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Daily Archives: March 10, 2014

Fox & Friends screenshot Oh, Fox: Speaking to Fox News anchor Bret Baier Monday morning, Fox & Friends co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Peter Johnson set up a comparison between the situation in the Crimean Continue reading

La organización de exiliados Vigilia Mambisa destruirá "a mandarriazos" discos de la cantante cubanoamericana Gloria Estefan por, según dicen, "hacer negocios" con el régimen de La Habana.

"Vamos a darle mandarriazos a sus discos frente a su oficina (Estefan Enterprises). Siempre tendremos problemas con los que negocien con el régimen cubano y den dinero para la represión", dijo a DIARIO DE CUBA el activista Miguel Saavedra.

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In a statement issued on Tuesday, February 11th, Rogelio Sierra Diaz, Cuba’s deputy foreign minister, reported that the Council of Foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU) had authorized the European Commission and the EU’s senior representative for foreign affairs and … Continue reading Continue reading
Your daily look at news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today. MICHAEL DUNN IN COURT FOR SENTENCING HEARING Attorneys for a Florida man convicted of attempted murder Continue reading
HAVANA, March 10 (Xinhua) -- Cuban revolutionary heroine Melba Hernandez, one of two women who accompanied Fidel Castro on his first failed attempt to overthrow the then government led by former President Continue reading
An international Commission of Inquiry called on US President Barack Obama to free the remaining Miami Five. An international Commission of Inquiry called on US President Barack Obama at the weekend Continue reading
Convertible Pesos (CUC) or Cuban Pesos (CUP): The Same Dog With a
Different Collar / Calixto R. Martinez Arias
Posted on March 10, 2014

HAVANA, Cuba — The "hard currency collection stores" [as the government
itself named them], have started accepting both of the two Cuban
currencies. But with the high prices of the products, and the miserable
wages paid to Cubans, it does little to help out their pockets.
Following the demise of socialism (1994), two currencies began to
circulate in Havana: the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) with parity* to
the U.S. Dollar, and the Cuban Peso (CUP).

Opposition sectors launched the campaign "With the same money," in the
face of the gap between those who have CUCs and those who depend on
CUPs. Although paying with either currency had been announced in the
official press (which few read) those who went to La Copa market in
Miramar on Wednesday were shocked. "Yes, starting today we are selling
in both currencies," said the clerk, who added, "this type of selling is
starting as an experiment, and won't be carried out in all the stores.
Here at La Copa, you can pay with either currency only for perfume,
cosmetics and personal care products."

The measure doesn't appear to benefit average Cubans. "Product prices
will be based on the current exchange rate of 25 CUP for one CUC,"
explained the La Copa worker, and she clarified, "Something that costs 2
CUC can be paid for with 50 CUP." The ability to pay with either of the
two currencies, in a country where the average salary is 450 CUP — some
18 CUC — simply means avoiding the lines at the exchange kiosks, called

Here are the average salaries in CUC by province for the year 2012:
Ciego de Ávila ($20.6 0); Matanzas ($19.32); Cienfuegos ($19.00); Sancti
Spiritus ($18.92); and Pinar del Rio ($18.84). The provinces with the
lowest salaries were: Isla de la Juventud ($18.04) Guantanamo ($17.36)
and Santiago de Cuba ($17.32).

*Translator's notes: While the CUC is nominally worth one US dollar,
exchange fees are added for tourists changing foreign currency — with an
additional fee for those changing U.S. Dollars versus other world
currencies — making it actually cost $1.10 or more.

