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Daily Archives: December 22, 2013

Dec. 3 marked the fourth anniversary of the incarceration of Gross, who is serving a 15-year prison term for helping Cuba's Jewish community access the Internet while he was a subcontractor for the? United Continue reading
Obama shakes hands with Raul Castro at Mandela memorial Cuban President Raul Castro introduced himself to President Barack Obama in English at Nelson Mandela's funeral, telling him, "Mr. President, I'm Continue reading

La ciudad de Santiago de Cuba y varias localidades cercanas percibieron este domingo, por segundo día consecutivo, un sismo de 4,1 grados en la escala de Richter, sin ocasionar daños a personas ni materiales, informaron medios oficiales, según EFE.

El sismo fue registrado en horas de la madrugada de este domingo y localizado a seis kilómetros al suroeste de Santiago y a una profundidad de 15 kilómetros, de acuerdo con un informe de la red de estaciones del Servicio Sismológico.

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Handshake at President Mandela's funeral could mark warming of Relations between Cuba and the United States United States / Cuba Relations Stuck in Cold War Times HAVANA, CUBA - Cuba appears to be Continue reading
December is a month of epilogues.  2013 brought new things for Cubans.  After the 14th of January, those born on the island could travel abroad without so much government oversight. Even the dissidents.  Although with exceptions.  Opponents, hostages of the … Continue reading Continue reading
Havana - On Saturday, Cuban president, Raul Castro, called on the United States to work with his regime in improving relations between the two nations while addressing the Cuban parliament. The U.S. and Continue reading
US President Barack Obama (L) greets Cuban President Raul Castro (C) before giving his speech, as Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff looks on, at the memorial service for late South African President Nelson Continue reading
SHIPPING Hyundai to sell assets Hyundai Group, owner of South Korea's second-biggest shipping company, plans to raise at least 3.3 trillion won (US$3.1 billion) by selling assets to boost cash. Hyundai Continue reading
Yearend message The SACP takes this opportunity to wish all South Africans, particularly the workers and poor of our country, a peaceful rest as 2013 comes to an end and gives way to the New Year, 2014. Continue reading
Raul Castro's comments came at the closing session of the parliament Cuban President Raul Castro has called for "civilised relations" with the United States, saying the two countries should respect Continue reading
The Farmers department store building in Cuba Mall has been bought by the Willis Bond property development company. Managing director Mark McGuinness said the company wanted to redevelop the property Continue reading
i i Alexander Joe /AFP/ Cuba's President Raul Castro speaks during the memorial service of former South African president Nelson Mandela. Alexander Joe /AFP/ Cuban President Raúl Castro says the United Continue reading
President Raul Castro issued a stern warning to entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of Cuba's economic reform, telling Parliament yesterday "those pressuring us to move faster are moving us towards failure". Castro has legalised... Continue reading
Cuban President Raul Castro on Saturday called on the US to establish civilized relations with his country, recognizing a new tone in bilateral talks on secondary issues while reiterating that the country's Continue reading
MIAMI, Dec. 22, CMC - The United States Coast Guard has intercepted 13 Cuban migrants who left the island aboard a stolen fishing vessel and turned them over to Bahamian authorities. The Coast Guard Continue reading
Cuban President Raul Castro on Saturday called on the US to establish civilized relations with his country, recognizing a new tone in bilateral talks on secondary issues while reiterating that the country's Continue reading
KEY WEST, Fla. -- A Cuban man convicted of air piracy in the U.S. after landing a hijacked plane in Key West is asking a federal judge to reconsider his 20-year prison sentence. Ardemis Wilson Gonzalez Continue reading
Ever since the time, now remote, when dollarization was introduced in the Cuban economy the freebies have been fading away, along with the subsidies and other gifts from the public treasury that our government makes in their inordinate desire — … Continue reading Continue reading
Cuban President Raul Castro on Saturday called on the US to establish civilized relations with his country, recognizing a new tone in bilateral talks on secondary issues while reiterating that the country's Continue reading
Havana, Dec 22 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Public Health Minister, Roberto Morales, urged to step up measures to control dissimilar diseases that can affect the island today, when addressing, during the Continue reading
El presidente cubano Raúl Castro invitó a EE.UU a respetar sus diferencias para lograr unas "relaciones civilizadas". El llamado ocurre después de que los dos presidentes estrecharon sus manos en Sudáfrica. Continue reading
The Electrical Re-Involution / Rebeca Monzo
Posted on December 21, 2013

In 2005, the then president and prime minister of our planet appeared
before TV cameras in order to explain to the population the benefits of
the hitherto despised home appliances, which from that moment would be
distributed in all the country by household through the infamous Ration

Refrigerators, air conditioners, "Queen" pots, rice cookers, personal
water heaters, energy saving light bulbs, electric burners, in sum, a
series of home appliances manufactured and imported from the People's
Republic of China.

I remember that, when in the 1970's I move to Nuevo Vedado, I had an
electric kitchen of three burners and oven, acquired in Paris in my
diplomatic years, and each time I went to buy products with the Ration
Booklet in the market that I was assigned to, they told me about
consuming too much electricity.

Three decades later, the same ones that reprimanded me came to offer to
exchange my old but magnificent 1949 Admiral refrigerator for a Chinese
one, which according to them consumed less. Of course I refused, because
you had to give up the perfectly functional one you possessed, without
getting a cent of its value, as if it were scrap, and pay an exaggerated
price for the new one.

