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Daily Archives: August 3, 2014

The Cruise - ITV prime time Slotted in between two instalments of Coronation Street, ITV prime time on a Friday evening, the Princess Cruises Show, officially called 'The Cruise' just had to be good Continue reading
Iliana Hernandez 14ymedio, , 1 August 2014 - A Cuban balsera , a rafter, has set herself a new challenge. This time it's not about escaping Cuban on a fragile craft, but rather crossing the Sahara desert. Continue reading
By Daniela Anaya (Special for CND) Once Diego Velázquez had founded Santiago Village, the next endeavor was the creation of the City Hall, the entity in charge of local government, as the base for Continue reading
By Online Editor 10:29 am GMT+12, 04/08/2014, Palau By Nic Maclellan in Koror, Palau   As Pacific Island Forum leaders conclude a week of meetings in the Republic of Palau, the Caribbean nation Continue reading
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Continúan operativos de autoridades hondureñas contra cubanos que intentan llegar a Estados Unidos a través de esta ruta. Hasta el momento las autoridades han detenido a casi mil ilegales. Continue reading
La isla española de Ibiza se convierte en verano en el epicentro de los famosos. Sus playas, su clima y sus fiestas son la combinación necesaria para que cualquier rostro conocido quiera ir allí. Continue reading
Denuncia amenazas para cerrar Primavera Digital y asegura que lo que viene no es fácil y todo parece indicar que habrá castrismo y post castrismo light para rato. Continue reading
Reggae, Afro, disco, hip hop and more of the best parties in Doha this month Discuss this article August 1 Reggae Night with DJ Moh This dedicated reggae music night also features the best of reggaeton Continue reading
El taller de locomotoras de vapor de La Habana, una rareza a cielo abierto que en los últimos años ha atraído a turistas y expertos, desaparecerá en unos meses cuando cumpla su meta de restaurar 40 máquinas construidas entre 1878 y 1925, como homenaje a la historia de Cuba y su singular patrimonio. Continue reading
Looking back on all those memorable moments of this year's Miami Swim Week which was held from July 17 - July 22, 2014, one swimwear brand comes to mind for all those women of many shapes and sizes with Continue reading
La Ministra de Defensa condecoró a un grupo en un acto en el que mencionó el Comando Estratégico Operacional con el que desde el año 2008 se establece la cooperación en el ámbito militar entre ambas naciones. Continue reading
A brigade of citizens who defied a travel ban to Cuba returned to U.S. soil on Sunday by marching from Fort Erie, Ont., across the Peace Bridge and into Buffalo. The group of 22 members of the Venceremos Continue reading
03 de agosto de 2014, 12:10 Havana, Aug 3 (Prensa Latina) The Diagnostic kits Cuba has given to Mexico for 14 years allowed the screening of more than seven million Mexican children and early confirmation Continue reading

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"It was mostly for musical and cultural research. We heard all kinds of music. Even French music and that's what I was really interested in because that's where it is," said Doucet. "If you look at Cuba, Continue reading
Granma Newspaper, the official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba, has published an article and photos highlighting achievements in Vietnam's renewal process and economic development... Continue reading
03 de agosto de 2014, 10:00 Ciego de Avila, Cuba, Aug 3 (Prensa Latina) The Comando Admirable composed of members of the Marti Youth Movement concluded its tour of seven Cuban provinces, in tribute Continue reading
Al homenaje en La Catedral de La Habana asistió el cardenal de Boston, el arzobispo emérito de Washington y la jefa de la Oficina de Atención a los Asuntos Religiosos del Partido Comunista de Cuba. Continue reading
HOI AN, VIETNAM. "I believe that history will record that we have made a great mistake," Sen. Wayne Morse (D, OR) declared fifty years ago this week. He was referring to congressional passage of the Continue reading
(VOV) - The Granma newspaper of an official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba has recently covered Vietnam's tremendous achievements in renovation and economic development.  In the article titled Continue reading
Alan Gross, after 4 years in prison (Photo: BringAlanHome.org) The Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation reported last month that by its count, there are currently at least 114 political prisoners in Cuban jails, up from 102 at... Continue reading
The Current State of Cuba's Offshore Oil Development
Business Insights: Cuba
July 2014

While Cuba produces some energy – principally heavy oil and associated
natural gas – its domestic production does not meet its requirements for
daily energy consumption. Once dependent on the Soviet Union for energy
imports, Cuba now relies on Venezuela for oil to keep its economy
afloat. According to experts, Cuba's arrangement with Venezuela is
unsustainable over the long-term.

The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that offshore reserves in the North
Cuba Basin could contain an additional five billion barrels of
undiscovered technically recoverable crude oil. Cuba estimates its
reserves in 20 billion barrels. However, all exploratory results have
been a blow to Cuban hopes of finding oil. Some attempts came up dry or
resulted in the discovery of a field devoid of commercial value.

