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by Senior Minister for Scientific Affairs Prof. Tissa Vitarana said that health education should be the main focus to control the Dengue epidemic and there should be a more sensible approach to combat Continue reading
David Bustamante fue acusado de desorden público y de "vociferar ofensas contra la figura del Comandante Fidel Castro": Dama de blanco Continue reading
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Venezuelan-born Romulo Barbera said he’s applying for U.S. citizenship because his family “has put down roots here” and he loves the country. His wife, Luisa Sanchez, quickly added, “And I want to vote in the federal elections.” Continue reading
For the past 15 years, the Castro regime has sought to entice foreign companies to Cuba by offering slave wages and stolen property. The cost of doing business there is that you pay workers' salaries Continue reading
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El Centro de Pronósticos del Instituto de Meteorología de Cuba (Insmet) divulgó en mayo un modelo que prevé un "comportamiento normal" con la formación de nueve tormentas tropicales y sólo cuatro posibles huracanes Continue reading
MOSTON, England - The Moston Miners Community Arts and Music Centre, housed in a building of a closed coal mine, is hosting a two-week showing of "I Will Die the Way I've Lived," a collection of prison Continue reading
SYDNEY - More than 200 people came to view Antonio Guerrero's prison paintings May 9-11 at the StirrUp Gallery in the suburb of Marrickville. Organized by the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, the exhibit Continue reading
Workers and young people who value the Militant for its coverage of resistance and working-class politics - from the mobilizations to defend national sovereignty in Ukraine to the international campaign Continue reading
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These attempts actually succeeded for 48 hours in 2002 when the leaders of a US-backed coup d'état removed all elected officials, killed or arrested countless revolutionary leaders, and took President Continue reading
A delegation from the American Chamber of Commerce has begun its first visit to Cuba in 15 years. Chamber president Thomas Donohue said he was in Cuba to assess the economic changes taking place ... Continue reading
Havana, May 31 (Prensa Latina) Cuban badminton player Osleni Guerrero, ranking leader of America, will compete in the World Championships in Copenhagen from next August 25 to 31. Guerrero, 57 in the world Continue reading
BERKELEY, Calif., May 29 -- The University of California Haas School of Business issued the following press release: In the Friday (May 30) edition of the journal Science, researchers find that early Continue reading
WASHINGTON -- The only American solider held prisoner in Afghanistan has been freed and is back in U.S. custody after nearly five years of captivity, U.S. officials said Saturday. The officials said Continue reading

Estados Unidos destinará más de un millón de dólares a un programa de liderazgo para jóvenes cubanos, a partir del 30 de septiembre.

Según la convocatoria del Departamento de Estado, podrán participar organizaciones no gubernamentales e instituciones públicas y privadas de educación superior.

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Un documental y una exposición retrospectiva celebrarán el centenario de la artista Carmen Herrera, nacida en La Habana en 1915 y que vive desde 1954 en la ciudad de Nueva York. Continue reading

El cubano Dayron Robles, campeón olímpico en Pekín-2008 en los 110 metros vallas, ganó este sábado en esa distancia en la reunión internacional de Marsella (Francia), con un tiempo de 13 segundos y 46 centésimas.

Robles estuvo acompañado en el podio del día por dos franceses, Dimitri Bascou (2º) y Simon Krauss (3º), que acabaron respectivamente con 13.50 y 13.83, reportó la AFP.

Recientemente, en la Liga Diamante de Shanghai 2014, el vallista terminó sexto con 13.48.

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A public letter addressed to President Obama with the intention of lifting the embargo or, at least, lessening it, has been signed by figures who demonstrate that Human Rights on the Island do not matter to them at all. For … Continue reading Continue reading
El papa Francisco respondió a una carta que doce seminaristas cubanos le enviaron en abril pasado y les pidió que recen por él y ejerzan el sacerdocio con “alegría, constancia y humildad” y no como un “oficio”, según informó la web de los obispos de Cuba. Continue reading
La red, que daba servicio e interconectaba a unos 120 usuarios, contaba con moderna tecnología. Promete su creador que la reconstruirá. Continue reading
Fueron detenidos en la madrugada en la localidad de San Juan y Martínez, y luego interrogados y amenazados por ocho horas. Continue reading
“El aumento de la incidencia del dengue dentro de la población, las cifras de contagiados —o con sospecha de estarlo— van en tirón exponencial durante las semanas más recientes en Cienfuegos”, asegura un diario de la provincia. Continue reading
The Deadly Poison of Political Discourses / Miriam Celaya
Posted on May 30, 2014

Socialism is like dancing a milonga* in the midst of a carnival parade
of rumba dancers

HAVANA, Cuba – Indians and Cowboys, heroes and villains, the good and
the bad… these are terms often used in movies, soap operas and
literature to classify polarizations of characters, placing them, by
virtue of that dual machination, in hostile camps where, invariably,
good triumphs over evil.

This same framework does not escape politics in its most simplistic
interpretation, especially manifesting itself through the yardstick of a
young and radical left, whose obstinacy is almost as astonishing as it
is scary, by appealing to the nostalgic past and "better" times of the
so called real socialism, when the Soviet era of influence extended over
the better part of the world and even invaded, though not quite
congealing, a reality so culturally different, in culture and in spirit,
as that of Cuba.

