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Daily Archives: July 11, 2013

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El turismo es uno de los motores de la economía cubana con unos 2.000 millones de dólares de ingresos anuales. Continue reading
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Frenzied speculation about the whereabouts of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has been reignited after keen-eyed plane watchers noticed a discrepancy in the route a regular Aeroflot flight from Moscow Continue reading
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Despite his lyrics, Jay-Z won't be "smoking Cubanos with Castro in cabanas" anytime soon if the House of Representatives has any say in it. In the wake of Jay-Z and Beyonce's trip to Cuba earlier this Continue reading
Finalizó segundo en la votación por la Liga Nacional con más de 15 millones 600 mil votos. Freddie Freeman, de los Bravos de Atlanta, fue elegido con 19 millones 700 mil. Continue reading
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Despite his lyrics, Jay-Z won't be "smoking Cubanos with Castro in cabanas" anytime soon if the House of Representatives has any say in it. In the wake of Jay-Z and Beyonce's trip to Cuba earlier this Continue reading
El cambio ha provocado la especulación de que en ese avión se encuentre el ex contratista de la Agencia de Seguridad Nacional (NSA) Edward Snowden. Continue reading
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(CNN) -- It's been days since three Latin American presidents offered to give Edward Snowden a safe place to hide out from U.S. authorities. But the man who's admitted leaking classified documents about Continue reading
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(CNN) -- It's been days since three Latin American presidents offered to give Edward Snowden a safe place to hide out from U.S. authorities. But the man who's admitted leaking classified documents about Continue reading
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(CNN) -- It's been days since three Latin American presidents offered to give Edward Snowden a safe place to hide out from U.S. authorities. But the man who's admitted leaking classified documents about Continue reading
Editor's note: CNN Correspondent Al Goodman is one of several CNN journalists who has spent time in the transit zone at Moscow's airport in search of Edward Snowden. Here, he shares what his experience Continue reading
ARTEMISA, Cuba, 11 de julio de 2013, Moisés Leonardo Rodríguez/ www.cubanet.org.- Nadie está exento de riesgo y por ello se ven, todos los días y por todas partes, en los últimos meses, cada vez más personas mirando a tras luz los billetes de la moneda nacional, debido al incremento de la circulación de billetes falsos. [...] Continue reading
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Loss of Ethical Values / Rebeca Monzo
Posted on July 11, 2013

"We have painfully perceived, for more than 20 years of the Special
Period, the increasing deterioration of moral and civic values like
honesty, decency, shame, decorum, honor and sensitivity to the problems
of others."

So reads one of the paragraphs of Raul Castro's discourse before the
Cuban parliament, published today, Tuesday, July 9 in the daily Rebel Youth.

I ask myself, why did he have to wait more than 20 years to put the
brakes on a situation that was already noticeable and perceived to be

At this point the social indiscipline and human deterioration is almost
uncontrollable. There are many factors that have influenced it and they
were known by all. The fragmentation of the Cuban family, product of the
political confrontations and political estrangement among their members,
many times imposed by the regime itself, is perhaps the crux of all the
subsequent social misfortune. The family was always considered and in
fact is the fundamental social nucleus of a nation.

The misconduct of the marginalized, like screaming loudly in the middle
of the street, the use of obscene words and the vulgarity of speech,
have been present in our daily lives. Television, one of the most
influential of the mass media, also has contributed to exposing all
kinds of vulgarities and mediocrities, in terms of image and vocabulary.

Throwing trash in public roadways, as well as indulging physiological
needs in streets and parks, is something now of daily routine and are
acts that are carried out before the indolence and apathy of observers,
maybe for fear of being verbally or physically assaulted by the actor
himself if attention is called. Walk in the morning through the old
Asturian Center, now a museum, and you will be horrified to have to move
away from the doorways by the strong odor of urine that these emanate.

With respect to the increased consumption of alcoholic beverages by the
populace, their indiscriminate sale in almost all the state
establishments from early hours is noteworthy, being that the only one
responsible is the State itself. It is a shame to see in any state
business, very neglected and rundown, a little table dragged to the
middle of the sidewalk for the sale of rum, so that the pedestrian does
not have to bother entering the place in question to drink.

As far as the abuse of the school uniform, generally the teachers
themselves have given the bad example, dressing inadequately to stand in
front of a student body and make themselves respected teaching a class.
All of this of course has been a product of the bad training of many
teachers, the prolonged shortage of clothes for sale, the low salaries
and the transportation difficulties, which has brought about having to
use a kind of clothing that does not impede climbing into a truck or
hanging from the platform of a bus.

Nevertheless, barely hours after publishing the discourse in question, a
friend of ours was an eyewitness to an event in the farmer's market at
17th and K streets, in Vedado, when a young man came running and tripped
and almost fell on an elderly woman, who sells plastic bags at the exit
of said establishment.

