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Daily Archives: April 29, 2015

For 10 years, a controversial Florida law has forbidden faculty and students at public universities from using any type of funds to travel to Cuba or other U.S.-labeled state sponsors of terrorism. Continue reading
… :02Paris, Apr 29 (Prensa Latina) Cuba stated today that it is … heritage reaches unprecedented level, said Cuban ambassador to UNESCO, Dulce María … responsibility. The diplomat recalled that Cuba has included nine sites to … sites. She also stressed that Cuba promotes the exchange of concrete … Continue reading
… ;Farrill was in Havana recording an album with some Cuban colleagues. … Cuban pianist Chucho Valdés to play the Jazz Plaza Festival in Havana … . For his forthcoming album, "Cuba: The Conversation Continues," O … . jazz giant Dizzy Gillespie and Cuban percussionist Chano Pozo. The greats … Continue reading
High-school kids can learn about Cuba while doing community service work … ;s also time for exploring Havana, and a two-day stay in … Continue reading
… Obama’s reconciliatory policy toward Cuba yesterday by attaching policy riders … Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, “The longsuffering Cuban … human rights and democracy in Cuba, and the American people, living … American cruise passengers would visit Cuba in the first two years … Continue reading
… the intimate stage of the Havana Theatre. The collaboration between local … Continue reading
14ymedio, Yosmany Mayeya Labrada, Santiago de Cuba, 28 April 2015 — The 24th edition of the Santiago of Cuba Book Fair did notmeet official forecasts, nor was it up to the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the foundation of the … Continue reading Continue reading

El líder de la Mesa de Unidad Democrática (MUD), Henrique Capriles, ha criticado al presidente venezolano, Nicolás Maduro, por su escasa voluntad aperturista, recordando que "hasta Cuba da muestras de querer cambiar su modelo", informa Europa Press.

Capriles ha señalado que, "mientras los países de América Latina han disminuido sus índices de pobreza y están creciendo económicamente, este Gobierno se empeña en sumergir a Venezuela en la peor crisis de su historia".

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Victor Ariel Gonzalez

She didn’t have any luck. Like many, Estrella is one of those Cubans who faces the difficult task of feeding her children today without being very sure of what she will feed them tomorrow. Even still, hers is a family that is not classified as being in need of social assistance; thus, they will not receive any help from the State to buy the new induction stovetops that will go on sale “in a few days.”

This week it was announced that very soon everything will be ready to start the sale of this new kitchen equipment along with other items – a lidded pot, frying pan, pitcher and coffee pot – to the nearly 80,000 nuclear families who receive government assistance. The official media assures that, “the conditions have already been created in the stores of the special program network, belonging to the Ministry of Domestic Trade.”

The conditions include 257 “adequately equipped” workshops to repair the equipment, which carry a three-month commercial warranty. It has also been made easier for the vendors to pass “a training course” to connect the equipment and test it.

The plan has been designed to reduce energy consumption in the residential sector; induction stoves are up to 75% more efficient than resistance stoves, according to the concerned authorities, and, they add, they are easy to use, provide comfort and are more durable.

Behind this decision is none other than the Council of Ministers, whose policy has been responsible for other “bold moves” such as the unrationed sale of liquefied gas in various parts of the country “as an experiment.” Also, since 2014, and thanks to the “Food Cooking Program,” it is possible to buy home appliances through bank loans. In effect, the question of cooking in Cuba is a matter of State.

Estrella was one of those who bought her rice cooker on credit. Of the 7,800 who applied since the beginning, 7,355 have been approved and 5,828 delivered – at a cost of 15 million pesos* – among which we find hers.

[[QUOTE:In effect, cooking in Cuba is a matter of State]]

However, it wasn’t totally easy. First, because this pharmacy employee doesn’t earn enough wages for the bank to have confidence she can make on-time payments for her rice cooker. As in capitalism, lending to individuals in Socialist Cuba involves a risk analysis that weighs an individual’s ability to repay the debt.

Secondly, because she wouldn’t have been able to afford it without the help of some family members. But Estrella needed the pot, even though she would have to sell more medicines under the table than usual.