Cubanet, 10 March 2014, Calixto R. Martinez Arias

Source: Convertible Pesos (CUC) or Cuban Pesos (CUP): The Same Dog With
a Different Collar / Calixto R. Martinez Arias | Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/convertible-pesos-cuc-or-cuban-pesos-cup-the-same-dog-with-a-different-collar-calixto-r-martinez-arias/ Continue reading
By Their Own Right / Fernando Damaso
Posted on March 10, 2014

In its campaign to restore lost ethical, civil and moral values, the
government is emphasizing the important role to be played by educators
and the family. While it is good that responsibility for this is being
returned to the latter, it is something that should never have been
taken away in the first place. In its desire to monopolize everything,
including conscience, the state took upon itself the ridiculous task of
creating a "New Man," a being that would respond to its ideology and
policies. It was task in which, like so many others, it has failed.

When discussing teachers, it is difficult to know where to start. First
of all, what teachers are we talking about? Most of our educators were
trained in the same system, one which could hardly preserve values since
it relied on those who, with rare exceptions, did not themselves possess

These are people who practice double standards, who participate in
forced promotions, who sell test results and grades, who use the
classroom to teach official dogma.

This contributes to the formation of human beings who are easily
manipulated, people without appropriate standards, who feel obligated to
think and behave in accordance with the majority in order to avoid
getting themselves or their parents into trouble.

This is made worse by the politicization of the classroom and by schools
which allow students to be used in despicable acts, known as
"repudiation rallies," against citizens who do not agree with government
policy, evidence of which is all too common.
Education is not one of the sectors that enjoy financial advantages,
which causes many teachers to leave to find work in tourism, joint
ventures and self-employment, all of which offer better working
conditions and lifestyles.

Additionally, few students choose careers in teaching. When they do, it
is often because they have no other options. The fact that a policeman
receives a much higher monthly salary than an educator speaks volumes
about the absurdities that exist in our society.

While it is true that it is essential to restore these lost values, in a
situation with widespread poverty and difficulty — one without a clear
pathway out — it becomes a very difficult and time consuming task.

The family and the school should once again occupy the positions they
had always held in their own right. But, in order to fulfill their
responsibilities, they must overcome the disastrous state in which we
now find ourselves.

4 March 2014

Source: By Their Own Right / Fernando Damaso | Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/by-their-own-right-fernando-damaso/ Continue reading
El lente de un reportero ciudadano recorre Guanabacoa marzo 10, 2014 El comunicador Juan Carlos Díaz Fonseca, residente en la capital cubana muestra las condiciones en que se encuentran las calles de Guanabacoa y una fábrica de sobrecamas abandonada en esa misma localidad. En su reportaje Díaz señala que “Las redes de acueductos -debido al […] Continue reading
¿Es anti estadounidense el pueblo cubano? En un sondeo a 25 personas con aspiraciones a marcharse del país, 22 prefieren Estados Unidos antes que democracias prósperas y estables como Suiza, Finlandia o Noruega. marzo 10, 2014 Si Yasiel, futuro emigrante, pudiera elegir el país de destino se decidiría por Estados Unidos. “Dentro de tres meses […] Continue reading
De nuevo el llamado intercambio: ¡Son los mismos y están en lo mismo! Se empecinan los participantes en esta farsa, en convencer al resto, de que la opinión pública (en Miami o en los Estados Unidos) ha cambiado lunes, marzo 10, 2014 | Rolando Morelli FILADELFIA, Estados Unidos, marzo -Cada cierto tiempo, vuelve a representarse […] Continue reading
Se empecinan los participantes en esta farsa, en convencer al resto, de que la opinión pública (en Miami o en los Estados Unidos) ha cambiado Continue reading

El gobierno panameño dijo este lunes que funcionarios de Venezuela han recurrido al centro bancario local, para ocultar supuesto dinero saqueado del país sudamericano, y advirtió que en este renglón podría adoptar medidas.

"Con qué cara (el presidente venezolano Nicolás) Maduro quiere hablar de corrupción, cuando han usado el centro bancario para ocultar fortunas. Han saqueado su país", dijo el ministro de la Presidencia, Roberto Henríquez, a la televisora Telemetro, según Notimex.

