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Daily Archives: August 28, 2014

After an undesired delay these last months, the rehabilitation of water networks now keeps making a significant progresses in the notheastern Cuban town of Holguin, with the completion of five miles to Continue reading
Cuba is facing difficulties getting medications and technology to treat children with cancer due to the U.S. economic embargo, state-run media said Thursday, citing an official with the pediatric service Continue reading
By The Canadian Press TORONTO - A booze-fuelled fight between two women who were allegedly drinking and smoking in an airplane bathroom prompted Sunwing to turn a Cuba-bound flight back to Toronto, the Continue reading
From the Wires The Exhibition Features the Vibrant and Inventive Techniques of Eight Women Artists in Yarn, Paper, Glass, Metal, Synthetics and Textiles Aug. 28, 2014 05:48 PM ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired Continue reading
By By | Reuters  -  By Peter Polack GEORGE TOWN Cayman Islands (Reuters) - A small, homemade aluminum boat carrying 16 Cuban migrants sought refuge from rough seas in Grand Cayman on Thursday but Continue reading

El escritor cubano José M. Fernández Pequeño dictará en Santo Domingo la conferencia "El escritor híbrido y la lengua del desconcierto", a propósito de la publicación de su libro El arma secreta, Premio Nacional de Cuento de República Dominicana 2013.

Fernández Pequeño participará en la tertulia Letras de la Academia, que auspicia la Academia Dominicana de la Lengua. El autor expresó que pretende "seguir de cerca el conflictivo proceso de hibridación entre las formas elocutivas de lo cubano y lo dominicano".

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"Las cuestiones políticas e institucionales del acuerdo, que ocuparon bastante tiempo en la primera sesión en La Habana, no fueron abordadas" en este encuentro, precisó Leffler, quien encabeza la delegación comunitaria. Continue reading

El congresista cubanoamericano Joe García instó a Barack Obama a bloquear el intento de venta de la unidad de refinación Citgo, por parte de la estatal venezolana PDVSA, al decir que ese negocio atenta contra "intereses nacionales vitales", informa Reuters.

El ministro de Petróleo de Venezuela, Rafael Ramírez, dijo este mes que el país apunta a vender su filial de refinación Citgo cuando tenga una propuesta "conveniente a sus intereses".

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En peligro la primera reparación en más de 30 años de las salas quirúrgicas del Agostinho Neto DDC | Guantánamo | 28 Ago 2014 – 2:01 pm. Los funcionarios eluden responsabilidades en el retraso de las obras del hospital, encargado del 80% de las operaciones del territorio. Las salas quirúrgicas del Hospital Docente Doctor Agostinho […] Continue reading
Posted on August 27, 2014


The power of Castro's dictatorship couldn't rely only in the
annihilation of all kind of opposition, despite the fact that, since
January 1959, its governability depended on fear (out of pure terror) to
reduce a plural society to military obedience, ideological hatred, and
apartheid, whether geographical (in the case of the exiled for life) or
uncivil (for those resisting as pariah on an Island turned into a labor
camp behind The Iron Curtain). Detaching our homeland from its
hemispheric context put us into orbit as a satellite of the totalitarian
axis of the Cold War: the best alternative for the new class —now a
gerontocracy elite in their eighties— to keep control in perpetuity, or
at least for over a dozen of White House administrations.

The power of Castro's dictatorship necessarily had to rely also on
violence and, for so many —let's say— people of good-will in the world,
the beauty implicit in the narrative of The Revolution, with its ritual
of burying a decadent past in order to resurrect it in a fertile future,
as all revolutionary rhetorics promotes itself. To the image and
likeness of those historical guerrillas, nowadays only octogenarians
inside Cuba remember what presidential elections are all about. Such a
legacy leaves a discouraging anthropological damage if we are ever to
move forward from the Castrozoic Era.

Our citizenship was homogenized as soldiership, under the vertical rule
of a personality cult, as a justification to survive against a foreign
foe meant to last forever: nothing less than the first economy and war
potency of the First World, an anthological archenemy called
Imperialism. But nobody believes in this Fidelity fable anymore. And,
after half a century of officially sequestering the sovereign will of
our nation, it's about time for Cubans to recover their own voice, since
the Castros' long-lasting regime is the one who should retire in silence.

