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Daily Archives: November 15, 2013

LA HABANA, Cuba, 15 de noviembre de 2013, Michel Iroy Rodríguez/ www.cubanet.org.- La Policía  detuvo el 4 de noviembre, en horas de la mañana, a  un sujeto apodado “Maldad”, en su domicilio, sito en calle 65 entre 124 y 126, reparto  Pastorita, en Marianao, acusado del asesinato de un bailarín, cuyo cadáver fue  encontrado hace [...] Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba, November-www.cubanet.org — “La Libertad Extrapenal” — similar to parole — is a punitive category in which the offender does not live in prison, but has their civil rights suspended, and may even go back to prison if the … Continue reading Continue reading
at 1:29 PM The regular screenings for HUMP!-America's most adorable amateur porn fest-have been sold out for days. But you have one more chance to join in on the fun! We scheduled a brand new screening Continue reading
Los misioneros destacan en su relato las vicisitudes de un viaje a una región donde las temperaturas son muy altas y los medios de transporte muy primitivos. Continue reading
at 1:14 PM The most recent quarterly report from the police bureau on how its officers use force-and against whom-offers some cause for concern in the wake of news last week that the city and Portland Continue reading
Havana, Nov 15 (Prensa Latina) The international community raised its voice today on the website Voices for the Five to call for the release of the Cuban Five, imprisoned in the United States. Ramon Labaino, Continue reading
Lee Harvey Oswald pictured with wife Marina in Minsk, Russia (then the Soviet Union). Fifty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Central Intelligence Agency continues to withhold Continue reading
El impopular cierre de los cines privados en Cuba, decretado el 2 de noviembre, ha generado un debate nacional inédito en medio siglo en la isla. Continue reading
La secretaria general del Partido Popular (PP) español, María Dolores de Cospedal, elogió este viernes al dirigente de la organización juvenil Nuevas Generaciones de dicha formación Ángel Carromero por su apoyo a “los que defienden la libertad”, para lo que tuvo que vivir una “experiencia traumática” en Cuba. Continue reading
Members of a community coalition in the New York City's district of The Bronx praised in Havana the Cuban people's participation in the country's health system activities. Visitors from the community-based Continue reading
at 11:59 AM We kind of can't believe it but the one and only Amanda Palmer will play an intimate solo show at the IPRC, with ALL proceeds benefiting the Center's mission to promote creative expression, Continue reading
SANTA CLARA, Cuba, 15 de noviembre de 2013, Yesmy Elena/ www.cubanet.org.- Juan Alberto Zequeira  pidió asistencia médica al gobierno cubano en el municipio de Corralillo, para beneficio de la joven Yanelis Vidal Sáez,  debido a la  imposibilidad de alimentación sólida que presenta. Yanelis,  joven de 20 años, se encuentra alimentándose a través del procedimiento conocido [...] Continue reading
Several television programs have the format of a presenter-moderator with invited guests to discuss a specific topic of national events over which they have some political or administrative responsibility. Free Access on the province-wide Havana channel, and The Round Table … Continue reading Continue reading
at 11:29 AM Marylene Mey We're giving away a pair of tickets to see Wire at the Crystal Ballroom this Wednesday, November 20. So hopalong over to End Hits, Cassidy! Permalink | Post Comments (0) Continue reading
at 11:14 AM Remember a few years ago when the Design*Sponge-associated Portland Bazaar first came to Portland and a bunch of people got all freaked out and protective because it was scheduled on the Continue reading
LA HABANA, Cuba, 15 de noviembre de 2013, Frank Correa/ www.cubanet.org.- Un foco infeccioso  localizado en la calle Tercera, entre 234 y 236, en Jaimanitas, pone en riesgo la vida de los vecinos de varias viviendas, al mezclarse el desborde  de una fosa sanitaria  con el registro de la acometida maestra del agua potable para [...] Continue reading
Nov. 15--TAMPA -- Representatives from the United States and Cuba will meet in St. Petersburg today as they near agreement on a plan Caribbean nations would follow in dealing with future oil spills that Continue reading
In the midst of paintings by Cuban artists and business people loudly conversing in Spanish, it may have seemed a little like their home country for a group of senior Cuban officials Thursday night. The Continue reading
Lee Harvey Oswald pictured with wife Marina in Minsk, Russia (then the Soviet Union). Fifty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Central Intelligence Agency continues to withhold Continue reading
View of North Korean vessel Chong Chon Gang at Manzanillo harbour in Colon, 90 km from Panama City on July 16, 2013 "We have already authorized the visas so I imagine that next week they'll be travelling Continue reading

