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Daily Archives: November 9, 2013

La comunidad cubana en el exilio considera que el encuentro con el presidente Barack Obama, celebrado este viernes en Miami, ha supuesto un respaldo a los disidentes en su lucha por la libertad en la isla. Continue reading
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President Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Port of New Orleans on Friday. - UPI MIAMI - President Barack Obama said on Friday that it may be time for the United States to revise its policies toward Continue reading
The application in an experimental form of a new regulation on the marketing of agricultural products, contained in Decree Law 318, shows that the bureaucratic bonds that stem from the State’s desire for control have been and continue to be … Continue reading Continue reading
El encuentro del presidente con opositores cubanos de la isla motivó palabras de elogio y agradecimiento por parte de diferentes grupos de exiliados Continue reading
Is former President Franklin D. Roosevelt guilty of crimes against humanity for allowing the passengers of the SS St. Louis to be sent back to Hitler-controlled Europe? Or did he do his best to save them and the rest of European Jewry, considering the... Continue reading
Barack Obama played golf in Florida Saturday, ending an overnight trip during which he spoke at Democratic fundraisers and met with Cuban dissidents.One of the three fundraisers Obama attended Friday evening was hosted by Jorge Mas Santos, co-founder a... Continue reading
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A friend of mine, whom I will refer to as “Greta”, is a doctor and holds a responsible position at a clinic in an “upscale” neighborhood in Havana. Although not well versed in political issues and ideologies in general, or … Continue reading Continue reading
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(Menafn - UPI via COMTEX) --President Barack Obama played golf in Florida Saturday, ending an overnight trip during which he spoke at Democratic fundraisers and met with Cuban dissidents. One of the Continue reading
PUERTO PADRE, Cuba, November, cubanet.org — Officials in charge of overseeing the self-employment sector are updating their documentation of its licensees and subsequently warning them of possible violations. Eddy Vega — a manufacturer and vendor of plumbing supplies, who buys … Continue reading Continue reading
First State-run 3d Movie Theater Opens in Santa Clara / Yoel Espinosa
Posted on November 9, 2013

SANTA CLARA, Cuba 8 de noviembre de 2013, Yoel Espinosa Medrano/
www.cubanet.org.- The first State-owned 3D movie room, in Villa Clara
province, began operations on 8 November, after government authorities
announced the closure of these kinds of theaters operated by the

The room is located in the Provincial Film Center (CPC) on Luis Esteves
Street in that city. The capacity does not exceed 20 seats. Showings are
from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM, with Saturday and Sunday starting at 9:00 AM
with children's shows. Admission is 5 Cuban pesos (about 20¢ US), and 10
Cuban pesos for adults.

Edey Mora Mora, director of the CPC, reported on the local radio
station, CMHW, that the investment was made by the State company RTV
Commercial and its production arm, Videos 4 Caminos.

With regards to private video rooms, the functionary said, "The private
spaces were closed because in Cuba only State institutions directed by
the Cuban Film Industry are allowed to air audiovisual programs.

Mora Mora said that they are working to rescue other rooms that are in
back technical and physical condition.

On the province's main theater, the "Camilo Cienfuegos," currently with
technical problems, located in Caro Leoncio Vidal Park, will be a
multipurpose room with a capacity of 100 to show 3D films.

Yoel Espinosa Medrano

Cubanet, 8 November 2013

Source: "First State-run 3d Movie Theater Opens in Santa Clara / Yoel
Espinosa Medrano | Translating Cuba" -
http://translatingcuba.com/first-state-run-3d-movie-theater-opens-in-santa-clara-yoel-espinosa-medrano/ Continue reading
Thousands of Unemployed Will Invade the Black Market /Augusto Cesar San
Posted on November 9, 2013

Havana, Cuba, November 2014. Since the past month the majority of the
"Hangers" (points of sale) and rented places in the capital for the sale
of clothes have put up signs announcing liquidation sales.

