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Daily Archives: March 22, 2014

In 1919, after allied sanctions on food shipments had starved the Kaiser's Germany into submission, President Woodrow Wilson endorsed the continued use of sanctions to settle international disputes as Continue reading
Reopening of the Marti Theater Since we were kids we dreamed of this space full of magic and history, where a great part of Cuban culture was staged and presented for our enjoyment. Timeless works were presented there: “Cecilia Valdés,” … Continue reading Continue reading
I recognize the sin it is to read the Cuban press, but really we should give ourselves the entertainment, in good humor. In these newspapers, we find topics to write stories about, with themes that border on the absurd. A … Continue reading Continue reading

Las autoridades de Honduras informaron este viernes de la detención de 29 cubanos que intentaban viajar sin documentos desde el país centroamericano hacia Estados Unidos, informa EFE.

Con este grupo, suman 351 los emigrantes cubanos capturados en Honduras en lo que va de año.

Los cubanos fueron detenidos en la aduana de Agua Caliente, frontera entre Honduras y Guatemala, y puestos a disposición de la Dirección de Migración y Extranjería para que esta defina su situación en el país, declaró a periodistas un portavoz de la Policía.

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Reporting at Guantánamo is never easy. But three days at the prison compound last week where fewer than 40 of the 154 captives were still on hunger strike yielded guarded glances, few facts and a glimpse Continue reading
Please join the campaign in solidarity with these two artists whose only “crime” is to want Cuba to be free and to not have to pay the consequences to the Castro dictator when they say what they think. Follow the … Continue reading Continue reading

Un manifestante y un transportista murieron baleados en incidentes violentos separados que se registraron en los estados Carabobo y Táchira, informaron el sábado las autoridades venezolanas, reporta la AP.

El manifestante Argenis Hernández falleció el sábado en un centro médico del municipio San Diego, del estado centro costero de Carabobo, tras ser baleado en un incidente que se registró en esa localidad, indicó el director de Relaciones Institucionales de la alcaldía, Asdrúbal Farfán.