Los Comités de Defensa de la Revolución (CDR), el principal sistema de coacción social y delación creado por el régimen, desarrollarán en diciembre un "Primer Ejercicio Nacional de Seguimiento y Control" contra las "indisciplinas sociales", informaron medios oficiales, reporta la agencia Notimex.

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15 de noviembre de 2013, 13:43Havana, Nov 15 (Prensa Latina) The 6th edition of the Love In Festival for Women begins today in the Morro-Cabaña Complex in this capital with activities devoted to art, Continue reading
In recent elections for the UN's 47 member Human Rights Council, (UNHRC) some of the winners of the coveted seats are ironically the countries who are among the major global human rights transgressors. Continue reading
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No Doctors, They're in Venezuela / Judith Muniz Peraza
Posted on November 14, 2013

HAVANA, Cuba, November 13, 2013, Judith Muñiz Peraza / Cuban Network of
Community Communicators / www.cubanet.org.- On October 23 I went to the
Julio Antonio Mella Polyclinic in Guanabacoa, to be seen by the
gynecologist. I had been sent by the clinician, Dr. Mandina, as a result
of two fibroids that cause abundant bleeding. After waiting more than
three hours for my turn, the specialist would not see me, because she
said I had to be seen at the Medical Clinic in my area. I returned home
with severe pain in my lower abdomen.

The next day, I went to the office she'd directed me to, but I had no
luck there, either, because three days ago the doctor who was assigned
there had gone on a medical mission to Venezuela. After having no doctor
there for several days, they put another doctor there, but she had to
leave because her son was sick.

Looking for a solution, I talked to the nurse and she said that the
gynecologist had eight offices she didn't go to and along them was the
one I belonged to. She didn't say why they hadn't seen me in the
polyclinic; meanwhile, I continued to bleed without their being able to
operate in the two fibroids that I have.

Judith Muñiz Peraza

Cubanet, 13 November 2013

Source: "No Doctors, They're in Venezuela / Judith Muniz Peraza |
Translating Cuba" -
http://translatingcuba.com/no-doctors-theyre-in-venezuela-judith-muniz-peraza/ Continue reading
Díaz-Canel: Imaginary Dialogue and State Cynicism / Miriam Celaya
Posted on November 14, 2013

HAVANA, Cuba, November 2013, www.cubanet.org – It is known that cynicism
is one of the handiest tools for dictatorial regimes, where democracy
and demagoguery become synonymous terms to legitimize the interests of
the authorities. It is a policy that could well be defined as "State
cynicism". While this aberration tends to increase towards the final
stages of the system in question, in truth it becomes progressively
ineffective when it appeals excessively to the feelings and emotions of
the masses, even when it is evident that that leaders have lost the
popular support.

The deep dichotomy between the official doctrine, the intentions of the
ruling class, the social environs, the lack of rights and the alienation
of ordinary people regarding politics emphasize the absurd, as evidenced
by the words of Miguel Díaz-Canel, First Vice President of the Councils
of State and Ministers, during his recent visit to the province of Las
Tunas on Friday November 1st, where he met with members of the
Associación Hermanos Saiz, university students and media workers.

An article published in the libel Granma ("Diaz-Canel Appeals for
Promoting Dialogue," Saturday November 2nd, 2013, front page), sketches
Castro's emissary in his visit to the province as something that led to
"deep reflection as to how much can and should be done even in the whole
country, in order to defend the true Cuban culture, confront social
indiscipline, alien to the values of the Revolution, and productively
address the best experiences…"

Diaz-Canel urged his audience to work together to "end the banality,
vulgarity and indecency present in certain items as the expression of
the pseudo-culture that the enemy is looking to impose through their
programs of political and ideological subversion against Cuba".

