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Daily Archives: July 21, 2013

PANAMA CITY -- The North Korean freighter is a three-decade-old rust bucket that literally stinks. It stinks of its crew?s sweat and urine, the greasy kitchen, the food left on the floor, the years of Continue reading
Colombia's president has ordered the army "not to stop shooting" until the conflict with the Farc rebels is over, after 15 soldiers died in an ambush. Juan Manuel Santos also ordered more troops to Continue reading
The United Nations has been called in to investigate, but there is little mystery to the arms smuggling case. A ship owned by North Korea, bearing a huge North Korean flag, tried to smuggle tonnes of Continue reading
La ministra de Defensa y almirante en Jefe, Carmen Teresa Meléndez, descartó que los ascensos militares nombrados recientemente por el Gobierno de Venezuela hayan sido consultados al Gobierno de Cuba y atribuyó estos rumores a "intenciones de desestabilizar" al Gobierno venezolano. Continue reading
When a North Korean ship carrying Cuban arms was seized last week in Panama on suspicion of smuggling drugs, Cuba first said it was loaded with sugar for the people of North Korea, according to a Panamanian Continue reading
The recent seizure of a North Korean freighter carrying Cuban, nuclear-capable SA-2 missile components for refurbishment has resurrected the spectre of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, when another communist Continue reading
Henry Urrutias first major league at-bat came with the bases loaded in the first inning Saturday night in the Orioles 7-4 win over the Rangers. As the 26-year-old Cuban defector stepped up to the plate Continue reading
A solid first half gave way to an absolutely disastrous second half for Cuba, who were dumped out of the Gold Cup in disastrous fashion after going down to 10 men. Panama took a 2-1 lead into the halftime break, but turned it up after Ariel Martinez&am... Continue reading
Cuban scientists have developed a new anticancer drug which, unlike other cytostatics, does not damage healthy cells, local daily Juventud Rebelde reported Sunday. The drug penetrates the nucleus membrane Continue reading
FARC guerrillas shoot to stop police from advancing, in the rural area of Caloto, department of Cauca, on June 4, 2013. Fifteen Colombian soldiers were killed Saturday in an ambush by leftist FARC rebels, Continue reading
Un laboratorio cubano desarrolla una formulación antitumoral a partir del péptido RJLB14, que muestra reducciones de hasta el 90 por ciento en los tumores en ratones aunque, por el momento, está todavía pendiente de ser probada en humanos. Continue reading
BOGOTA, Colombia / Colombia: Fifteen Colombian soldiers were killed Saturday in an ambush by leftist FARC rebels, the country's president said, raising concerns about peace talks launched last year. Continue reading
Within minutes of opening on a tropical Tuesday afternoon recently, Havana Café on East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx was packed. Hungry locals lined the bar, sipping mojitos and munching bacalaitos, a Continue reading
Henry Urrutias first major league at-bat came with the bases loaded in the first inning Saturday night in the Orioles 7-4 win over the Rangers. As the 26-year-old Cuban defector stepped up to the plate Continue reading
The Mexicans were frustrated by the plucky Caribbeans for 84 minutes, but Raul Jimenez slotted a goal to break the deadlock from a Miguel Layun cross. The match-winner was far from clinical, coming from Continue reading
The seizure in Panama of the Chong Chon Gang, a rusty old North Korean ship carrying last century’s Soviet-era weapons from Cuba hidden under 250,000 sacks of brown sugar, may seem to have the wacky trappings of ... Continue reading
BARCELONA, Spain -- German pair Sascha Klein and Patrick Hausding won the gold medal in the men's synchronized 10-meter platform on Sunday, bringing an end to China's run of three consecutive titles at Continue reading
CARACAS La nueva ministra de Defensa venezolana, Carmen Meléndez, negó este domingo que el gobierno cubano hubiese incidido en los ascensos militares del país, pues asegura tener al alto mando “más unido que nunca”. Continue reading
Panama beat 10-man Cuba 6-1 in the Gold Cup quarterfinals on Saturday. Panama, which has three wins and a draw in the Gold Cup, advanced to the semifinals next week in Dallas. Gabriel Torres' penalty Continue reading