The issue of subsidies granted by Social Assistance is a delicate one. The form of payment with respect to the appliances that will soon be sold has not been completely defined, except that the acquisition of the stoves could be fully or partially charged to the State.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) has declared the Provincial Administration Council is “the collective body that approves the sale of these stoves and decides which method of payment will be applied” in each case. To accomplish this they will work on standards for “socioeconomic assessment.”

Yusimí Campos, an official with MTSS, informed the national media that, among the families not benefitting there are also those “who cook their food with other services such as manufactured gas, liquefied gas or (…) those who live in remote areas and who have no electricity service.”

Estrella, who has piped gas in her Central Havana apartment, will have to wait a while to acquire a modern stove. Meanwhile, she has to finish paying the bank for her Chinese made Haier refrigerator. The last thing Estrella wants is another debt. And with regards to food, “something will come up,” she says, while showing a small reserve of eggs and rice that keeps her calm, at least for now.

*Translator’s note: Roughly running the math on these numbers gives the price for a rice cooker as somewhere between $80 and $100+ dollars. This is for an appliance that sells in the U.S. (looking at the one in the photo) for plus-or-minus $20. In other words, the government “loans” Cubans as much as six months wages, so that they can purchase one rice cooker.

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Para 2017 se planea cubrir a todas las secundarias básicas, círculos infantiles y escuelas especiales, y hacia 2018 se aspira culminar este proceso con la enseñanza primaria. No se especifica en el anuncio si se tratará de acceso real a internet o a las intranets locales. Continue reading
Unfortunately we do not have the resources to translate and subtitle all the wonderful videos coming out of Estado de Sats and the Forum for Rights and Freedom, but for our many readers who do understand spoken Spanish, we just … Continue reading Continue reading
… In Cuba, the Cuban tody may be considered common, … uncommon birds found only in Cuba and adjacent Caribbean islands.   This … species endemic to Cuba.   Birdwatching Daily writes, "Cuba is home to … level of endemism alone signifies Cuba as a globally important place … Continue reading
… by end of 2015 in Cuba. Riviera Maya, Mexico (April 29 … expansion of its presence in Cuba and the Caribbean, by adding … , all inclusive resort located on Cuba's famed Varadero Beach … by end of 2015 in Cuba. The 800-room, five-star Ocean Casa … Continue reading
… temperatures in Cuba People swim at the sea in Havana, April 28, 2015. On Sunday, Cuba registered a … a cigarette before swimming in Havana, April 28, 2015. REUTERS/Alexandre … , sunbathes at the seafront in Havana, April 28, 2015. REUTERS/Alexandre … Continue reading
… temperatures in Cuba People swim at the sea in Havana, April 28, 2015. On Sunday, Cuba registered a … a cigarette before swimming in Havana, April 28, 2015. REUTERS/Alexandre … , sunbathes at the seafront in Havana, April 28, 2015. REUTERS/Alexandre … Continue reading
Every 21st of the month, my family — in their visits to my penitentiary —  supply me with the national newspapers. Many times they accuse me of masochism, but I find it necessary because it helps me understand where the … Continue reading Continue reading
Liu Santiesteban: “Si los cubanos hoy no se rebelan o pocos lo hacen es porque, por más de medio siglo, han sido y son sometidos a un control totalitario por parte de una sola familia: la familia Castro Ruz” Continue reading
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… region, the opportunities of the Cuban economy in the framework of … as important representatives from the Cuban public and academic sectors. The … comprehensive relationship between CAF and Cuba, creating close ties for joint … Estudios de la Economía Cubana (CEEC) (Center for Cuban Economic Studies); among … Continue reading
Este miércoles el líder opositor venezolano Leopoldo López cumple 44 años, el último de los cuales ha permanecido tras las rejas y sometido a un juicio Continue reading

Orlando Palma

La alta demanda que ha experimentado la enseñanza de lenguas extranjeras en Cuba durante los últimos años ha obligado al Ministerio de Educación a aumentar los requisitos para el acceso a las escuelas de idiomas. La resolución número 75 de 2015 recién publicada en la Gaceta Oficial regula el ingreso a esas academias para personas mayores de 17 años, prioriza los trabajadores en activo y limita a solo uno los idiomas que pueden estudiarse cada vez.