The government's favorite ventriloquist did not offer any examples in
this regard, but they can be inferred: There is concern and fear on the
part of the upper echelons of power about new cultural trends being
manifested in Cuba, especially in the capital, such as recent and
spontaneous Halloween celebrations with costumes and candy, and the
proliferation of 3-D movies and videogame screenings, which have spread
among private businesses, escaping government censorship controls. Up
until their recent direct ban and shutdowns, they were among the most
accepted recreational options by Cubans.

The government, creator of vulgar repudiation rallies and the most
indecent slogans, is repulsed by any influence of U.S. origin that
filters through to Cubans, including holiday celebrations, which are
difficult to avoid, given the steadily increasing number of Cubans
living in that country with family ties in Cuba, as well as the taste of
these peoples for that nation's cultural goods, such as music, TV shows,
movies, etc.

Since society's growing discontent is known, in the presence of the
permanent general crisis and the government's inability to deliver
solutions, Díaz-Canel seems to have been commissioned by the conclave of
olive-green caste of elders to provide an image of democracy, strength
and control. To that end, "he called on to generate an ongoing dialogue
that will generate proposals" (a redundancy of Granma's writer) and —
something worthy of occupying the place of honor among the phrases
generated by State cynicism — he urged to further tap "the broad
potential of social networks and new technology to bring the Cuban
reality to the world from all social and productive sectors". All this
was stated in one of the most backward provinces, and with the least
connectivity, in a country already sharply disconnected from the world.

On the other hand, in Cuba, where there are only two completely
unrelated parallel monologues – that of the elitist in power and the
other one of the millions of dispossessed Cubans — dialogue has always
been notably absent in the relations among both extremes, and recent
events around countermeasures applied to the emerging private sector
indicate that there is no real intention of dialogue by the authorities,
not even with those sectors making financial contributions to the State.

In the midst of the transition to state capitalism XXI century style – a
true sign of Raulism — official discourse distorts the image of the real
Cuba. The un-government and the un-governed continue marching in
opposite directions: the one, to the absolute monopoly of all the wealth
and power; the other, to the greatest poverty and hopelessness with
fewer rights. What about the "dialogue"? Just another euphemism in a
channel of control that only works in one direction… forever downward.

Translated by Norma Whiting

Cubanet, 12 November 2013

Source: "Díaz-Canel: Imaginary Dialogue and State Cynicism / Miriam
Celaya | Translating Cuba" -
http://translatingcuba.com/diaz-canel-imaginary-dialogue-and-state-cynicism-miriam-celaya/ Continue reading
The Opposition in Cuba: Calling Ourselves to Account / Antonio Rodiles
Posted on November 14, 2013

We are an active part of the transition

The result of the recent vote that gave Cuba a seat on the United
Nations Human Rights Council, again puts into question the credibility
of this institution, which has also given seats on the Council to
countries such as China and Russia, constantly denounced for their lack
of respect for fundamental human rights. China and Russia are two
international powers that have to be considered on any international
stage, so although questionable, there is a certain logic to their
selection. Cuba, on the other hand, is a small bankrupt island without
resources, but its regime has toiled intensely in the field of diplomacy
for all these years, generating a network of influence and allies who
respond only to their interests, ignoring any element of ethics.

After 54 years of almost total isolation, the Cuban opposition has had
the opportunity to participate in international forums and to denounce
the systematic violations of human rights on the island, as well as to
express its needs for international solidarity and support. However, it
is important to recognize that while our message has been heard with
more volume and we have achieved greater prominence, we still have
neither the strength nor the articulation to achieve a greater impact on
international actors and organizations and, thus, to exercise more
pressure on the totalitarian regime.

The reelection of Cuba to the Human Rights Council highlights the urgent
need on the part of Cuban opposition groups — both inside and outside
the island — to articulate more effective efforts at diplomacy in the
international arena.