Fortunately, I maintained said negative response on repeated occasions,
until they got tired and insisted no more. All those people who fell in
the trap of the new apparati are regretful, because they broke after a
while and there are no parts with which to fix them, but they still have
to continue paying for them. So it has been happening with all the low
quality Chinese equipment: mountains of aluminum and twisted cables fill
the shelves and warehouse of the famous consolidated workshops without
them being able to be repaired for lack of replacement parts.

It is shameful that some commission from the National Assembly has to
spend so much time and saliva talking about "Queen" pots and broken
devices, in a country where there are so many urgent problems, like the
bad state of schools and hospitals, the almost non-existent sugar
production, the lack of basic necessities in the stores, problems with
milk production, potatoes, in sum, with everything that is vital for the
population. Gentlemen, certainly it shames the National Assembly that
you have to air issues as ridiculous as the broken electric pots,
already obsolete.

I believe that the decision I made three decades ago, to not be dazzled
by the "electric re-involution" and not to go into debt buying those
Chinese products, was most wise. My old Admiral refrigerator, decorated
by me, continues cooling like a charm, and I do not owe a cent to the State.

Translated by mlk.

20 December 2013

Source: "The Electrical Re-Involution / Rebeca Monzo | Translating Cuba"
- http://translatingcuba.com/the-electrical-re-involution-rebeca-monzo/ Continue reading
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Publicado el domingo, 12.22.13 Los dueños de otro tiempo BY RAÚLRIVERO Madrid – Asediados por la policía, cercados, con una paliza o un calabozo a la vuelta de todas las esquinas, la oposición pacífica cubana, el periodismo independiente y los escritores sin amo, son los cubanos que celebran la Navidad y esperan el Año Nuevo […] Continue reading
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El Partido Comunista de Cuba ante sus opositores diciembre 21, 2013 Vicente Morín Aguado HAVANA TIMES — En los últimos tiempos asistimos en Cuba a un aumento inusitado del número de opositores detenidos temporalmente, en algunos casos con actos de violencia imposibles de evitar y menos aún ocultar por parte de las autoridades. Generalmente las […] Continue reading
The Cuban Communist Party and its Opponents
December 21, 2013
Vicente Morin Aguado

HAVANA TIMES — We have been witnessing an unusual increase in the number
of dissidents who are temporarily detained in Cuba, sometimes as part of
violent arrests that the authorities cannot conceal. For the most part,
the victims of these actions are returned home, so that something we
could well define as a vicious circle can begin anew.

The authorities also continue to stage so-called "repudiation rallies",
perhaps less frequently than before, and other "countermeasures".
Significantly, these do no awaken the enthusiasm that was their major
strength in the past, when those identified as dissidents were actually
isolated from society.

Cuban society in general still has a long way to go before being able to
openly debate such incidents, silenced by the government, on the one
hand, and blown out of proportion by alternative media, on the other, as
befits the logic of the social straightjacket.

Many things have changed and continue to change in the country. The same
holds for the world in general. These new times demand that the Cuban
Communist Party (PCC) develop new ideas, up-to-date responses to its
opponents. I say "responses", not "repression". Only the violation of
the law justifies the exceptional use of force by the authorities.

The generation that grew up in the post-1990 Special Period and
witnessed the dollarization of the domestic market, the massive
emigration of Cubans, the arrival of remittances, cellular phones and
the Internet is a social sector made up of young people who think and
act very differently from those of us who are today over fifty.

However, the average age of PCC leaders at all levels, particularly the
highest levels where decisions are made, is, however, over sixty, and
these people, as is to be expected, tend to react in conservative ways
to the country's changing reality and the direction it is inevitably
heading in.

The facts show that they haven't reached an agreement regarding what to
do. A telling symptom of this is the frequent desertions by high Party
and State leaders and especially their relatives.

The reform process, referred to as "updating" by the PCC, its architect,
must continue. Likewise it is senseless to try and limit the impact that
new communication technologies have on the country's political life.
Putting an end to the sending of remittances is unthinkable – these are,
today, the very lifeblood of Cuba's domestic market.

We've seen the emergence of the nouveaux riches, desertions in sectors
that ought to be examples of loyalty to the country's leaders,
corruption scandals rearing their ugly heads at all levels – in short,
we are going through agitated political times that prompt justified
expressions of discontent among the people.

It is logical to expect a change of mindset among Cubans, who are
increasingly critical of the revolutionary leadership, whose long years
in power have made the many mistakes made over time more evident. The
historic memory of the younger generations finds no references that can
act as a counterbalance to the dramatic reality we are all experiencing

Much of the blame for today's unbalanced opinions is to be laid on
Cuba's official, monopolistic press, which continues to shield itself
with the false consensus created in the absence of contradictory
opinions that can be conveyed to the population through similar channels.

Expressing dissatisfaction is part of being human, particularly being
young. If such dissent is expressly peaceful, there is little or no room
for police intervention.

I don't believe the repressive measures that are coming back into style
are a solution to the inevitable political contradictions of the present
or future. The Cuban Communist Party, as Cuba's one party, faces the
dilemma of having to find new answers to current problems.
Vicente Morín Aguado: morfamily@coreodecuba.cu

Source: "The Cuban Communist Party and its Opponents - Havana Times.org"
- http://www.havanatimes.org/?p=100727 Continue reading
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