After three years of tolerance, the sale of imported clothes is coming
to an end. Passing cuisine, clothing sales is the area where Cubans
invested more of their money since Raul Castro announced the new
political economy.

In early 2012, the government dealt the first blow to the sale of
clothes. They imposed on residents of the island a requirement to pay
the customs duties for the import of non-commercial goods in dollars.

Cubans involved in the business struggled with flea market prices in
Mexico, Miami, Panama, Peru and Ecuador. They paid the customs demands
and the "Hangers" spread throughout the island. The most incredulous
opened caricatures of Boutiques or repaired places abandoned by the
government in order to rent them.

When appearances indicated government consent with the people's
prosperity, another blow stabbed the self-employed to death.

The Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers set January 2014 as
the effective date for the suspension of sales of manufactured clothing
under licenses issued for "dressmaking" or "tailoring."

According to a note in the newspaper Granma, issued last Saturday, the
prohibition is based on "the need for corrections to combat impunity,
enforce the law and protect self-employed workers."

The self-employed feel unprotected

Magdalena Carrero, 47, works as a saleswoman at the fair located on
Galeano at the corner of Barcelona in Central Havana. The woman
approached me while I was interviewing other sellers and asked me to
publish a question to the government.

"What are they going to do with all of us left without work?"

She has two children, 7 and 22. She's had a better standard of living
since she started working in the "Hangers." Her testimony about better
salaries in the private sector coincides with what the other vendors say.

Each of them earns more than 500 pesos ($20)* monthly as a contracted
salesperson for the owner or proprietor of the "Hangers."

Maura Estela, owner of the "Hangers" on Galeano Avenue and her employees
also disagree with the ban.

"We have no one to defend our rights… the CTC (Cuban Workers Center)
holds a lot of congresses but no one represents us," declares Maura.

The workers in these places note that the measure will leave a lot of
people unemployed. One of them who asked not to be identified said that
this kind of work attracted young unemployed people prone to crime.

"Clothing attracts youth… Look how many young people sell here, people
who don't meet the requirements to work in the government stores," she

The clothing vendors consider that their offers and prices are better
than the government's. Despite the questionably quality of the
merchandise, the island has been able to keep up with international
fashions for more than a decade.

"They (the government) don't have what we offer, neither the quality nor
the price," affirms Maura Estela.

"Selling clothing made in Cuba is impossible, we don't have resources…
They can't even manage the production of school uniforms… Let Murilla
show up with underpants made in Cuba and explain why he wears a Rolex,"
she added.

In the Central Havana Municipal Labor Office we talked to an official of
the sub-branch. The attorney declared that she was not authorized to
offer figures about the "Seamstress and Tailor" licenses or forecast
data on the unemployment that will be caused by the ban.

Solutions and challenges

The owners of the "Hangers" pay around 960 Cuban pesos (40 dollars)
monthly to the government for the space, social security, workers
employment plus 10% of monthly earnings. The salaries of the workers
ranges between 500 and 1200 Cuban pesos a month.

Owners and workers agree that raising the taxes would be less unpopular.
All of them worked, in recent months, with the hopes that the concept of
the "Seamstress and tailor" license would be changed to allow the sales.

More than a few are prepared to challenge the ban

Dunia, a vendor at one of the Galiano Fairs, already knows how to
support her children, 5 and 18, in 2014.

"If they prohibit the sale of clothing, I'll go underground like before.
Hidden in the stairwell of my home," she says.

She confesses to having sold clothes illegally before the government
tolerated the "Hangers."

"I spent years juggling the sector head and the inspectors… at that time
I earned more," she says.

Now, 12 vendors pay the government some 2,500 Cuban pesos (100 dollars)
monthly, for a 75 square foot space in a parking lot.

A license holder on Carlos III Avenue in the same municipality, who
preferred not to be named "to avoid problems," declared his intention to
abandon the business.

She was fined when she sold from a "key" (underground store) and they
confiscated her merchandise.