The Colombian army says it has arrested 10 Farc rebels accused of killing 17 soldiers in an ambush near the border with Venezuela on Saturday. President Juan Manuel Santos has called a security summit Continue reading
La Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, que preside el escritor colombiano Gabriel García Márquez, nombró al cubano Jerónimo Labrada nuevo director para la Escuela Internacional de Cine en Cuba, tras la renuncia del guatemalteco Rafael Rosal debido a irregularidades financieras detectadas en el centro. Continue reading
Furniture stolen from Portland guest house, woman arrested 9:58 AM Portland police list 'person-of-interest' 9:40 AM Windies sent in to bat in 4th ODI 9:27 AM Caribbean teams bow out of Gold Cup Continue reading
A group of Cuban-American congressional representatives has formally requested that Washington deny a visa to Fidel Castro’s heir, Antonio Castro Soto del Valle. Rather than being concerned about the son’s entry to the United States, the island’s government seems more … Continue reading Continue reading
Cuba's International School of Cinema is suspending new admissions for a year in response to budgetary woes resulting from international economic difficulties, the school's interim director said on Friday. Continue reading
Las mujeres y opositores fueron arrestados en Cárdenas y Colón. Continue reading
An American recalls being drawn into Ernest Hemingway's circle in Cuba. A portrait of Ernest Hemingway, taken in Cuba in 1952. Photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt, Pix Inc./Time & Life/ Howard Berk. Continue reading
Mexico and Panama set up a semifinal rematch in the CONCACAF Gold Cup after each won their quarter-final matches on Saturday. Panama beat 10-man Cuba 6-1, while Mexico escaped with a 1-0 victory over Continue reading
Then MEC 'bashes' businessman with bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold An unseemly spat over a Cuban cigar ended in Gauteng MEC for Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation Lebogang Maile allegedly hitting a Continue reading
21 de julio de 2013, 11:54Havana, Jul 21 (Prensa Latina) CubaÂ?s Labiofam Entrepreneurial Group is carrying out researches to develop a new anti-cancer drug from the RJLB14, reported Juventud Rebelde Continue reading
The Bermuda U/20 Women's National team will depart Bermuda today [July 21] to participate in the Caribbean Football Union [CFU] U-20 Qualifying Tournament. Two teams will advance from the Group to compete Continue reading
The seizure in Panama of the Chong Chon Gang, a rusty old North Korean ship carrying last century?s Soviet-era weapons from Cuba hidden under 250,000 sacks of brown sugar, may seem to have the wacky trappings Continue reading
DING! App te ayudara a mantenerte en contacto con tus familiares y amigos en Cuba ahora de una manera mas facil. Esta App esta disenada para recargar celulares cubanos desde cualquier parte del mundo Continue reading
At the end of this morning’s TV news magazine, Buenos Dias, conspicuously absent in the official Cuban media was the issue of the North Korean ship loaded with missiles. I am absolutely certain that the coming days will produce nothing … Continue reading Continue reading
OMAHA, Neb. (AP) -- Texas Christian sophomore Brandon Finnegan limited Cuba to three hits in seven innings in Team USA’s 1-0 victory Saturday night, the Americans’ third straight one-run win in the first three games of the five-game... Continue reading
Firearm seized in Gordon Town two men arrested 3:50 PM 'Che' manuscripts added to UNESCO heritage programme 2:56 PM NHF approves $35.5m for Noel Holmes Hospital refurbishing 2:30 PM India police: Continue reading
"The camera gives me power and I become brave," says Anahit Hayrapetyan, 32, a photojournalist based in Yerevan, the historical capital city of Armenia, a former Soviet bloc country. Adds the talented Continue reading
, speech, Kennedy emphasized that peace with the Soviets was possible. The theme of the speech was that nuclear arms race was most perilous and could easily result in the nuclear extinction of the planet. Continue reading
Patrons sit next a picture of Cuban world champion high jump Javier Sotomayor at Sport-Bar 2.45 on June 9 in Havana, Cuba. Sotomayor set a world record in the high jump in 1993 by clearing 2.45 meters (8 feet, 1/2 inch). FRANKLIN REYES/Associated ... Continue reading
In Cuba, Oswaldo Payá's name lives on
Efforts to improve human rights, rule of law continue after dissident's
Posted: July 17, 2013
By Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

