso entre investigadores y gente de teatro, que este año se reunió el fin de semana del 12 y 13 de julio. Continue reading
Seven people have died of poisoning after consuming black-market methyl alcohol and 41 others remained hospitalized, Cuban authorities said Wednesday. Continue reading
Pinar del Rio, Cuba, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina) Cuban folkloric dances will be performed once again in Germany next year, during the International Afro Caribbean Culture Festival, to which Cuban group La Camorra will attend, as told by coordinators here We... Continue reading
A federal Transportation Safety Board report Wednesday into a fatal crash at Vancouver International Airport says ';more needs to be done to reduce the risks associated with post-crash ... Continue reading
Yesterday, faced once more with the frustration of not being able to connect to the internet, my friend and I decided to go shopping in the stores of the area. She needed a faucet for her kitchen and I didn’t … Continue reading Continue reading
WASHINGTON - The United States is extending the duration of non-immigrant visas for Cuban travellers from six months to five years. The change also means Cubans who are approved for B-2 visas will be allowed multiple entries, rather than just one. Cur... Continue reading
Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla has approved a package of incentives aimed at bringing more cruise ship passengers to the U.S. island territory. The incentives include 10 percent discount on Continue reading
Prison Diary XL A Broth for the Dictator / Angel Santiesteban
Posted on July 30, 2013

My family sends me the underground solidarity of friends and neighbors
toward my reality. If we add up the population that doesn't support the
regime, we would think the fall of the dictatorship was imminent; but I
know first hand that those who reject the existing process, are the same
people who then go to the Plaza of the Revolution because they fear
having it worse.

I once told the story of Stalin, who standing in the snow, wanted to
teach his functionaries how to subjugate a people, and before the eyes
of his companions, deprived a bird of its plumage and threw it into the
snow. Immediately, the bird ran for cover between the boots of the
assassin. Several times he pushed him away, and with no other choice to
survive, the animal returned to his feet.

I assume his lackeys understood the example well. I would like to ass to
that story that after they returned to the shelter of the palace,
convinced of the bird's plea, of its utter helplessness and unlimited
surrender, the dictator asked his cook to prepare him a nice broth to
satisfy his unlimited whims.

Of course Cubans have never been masochists or stupid, although in these
more than fifty years we might well have won; but I understand that the
logic of the Cuban is thinking that it could be worse.

The prisoners complain all the time, and every time they bring me a
complaint I ask them if they accept that the complaint will be filed
with their name, then they get scared, and tell me they'll be deprived
of their benefits.

"And therein lies the price," I tell them, "change is at the cost of

Sometimes they complain about the food, and I think rightly, the stink
of it makes me think an animal wouldn't eat it.

I tell them that the following day, June 9, will be four months since my
arrival in prison and I have never entered he dining room, I have no
idea what's inside, I assure them that the day we agree to unite in not
going to get the food, things will change, they will take steps to
improve it.

"Political," one says to me, "if it were that easy we'd do it with
pleasure. The food, which is a stew, they will feed to their pigs, and
they will send us to the other end of the island and our families will
be hit the hardest, and with the lost of our credits, they will deprive
us of every possible chance to get out before serving our whole sentence
and everything will remain the same."

Those who have emigrated know that is true, any rebellion is shut down,
in the place where it is, with the worse experience, with the hardest of
punishments, and most, therefore, turn their backs on our reality.

It seems that our internal problems will be resolved by international
demands like the UN, and like the racist regime of South Africa, they
will force respect for the Human Rights of Cubans.

As a start, the first big step of the climb to freedom, and in turn, the
beginning of the fall of the dictatorship, will be with the ratification
of the UN Covenants; which they are about to demand a the FIDH Congress
in Istanbul in the month of May. Congratulations!

Angel Santiesteban-Prats. Prison 1580, July 2013

29 July 2013

Source: "Prison Diary XL: A Broth for the Dictator / Angel Santiesteban
| Translating Cuba" -
http://translatingcuba.com/prison-diary-xl-a-broth-for-the-dictator-angel-santiesteban/ Continue reading
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Siete muertos y 41 personas ingresadas es el saldo provocado por la intoxicación por ingestión de alcohol metílico en La Habana, informa la agencia oficial Prensa Latina.

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