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The launching of the book "Fidel Castro Biografia de un Patriota" (Fidel Castro Biography of a Patriot), by Maxim Makarishev, ratified the admiration by many generations of Russians to the historic leader Continue reading
There will be no repeat for the Algoma Wolves. The defending state Division 4 champions were denied a second straight by Cuba City 49-28 this afternoon at the Resch Center. Last year, Algoma routed the Continue reading
Reporting at Guantánamo is never easy. But three days at the prison compound last week where fewer than 40 of the 154 captives were still on hunger strike yielded guarded glances, few facts and a glimpse Continue reading
GREEN BAY, Wis. - Mollie Wedige recorded game highs of 18 points and 15 rebounds as Cuba City beat defending champion Algoma, 49-28, in the WIAA Division 4 girls' basketball championship game this afternoon Continue reading
GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Mollie Wedige recorded game highs of 18 points and 15 rebounds as Cuba City beat defending champion Algoma, 49-28, in the WIAA Division 4 girls' basketball championship. Jessi Marti Continue reading
Miles de personas marchan en Caracas y en principales ciudades. Suman 33 muertes. GNB dispara con gases lacrimógenos, perdigones e incluso armas de fuego Galería de fotos
HAVANA - "Everyone in Cuba has had some experience in confrontations with U.S. imperialism - whether we're in our 60s, 40s, or 20s," said Gen. Luis "Lucio" Martínez Menocal, speaking here during a Feb. Continue reading
--   Vol. 78/No. 12      March 31, 2014   Paper brings working-class politics to new readers (front page)   BY EMMA JOHNSON   Supporters of the Militant are selling subscriptions to the socialist Continue reading
LONDON - An International Commission of Inquiry into the Case of the Cuban Five drew more than 250 Cuba solidarity activists, trade unionists and others from 27 countries to London's Law Society March Continue reading
In new demonstration of the impunity with which the Cuban Regime does and does not practice justice, using it solely as an instrument of punishment against the dissidence, proving clearly that in Cuba justice is NOT independent and is simply … Continue reading Continue reading
Dear Editor, I am writing to you in response to one recent article that was publish in your newspaper in the opinion column on February 14 by Anton Edmunds. The title of the article is "A growing Continue reading
The municipality of Banes, in the province of Holguin, is one of the many attractions for the tourists visiting Cuba on board cruisers. It is that every Wednesday a cruiser arrives at Nipe Bay and the Continue reading
Placing a wreath at the bust of Jose Marti in the homonymous park with the participation of press staffers and political leaders was the preamble to the provincial main event at times of the celebration Continue reading
A grand jury indicted a 29-year-old Cuban national for the May 2009 fatal shooting of a man found on Blue Diamond Road outside Las Vegas, Clark County prosecutors said. Leanrdo Lopez-Turatiz faces ... Continue reading
Cuba is keeping a trend to reduce the mortality rate by diabetes and a considerable increase of the life scope in patients affected by diabetes, said a report by local specialists released in Havana. Continue reading
Cuba's doctors got a big pay raise Friday - to $64 a month, the official Communist Party newspaper Granma said. The hike in pay from $25 a month was to reward health professionals for being the country's Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — The Grupo Odebrecht subsidiary that committed to operating a sugarmill in Cienfuegos province for 15 years has ambitious plans, official Website Cubadebate reported. As part of a production administration agreement with state holding Azcuba, Companhia de Obras e Infraestructura (COI) wants to boost sugar production from currently 40,000 tons a year to 150,000 [...] Continue reading
Reporting at Guantánamo is never easy. But three days at the prison compound last week where fewer than 40 of the 154 captives were still on hunger strike yielded guarded glances, few facts and a glimpse Continue reading
Prensa Latina Saturday 22nd March, 2014 Havana, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) The Plalestinian Liberation Democratic Front (PLDF) condemned the maneuvers to prevent the creation of a free independent State Continue reading
Uruguayan President Jose Mujica on Friday said he has asked Washington to release Cuban prisoners held in the US in return for taking in Guantanamo detainees, saying that negotiations were still under Continue reading
Abuses at the Border / Rosa Maria Rodriguez
Posted on March 22, 2014

On March 7th I returned to Cuba from Miami and they seized seventy
pounds of food from me. I doesn't matter that I bought the ticket at the
travel agency, sent the money and packages to my Country through "Go
Cuba," which is rumored to belong to the Cuban government and that
currently offers 100 pounds free of charge. It was a traumatic flight on
a Gulfstream Air Charter, for which we checked in to the terminal in
Miami at 9:00 AM and left for Havana twelve and a half hours later.

Even before the new travel and immigration law went into force in
January last year, for an ordinary Cuba to face the predators at
customs, is not a setback when it comes time leave for abroad. The
problems arise when you come home with the "junk" and other material
needs to relieve some personal and family shortages with some of the
"enemy's money" in your purse.

The foreigners and Cubans living abroad run into the same luck when they
travel to Cuba. It's the government of my country that has converted the
capital's Jose Marti Airport into a stress chamber, psychological
torture and extortion border for many travelers coming to this country.

I imagine the same happens with the other air terminals around the
country. You have to face the arbitrariness, helplessness and caprice of
a raw crude tyranny, where the law is an exhibitionist who walks naked
through the streets and the airfields, nothing more. A return with the
excitement of a reunion and here they seize our things with enthusiasm.

I returned melancholy about the family I was leaving behind, but
compensation by the reunion with the family I founded almost 32 years
ago: my two sons and my husband anxiously awaiting my return, who had
announced they would be picking me up. I was among the first to get off
the plane and also to collect my bags when they were spit out from the
belly of the plane.

As I was going through the last control they announced the seizure. The
food that my mother and sister, people with low resources living in
Miami, had collected for months, was stolen by the Cuban border
officials with their complex cheating Chinese-style thievery. Is it true
that the authorities make laws so convoluted in order to facilitate the
corruption of their officials, or were they "sent to kill" by the
political police? And if so, why?

