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Daily Archives: March 9, 2014

VANCOUVER - On a Tuesday morning last November, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark and Alberta Premier Alison Redford emerged from a meeting to announce a framework for energy projects straddling Continue reading
Havana, Cuba (Latin Times): An earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale has been recorded at 3:57 PM off the coast of Cuba in the Straits of Florida: buildings in the Cuban capital Havana were reportedly Continue reading
Cardinals sign Cuban shortstop Aledmys Diaz Posted on: 5:51 pm, March 9, 2014, by , updated on: 05:49pm, March 9, 2014 JUPITER, FL (KTVI) - The St. Louis Cardinals have signed Cuban shortstop Continue reading
The St. Louis Cardinals excel at finding talent that fits their system and make up. They hope they found another perfect fit on Sunday after signing Cuban infielder Aledmys Diaz to a major league contract. Continue reading
VANCOUVER - On a Tuesday morning last November, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark and Alberta Premier Alison Redford emerged from a meeting to announce a framework for energy projects straddling Continue reading
By Kenton X. Chance KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Mar 9, CMC - Randy Delplesche, 27, is unemployed. But over the past few weeks he has "earned" EC$60,000 (One EC dollar = US$0.37 cents) from the illegal marijuana Continue reading
Bruno Rodriguez - Cuba's Foreign Minister HAVANA, Cuba, Mar. 9, CMC - The European Union (EU) says Cuba has agreed to begin negotiations aimed at normalizing ties after a decade of differences and Continue reading
Leftist dictators never quit. So says a killer subject called World History. The leftist dictatorships of Latin America will not be an exception. They are establishing eternal systems like the Castro dynasty, to the humiliation of the Cuban people. Or … Continue reading Continue reading
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama has returned to Washington after a family vacation in southern Florida. The president is scheduled to host Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk (ahr-SEHN'-ee Continue reading
BOGOTA: Colombians vote on Sunday for a new congress that will tackle legislation for the next president and play a historic role in creating laws to end five decades of conflict if peace is reached with Continue reading
Vladimir Morera Bacallao On hunger strike for almost two months, Cuban political prisoner Vladimir Morera Bacallao on Saturday was transferred to the provincial hospital in Villa Clara, his sister told Radio Marti. Morera, an independent trade unionist, in November was... Continue reading
El temblor ocurrió a 63,3 kilómetros de la playa de Varadero, en la provincia occidental de Matanzas, y a una profundidad de 8.8 kilómetros. Continue reading

Los Cardenales de San Luis contrataron al infielder cubano Aledmys Díaz, informó este domingo el equipo de Grandes Ligas a través de la red social Twitter.

Según medios norteamericanos, el contrato parece ser de cuatro años, aunque las condiciones financieras de la operación no fueron reveladas.

Díaz se incorporará el lunes a los entrenamientos de primavera del equipo.

El jugador, de 23 años, es muy versátil, capaz de jugar la segunda base y el campocorto.

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MIAMI -- A fourth aftershock from an earthquake that occurred in Cuba two months ago was felt in parts of the Florida Keys. The Miami Herald reports (http://hrld.us/1cMOqfR ) that Sunday morning's 4.7-magnitude Continue reading
Game is starting a bit later today (3 pm CT) as Kyle Hendricks tries to build off his solid debut. ? Here are some news and notes... Cards sign Cuban SS The Cardinals signed Cuban SS Aledmys Diaz who, Continue reading
An earthquake felt Sunday morning in Cuba and parts of the Florida Keys was actually an aftershock from a 5.0-magnitude earthquake that rattled the region two months ago, according to the National Earthquake Continue reading
The 23-year-old will report to the Cardinals major league spring training camp in Jupiter, Florida on Monday. Diaz hit .315 with 12 home runs and 11 stolen bases in 270 at-bats during his final season Continue reading
Buenos Aires, Mar 9 (Prensa Latina) The flow of Brazilian visitors to Cuban tourist destinations showed an upward trend of over 100 percent in the first two months of this year. Continue reading
The St. Louis Cardinals signed Cuban free-agent shortstop Aledmys Diaz to a four-year contract Sunday and he will report to spring training in Jupiter, Fla., on Monday. Financial terms were not announced. Continue reading

La pertiguista cubana Yarisley Silva conquistó este domingo la medalla de oro en la jornada final del Campeonato Mundial de Atletismo bajo techo, con sede en Sopot (Polonia), reportaron medios oficiales.