"In this country it's impossible to lift your head, I'm leaving when I
sell everything" she says.

Another owner of a shop located at Industria and Barcelona streets who
also declined to give his name, said, "I'd rather they charged us for
the license in dollars."

He and his wife rented the room of a house where they sold clothes they
themselves imported. He said they have all their money invested in a
"Hanger" and added, "It's impossible to sell all the clothes before
January. We can deal with whatever measures to regulate this kind of
work, but to prohibit it is to throw us out in the street, force us into
the black market."

Augusto Cesar San Martin

*Translator's note: $20 a month is higher than the average wage in Cuba.

Cubanet, 7 November 2013

Source: "Thousands of Unemployed Will Invade the Black Market /Augusto
Cesar San Martin | Translating Cuba" -
http://translatingcuba.com/thousands-of-unemployed-will-invade-the-black-market-augusto-cesar-san-martin/ Continue reading
Is Diaz-Canel the Third Power in Cuba? / Orlando Freire Santana
Posted on November 8, 2013

HAVANA, Cuba, November, www.cubanet.org -In closed societies, where
there is no freedom of information, it's necessary to read between the
lines to break the secrecy imposed from above. Secrecy that, among other
things, makes it impossible to know the real share of power of each leader.

When the naming of Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez was named first vice
president of the Council of States and Ministers was reported, there was
no lack of voices, in Cuba and abroad, who claimed to be in the presence
of the second-in-line of the Cuban regime.

Soon they became convinced it wasn't so. Because Jose Ramon Machado
Ventura, in his position as second secretary of the Central Committee of
the Communist Party, remained Raul Castro's shadow.

Diaz-Canel appeared to be the third man in the power structure.

In recent days, however, we've observed an event that could tell us the
true location of Diaz-Canel in the Castro nomenklatura. It was the
hosting of the vice president of India by the General-President,
reported by the newspaper Granma on October 31.

Both in the official notice as well is in the photo of the meeting, with
the delegations of both countries, Cuban protocol was in charge of
strictly locating the personalities in accordance with their political

Next to Raúl Castro was Esteban Lazo, member of the Party's Politburo
and president of the National Assembly of People's Power; next to him
was Díaz-Canel, followed by Rodrigo Malmierca, Minister of Foreign Trade
and Investment; and finally, Marcelino Medina, Deputy Foreign Minister.

That is, Mr. Lazo currently has a position senior to Diaz-Canel in the
nomenklatura. He is second to Raul in the Government and the Council of
State, but his location in the office of the Party's Politburo — which
defines his share of power — seems to be very powerful.

It's even probably that prominent figures in the Party, like the
Minister of the Interior Abelardo Colomé Ibarra (Furry), and the also
vice president Ramiro Valdés, and Minister of the Armed Forces, Leopoldo
Cintra Frías, are also ahead of Díaz-Canel.

We have to interpret the small details to decipher the secretiveness of
the Castrocracia. An element that could shed light on: General Furry is
the only one authorized to accompany Machado to the airport when Raul
Castro returns from a trip abroad.

Then the ascent of Diaz-Canel to the first vice presidency of the
Councils of State and Minister, as well as the media attention he has
received lately, far from a climb to the summit of power, would just be
the recurring "killing two birds with one stone."

In these terms, it's necessary to give the impression that something is
moving in the island's stagnant political landscape, in this case
through some "renewal" in the nomenklatura.

On the other hand, Castro II is preparing for the moment of relay, in
fact, when other figures assume the reins of power. But for them that
moment will come when the historic generation of the Revolution
disappears physically. Before then, don't even think about it.

Orlando Freire Santana

6 November 2013, Cubanet

Source: "Is Diaz-Canel the Third Power in Cuba? / Orlando Freire Santana
| Translating Cuba" -
http://translatingcuba.com/is-diaz-canel-the-third-power-in-cuba-orlando-freire-santana/ Continue reading
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