What did I do or say that upset them so much that they took reprisals on
my arrival in Cuba? I told them everything humanly possible based on
what I'd been told by General Customs of the Republic in New Vedado,
whom I consulted repeatedly prior to leaving and whose telephone number
is 881-9723.

I replied, but I couldn't insist too much to avoid their taking
reprisals and making it worse. It seems that the customs laws are one
thing and those at the airport are something else. Even so, they tried
to coerce me into saying I'd brought a router, which is simply
prohibited to Cuban citizens to import.

Before my argument–which showed evidence of computer skills– that it was
a wireless car, they chose to remain silent without consulting a
specialist to confirm my explanation. Or is it, that thought I was meek
and were pressuring me to upset me and get even more advantages? The
other lady they also took things from that night broke into tears at the
announcement of the confiscation. As she was an elderly lady, the
attended to her quickly and gave her special treatment to avoid a
medical emergency. She is living in Miami, and like me, was not allowed
to pay for excess baggage.

However, behind us the people on the same plane went through the door
laughing with their carts piled higher than ours, leaving behind
officials who had attended them with smiling faces.

The sent me off to a corner of the terminal and punished me by making me
stand there for three hours. They ignored that I'd been traveling since
9:00 AM in the Miami airport. When the airport emptied of passengers,
the chief came with a gentleman with a green sack into which they threw
all my mother's and sister's food. Looking at the color of the bag I
could only think that it was a messages. I left there about one o'clock
in the morning.

It wouldn't surprise me if in a short time they make widespread the
pillaging of the suitcases which weigh a certain amount when the
tourists leave home and weigh "a few kilos more" per capita when they
land at Cuban airports.

In addition to the confiscation, they fined me 1,450 pesos and to told
me that I had a month to claim it. I decided that despite my
indignation, I'm not going to challenge the customs authorities, because
in Cuba there is not a State of Law. Nor will I put myself in the orbit
of the bureaucracy and complicity with the entities in the industry,
because all that happens when you engage with such machinery is that you
wear yourself out. Also because the situation can occur that "winning"
the case sends the wrong message about my commitments and loyalities.

This new setback only reaffirms for me that I'm on the right track when
it comes time to fight and denounce the arbitrariness of a dictatorship
that's teetering. My appetites are freedom, democracy and social justice
for Cuba, which contrasts with the petty and unjust greed of those who,
like the customs workers, symbolize the "boogeyman," stealing the pants
off the trapped travelers through questionable and abusive legal
figures. Bon appetit!

20 March 2014

Source: Abuses at the Border / Rosa Maria Rodriguez | Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/abuses-at-the-border-rosa-maria-rodriguez/ Continue reading
Publicado el sábado, 03.22.14 Nuevo incendio en Cuba amenaza a 1,500 hectáreas de bosques AFP LA HABANA — Un incendio forestal se desató en la oriental provincia cubana de Camagüey, amenazando a 1,500 hectáreas de bosques, seis días después de sofocado otro siniestro en la misma zona, que destruyó 8,200 hectáreas, informó este sábado el […] Continue reading
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Villahermosa, Mexico, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) The 19th National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba opens on Saturday in this capital of the southern state of Tabasco with the participation of about 5 Continue reading
Villahermosa, Mexico, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) Representatives of the Mexican Movement of Solidarity with Cuba (MMSC) and the Cuba-Tabasco Association paid tribute on Saturday to Jose Marti at the park Continue reading
Coast Guard repatriates 21 Cuban migrants
Mar 21st, 2014

MIAMI — Crewmembers aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Richard Etheridge
repatriated 21 Cuban migrants to Bahia de Cabañas, Cuba, Friday.

These repatriations are a result of two separate law enforcement cases.

On Monday, the Coast Guard Cutter Key Biscayne interdicted 14 Cuban
migrants from a rustic vessel south of Marathon, Fla. The migrants were
later safely transferred to the Coast Guard Cutter Alligator.