It seems surprising, after the resounding disappointment of Eastern
Europe's "Marxist-Leninist" experiment, the proven economic inefficiency
and widespread corruption of the model, in addition to the repression
applied against any manifestation of free thinking, to find, among
relatively young Cubans, who in addition consider themselves
libertarians, such expressions, full of admiration and longing for that
"beautiful and giant nation" as they refer to the defunct Soviet Union,
especially in a social environment that is increasingly more distant to
that monster's, so such a stance is an anachronism similar to dancing a
milonga* amid a rhumba carnival dance troupe.

Paradoxically, these diehard nationalists, whose common denominator is
the absolute rejection of anything that smacks of "Yankee imperialism",
are the staunch defenders of what was once the metropolis of Cuba for
thirty years, the USSR — that peculiar form that the Russian imperialism
took for a time — and they don't accept that a "bureaucratic elite"
which held power, and particularly Mikhail Gorbachev, brought about "the
betrayal of possibilities" of a socialist system that could not be
sustained after 70 years of tight control over the economy, natural
resources, political power and over society as a whole. They believe
that in a few months barely a handful of bureaucrats swept off the
socialist moral force and its achievements against millions of the
"aided," who later ratified at the polls the return to capitalism.
That's why our sleepless party animals are demanding another opportunity
for the standardization and consecration of poverty. This is indeed the
point: like postmodern Cathars, they demonize material wealth, as if
poverty itself constituted supreme virtue.

Noting this, but being aware of everyone's right to express their own
political and ideological credo, which is what freedom is about — and
also democracy, which these subjects distrust so, because it was born in
bourgeois societies, and it's fitting of them — we have to add that
these are groups (the principle of the "collective" is essential)
lobbying for the rights of workers, especially those of laborers, though
they might not be, based on the absolute rejection of "capitalism". They
are so many other messiahs, especially those who worship that other
ardent killer, Che Guevara, who, after executing so many Cubans,
promoting so much violence in different regions, received a taste of his
own medicine and made a disappearing act.

Their ideas and political strategies are, therefore, based on the old
outlawry-Twentieth Century principle of socialism's struggle (the
"good") against capitalism (the "bad"), where humankind — the workers,
the "masses" — will achieve their due prosperity once the former
triumphs over the latter. It doesn't matter that we are already moving
through the second decade of a new century, where knowledge,
technological revolution, information and communications are essential,
indispensable conditions for seeking global solutions for the present
and the future of humankind; where political borders are increasingly
blurring, and where the narrow concept of "capitalism" and "socialism",
"rights and lefts", are not enough to define the complexities of an era
that is giving birth — not without labor pains — to new relations and
principles of global coexistence, including political ones.

But the infantile left (which, fortunately, is not the whole so-called
"left") is so caught up in flashbacks and in the contemplation of their
virtuous navels that they have no clue.

Maybe that's why they use trite phrases (as that kitsch one with an aura
reminiscent of Guevara: "socialism cannot be built with the dull weapons
of capitalism") and, at the same time, they dusted off old and dull
slogans and historical figures that were the authors or founders of the
thought trends of which they are the self-proclaimed heirs, perhaps due
to a congenital disability to establish some new paradigm of thought,
better suited to the times. None of them has bothered to define what
those "dull weapons of capitalism" might be which have allowed its
continuation for over a millennium.

And it is not about denying true claims. I share, in principle, the
critical attitude of those leftist sectors before the issue of foreign
investments, be it at Mariel, in the field of tourism (hotels, golf
courses, marinas, etc.) in various industries, in the field of
agriculture or in other economic areas that this regime has
systematically destroyed for 55 years. But, for the sake of the presence
of the "transnationals" or because that "places us in the flux of
capital and the global capitalist economy" — by the way, the only global
economy is the capitalist economy, the "socialist" one is village
economy, of whores and sugar mills — for, after all, I am definitively
in favor of all that means prosperity, development and wealth, but
Cubans on the Island are excluded from partaking in it, because such
investments will only enrich the autocracy and its elite, and because
workers will not even have the right to enter into contracts directly
with those companies; on the contrary, they will be doubly dispossessed
by the Government-State-Party through its employment agencies and by an
abusive wage system.

At any rate, it is not seeking equality or in defense of socialism that
thousands of Cubans leave the country each year, nor are those who risk
their investments in a private enterprise inspired by Che or the USSR.
It is well-known that true freedom lays in the full exercise of the
capabilities of individuals, in their chances of success, not in the
hypnotic miasma of ideologies. Let's not blame capital for our own
failures, because in Cuba there has not been any deadlier poison than
that of the political discourse. The Cuban Nation was forged on the
desire for prosperity of her children, on the work and the talent of
millions of them, not on the primacy of one ideology over another: such
are the dull weapons that History has bequeathed to us.

Translator's note: A milonga is an Argentine dance… as (in)appropriate
in Cuba as another famous Argentine import.

Cubanet, 27 May 2014 | Miriam Celaya

Translated by Norma Whiting

Source: The Deadly Poison of Political Discourses / Miriam Celaya |
Translating Cuba -
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