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s the heroine of the Cuban Revolution, has died aged 92. She was one of two women who helped Fidel Castro launch his revolutionary assault in 1953. A Communist Party statement released on Monday said Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba — The “hard currency collection stores” [as the government itself named them], have started accepting both of the two Cuban currencies. But with the high prices of the products, and the miserable wages paid to Cubans, it does … Continue reading Continue reading
School courtyard In its campaign to restore lost ethical, civil and moral values, the government is emphasizing the important role to be played by educators and the family. While it is good that responsibility for this is being returned to … Continue reading Continue reading
La segunda fase de prueba de la Televisión Digital Terrestre (TDT) en Cuba, específicamente en la ciudad de Artemisa, comenzó durante los últimos días de enero. Se instalaron 463 STBs y se montaron dos Continue reading
10 de marzo de 2014, 15:01 Geneva, Mar 10 (Prensa Latina) UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, Flavia Pansieri, received here today Adriana Pérez, the wife of Gerardo Hernández, one of the Continue reading
What Is Happening in Venezuela Worries Cuba / Ivan Garcia
Posted on March 10, 2014

"If the media stops talking, let the streets talk"

In one way or another, Cuba is taking note of the street protests
occurring these days in Venezuela. The most nervous are the olive-green

According to a low-level party official, since the death of Hugo Chávez
on 5 March 2013, the regime has had various contingency plans filed away
in case the situation in Venezuela did not turn out to be favourable to
the interests of the island.

The official states, "If Maduro falls, we have a plan B. In the
different groups, at least at the level where I work, it was taken for
granted that Maduro would be a short-lived president. Although the PSUV
(United Socialist Party of Venezuela) controls most of the strings of
power, there are divergent opinions among Chávez's own followers about
Venezuela's relationship with Cuba. This type of socialism, with a
democratic streak, is not to be trusted. Maduro can lose power both due
to a plebiscite repeal or in six years. In our group meetings, it has
been said that Maduro's mandate only serves to gain time".

The onslaught of opposition marches, barricades, and protests is shaking
up different regions of Venezuela, but this force is also reaching the
branches of power in Havana.

The Castro brothers still have much at stake in Venezuela. But just in
case, Raúl Castro has opened a new window with Brazil in constructing
the new port of Mariel and a Special Development Zone with a different

And they almost begged the United States, enemy number one, to sit down
to negotiate. Meanwhile, the Castro regime diplomacy crosses over to
Florida, trying to seduce wealthy businessmen of Cuban origin. But the
sensible businessmen continue to think about it.

When they look at the recent past, they only see shady management and a
mysterious associate who changes the rules of the game at the first
opportunity. Therefore, the Caribbean autocracy is going to fight
mercilessly and to the teeth in order to keep its strategic position in

The key, as everyone knows, is petroleum. 100 thousand barrels a day
acquired at sale prices keep Cubans from suffering 12-hour daily
blackouts. When the skydiver from Barinas moved into Miraflores in 1998,
Fidel Castro understood that after 9 years travelling through the
desert, with finances in the red and exotic sicknesses devastating the
country, the hour of his resurrection had arrived.

Cuba entered in a "light" Special Period. After the fall of the Berlin
Wall, the island had experienced a deep-rooted economic crisis, but the
faithful Bolivarian shared his chest of treasure. And this was an
important part of the anti-imperialist project that so deluded the

The death of Chávez was the beginning of the end of the honeymoon.
Maduro is faithful and he is allowed to lead. But he has no charisma.
And after 14 years of economic insanity aimed at winning support among
the most disadvantaged, all of the doubts, violence, and inflation have
now exploded in the face of the PSUV.

Instead of letting go of the uncomfortable and parasitic burden that is
Cuba, governing for all and looking after Lula and Dilma more than the
Castros, Maduro, clumsy and stubborn, moved his tokens badly.

He professed to follow the Joropo and Pachanga of comrade Chávez. He
designed a simple strategy: he shouldered his friend's coffin and tries
to govern Venezuela in his name.