Our historical circumstances are critical today for those determined to
restore democracy in what was once called the Switzerland of The
Americas. The long-sought transition is finally on its way, 25 years too
late after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The demands of a peaceful civil
society are being dealt with by the Cuban government not as inherent to
human dignity, but as privileges and concessions for those who keep
quiet, fostering even more the hypocrisy of our culture of simulation,
without really respecting the fundamental rights of which Cubans
remained deprived, while selectively targeting our truest leaders, those
who wouldn't compromise with the despotism of fraudulent changes,
subjecting them to the abusive force of an intact intelligence apparatus
based on private surveillance and social stigmatization, concealed
coercion and cooption, and ultimately extra-judiciary execution,
disguised as a sudden disease or a car-crash, as it criminally occurred
to the winners of the European Parliament's Andrei Sakharov Award for
Freedom of Thought: Laura Pollán in October 2011 (founder of the Ladies
In White) and to Oswaldo Payá in July 2012 (founder of the Christian
Liberation Movement).

In the twilight of the first-generation Castros, everything is changing
in Cuba so that nothing changes in the end, in a desperately slow
transition from Power to Power, instead of from the Rule of Law to Rule
of Law, as was constitutionally requested by more than 25,000 Cuban
citizens, who publicly subscribed to the Varela Project, and who are
still waiting for the answer due from the National Assembly of People's
Power; although it's sadly known that the authorities' response was
silence in the mass media, a phony plebiscite in 2002, the massive
trials of the Black Spring of 2003 and the deportations of 2010
(involving an insulting Catholic hierarchy), plus the barbaric bonus of
the assassination not only of the reputation but of the precious lives
of those who wouldn't abide by our 21st century absolutism.

On one hand, a biological succession is underway in Cuba to a
neo-Castroism without Castros, or given the case, with second-generation
Castros, which are kindly invited to visit US: LGBT deputy Mariela
Castro and baseball dandy Antonio Castro. Emphasized in their hardliner
discourse of revolutionary intolerance, a State Capitalism is being
implemented in Cuba, one that combines the worse lack of freedom from
Communism with the worse corruption and captive markets of the
underdeveloped democracies.

On the other hand, tired of waiting for an opening in the Island,
complicit in today's crimes with the promise that profits will prevent
tomorrow's crimes, the international community is already turning their
backs on the remains of Cuban civil society, while compassionately
patting them on their shoulders, and sometimes even supporting them with
a petty percent of their investments with the State tycoons of Havana.
The EU is making an approach, so US should hasten and hesitate no more.
If Cuba is already doomed not to become a democracy, at least let it be
a dictocracy, is the ridiculous rationale of such not so "hard choices".

Consequently, the presidents of all chambers of commerce are ready to
act, since their legitimate jobs are to trade no matters what, with no
matters who. Many Cuban exiles are indolently or interestedly
prêt-à-porter too, as conveniently-funded push-polls seem to prove, and
as the age composition of Cuban emigration is radically renovated,
especially after the 2013 migratory reform in the Island, that
constitutes not only an escape valve for inner tensions, but also a coup
de grâce to the once emblematic —now barely residual— Cuban Adjustment Act.

The overall impression is that the further from the Castros, the easier
it is to become and behave pro-Castros, while anti-Castroism abroad is
now practically considered "harassment" by the academics and the NGO's
from that once-despicable capitalism that deserved humiliation first and
then inhumation from the proletarians of all over the world, united!

Many of the said universities and NGO's (some located in the US capital)
travel several times a year to Cuba only to accept blackmail from State
Security agents, behaving according a Castro agenda that they would
denounce as intolerable were it dictated by, for example, their own
State Department or Congress. I have met them in person. In unfortunate
cases, they have again labeled me with that pathetic epithet of
"mercenary" (as if there were good dollars and bad dollars from the
American tax-payer). In other cases, they have just advised me to
repent, since even I can still be a useful variable in this Cuban
equation with zero ethics.

