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Daily Archives: March 19, 2015

Mexican navy personnel rescued 15 Cuban migrants on board a catamaran off the coast of the southeastern state of Yucatan, an official told Efe on Thursday. The official said that the rescue was carried Continue reading
Prensa Latina Thursday 19th March, 2015 By Víctor M. Carriba* Havana, (PL) Talks between Cuba and the United States to restore diplomatic relations strengthen the provisions of the Proclamation of Continue reading
"He decidido en lo adelante desautorizar a Berta Soler que utilice el nombre de mi madre o lo relacione con conductas que niegan los principios que ella siempre defendió", dijo Labrada. Continue reading
Billboard.com Thursday 19th March, 2015 album (1997) and subsequent albums featuring its stars were made in an analogue 1940s studio with a leaky roof. That studio had seen few changes since its Continue reading
… in Cuba. The news followed a decision by Washington and Havana to … entering a market where few Cubans have high speed Internet connections … have to have cooperation from Cubans, and there has to have … an existing market in the Cuban tourist industry, which draws visitors … Continue reading
… de Cuba, Mar 19 (Prensa Latina) A tribute to great Cuban musicians … of Santiago de Cuba Trova Festival Pepe Sanchez, a Cuban musician considered the initiator of the Cuban traditional troubadour … artists from Santiago de Cuba, Havana and other Cuban cities. The artistic program … Continue reading
[caption id="attachment_39214" align="aligncenter" width="623"] [1] Marta Beatriz Roque, Cabello Ángel Moya, Arnaldo Ramos Lauzurique, Diosdado González Marrero and Eduardo Díaz Fleitas[/caption] [2]14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 18 March 2015 -- Twelve years after the Black Spring [3], 14ymedio chats with some of the former political prisoners currently living on the Island. Two questions have been posed to those activists condemned in March 2003: one about their decision to stay in Cuba, and the other about how they see the country today. Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello I left prison in late 2004, paroled by the regime for reasons of health. They never offered me the chance to go abroad, but it wouldn’t have occurred to me. My closest family, and most distant as well, live abroad, but I never had plans to abandon the Island. I am a Spanish citizen because my family did the paperwork [4], I visited the embassy of that country the day they told me to fill out the forms and then got a passport, about four years ago. This is no longer the same country it was in the spring of 2003. The government has been forced to return certain rights to the citizens, regardless of the fact that we can’t make use of them. At that time, for example, a Cuban was not permitted to say in the hotels. Now it’s not prohibited, but the economy doesn’t allow the ordinary citizen to exercise that right. Who, other than “papá’s kids” [the Castro offspring] has the money to pay for a room? Another thing is the ability to travel abroad. Those of us who are on parole are not allowed to travel, or we know that if we do it we will not be allowed to return. "The government has been forced to return certain rights to the citizens, regardless of the fact that we can’t make use of them” I remember Cardinal Ortega, in a statement published by the newspaper Granma, said that all of us would be set free, but they only freed those who chose to go into exile. That is a way of punishing us for not accepting deportation, it is a whim of the commander in chief and a mockery of Spain and of the Church. On 31 October last year we made a formal demand for a document of freedom, but we never got an answer. We only have an identity card. Angel Moya I got out of prison because of the efforts made by the Government of Spain and the Catholic Church with the Government of Cuba, but especially thanks to the internal pressures, which came from the actions of the Ladies in White, the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo [5], and Guillermo Fariña [6]’s hunger strike. No one ever pressured me to leave Cuba. The Cardinal called me and proposed it and I said no. My decision was to stay and continue to fight for the freedom of Cuba and I’ve never regretted that. It was very important that I had the support of my wife, Berta Soler [7], who has always agreed with our staying. "My decision was to stay and continue to fight for the freedom of Cuba and I’ve never regretted that" The country has not evolved at all in terms of human rights. Just look at the lists of arbitrary detentions [8] issued monthly by the Human Rights Committee and Hablemos Press. The methods used by the State Security include beatings and abuses of all kinds. The repression has intensified to prevent the population from joining the activism. It is true that they have not been making the same mistake of the Black Spring, because that was a failure that cost the government dearly, but they continue to imprison people for political reasons and still refuse to ratify the international covenants on human rights. Arnaldo Ramos Lauzurique I left prison in November 2010. Just before, Cardinal Ortega called me and told me he was preparing for the prisoners of our cause to leave the country. I told him I wasn’t interested. It was a decision I’ve thought about a lot since that time, but I wouldn’t take it back. If I wanted to leave Cuba now it would have to be forever, but I’m not going to accept this