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Daily Archives: November 8, 2013

Havana, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) El Meson de La Flota, an interesting Spanish-themed bar/restaurant that recreates the presence of Spanish sailors, pirates and corsairs in the Bay of Havana, is celebrating its 11th anniversary. Operated by the tourism com... Continue reading
Tokyo, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met today with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and verified the positive state of bilateral relations, as well as possibilities for strengthening them in several sectors. The two sides discu... Continue reading
By Martha Cabrales Arias(Santiago de Cuba) Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) "Point of Memory" is the name of a sculpture sited during the 2nd Rene Valdes Symposium, which runs until the end of the month, providing the city with 12 new environmen... Continue reading
Havana, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) The more than 300 refugees in Cuba from the Saharawi Arab Republic, Syria, Colombia, Palestine and Yemen are given humanitarian assistance, stated the national Red Cross. Gloria Bonnin, from the local Red Cross, reported t... Continue reading
The chance to make a Cuban cultural connection is never distant in Miami, but this month, a cluster of visual arts exhibits at Florida International University’s Frost Art Museum and at Miami Dade College's Museum of Art + Design (MO... Continue reading
. The 28-year-old catcher took batting practice against live pitching and made throws to second and third base during the workout. Bello profiles as a right-handed hitting catcher with power and a big throwing arm. He played nine seasons in Cuba&#... Continue reading
El presidente Obama podría reunirse con importantes líderes cubanos de la isla y el exilio, durante un evento de recaudación de fondos para el Partido Demócrata en Miami. Continue reading
Poster: Rolando Pulido Once again the graphic artist Rolando Pulido echoes the suffering of Cuba and has prepared a poster calling for solidarity with Angel Yunier Remon Arzuago, who as of Thursday has completed 22 days on hunger strike, in … Continue reading Continue reading
Amplio programa cultural incluye cine, música y el cómic, entre otras manifestaciones Continue reading
Havana, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) Havana''s Jos Mart international airport is operating normally today in the wake of a medium-sized fire reported yesterday, according ... Continue reading
United Nations, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) At the UN General Assembly today, Cuba spoke in favor of urgently reforming the Security Council, by giving it more members, no veto power, and transparent and democratic functioning. The Cuban ambassador to the UN... Continue reading
Havana, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) Mexican singer Lila Downs, a Mexican folk music legend, will perform in Havana tonight as part of promoting her latest album, Pecados y Milagros. The concert will be held tonight at the Covarrubias Hall of Cuba's ... Continue reading
La dieta en Cuba “cuando aparece solo es para niños, mujeres embarazadas y para algunos enfermos”. Continue reading
Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team, and the regular member of the "Shark Tank" television show. Validic currently employs about 15 people. "Personalized health is the future of healthcare," ... Continue reading
El Censo del 2012 contabilizó 10.418 cubanos menos que en el 2002, cuando se realizó el anterior Continue reading
Marxist FARC rebel leaders should be in a Colombian prison rather than negotiating peace with the government in Cuba, and no "terrorist" should ever be allowed into politics, opposition presidential candidate Continue reading
Half a century may have mellowed the recollections of many Americans regarding the hottest days of the cold war, but one of the iconic figures of that time remains an intimidating figure in our collective Continue reading
The day President John F. Kennedy was murdered, a Divine Word seminarian walked up the hill to our family's apartment in Rome to tell my wife Sally and me the terrible news. Seeking wisdom, I wrote Dorothy Continue reading
Aunque el nuevo sistema aún fija los precios de algunos productos básicos como el arroz y los frijoles, y prioriza los contratos con el Estado Continue reading
Havana, Cuba, October, www.cubanet.org - It was a great achievement by Rosa Berre (Havana, 1941 – Miami, 2006) to publicly expose the mass media of Fidel Castro, whose writers were willing to lie in exchange for crumbs. When, at the beginning of … Continue reading Continue reading
The solution is a bit analog, but in a country that is largely shut off from the World Wide Web, every bit of outside information counts. Internet access is no longer a privilege. Two years ago, the Continue reading
Las operaciones de la terminal fueron suspendidas por el siniestro y restablecidas horas después. Continue reading
Las autoridades cubanas investigaban este viernes las causas de un incendio que afectó a una sala de la principal terminal del aeropuerto internacional de La Habana, sin dejar víctimas ni grandes daños. Continue reading