If we are to lose the challenges imposed by global Castroism, or if we
have already lost this struggle for redemption and haven't realized it,
I'm still proud of having had the unique opportunity of being in touch
with so many Cubans of good will —as well as with foreigners'
solidarity— who keep alive the notion of being born with inalienable
rights, and that still believe that only Life in Truth is worthy of
being called human.

As with other biblical peoples, maybe we Cubans have lost Cuba, or are
not going to recognize it any longer when we return there once the last
of the Castros is gone, since Castroites will be waiting for us to make
our lives much more miserable. But this doesn't imply at all that
Freedom was on the wrong side of History. Freedom will always be our
right on the right side of History. Even if it's a faithful failure over
and over.

We Cubans are at risk that Evil might have prevailed too long among us
for our Nation to reconcile with itself. The Government and the People
of the United States of America, as in the 19th and 20th centuries, in
2014 have a debt with Cuban democrats and republicans and liberals and
conservatives and the rest of our non-totalitarian subjects trapped in
such an obsolete model: a debt not economical nor political nor military
but of a moral nature.

It's for the best interests of US not to abandon Cuban citizens in their
Caribbean backyard under a rogue State, since the supposed stability of
our region is only a time compass for the rogues to counterattack
America, where a normalized climate will only allow the abnormality that
Castroism represents to have a free hand to undermine —with felonies—
the foundations of the United States.

Original in English

27 August 2014

Lazo | Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/the-transition-that-is-about-not-to-come-orlando-luis-pardo-lazo/ Continue reading
El Zanjon In Baragua Times / 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar
Posted on August 27, 2014

14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, El Zanjón, 25 August 2014 – No one remembers
when the old Spanish barracks were demolished and or the decades passed
since the allegorical tally of what happened there. Although the
official history vilifies this place, a sign on the central highway
tells us we are nearing El Zanjón, whose name also appears on the ID
cards of the three hundred people who live in the small village.

On 10 February 1878, the seven agreements of the Pact of Zanjón were
signed there, putting an end of the Ten Years War. Thus, the two
fundamental objectives that had caused the war were frustrated: Cuban
independence and the abolition of slavery. General Arsenio Martinez
Campos would be the big winner in an accord that many Cubans considered
a shameful page in the national history.

The vast majority of the Liberation Army fighters accepted the pact,
with the exception of Antonio Maceo, who a month later starred in the
Baraguá Protest. That attempt to keep the struggle alive only lasted
until mid-May of the same year, and shortly after Maceo, the Bronze
Titan, abandoned the Island for Jamaica.

A century later, Fidel Castro would proclaim that "Cuba will be an
eternal Baraguá." On taking up this historic event, he would define the
intransigence and obstinacy of the political system that has been
installed on the Island for half a century. Any dialog with an
ideological opponent has been perceived, for decades, as an imitation of
the Pact of Zanjón, while intolerance is guided by Maceo's classic
phrase, "We don't understand each other."

Perhaps this is why the small rural school in El Zanjón is now called
Baraguá Protest School, and the history books define the signing of that
Pact as an act of treason. Even the use of the name "Zanjoneros" for
those who, according to official views, tried to capitulate after the
disaster or Real Socialism in Eastern Europe. Thus, in a small town 375
miles from Havana, people no longer have a native identity they can wear
with pride.

But today, the few cows chew their cud and its distaste in the Zanjón
lands is not altered, nor the roar of the trucks on the highway. "Here,
nothing happens," a resident tells me, and adds, "So I'm leaving and
I'll never come back." Leave Zanjón, I ask him. "No, I'm leaving the
country, because no one can resist this."

And there goes another who capitulates, as the official discourse would
say, although others prefer to think that they will go into exile to
return one day… like Maceo.