And he is failing. In Cuba, either because of egoism or short-term
mentality, the people on their feet, tired after 55 years of disaster,
are crossing their fingers that the Venezuelan crisis does not shut off
the petroleum faucet opened by the PDVSA (Petroleum of Venezuela, S.A.).

In a park in the Víbora district in Havana, a 70-year-old retiree
expresses his opinion about the situation in Venezuela. "If that guy
screws up, the effects on us will be tremendous. The power outages will
continue, paralyzing the industries again and we will return to a
situation equal to or worse than the beginning of the Special Period in

Others are more optimistic. "It's true, it will be hard. Since the
Revolution, we have gotten used to living at the cost of someone else's
sweat. Before it was the USSR, now it's Venezuela. If the worst happens
there, we will have to accelerate the reforms here. Although this is
already capitalism, but with low salaries", states a lady identifying
herself as a housewife.

A university student adds to the conversation. "Seeing the marches or
strikes on the TV is something I envy. That freedom to protest before
governmental institutions, such as in Ukraine or Venezuela… we need it
here in Cuba." And he added that "in FEU (University Student Federation)
meetings, the situation in Venezuela is a primary theme, but I have
heard rumors that there is more alarm in some Party groups."

In this hot February, in spite of the news arriving from Caracas, the
people on the street continue with their lives. Waiting in long lines to
buy potatoes, which were lost in the battle. Going to the markets in
search of food, vegetables, and fruit. Or sitting on the corner in the
neighborhood to talk about films, fashion, football, or baseball.

And this is because for many on the Island, Venezuela is not in their

Iván García

Photograph: "If the media stops talking, let the streets talk", says
this banner painted by students marching on 13 February in the
Venezuelan city of Valencia, some 172 km (107 mi) west of Caracas. Photo
by Luis Turinese, taken from Global Voices Online.

Translated by: M. Ouellette

24 February 2014

Source: What Is Happening in Venezuela Worries Cuba / Ivan Garcia |
Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/what-is-happening-in-venezuela-worries-cuba-ivan-garcia/ Continue reading
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“If the media stops talking, let the streets talk” In one way or another, Cuba is taking note of the street protests occurring these days in Venezuela. The most nervous are the olive-green autocrats. According to a low-level party official, … Continue reading Continue reading
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Sonia Garro Alfonso, la única integrante presa de las Damas de Blanco, cumplirá el próximo 18 de marzo dos años de encarcelamiento, enferma y sin que el régimen haya fijado una fecha para su juicio, alertó su hermana, Yamilet Garro.

En la misma situación de la Dama de Blanco están su esposo, Ramón Alejandro Muñoz González, y el también disidente Eugenio Hernández Hernández.

"Ya se van a cumplir dos años y todavía no hay nada claro con el caso de ella. Está bastante preocupada con esa situación", dijo Yamilet Garro a DIARIO DE CUBA.

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El poeta Eliseo Diego, uno de los fundadores junto a Lezama Lima y Cintio Vitier de Orígenes, el movimiento que revolucionó la literatura de Cuba en los años 40, será homenajeado en Madrid a los 20 años de su muerte y además se publicará en edición facsimilar Entre la dicha y la tiniebla, informa EFE.

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En el municipio Florida, desde el pasado 7 de marzo arde parte de la Meseta de San Felipe. Medios oficiales dan a conocer la noticia a las 72 horas Continue reading
Rubén Blades, Intelectuales, Venezuela
Decir que el chavismo triunfa con un 60 % es una vulgar mentira que ningún articulista decente se permitiría Continue reading

El proyecto Arte Cuba anunció los ganadores del concurso "La casa por la ventana", en los géneros de testimonio, ensayo, novela y fotografía.

El certamen, para autores residentes en Cuba, tiene como propósito "abrir un espacio a la difusión nacional, internacional y digital de la literatura y el arte alternativo en la Isla".

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