blackmail. On leaving prison they gave us a little piece of paper to get an ID card, but I never managed to get anything legal. My family shares this decision and when your family supports you, the decision is more firm. "If I wanted to leave Cuba now it would have to be forever" The opposition still hasn’t been able to consolidate itself. The constant emigration of people with experience does a lot of damage to us, these exits don’t allow us to consolidate. Of course the regime was forced to take some actions, but it was done out of pure pragmatism. They have no interest in changing. In this similar situation of restoring relations with the United States I can’t see clearly what their real interests are. Maduro from Venezuela is an influence in this, because he isn’t happy to see there is a possibility of coming to an arrangement with Cuba. Diosdado González Marrero Right now, almost four years after thye released us, I continue to see it as a question of principles to have made the decision not to give in to the Government’s pressure and accept exile as a condition for leaving prison. I saw it then and I continue to see it the same way now. In about a week I’m going to join my family abroad. I am leaving the Island, but I will stay in Cuba. I tried to leave like a normal visit, but it’s not allowed. My wife and I even went to the cardinal to intercede, but it wasn’t possible to resolve our request. I am leaving for two reasons: my desire to reunite with my children and grandchildren, and because we Cubans have to live in democracy. I have done my best for the unity of the opposition, but it’s very difficult, there are too many individual interests in each organization. No matter where I live, I will continue working for the freedom of Cuba. "I am leaving the Island, but I will stay in Cuba" Having spent eight years in those places that don’t even deserve to be called prisons, and coming back out to the street, I saw that everything was worse. After you get acclimated again, you can get used to anything. Now we see changes. There are things that Cubans have the right to, that they couldn’t do before. Get a cellphone, connect to the Internet, travel, those were goals that seemed impossible, likewise with the development of private businesses or land leasing, but politically, nothing. After Fidel Castro got sick and handed over power to his brother, they started to eliminate prohibitions and now, with the conversations between the Cuban regime and the American government, things will get better still, especially with the flow of tourists from the United States. Eduardo Diaz Fleitas They released me just a few days before I served eight years in prison. Cardinal Jaime Ortega called me to suggest that I accept leaving for Spain in order to be released. I told him I wasn’t interested in leaving Cuba. Having stayed on the Island has been very important because my commitment is to fight for the changes we need. I never regret having stayed here, and I don’t think I will leave under any circumstances. "Having stayed on the Island has been very important because my commitment is to fight for the changes we need" The biggest change the country has suffered in the last 12 years that I see is the greater deterioration. There is no respect for human dignity nor any kind of improvement in any order of life. Now we need the regime to decide to accept real changes and seek peace for the progress of the country. [1] http://translatingcuba.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/collage_CYMIMA20150318_0042_16.jpg [2] http://www.14ymedio.com/ [3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Spring_%28Cuba%29 [4] http://www.laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=454784&CategoryId=14510 [5] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orlando_Zapata [6] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guillermo_Fari%C3%B1as [7] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berta_Soler [8] http://www.14ymedio.com/nacional/CCDHRN-denuncia-detenciones-politicas-Cuba_0_1735626430.html Continue reading
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Although it may seem counter-intuitive, some of the most important developments in the restitution of cultural objects and other assets confiscated in the period surrounding World War II have occurred Continue reading
El acuerdo entre el organismo de Naciones Unidas y Cuba otorga a la isla $16.4 millones para promover la seguridad alimentaria y nutricional de los grupos vulnerables en las cinco provincias orientales, Pinar del Río y Matanzas. Continue reading
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. H.E. Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohamed bin Saud al-Thani, CEO of the Qatar Investmet Authority (QIA), received Ernesto D. Plasencia Escalante, Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to that Arab nation. During Continue reading
. H.E. Ernesto Soberón Guzmán, Cuban Ambassador to The Bahamas, received at the Embassy the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Mr. Phillip Miller. During the meeting, Continue reading
Sanction-free Cuba is looking to strengthen energy ties with India and cooperation in the oil & gas sector is on cards when its first vice-president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, visits New Delhi starting next Continue reading
The daughter of a founder of Cuba's Ladies in White criticized the dissident group's current leader Thursday in the latest sign of division within the dissident group. Continue reading