En la regulación se establece que los estudiantes que quieran acceder a esta variante de la educación para adultos deberán tener aprobados como mínimo el noveno grado en la enseñanza media. Solo de manera excepcional se permitirá la matrícula a "amas de casa, jubilados, otros estudiantes de la enseñanza media superior, universitarios y aquellas personas no trabajadoras que por intereses socio-económicos de la localidad y por creación emergente de fuerza de trabajo, requieran de preparación en las escuelas de idiomas".

A las nuevas restricciones se le agrega, sin embargo, la flexibilización para abrir aulas de idiomas en entidades laborales. Con previa autorización, se podrán también realizar cursos especializados de capacitación dirigidos a personas que cumplirán misiones de colaboración en países extranjeros.

[[QUOTE:Un funcionario asegura que entre los motivos para hacer más estrictos estos requisitos está el gran porcentaje de alumnos que “termina emigrando"]]Un funcionario del Ministerio de Educación que prefirió el anonimato refirió que entre los motivos para hacer más estrictos estos requisitos está el gran porcentaje de alumnos que "termina emigrando y llevándose unos conocimientos que al final le han sido entregados a muy bajo costo y en la mayoría de las ocasiones gratis". Según explicó, "es necesario hacer llegar el aprendizaje de idiomas a gente que vaya a volcarlos en la economía nacional".

Ninguna de estas medidas afecta directamente al sector privado de enseñanza de lenguas extranjeras, aunque este podría beneficiarse con una mayor afluencia de estudiantes que ya no cumplen los requisitos para matricular en las escuelas estatales.

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Afectará a las personas sobre las cuales se inicie un proceso penal o se les requiera para la ejecución de una sentencia o condena Continue reading
It is difficult to find a person who speaks with as much passion and authenticity as Cuban priest José Conrado Rodríguez. He promises to speak " a calzon quitado " - without underwear, or with no holds Continue reading
En la otrora elegante barriada del Cerro hay tres tristes parques, relativamente cercanos entre sí. La gente los conoce como el de Piñera, el de Tulipán, y el de Manila. Según sus vecinos, los tres parques se desperezan, y se animan a conversar entre ellos, tratando de rememorar glorias pasadas Continue reading

Rosa López

En una escueta nota publicada en la prensa oficial hoy miércoles, el Ministerio de Educación ha explicado que "el enfoque de la pregunta 4 del examen de Matemática aplicado este lunes a los estudiantes que aspiran a ingresar a la enseñanza superior pudo haber dado lugar a varias interpretaciones". Las autoridades del sector han decidido entonces evaluar solamente el inciso A de la misma, descartando el inciso B que ha provocado la confusión.

Esta mañana los padres de varios estudiantes se aglomeraban a las afueras de las escuelas donde se celebró la prueba para trasmitir su malestar por lo ocurrido. En el preuniversitario de La Habana Vieja, Tamara González, cuya hija llevaba tres años preparándose para el examen, aseguraba desorientada que no puede entender aún cómo pasó esto. "¿Es que quienes redactaron la pregunta no hicieron ellos mismos el ejercicio para comprobar si estaba correcto?", se quejaba la mujer.

Para un padre que aguardaba frente al preuniversitario José Miguel Pérez, el problema estaba mal elaborado desde el principio. "Eso trajo como consecuencia que muchos jóvenes perdieran tiempo y se pusieran muy nervioso al ver que la respuesta no era coherente con lo que les habían enseñado", agregó. Muchos reclaman que se anule la pregunta completa y no están conformes con la solución que ha dado el Ministerio de Educación de otorgar la totalidad de los puntos correspondientes a la pregunta 4 a aquellos alumnos que hayan respondido adecuadamente el inciso A.