She, feeling battered, uttered one of the most gross curses, "now so in
fashion," which begins with "P." Then out of nowhere came another man,
also young, dressed in plainclothes, who immediately asked for the
woman's identity card, in order to impose a fine of 200 pesos, not for
selling bags (which is considered a crime), but for the "curse."

The woman began to cry living tears, explaining that she was retired and
hypertensive, that she had no money, etc. When the young man in
plainclothes saw that those present began to encircle them, he told the
vendor that "this time he was going to pardon the fine," but instead he
was going to "draw up" a warning. This made the woman burst into tears
again, before the astonished gaze of all those present, who daily often
utter these curse words and others even stronger, before the
indifference of everyone.

Translated by mlk

9 July 2013

Source: "Loss of Ethical Values / Rebeca Monzo | Translating Cuba" -
http://translatingcuba.com/loss-of-ethical-values-rebeca-monzo/ Continue reading
Counter-revolution / Cuban Law Association, Julio Alfredo Ferrer Tamayo
Posted on July 11, 2013
Lic. Julio Alfredo Ferrer Tamayo

REVOLUTION, for Fidel Castro Ruz, Historic Leader of the Cuban
Revolution, is the sense of the historic moment; it's changing
everything that should be changed; it's full liberty and equality; it's
to be treated and to treat others as human beings; it's our own
emancipation through our own efforts; it's standing up to powerful
dominant forces inside and outside our social and national space; it is
to defend values we believe in no matter what sacrifice; it's modesty,
disinterest, altruism, solidarity and heroism; it is fighting bravely,
intelligently and realistically; never lying or breaking ethical
principles; it is the profound conviction that there is no power in the
world able to crush the force of truth and ideas. revolution is unity,
independence, fighting for our dreams of justice for Cuba and for the
world, it is the foundation of our patriotism, our socialism and our
internationalism. Gathered together like this in the Guidelines for
Economic and Social Policies, discussed in the VI Congress of the
Communist Party of Cuba, ratified by the President of the Republic of
Cuba, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, like a fundamental compass in the
construction of a prosperous and sustainable socialism.

Starting off from this definition, it is possible to work out what is
COUNTER-REVOLUTION; whatever opposes or contravenes that concept. When
we are not treated or don't treat others as human beings; when we lie
and violate ethical principles; when we are immodest, selfish, mean and
egotistical; when we do not defy powerful dominating forces in our
social and national space. when we do not fight bravely, intelligently
and realistically; when we don't change everything that should be
changed, when there is not full equality and liberty; when they don't
allow the Cuba Law Association to exercise its clear human right to have
its constitution, and to realise our dreams of justice for Cuba.

Translated by GH

8 July 2013

Source: "Counter-revolution / Cuban Law Association, Julio Alfredo
Ferrer Tamayo | Translating Cuba" -
http://translatingcuba.com/counter-revolution-cuban-law-association-julio-alfredo-ferrer-tamayo/ Continue reading
Don't Lose Any More Time / Fernando Damaso
Posted on July 10, 2013

In defense of the current Cuban model and its updating within the
straitjacket of the so-called Guidelines, some citizens are frightened
by the idea of the possible restoration of capitalism in Cuba,
mechanically repeating verbally and in writing all the propaganda that
has been overwhelmingly spread by the news media. Nobody stops to point
out the negative aspects of the current model (its main critics lie
precisely within them), they simply deny the positives of change.

Fifty-six years of capitalism in Cuba, despite its shortcomings,
problems, fratricidal conflicts, dictatorships, politics, theft of
public funds and other misfortunes, represented development and wealth,
unlike fifty-four years of socialism, even with its many misfortunes,
which have only represented underdevelopment, involution, lack of
productivity, backwardness, poverty and accumulation of problems, both
old (lack of housing, unemployment, racial discrimination, etc.) and new
(lack of possibilities, exodus, inefficient services, social
indiscipline, arbitrariness, bad manners, rudeness, etc.). These
realities, however much they try, cannot be hidden: they appear whenever
you explore, even superficially, our past and present history.

In recent days, at the current session of the National Assembly, they
have repeated the need to perfect the socialist state enterprise,
forgetting its failure for seventy years in the former USSR, forty in
the former socialist countries, and fifty-four in Cuba. They also have
declared that socialism is the compass. Ideological stubbornness has
never solved any problem.

To continue parroting these absurdities is to lose resources and time.
What's important is to end the current impasse and join the real world.
The work isn't easy, but it will only get harder if we don't all join
together in our efforts to achieve it.

8 July 2013

Source: "Don't Lose Any More Time / Fernando Damaso | Translating Cuba"
- http://translatingcuba.com/dont-lose-any-more-time-fernando-damaso/ Continue reading
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