On Tuesday, crewmembers from Coast Guard Station Islamorada, Fla.,
interdicted a rustic vessel in the Florida Straits with seven Cuban
migrants attempting to illegally enter the United States. The migrants
were later safely transferred to the Coast Guard Cutter Alligator.

All 21 migrants aboard the cutter Alligator were later transferred to
the cutter Etheridge for repatriation.

Once aboard a Coast Guard cutter all migrants receive food, water,
shelter, and basic medical attention.

The Coast Guard Cutter Richard Etherdige is a 154-foot fast response
cutter, homeported in Miami.

The Coast Guard Cutter Alligator is an 87-foot cutter homported in St.
Petersburg, Fla.

Source: Coast Guard repatriates 21 Cuban migrants | Coast Guard News -
http://coastguardnews.com/coast-guard-repatriates-21-cuban-migrants/2014/03/21/ Continue reading
Angola: ZAP Signs Broadcasting Deal With Cuban Television
21 MARCH 2014

The distributor satellite television ZAP and International Cubavisión
television signed Friday in Luanda an agreement on transmission of
signal in Angola and Mozambique.

The deal was signed by the Ambassador of Cuba to Angola, Gizela Rivera,
and the Director of ZAP, Nuno Aguiar.

The accord aims at extending the Cuban signal to other countries and
benefitting Angola and Mozambique from one more channel.

Rui Vasco, the national director of the Information of Media Ministry,
who was speaking on behalf of the incumbent minister, José Luis de
Matos, highlighted the fact of the service coming from a country that
keeps strong relationships with Angola.

In her turn, Gizela Rivera said that the International Cubavisión in
Angola and Mozambique will be presented on March 23 at 02:00 pm on
channel 164.

Source: allAfrica.com: Angola: ZAP Signs Broadcasting Deal With Cuban
Television - http://allafrica.com/stories/201403220033.html Continue reading
El Papa Francisco ha elegido a los ocho primeros integrantes de la Comisión Pontificia para la Protección de los Menores, cuatro hombres y cuatro mujeres, entre los que destaca la presencia de la irlandesa Marie Collins, activista contra los abusos que ella misma sufrió cuando tenía 13 años, el cardenal arzobispo de Boston, Seán Patrick O'Malley, y el sacerdote argentino Humberto Miguel Yáñez. Continue reading
"Llegó la hora de decirle no a la extranjerización de la tierra, de poner énfasis a la función social de la propiedad, de hacer plena restitución y resarcimiento de daños a la población desplazada", dijo el delegado de las FARC en Cuba, Jesús Santrich. Continue reading
Reported by msnbc.com 2 minutes ago. Continue reading
22 de marzo de 2014, 12:38 Moscow, Mar 22, (Prensa Latina) Maria del Carmen Orellana, commercial director at the Cuban Ministry of Tourism, stated here on Saturday that due to the large flow of Russian Continue reading
14 hombres ejecutarán espectaculares saltos a una altura extrema de 27 metros, ningún cubano participará en la competencia. Continue reading
Valdimir Morera Bacallao está ingresado en la sala de cuidados intensivos del hospital Arnaldo Milián de Santa Clara. Continue reading
En lo que va de año ya son 351 los cubanos inmigrantes detenidos en Honduras, según cifras oficiales, la mayoría de ellos con destino a Estados Unidos. Continue reading
Image from Kubafotos On March 7th I returned to Cuba from Miami and they seized seventy pounds of food from me. I doesn’t matter that I bought the ticket at the travel agency, sent the money and packages to my … Continue reading Continue reading
In return for Uruguay agreeing to receive Guantánamo detainees Saturday, March 22, 2014 MONTEVIDEO - Uruguay's President José Mujica Continue reading
Wednesday, March 19: How many of the detainees remain hard cases, in the view of guards? Heres a clue: About 70 percent live in communal quarters and thus have more freedom. Thats about 100 out of 154. Continue reading
"We're not embarrassed to say that we asked the Americans if they would please do what they could because the Cuban prisoners have been there for many years," he said in a weekly radio address. The Continue reading