La mezzosoprano estadounidense Barbara Hendricks compartirá escenario con la Orquesta Sinfónica de Oriente en la Sala de Conciertos Dolores de Santiago de Cuba, según informó el jueves la prensa local.

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Baseball Isla de la Juventud eliminated Industriales in qualifying for the post season of the 54 th Cuban Baseball Championship to overcome them this Wednesday by 6-5 in their own backyard. Los Piratas Continue reading
. In theMcBain Community Center of Niagara Region, the Annual General Assembly of the Canadian Cuban Friendship Association-Niagara took place. The members elected a new executive, discussed the main Continue reading
. The Ambassador of Cuba, Jesús Zenén Buergo Concepción inaugurated the art exhibition entitled ´´ Between the lines´´ with the presence of the principal authorities of the Institute of Information and Continue reading
… through the “Cuban Democracy Act” of 1992 and the “Cuban Liberty and … travelling freely to Cuba. Continuing to prohibit travel to Cuba violates a … be exported to Cuba and allows small dollar value Cuban goods to … would recognize today’s Havana and today’s Cuban government because they … Continue reading
By Alfonso Fernandez ).- Hailing the normalization of ties between Havana and Washington, Inter-American Development Bank chief Luis Alberto Moreno said Thursday that "some obstacles" stand in the way Continue reading
Analysis of the investment horizon of the riskiest economies in Latin America according to David Osio, CEO of Davos Financial Group MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 19, 2015-- For large and small investors, Continue reading
A British Trade and Investment mission is expected to visit Cuba April 27-30 to explore opportunities to increase commercial relations, according to an announcement by the British embassy in Havana. Continue reading
7 photos North Korea and Russia declared 2015, which is the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, as "Friendship Year." The two countries have intensified their relationship, with goals to increase Continue reading
Miembros de FANTU realizaron una marcha para presentar públicamente los reclamos que la organización opositora presentará en la Cumbre de las Américas 2015. Continue reading
Gritos de "¡Libertad, libertad, no somos asesinos, libertad, libertad!" retumban en los barrios cercanos al centro de detención. Continue reading

En una conferencia de prensa ofrecida por Laura Labrada, Dama de Blanco e hija de la fallecida Laura Pollán, ha declarado que creará una fundación con el nombre de su madre y aseguró también que ha decidido “desautorizar a Berta Soler a usar el nombre de mi madre en su movimiento”.

En un largo documento, leído frente a periodistas independientes y corresponsales extranjeros, Labrada acusó a Soler de una mala conducción del movimiento y de "adoptar conductas irreverentes". También informó que "respeto a distancia lo que [Soler] hace y su esfuerzo, para eso debe emplear su propio nombre, que la historia recogerá con recelo".

La fundación, que será creada en breve, tendrá como objetivo ayudar a la gente más desfavorecida, según refirió Labrada, especialmente a los niños y los ancianos. Durante la ronda de preguntas, la Dama de Blanco aseguró que al tomar estas decisiones cuenta con el apoyo de "más de un centenar de mujeres" pertenecientes al movimiento.