The Cuban opposition must begin to see itself as a political force,
which means that it cannot simply be a source of complaints. This leap
requires a drastic change that obliges us to analyze, deeply and
honestly, our strengths and weaknesses.

One of our main shortcomings is the lack of professionalism and
political vision, something we must begin to overcome despite living
under the longest and most devastating dictatorship in the hemisphere.
Without this projection, it will be impossible to reach broader sectors
of society which, although tired of the outrages, sit on the sidelines
waiting for more favorable scenarios that will permit them to express
their political preferences and to identify themselves with a specific

The role of the exile should be very active as they are an essential
part of the nation. Above all, the exile must open their senses to
objectively perceive the reality in which we live on the island. Without
a clear diagnosis and vision, and lacking an anchor in today's reality,
the result will be failure. The Cuba of 2013 is not even the Cuba of
three years ago.

To maintain that a social explosion will lead us magically to democracy
has been counterproductive for decades and diminishes the prominence and
support for projects that could generate the dynamics for a democratic
future for the nation.

The exile is fundamental for transmitting to us a vision of contemporary
societies and encouraging our growth toward a modern and dynamic
opposition. If, instead, it encourages complacency and conditional or
manipulated support for specific groups that respond to sectarian
interests or visions, we will then, to a large extent, continue to
repeat the same stagnant pattern of the regime.

To generate false expectation with manipulated figures and unconvincing
scenarios could be very damaging, not only for our internal dynamics,
but for the credibility of the opposition movement abroad.

That someone should call themselves the spokesperson for the entire
opposition, or promote a certain group as the most important or active,
shows a political immaturity and only helps to generate friction and
sterile competition. No one in Cuba today has the authority, nor the
reach to the opposition, nor to society, to call themselves the
spokesperson of the opposition. No group has the reach to proclaim
themselves as the essential actor of change. Whoever sends such a
signal, is simply wrong or lying.

Cuban society has begun to shake off a disastrous regime, but we find
ourselves in a still emerging moment, which is never a sign of weakness.
Many of the actors in the transition are about to appear, and it will be
a great surprise when some Cubans who are currently on the border of the
so-called "gray zone," break out on the political scene and play more
significant roles than many of us who today work from the opposition.

The opposition must go through a process of professionalization, reach a
sharper sense of politics, and have the human capital capable of
competing and projecting governance options distinct from the regime
which has caused the national disaster, but which has all the means and
power to transmute to an authoritarian capitalism.

The honest debate on fundamental issues cannot wait any longer, we must
open an exchange from the civility that stimulates the growth of diverse
ideas and visions of another Cuba that we want to construct. To remain
silent for the sake of an archaic and hidebound vision of unity is too
damaging. Any process of democratic maturity implies questioning
political capabilities, legitimacy and effectiveness in thought and
action, because many of the strategies offered as engines of change are
nothing more than old desires, fantasies and fetishes.

The challenge today is for a new thinking to take hold among the Cuban
opposition, a thinking born in the current century, within a world of
networks with novel hierarchical and dynamic structures, where
creativity, knowledge and information set the standard, leaving aside
personalities and epics.

Those who do not recognize, within certain sectors of Cuban society —
such as professionals, artists, intellectuals and activists — the
principal actors of the changes, are simply dreaming within the same
formula of a "triumphant Revolution" with thousands of citizens
welcoming the coming of a new Messiah.

If we want concrete results, our reading of reality should be as
accurate as possible. If we do not develop acuity and effectiveness in
the field of politics, we will remain complainers.

The democratization of Cuba will cease to be a chimera when we
systematically uproot the spaces of a power that insists on not thinking
of us as political actors.

13 November 2013

Source: "The Opposition in Cuba: Calling Ourselves to Account / Antonio
Rodiles | Translating Cuba" -
http://translatingcuba.com/the-opposition-in-cuba-calling-ourselves-to-account-antonio-rodiles/ Continue reading
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Cuatro activistas cubanos participan en Perú en el evento "El poder ciudadano y los retos de la democracia liberal", que forma parte del programa Universidad de la Libertad (UDL), del el Instituto Político para la Libertad (IPL Perú).

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