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University - Cuba Five University Network for the release of The Five Expands in Cuba and the world keeps expanding Some 700 Higher Education centers and other organizations in 83 countries are now Continue reading
The Holguin Symphony Orchestra (OSH) invited Mexican pianist Rodrigo Gonzalez Barraran to mark the 13 years of its creation, which will give a joint concert this November 8th at the Eddy Suñol theater. Continue reading
Holguin political authorities urge the members of the Holguin branch of the Cuban Farmers' Association to (ANAP) to redouble efforts to increase food production for the sake of the local market. The Continue reading
The author asserted that other Latin American countries such as Nicaragua and Bolivia are "semi-democracies infected with populism and totalitarianism" In his view, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Continue reading
The number of mixed-race people in Cuba continues to increase as the ranks of those identifying themselves as white or black declines, according to the results of the 2012 Census released Friday. The Continue reading
HU HURRICANE CAMILLE, 1969: Camille was a Category 5 storm when it made landfall along the Mississippi coast on Aug. 17, 1969, with maximum sustained winds estimated at nearly 200 mph and a devastating Continue reading
El Gobierno de Cuba ha puesto en marcha esta semana un programa para la comercialización de alimentos destinado a hacer más eficiente la distribución, poniendo fin a otro monopolio estatal, en el marco de su programa de reformas económicas. Continue reading
El Gobierno de Cuba ha puesto en marcha esta semana un programa para la comercialización de alimentos destinado a hacer más eficiente la distribución, poniendo fin a otro monopolio estatal, en el marco de su programa de reformas económicas. Continue reading
El presidente Barack Obama afirmó hoy en Miami que ha empezado a ver "cambios" en Cuba, en un histórico encuentro con disidentes cubanos en el exilio. Según informó la Casa Blanca, Obama asistió a un encuentro con un grupo de opositores cubanos en la... Continue reading
Bogota, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) The Colombian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba asked U.S. filmmaker Michael Moore to join the campaign for the release of the Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly condemned for 15 years in U.S. prisons. In a letter sent t... Continue reading
Bogota, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) The Colombian groups of solidarity with Cuba reaffirmed here their commitment to strengthen actions for the release of the Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly condemned in the United States 15 years ago. Antonio Guerrero... Continue reading
Havana, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) Gamma, a company attached to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba (CITMA) presented today at the Havana International Fair its progress in environmental studies, services whose principal client is th... Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba, November, www.cubanet.org -In closed societies, where there is no freedom of information, it’s necessary to read between the lines to break the secrecy imposed from above. Secrecy that, among other things, makes it impossible to know the real … Continue reading Continue reading

El mestizaje racial creció en Cuba en los últimos años alcanzando al 26,6 por ciento de la población, al tiempo que disminuyó el número de blancos y negros, según resultados definitivos del Censo de Población y Vivienda realizado en 2012 y divulgados este viernes, informa EFE.

Durante la década que medió entre los censos de 2002 y 2012, la cifra de mestizos creció de un 24,9 por ciento a un 26,6 por ciento, informó la Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas e Información (ONEI) en un resumen adelantado del estudio.