La conferencia ha ocurrido a pocas semanas de que un centenar de mujeres, entre ellas Laura Labrada, firmaron una carta en la que pedían cambios dentro del grupo de las Damas de Blanco. La organización atravesaba “por una situación muy difícil por antidemocráticos procedimientos que en el seno de nuestra organización vienen ocurriendo”, aseguraban en el documento.

Berta Soler, que asumió la dirección del grupo después de la muerte de Laura Pollán, respondió con la convocatoria de un referendo sobre su liderazgo. Consiguió un resultado ampliamente favorable al obtener 180 votos sobre un total de 201.

La organización ha enfrentado otros problemas en el último año. En septiembre de 2014, un grupo de mujeres de la provincia de Santiago de Cuba, lideradas por Belkis Cantillo, fundó Ciudadanas por la democracia. Esta decisión fue tomada a raíz de las discrepancias entre Belkis Cantillo y Berta Soler que provocaron la separación de decenas de mujeres de las Damas de Blanco.

El movimiento de las Damas de Blanco surgió tras las detenciones de la Primavera Negra, hace exactamente doce años. Un grupo de mujeres vestidas de blanco desfilaron, tras asistir a misa en la parroquia de Santa Rita, en el barrio de Miramar, para protestar de forma pacífica y visibilizar la situación de los presos políticos encarcelados aquel marzo de 2003. Laura Pollán sobresalió, junto a Miriam Leyva y Gisela Delgado, hasta convertirse en líder del grupo y figura más reconocida internacionalmente. Las Damas de Blanco fueron distinguidas en 2005 con el Premio Sájarov del Parlamento Europeo, que no recogieron hasta 2013, ya que el Gobierno no les permitió viajar para participar en la ceremonia de entrega correspondiente.

A una pregunta de 14ymedio sobre el inmueble de la calle Neptuno 963, Laura Labrada aseguró que a esa casa “no podrán volver las mujeres que participaron en el acto de repudio contra Alejandrina García de la Riva”.

La casa, enclavada en Centro Habana, ha sido la sede de las Damas de Blanco desde su surgimiento en 2003 y en ella vivió hasta su fallecimiento en el año 2011, la líder del movimiento, Laura Pollán. La vivienda ha sido blanco directo de actos de repudio, vigilancia y control por parte de la policía política durante todos estos años y en ella se han realizado numerosas actividades como los llamados tés literarios –las reuniones más importantes de la organización– y los homenajes o recordatorios a otras figuras del movimiento opositor. Además, el lugar sirve de albergue para mujeres activistas que se trasladan desde otras provincias hacia la capital. Actualmente en la casa vive Héctor Maseda, viudo de Pollán, quien fuera uno de los 75 opositores encarcelados durante la Primavera Negra.

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… great variety of the Cuban tourist product, Cuba is presenting a sample … Hall, said a Cuban specialist here Thursday. "Cuba has been present … the Greater Antilles in France, Cubana de Aviación, the International Group … addition there are delegates from Cubanacán and Islazul hotel chains and … Continue reading
Los criterios fueron unánimes cuando uno de los presentes consideró que, para ganar un espacio dentro de la sociedad, era necesario educar a la comunidad LGBTI en el respeto por sí mismos y por los demás Continue reading
It was interesting to read Margaret Sheridan's article in Good Eating titled "A taste of Cuba." I had to read it twice to make sure I was reading about Cuba and not Cancun or Costa Rica or even San Juan. Continue reading
Havana - Old Havana's Museum of Metalwork … dozen state institutions ranging from Cuba's Central Bank to … a historic building overlooking Old Havana's Plaza Vieja, where … that they are working security. Cuban law banning animals from workplaces … Continue reading
Visiting Biran was a pending issue for Cuban antiterrorist heroes, Fernando Gonzalez Llort, because after completing his prison sentence in the US he returned home, but felt the need of witnessing the Continue reading
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… a historic building overlooking Old Havana's Plaza Vieja, where … that they are working security. Cuban law banning animals from workplaces … a government office in eastern Havana awakened a guard one night … street dogs by some of Havana's most illustrious institutions … Continue reading