Silva venció la altura de 4.70 metros en el salto con pértiga y se adueñó de la corona por menos intentos fallidos que sus rivales —solo uno—.

La rusa Anzhelika Sidorova y la checa Jirina Svobodová alcanzaron las preseas de plata y bronce, respectivamente, con idéntica marca a la obtenida por la vencedora.

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JUPITER, Fla. -- The St. Louis Cardinals signed Cuban free agent shortstop Aledmys (Ah-led-mees) Diaz to a major league contract and he'll report to spring training on Monday. The Cardinals were among Continue reading
La cubana Yarisley Silva se proclamó campeona del mundo de salto con pértiga en pista cubierta al superar los 4.70 metros en su primer intento, este domingo en Sopot (Polonia), en lo que fue “un sueño hecho realidad” en su carrera deportiva. Continue reading
El presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, puede emprender cambios en la política hacia Cuba, como flexibilizar los viajes de estadounidenses o excluir la isla de la lista de patrocinadores del terrorismo, estiman expertos de ambos países. Continue reading
Colombians voted on Sunday for a new congress that will tackle legislation for the next president and play a historic role in creating laws to end five decades of conflict if peace is reached with Marxist Continue reading
Sismo de 4,7 grados estremece la costa norte de Villa Clara DDC | Madrid | 9 Mar 2014 – 4:30 pm. El temblor se sintió en los cayos de Florida. Las autoridades de la Isla aún no lo han reportado. Un sismo de 4,7 grados en la escala de Richter sacudió este domingo la costa […] Continue reading
Here's a handy A to Z guide to U.S.-backed international crime The U.S. is backing Ukraine's extreme right-wing Svoboda party and violent neo-Nazis whose armed uprising paved the way for a Western-backed Continue reading
Jupiter, FL (SportsNetwork.com) - The St. Louis Cardinals signed Cuban shortstop Aledmys Diaz to a major league contract on Sunday. Diaz will report to the Cardinals major league spring training camp Continue reading
Snipped / Regina Coyula
Posted on March 8, 2014

Like anyplace else, a successful business has many ingredients. Here
many have failed because they engaged in activities they knew nothing
about. But others prosper, become very visible, and then fall under the
evil gaze of those who would give up an eye if they could see a neighbor
get screwed over.

A quiet street of Nuevo Vedado had frequently become jammed with people,
all wanting to buy at La Fontanella, a bakery that began modestly but
then put up an eye-catching lighted sign. What began as a business in
part of a house became exclusively a factory and sales outlet, with
rotating shifts, open to the public from nine in the morning until nine
at night.

Such prosperity drew attention and/or aggravation, and Monday dawned
this week to find the business closed. The commentaries are various:
stolen flour; workers walking off; problems with the ownership of the
old family home, now converted into a bakery. The truth is that La
Fontanella had become a troublesome twig on that bonsai which Minister
Murillo, and the updating of the economic model, had designed to be kept
well pruned.

Translated by Tomás A.

7 March 2014

Source: Snipped / Regina Coyula | Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/snipped-regina-coyula/ Continue reading
A Cheeky Robbery / Juan Juan Almeida
Posted on March 8, 2014

Hundreds of paintings were stolen from the National Fine Arts Museum in
Havana. According to the police, this would make it the most important
embezzlement of Cuban pictorial heritage in the last decades.

The works were in the warehouse of the former building of the Department
of Technical Investigations, which now belongs to the entity after being
remodeled. Police custodians were in charge of the security of the
premises, and the robbery was detected when some of these paintings
began to appear in Miami, offered to art dealers.