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“¡Háblame más alto, como un hombrecito!”, dijo la empleada a un cliente que solo pretendía cambiar dinero Continue reading
Scientists Warn of Extreme Risk We've long said that the greatest short-term threat to humanity is from the fuel pools at Fukushima. The Japanese nuclear agency recently green-lighted the removal Continue reading
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La cándida Elaine y los abuelos desalmados JUEVES, 07 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2013 11:38 ESCRITO POR LUIS CINO ÁLVAREZ Cuba actualidad, Arroyo Naranjo, La Habana, (PD) Me gusta leer a Elaine Díaz. Los posts que escribe son un soplo de originalidad y aire fresco en la tan enrarecida blogosfera permitida, llamémosla así por no decir […] Continue reading
Desfilan Damas de Blanco y exigen libertad para Sonia Garro y otros implicados JUEVES, 07 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2013 12:03 ESCRITO POR JUAN GONZALEZ FEBLES Cuba noticias, Lawton, La Habana, (PD) Como ya se ha hecho tradición en Cuba, el domingo 3 de noviembre, 87 Damas de Blanco marcharon por la 5ta Avenida de la […] Continue reading
¿Reminiscencia capitalista? JUEVES, 07 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2013 11:02 ESCRITO POR WILFREDO VALLÍN ALMEIDA Cuba actualidad, La Víbora, La Habana, (PD) Los acontecimientos vividos a lo largo de nuestra existencia unas veces pueden quedar en el olvido, pero otras dejan profundos recuerdos que no desaparecen nunca. Y esos acontecimientos pueden haber tenido muchas manifestaciones diferentes, […] Continue reading
Cuba Rock Agency Director Dismissed / Camilo Ernesto Olivera
Posted on November 7, 2013

HAVANA, Cuba, November 6, 2013, Camilo Ernesto Olivera /
www.cubanet.org.- On Saturday, 2 November, Blanca Record was dismissed
as director of the Cuban Rock Agency. This was the surprising and
unusual response to a protest expressed through "official channel."

Blanca Recode took office last June. Her appointment was signed by
Orlando Vistel, Vice President of the Cuban Institute of Music (ICM).

For more than a week, a good share of the musicians belonging to the
Cuban Rock Agency (ACR) joined together to demand the dismissal of this
functionary. They drafted a letter where they explained the situation of
the groups, the despotic manifesto of this director, and her threats of
shutting them down and firing them.

On Monday, musicians and technicians addressed different levels of the
Ministry of Culture and also the Council of State. One group managed to
deliver, personally, a copy of their protest letter to the Vice Minister
for Music, Orlando Vistel. He scheduled a meeting on the 31st with
various of those making the demands.

As a result, the Vice Minister guaranteed a response to the demands of
the musicians and the workers of the Agency in a short time. The promise
was fulfilled in just under 48 hours.

During the weekend, events seemed to rush toward the firing last
Saturday. On Monday, the 4th, they decided not to keep the lawyer and
economist at the Agency. Other changes are expected in the coming days.
Meanwhile, the Agency and Maxim Theater continue operating and the
programmed concerts will go on.

This weekend, two groups from Colombia and Switzerland shared the stage
with Cuban groups.

According to reliable sources who asked not to be named, the Deputy
Minister Orlando Vistel accepted the rockers' proposal to name María
Gattorno as Agency director.

Between 1988 and 2003, Gattorno managed to sustain, against all odds,
the well-remembered "Patio de Maria" in a small house of culture. She is
is much loved and respected among musicians and the Cuban rocker and
metalhead audience.

During the time the Rock Agency was created in 2007, Gattorno decided
not to accept the leadership of this organization for personal reasons.
At that time, the appointment of Max Yuri Avila to the office was
approved, who at that time already had experience in the work of
artistic production and entertainment. Now the challenge is much greater.

The official dismissed arrived last June emphatically stating that "the
Agency is going to be closed." Reversing this is a challenge that lies
ahead for the two generations of rock and heavy metal musicians who
survive as a part of this State entity.

Certainly , the genre has survived in much worse circumstances. But keep
in mind that winning a battle is not winning the war. More than five
decades of eventful history of rock on the island testify to this.

Camilo Ernesto Olivera

Cubanet, 6 November 2013

Source: "Cuba Rock Agency Director Dismissed / Camilo Ernesto Olivera |
Translating Cuba" -
http://translatingcuba.com/cuba-rock-agency-director-dismissed-camilo-ernesto-olivera/ Continue reading