I waited in a queue of hundreds of mourners marching past the coffin
below the chief altar. It was a deadly hot July day. The parish of El
Salvador del Mundo in the Cerro municipality of Havana held a funeral
wake for the founder of the Christian Liberation Movement Oswaldo Payá,

I looked at Payá's face. His left cheek was bruised. He was lying there
- the man whom the Cuban exile accused of adherence to the Castro
ideology due to his endeavor to achieve a peaceful transition to
democracy "from law to law," one that would redeem the truth and
wouldn't end up in a mock exchange of one military leader for another,
this time wearing a suit and tie. Payá was also criticized by opposition
members for defending his convictions too vehemently - a virtue they
mistook for authoritarianism. His corpse was now lying there in
solitude, so typical of martyrs.

I thought of the young MCL leader, Harold Cepero, who lost his life with
Payá. At that moment I felt as if he had looked at me, guiltily, without
opening his dead eyes. The heavy curtain of his eyelids has been dropped

I had an overpowering vision inspired in a speech I had just heard, a
speech made by Payá's daughter, Rosa Maria (even younger than the
deceased lad). Despite going through great pain, she announced quite
calmly to the world that her father had been assassinated after decades
of receiving threats and living under constant surveillance. To support
her indictment, she also mentioned the text messages sent by the two
survivors of the fake "accident" to their home countries, Sweden and Spain.

In my vision, Oswaldo Payá was taken out of the car he was traveling in
and was put on an in situ trial by a military tribunal. He was sentenced
to death without having a chance to defend himself. The
commander-in-chief of the revolution, who had never forgiven Payá for
living a free and happy life, thus completed the old personal vendetta
against a man who was able to gather more than 25,000 signatures against
the regime, a man who spoke fearlessly and without hatred in his heart
upon receiving the European Parliament's Sakharov Prize, a man who had
won nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize - the award that Fidel Castro
used to covet before he became a senile old man.

Quiet tears ran down my cheeks, and it was impossible to control them. I
wouldn't say I felt sad; I was just devastated. I realized that what
started out as a guerrilla movement with barbaric executions without
trial long before 1959 has now ended up in an assassination ordered by
the government. And businessmen from the free world keep counting and
recounting the money they are planning to invest here in the island to
become saviors of the last leftist utopia in the world.

It should be noted that the Varela Project of the Christian Liberation
Movement, whose idea was to reduce the tyranny of the totalitarian
regime by forcing the government to comply with its own laws, is still
valid, and no Cuban official will ever gain legitimacy unless the
National Assembly of People's Power complies with the legislative
provisions and acknowledges the lawfulness of this public petition,
which has been delivered to it in compliance with the Constitution. The
Varela Project is Payá's legacy that will survive both Castro brothers
as well as their successor: the capitalism without human rights that
they are currently testing in Cuba.

It is quite possible that the crime will go unpunished in terms of the
law. Yet, the lives of Harold Cepero and Oswaldo Payá, regardless of
whether they were ended as I envisioned or in any another cruel way,
have become a kind of a gospel, a heritage shared by all Cubans
symbolizing their desire to burn all violence perpetrated by the State
on a pile of green uniforms of State Security executioners.

- Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo is

a journalist and blogger living in Cuba.

Source: "In Cuba, Oswaldo Payá's name lives on - Opinion - The Prague
Post" -
http://www.praguepost.com/opinion/16744-in-cuba-oswaldo-payas-name-lives-on.html Continue reading
Who Are the New Rich? / Rebeca Monzo
Posted on July 20, 2013

As I was reading a newspaper article in today's Granma written by a
journalist named de la Hoz, I could not help but smile at the apparent

This journalist identified symbols of what he described as "the new
rich" such as the use, and in some cases perhaps ostentatious display,
of things that in other societies would be considered perfectly normal.
These include taking a ham sandwich and cola to school for the afternoon
snack, or perhaps wearing a pair of brand-name shoes like those for sale
for hard currency in many of the city's stores. These shoes are
undoubtedly of better quality and more durable than most which are for
sale also in CUC at much lower prices but which are of much poorer
quality. I can understand how a parent who can make the sacrifice will
try to buy the most durable items, the ones whose labels are not simply
decorative but presumably indicate a certain level of quality.

This reporter seems to have forgotten that just a few years ago the only
students taking nice snacks to school were driven there by chauffeurs
and sported backpacks and clothes with foreign labels. They were the
children of high-ranking officials, the ones people called "los hijitos
de papá" or Daddy's kids. I live in Nuevo Vedado, a neighborhood where I
have always been surrounded by these children since they attended the
same school as my sons, who enjoyed none of their privileges — a
situation I always found myself having to explain to them but which they
were never able to understand.

I still remember the look of astonishment on the face of my older son
when, as an adolescent, he came home from school with stories he heard
about a birthday party for the fifteen-year-old daughter of a comandante
who had closed off their street, brought in a mechanical organ and
filled the swimming pool at their house with flowers. There was also an
enormous buffet shared with kids in military service who served as
waiters. This happened during the worst of the Special Period. It was
just one of any number of examples of similar neighborhood parties,
which coincidentally all took place in the homes of high-ranking
officials. These were the same officials who would later move to Miramar
and Siboney* so they could be more discreet.
But getting back to the previous subject of school snacks, they are
almost non-existent, so meager and of such poor quality that it is
inconceivable that they could take the place of lunch, as has been
proposed. It is for this reason that many parents — a majority, in fact
— make sacrifices and jump through hoops to see to it that their
children have a "decent" snack consisting of a ham and cheese sandwich
and a soft drink. I do not understand why the journalist in question
claims this is a privilege that only parents who own private businesses
can afford, especially since entire families are engaged in these
If we are witnessing improper and indiscriminate displays of so-called
symbols of power, it is due precisely to the bad examples to which
average citizens have served as onlookers and not as participants. One
should keep in mind that today the difference is that they are paid for
by working parents who are self-employed, artists, athletes and others,
and not by those previously mentioned. It would also be useful to point
out that, if they paid people decent salaries that reflected the actual
cost of living and the country were economically productive, everyone
would have the same opportunities to improve not only their children's
school snacks but the quality of family life too and, in the end, all of