It's said that there's an investigation by specialists in works of
heritage and police specialists looking into the "How," "When" and
"What"; but if they were stolen from a MININT building, under police
custody, and taken out of the country, the "Who" is solved: some acolyte
of Alibaba with the support of the 40 thieves of the Central Committee;
and the "when" and "how" stops being important.

Translated by Regina Anavy

28 February 2014

Source: A Cheeky Robbery / Juan Juan Almeida | Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/a-cheeky-robbery-juan-juan-almeida/ Continue reading
Confusion in the Americas on the Venezuelan Crisis / Manuel Cuesta Morua
Posted on March 8, 2014

HAVANA, Cuba. – The open crisis in Venezuela confuses all of Latin
America and the Caribbean. It has an important economic component. Many
of the small countries of the Caribbean basin, turned client-states,
foresee the loss of the cheap oil prices Venezuela has been providing.
This may be a small consideration for most, except for Cuba.

A shift should be easy to navigate for those barely viable and sparsely
populated nations; no one knows why they changed a safer and more stable
economic relation with the US, for a cheaper but clearly less reliable
one with Venezuela. Surely, we know that strategic thinking is what the
region lacks. To change oil and freedom, for oil and conditioning is a
very strange move to secure independence.

However, the most important point of the Venezuelan crisis at the
hemispheric level, is the one that connects the strategic possibility of
a model of integration that is trying to develop, in Latin America and
the Caribbean, the awareness and commitment of its elite with the values
of its institutions, the growing struggle of citizens for
self-recognition and the political intelligence of the leaders in the

Amid the silence of ALBA, Evo Morales withdraws to a nationalist but not
at all anti-capitalist economic model despite his extravagant and poorly
articulated rhetoric. His advisers seem to have more influence on him
than those of Rafael Correa, who does not know how to respond to the
crisis of his own model and the consequences of his erratic policies;
one day he wants to be reelected, another day he swears he does not want
to be reelected only to appear later, in a seeming act of despair which
says little about his seriousness, threatening to seek reelection where
we all thought was about a Citizens' Revolution.

Meanwhile, Cristina Fernández de Kichner cavorts even better, defending
democracy from the left and right; stating her support is not for Maduro
but for the democratic process itself, while at the same time saying
that the protests, which are precisely part of that democratic process,
are a "soft coup."

Juan Manuel Santos, trapped between the left and right, tries to save
his difficult relations with Venezuela; while talking with the FARC and
Havana, he is also forced to point out the value of democratic
institutions and the need for dialogue in the other side of Tachira,
even if it means being humiliated by Maduro. Mujica barely knows what to
say, invokes UNASUR, which has little to contribute. Meanwhile, Piñera,
on his way out, takes care to remind us that this happens because in
Latin America almost everyone is dedicated to blaming the foreigners of
the north, not the south, instead of looking for problems in their own

At the beginning of the Venezuelan crisis, Michelle Bachelet had the
strategic intelligence to recognize a constitutional crisis in the
country and recommend a plebiscite. She has been the only one in this
sea of confusion to show vision. Unlike Rouseff who forgets her past as
a student victim of the Carioca repression, and in this dramatic moment,
allows herself to be lead exclusively by the economic interests of Brazil.

Nothing unusual in the pragmatic tradition of Brazil and a Lula with
global ambitions, whom we all envisioned at the International Labour
Organization battling for workers worldwide. He steps from being a union
leader to President of Brazil and finally ends up a representative of
Odebrecht, a transnational if there ever was one. And, in Havana, he
allows himself the luxury of pointing out that Maduro is a man of good
intentions. Thank God.

There is total disorientation. Even rhetorical. Maduro blames the
Yankees, expels its diplomats while asking to talk to Obama and naming a
new ambassador in Washington, almost all at the same time and within the
closed cycle of events. He had earlier threatened to use the full force
of the army against civilians, precisely what all fascists do, while
accusing them of being Nazi-facists and inviting them to a peace
dialogue for which he has no resources in his political and verbal memory.