Now, Cuba is asking for Russia's help with the support of President
Putin. Russian companies Rosneft and Zarubezhneft signed an energy
agreement with Cuba in May 2014 to explore offshore oil deposits. The
drilling area north of Havana straddles the Gulf Stream, a powerful
ocean current that rushes north to the Florida coast. Oceanographers
warn that an oil slick caused by a major spill could reach Florida's
beaches, reefs and marine sanctuaries in about a week.

Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham, who also served two terms as governor of
Florida and co-chaired a presidential commission on the 2010 Deepwater
Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, met with Cuban officials in
January 2014. Senator Graham and energy experts said the Russians have
little experience with deep-water drilling and that the U.S. embargo of
Cuba prohibits the use of American technology to prevent or respond to a

A State Department spokesperson said U.S. officials "have expressed our
concerns" to Cuba and its partners, but the United States can do nothing
to stop drilling in Cuban waters. While the embargo limits the use of
American products, U.S. companies have been licensed to respond in case
of a spill.

U.S. Embargo – Cuba Drilling

The embargo against Cuba denies access to Cuba of U.S. equipment for
drilling and environmental protection. Exports and re-exports to Cuba of
foreign made items incorporating, commingled with or drawn from
controlled U.S. origin items exceeding 10 percent of U.S. components and
technology – the so-called De Minimis Rule under Sections 734.4 and
736.2(b)(2) of Export Administration Regulations (EARs) – are prohibited
by the Embargo.

Several experts have said that the only country that produces the
necessary equipment is the United States. Therefore, Cuba would not have
access to U.S. equipment unless the embargo is lifted or altered. At the
very least, coordination between Cuba and the United States would be
necessary to prevent any potential oil spill.

Members of Congress have presented several proposals to deny oil and gas
leases and permits "to persons who engage in activities with the
government of any foreign country that is subject to any sanction or an
embargo" by the U.S. government.


A "safe" and "monitored" approach to Cuba's oil offshore development is
in the national interest of the United States, which should work
together with Cuba and use multilateral agreements with Mexico to
facilitate oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.

Source: The Current State of Cuba's Offshore Oil Development | Fox
Rothschild LLP -
http://foxrothschild.com/newspubs/newspubsArticle.aspx?id=15032395046 Continue reading
El cardenal Jaime Ortega llama a “profundizar las reformas” Asistieron obispos extranjeros a la misa por los 50 años de sacerdocio del arzobispo 14YMEDIO, La Habana | Agosto 02, 2014 Este sábado se celebró en la Catedral de La Habana una misa en homenaje a los 50 años de la ordenación sacerdotal del cardenal Jaime […] Continue reading
Cinco nietos de Fidel Castro han sido becados por el Gobierno español Hasta cinco nietos del comandante Fidel Castro han sido becados por el Gobierno español en los últimos años para ampliar sus estudios en nuestro país, tal y como ha adelantado el medio cubaaldescubierto.com. Algunos de ellos se han quedado a vivir en España […] Continue reading
Details Written by PL Category: Cuba Published: 03 August 2014 Hits: 23 Havana.- Bertha, second tropical storm of the current hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean, is nearing Continue reading
Cuban LGBTI take their demands to the Attorney General
August 2, 2014
Isbel Díaz Torres

HAVANA TIMES – In the name of the Rainbow Project (Proyecto Arcoíris), I
delivered a letter last Thursday to the Cuban Attorney General's Office.
The letter is a denunciation of violations committed by the "Style and
Contents Commission" of the National People's Power Assembly who were
responsible for the final draft of the Labor Code.

This Commission, directed by José Luis Toledo Santander, president of
the Parliament's Commission for Constitutional and Judicial Issues,
failed to fulfill the mandate they received in December of 2013; their
draft completely disregarded the proposals of the LGBT workers, several
deputies and even those of President Raul Castro, First Vice-President
Miguel Díaz-Canel, and those of the President of the National Assembly,
Esteban Lazo.

The Commission was supposed to have "harmoniously" integrated into the
final text the concept that gender identity and negative or positive HIV
status comprise totally inadmissible motives for discrimination against
any human being in the realm of employment or workplaces, as part of the
fundamental principles that compose the right to work in Article 2,
Subsection B of the Code.

Towards that end, the DA's office was urged to investigate fully the
violations and arbitrary actions of the said Commission, as well as
those of all the institutions and persons involved in the final draft of
the Labor Law.

The grievance was made public this past July 26th in a declaration of
the LGBT collective entitled "LGBTI community of Cuba in national
rebellion." The declaration concludes:

"As citizens of this country and also in our role as activists for human
and sexual rights who defend the idea of an anti-capitalist,
revolutionary and democratic society, we demand that exemplary measures
be taken and that all existing judicial procedures be exhausted with an
eye to submitting once again to the vote of Parliament a measure
incorporating non-discrimination for gender identity or for having a
positive or negative HIV/AIDS status into the Labor Code.