Source: El Zanjon In Baragua Times / 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar |
Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/el-zanjon-in-baragua-times-14ymedio-reinaldo-escobar/ Continue reading
Don't Talk About Tomorrow Any More, It's Today / Juan Juan Almeida
Posted on August 27, 2014

La Demajagua, the official newspaper of provincial committee of
the Cuban Communist Party of the Granma Province, reports as important
news that a junior high school with an initial capacity of 520 students,
is being constructed in Bayamo at a cost of 800,000 pesos. The
execution, those responsible for the work assure us, is under the
control of several companies, led by the Education Construction Agency.
All this without any date, nor any idea when it will be available.

When these people aren't talking about the history of yesterday, they
talk about the plans for tomorrow; but they never say today. There is no
doubt, that time and its ravages are the perfect pretext of the
Revolution. You'll see.

13 August 2014

Source: Don't Talk About Tomorrow Any More, It's Today / Juan Juan
Almeida | Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/dont-talk-about-tomorrow-any-more-its-today-juan-juan-almeida/ Continue reading
La universidad, para los tenaces Expulsado tres veces de la facultad por sus ideas, Henry Constantin, colaborador de ‘Convivencia’, sigue soñando con obtener el título de periodista REINALDO ESCOBAR, La Habana | Agosto 28, 2014 activismo, represión, Henry Constantín, Convivencia, Periodismo Henry Constantin es un camagüeyano que nació en Las Tunas el Día de San […] Continue reading
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28 de agosto de 2014 • 04:52 Una traba bancaria paraliza servicios consulares de Cuba en EE.UU. BBC Mundo Los servicios consulares como el trámite de pasaportes y visas están suspendidos. Cuba está suspendiendo la mayoría de sus servicios consulares en Estados Unidos hasta nuevo aviso pues afirma no poder encontrar un banco que administre […] Continue reading
El diario del partido único dijo que en un recorrido “constató la ausencia”, entre otros productos, de “colonias, talcos, máquinas de afeitar y quita esmalte”, así como de productos de limpieza Continue reading
La UE y Cuba reanudan negociaciones sobre tratado comercial La Unión Europea y Cuba, el único país de América Latina con el que la UE no tiene todavía un acuerdo comercial, iniciaron hoy la primera jornada de la segunda ronda de negociación para la firma de un acuerdo bilateral, en la que se centran en […] Continue reading
Publicado el jueves, 08.28.14 Nuncio Apostólico en Cuba emite fuertes críticas al régimen de la isla NORA GAMEZ TORRES NGAMEZTORRES@ELNUEVOHERALD.COM En un gesto inusual para un alto miembro de la jerarquía católica en la Isla, el Nuncio Apostólico Bruno Musarò se refirió abiertamente a la “pobreza absoluta y degradación humana y civil” en las que […] Continue reading
El desabastecimiento de ciertos productos de aseo y limpieza comercializados en la red de tiendas recaudadoras de divisas y los mercados artesanales industriales se ha convertido en un fenómeno cíclico", señaló el periódico del gobernante Partido Comunista. Continue reading
En general, Mesa-Lago concluye que las reformas institucionales en Cuba están avanzando en una dirección positiva, aunque muy lentamente. Continue reading
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The City of Aurora announced Thursday it has awarded licenses to 21 business as the city's first recreational marijuana shops, . Each of the city's six wards are allowed up to four recreational pot shops. Continue reading
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Asistencia Social se lava las manos con una familia compuesta por madre soltera y cuatro hijos que viven en condiciones miserables
La UE y Cuba han realizado un progreso "bastante sustancial" en el capítulo de cooperación del acuerdo de Diálogo Político y Cooperación bilateral que comenzaron a negociar a finales de abril, aunque la parte europea ha admitido que se trata de un acuerdo "complejo" y "llevará algo de tiempo" cerrarlo. Continue reading
The European Union and Cuba have made "substantial progress" in the second round of negotiations toward a bilateral accord and they will hold a third round at the end of this year, the EU's top diplomat Continue reading
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La Unión Europea (UE) y Cuba han logrado “sustanciales progresos” en materia de cooperación en la segunda ronda de negociaciones del acuerdo bilateral y celebrarán una tercera fase a finales de año, explicó hoy el director general para América del Servicio Europeo de Acción Exterior, Christian Leffler. Continue reading
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