The OAS seems to be slipping by Insulza, this man has lost every
opportunity to show some kind of leadership and allows himself the
luxury of coming to Havana to be rebuffed by his hosts in the face of
the OAS. This is however, the only organization that has established
consolidated mechanisms with reference, tradition and experience, but
which has to be invoked in Mexico by Obama, the enemy, to the silence of
Peña Nieto, the new Mexican friend of Castro, the coldness of Canada and
the indifference of the rest.

And the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC)? A
newly released political ghost that no one in their right mind will talk
about for a long time, if it even has a future. Without mechanisms,
institutions, political representation and experience, CELAC, of course
missed the opportunity to proactively respond to events in Venezuela
through the vigorous defense of the democratic basis on which its
integrative effort was founded, a defense that the presidents who
participated in this political rock should have made. Not wanting to
speak, from CELAC, about democracy in Cuba, has left Latin America and
the Caribbean unable to talk about democracy in Venezuela, invoking the
help of the ghost.

If it had done this, the youth of this new integration effort would have
compensated with a clear and visible commitment in the right direction,
and now Maduro's rhetoric would have more legitimacy to obtain clear and
consistent backups, alienating Washington, whom he has foolishly wanted
to approach, from the shores of Venezuela. CELAC in Havana did not do
the best it could and anyway, its leaders had to jump over the old
principles of respect for sovereignty and non-interference in the
affairs of other states they solemnly swore to respect: one way or
another, they have gotten into the internal affairs of Venezuela, now
that many things are at stake. Starting with Havana, who has turned that
country into a juicy backyard of oil, resources and XXI century essays.
Until it dries up, if patriots there are unable to succeed.

No one really knows how to react in front of a crisis that once more
puts in evidence the lack of leadership in Latin America: a leadership
that, by the way, can only be reached by combining the values, interests
and strategic vision of where the region wants to go. No wonder some
elites, with some clarity, look to the Pacific where, as in the China
syndrome, the United States appears once more. A region and a country
that were not in the integrationist plans of Marti or Bolivar.

Cubanet, March 5, 2014, Manuel Cuesta Morúa

Translated by: Eleruss

Source: Confusion in the Americas on the Venezuelan Crisis / Manuel
Cuesta Morua | Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/confusion-in-the-americas-on-the-venezuelan-crisis-manuel-cuesta-morua/ Continue reading
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Un sismo de 4.4 grados de magnitud en la escala de Richter se registró este domingo zonas de occidente y centro de Cuba, sin que se reportaran víctimas ni daños materiales, según informaron medios oficiales. Continue reading
El ex guerrillero tiene el control absoluto de los poderes del estado y con la última reforma constitucional que suprime las restricciones a la reelección presidencial, no se detendrá Continue reading
Kudo to Oscar-winner Jared Leto, who in his Oscar acceptance speech reminded us that two democratic revolutions are occurring right now, one in each hemisphere . Sadly, they haven?t been paid proper attention; Continue reading
Será una tarjeta bancaria para "garantizar necesidades básicas y electrodomésticos", dice Continue reading
“The Party is immortal” was one of the first communist slogans. It was a declaration of the Party’s right to annihilate its “class enemies” and to keep hold of power by means of a “dictatorship of the proletariat” that would … Continue reading Continue reading
An earthquake felt Sunday morning in Cuba and parts of the Florida Keys was actually an aftershock from a 5.0-magnitude earthquake that rattled the region last month, according to the National Earthquake Continue reading

Un sismo de 4,7 grados en la escala de Richter sacudió este domingo la costa norte centro-occidental de Cuba, informó el Servicio Geológico de Estados Unidos.

El movimiento se produjo a las 7.26 de la mañana cerca de Corralillo, a una profundidad de 9,4 kilómetros.

En un reporte posterior, el Servicio Sismológico Nacional de Cuba rebajó la magnitud a 4,4 grados, según la agencia oficial AIN.

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Follow Us On Twitter MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A small earthquake off Cuba was felt in the lower Keys. The 4.7 magnitude quake, at depth of 6 miles, occurred about 31 miles ENE of Crdenas, Matanzas, Cuba, ... Continue reading
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