The letter was delivered to the seat of the Attorney General's Office of
the Republic, located at the corner of 1st and 18th St. in the Playa
district in the afternoon of this past Thursday. The State office
legally has 60 days to present a written response.

Source: Cuban LGBTI take their demands to the Attorney General - Havana
Times.org - http://www.havanatimes.org/?p=105294 Continue reading
Cuba politics and economics converge at Miami Conference
August 2, 2014
Vincent Morin Aguado

HAVANA TIMES — A close look at the island's economy, both from Cubans
residing in the country and those living abroad, marked the second day
of discussions at the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy
conference in Miami. An overriding conclusion was that the urgent need
for expanding the changes in motion requires political decisions still

Dariela Aquique Luna, a freelance reporter from Santiago de Cuba spoke
on the theme "Cuba, a new economic model or capitalize on the excitement
of Latin American integration?" She delves into the origins of the
so-called "Updating" process, seen as a political move attempting to
once again save the prevailing power in Cuba, taking advantage of the
progress of the political forces of the left in Latin America,
especially Venezuela and Brazil.

Aquique, who writes for both Havana Times and Diario de Cuba, leads us
to believe that the current Cuban government will continue the political
game started by the "updating" process but without further reforms. As
such, she thinks it will be unable to unleash the country's productive

Jorge Ignacio Guillen Martinez, a student at the University of Havana,
described a grim reality experienced today in Cuba, based on a survey
revealing an apparent deterioration process observed when evaluating the
relationship between the changes, their direction and what should be the
objective of any economic reform: improving the human condition.

Over 75% of those responding said the current process of changes has not
meant an improvement for them. The existence of a deep anthropological
damage in Cubans is the main conclusion of this young man from Pinar del
Rio. He sees a pressing need to release the forces of stagnation in the
economy, promoting private ownership and business development, if they
want to rescue the society from its current debacle.

Dariela Aquique and Vicente Morín at the ASCE conference.
Another panel discussed the crucial issue of labor rights within the
economic changes, and the need for the contribution of independent Cuban
unionism. Also analyzed was the Mariel Port mega project, considering
the variables of its limited success thus far in the context of
international trade.

The day's panel sessions then ended with a plenary and the presentation
by former Cuban diplomat Miriam Leyva, widow of the economist and human
rights activist Oscar Espinosa Chepe. Miriam analyzed the transition
taking place in Cuba and relations with the United States. She opted for
a new political approach based on constructive steps that abandon old
dogmas, such as the Yes or No on the controversial issue of the embargo.

The fact is that changing Cuba requires a continued exchanging of ideas,
expanding the ability of Cubans to learn about experiences beyond the
island's borders, facilitating visits to the country by US citizens, as
well as training entrepreneurs. In summarizing, opening doors and
building bridges.

The XXIV Annual Conference of ASCE ends today with an emphasis on issues
related to foreign investment and the new legal framework as well as the
mass media and culture. Undoubtedly, the event is planting a seed for a
future harvest.


Source: Cuba politics and economics converge at Miami Conference -
Havana Times.org - http://www.havanatimes.org/?p=105284 Continue reading

Las autoridades hondureñas informaron la "retención" de once ciudadanos cubanos en Ocotepeque, en el occidente del país.

Los emigrantes fueron identificados como Maridugui Polanco Peña (24), Alexánder Alarcón David (33), Ernesto Alejandro Morera Acanda (20), Kleysy Ilie Victoria Díaz (35), Yaber González Fernández (35).

Además, Luis Manuel Bermúdez Guerra (29), Leonardo Emilio Espinoza Peña (18) Gilson Rafael Rosales Pérez (41), Carlos Rafael Rodríguez Domínguez (38), Félix Velásquez Martínez (28) y Raida María Álvarez Pompa (36).

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Sunwing Vacations will offer exclusive perks and privileges at several Melia Cuba Resorts this winter, providing added value for those planning a family vacation, adults only retreat, or a groups getaway. Continue reading
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For 16 years, Ana Belen Montes spied for Cuba from increasingly responsible positions at the Defense Intelligence Agency. If Havana has ever run a higher level or more valuable mole inside the American Continue reading
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A pesar de las batidas y los decomisos del gobierno, conexiones clandestinas cada día cobran mayor fuerza. Continue reading

El cardenal Jaime Ortega celebró este sábado sus 50 años de sacerdocio en la Catedral de La Habana, donde se reunieron fieles y religiosos, incluidos dos cardenales de Estados Unidos, y se leyó un mensaje de felicitación enviado por el papa Francisco.

El arzobispo de La Habana fue recibido entre aplausos por los cientos de personas que abarrotaron la catedral para asistir a la misa de celebración, informó EFE.

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By Mark Zaretsky, New Haven Register, Conn. McClatchy-Tribune Information Services Aug. 03 -- NEW HAVEN -- The Freedom Schooner Amistad's universal message of freedom resonates wherever the tall ship Continue reading