*Translator's note: Miramar is a neighborhood which was home to Havana's
wealthiest citizens before the revolution and today houses numerous
foreign embassies. Siboney is an affluent neighborhood favored by
members of the Cuban military.

18 July 2013

Source: "Who Are the New Rich? / Rebeca Monzo | Translating Cuba" -
http://translatingcuba.com/who-are-the-new-rich-rebeca-monzo/ Continue reading
Independent March in Front of the Capitol Demands Gay Marriage /
Lilianne Ruiz
Posted on July 20, 2013

HAVANA, Cuba, July 2nd 2013, Lilianne Ruiz / www.cubanet.org — In
concurrence with Gay Pride Day, celebrated worldwide every 28th of June,
a dozen activists marched past the Capitol last Saturday, led by Leannes
Imbert Acosta, director of the LGBT community's Rights Observatory.
Afterwards, they continued the march towards the Paseo del Prado,
carrying the rainbow flag.

At this event, the protesters wore slogans supporting marriage between
persons of the same sex. Imbert Acosta had this to say:

"This year the march brings up the topic of marriage between persons of
the same sex. We are announcing the beginning of a campaign to collect
at least ten thousand signatures, in order to later present a legal
initiative before the National Assembly of Popular Power to grant the
right to enter into matrimony to same-sex couples."

The LGBT Observatory of Cuba since 2011 has called for the march around
Gay Pride Day, not only for people in the LGBT community, but also for
any citizen who identifies with the cause of ending discrimination on
basis of sexual orientation. Regarding this and other rights, Imbert
Acosta stated:

"What we are asking for is not the right to be gays or lesbians… We
demand that, being gays and lesbians, the State and society recognize
the totality of our rights. One does not lose one's religious dimension,
nor political, nor legal personality by expressing a homosexual
orientation. Sexuality is one human dimension, just as are all the
others. Historically we have been discriminated against for cultural,
religious, and political reasons. Nonetheless, a homosexual person must
also have the right to share in culture, religion, and politics, as well
as enter into matrimony, in the same way and for the same reasons as
would a heterosexual couple."

Asked about the role of the CENESEX official (National Center of Sexual
Education) in this sense, Acosta comments:

"Mariela Castro, daughter of the Cuban president, serves more as a
government spokesperson to the LGBT community than as a representative
of the LGBT community to the government. It is a means of maintaining
control. Hence many times the title of political group stigmatizes us
because we are not in agreement with the Center that she directs.
Nevertheless, we have tried to build bridges for dialogue and they are
the ones who have refused, alleging that we visit diplomatic offices, to
which we respond that Mrs. Castro also does the same. We have talked
with transsexuals who are affiliated with the center and they tell us
that they recognize that CENESEX does not authentically represent the
interests of the LGBT community, but they allege that they need their
operation (surgical sex change).

"On the other hand, Mrs. Castro does call on the march for World Day
Against Homophobia to dance the conga with slogans in support of
socialism, which as we all know is the political system which her family
heads. So, she is making a political campaign with the interests of the

Mariela Castro is currently deputy of the National Assembly of Popular
Power. She has expressed on multiple occasions that CENESEX already put
forth a draft bill before the National Assembly, "But," comments Imbert
Acosta, "in every case, it only contemplates civil recognition, not
marriage as such. And that is another of the matters that we wish to
clarify today. At the least, we, the non-officially allied LGBT
activists of the island and many members of the community, want
marriage, not just a civil union law which would leave us where we are
situated, in a situation of disadvantage in matters of rights compared
to heterosexuals."

Although it is true that the authorities have not intervened directly
against the protesters, it is known that they have made warnings to
possible participants to keep them from marching.

A police warning can discourage many in a country with iron control by
the State.

By Lilianne Ruiz

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Translated by Russell Conner

6 July 2013

Source: "Independent March in Front of the Capitol Demands Gay Marriage
/ Lilianne Ruiz | Translating Cuba" -
http://translatingcuba.com/independent-march-in-front-of-the-capitol-demands-gay-marriage-lilianne-ruiz-hemosoido/ Continue reading
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