Según la problemática pregunta,"en un centro preuniversitario la matrícula del duodécimo grado es de 360 alumnos. En el diagnóstico de intereses profesionales todos los alumnos se ubicaron en tres grupos de carreras: Ciencias Médicas (CM), Ciencias Técnicas (CT) y Ciencias Pedagógicas (CP). Si la cantidad de alumnos que optaron por CM excede en 228 a la cantidad de alumnos que optaron por CT y estos a su vez representan el 20% de los que optaron por CP: a) Qué cantidad de alumnos se ubicó en cada grupo de carrera? b) Si la escuela se comprometió con que 90 estudiantes optaran por carreras pedagógicas ¿Qué por ciento de ese compromiso le falta por cumplir?". Sin embargo, la primera posible respuesta daba un número fraccionario, lo cual no es posible porque se trata de personas y la segunda un número negativo.

El incidente ha tomado por sorpresa a los estudiantes y enrarece aún más unas pruebas que estuvieron marcadas en su edición anterior por un escandaloso caso de fraude. El texto aparecido en el periódico Granma reafirma, sin embargo, el rigor al redactar las preguntas y que "estos exámenes se preparan por una comisión académica compuesta por profesores de experiencia de varias provincias".

El lunes pasado a la salida del examen de matemáticas, varios estudiantes del capitalino municipio Plaza aludieron a la severidad de las preguntas, especialmente del llamado problema matemático, un contenido que es considerado tradicionalmente como el más difícil a superar en esta pruebas de ingreso.

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… less on health care than Cuba 29/04/2015 12:08 … of the Dominican Republic or Cuba 603 dollars ? These figures demonstrate … Continue reading
"No se estuvo a la altura de los tiempos", dijo a Radio Martí el abogado Rubén Castillo, organizador y coordinador del "Foro de la sociedad civil y actores sociales". Continue reading
Living a May Day celebration in Biran, the homeland of Fidel Castro and Raul Castro, is like breathing pure air, filling up of revolutionary impetus and go on struggling for a better and fairer world. Continue reading
Havana, Cuba, Apr 29, 2015 / 09:31 … to the Church and the Cuban people lately.” “We are receiving … reconciliation or mercy toward other Cubans.” Concerning the preparations for the … in Cuba. Most prominent is the letter he sent to the CubanContinue reading
LAUSANA, Suiza (AP) — Cuba consiguió cinco puestos para el … Internacional de Boxeo dijo que Cuba fue el país que más … torneos clasificatorios regionales y mundiales. Cuba tuvo ocho boxeadores hombres en … Continue reading
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… opportunities for doing business with Cuban partners. This is good for … has strong economic ties with Cuba. Ms Ploumen foresees further opportunities … they start exporting to Cuba. The Netherlands and Cuba are also working … possible in recent years for Cuban students to apply for grants … Continue reading
Cuban counterpart Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla to pay a working visit to Cuba … Rodríguez Parrilla is the first-ever Cuban foreign minister to visit the … relations between the Netherlands and Cuba. The two countries previously signed … training Cuban diplomats and Feyenoord football clinics are taking place in CubaContinue reading
El decreto indica que ambas naciones se comprometen a entregarse recíprocamente en extradición a aquellas personas respecto de las cuales se haya iniciado un proceso penal o sean requeridas para la imposición o ejecución de una sentencia o condena. Continue reading
La líder de las Damas de Blanco, Berta Soler, asegura que los incidentes del pasado domingo se saldaron con 50 damas y 40 activistas por los derechos humanos golpeados por mostrar fotografías de presos políticos. Continue reading
Las autoridades consideraron que los cinco yates, un motovelero, una lancha rápida y un galeón fueron "abandonados" por sus propietarios. Continue reading
… to study collaboration projects with Cuba, especially in professional training, Deputy … Makiashi, said. After meeting with Cuban ambassador Marcelo Caballero, the also … Security was interested in the Cuban experience in those sectors and … the Unified Lumumbist Party (PALU). Cuba and the Democratic Republic of … Continue reading
Lowering the price of milk does not satisfy buyers / 14ymedio, Rosa Lopez
Posted on April 28, 2015

14ymedio, Rosa Lopez, Havana, 28 April 2015 – In Cuba it is cheaper to
buy a liter of rum than a kilo of powdered milk. Ever since convertible
currency stores appeared in the nineties, people have been demanding
price reductions for basic products. In its Monday edition, the
Communist Party newspaper Granma announced a price reduction for
powdered milk, but the measure has not been met with the satisfaction
the authorities expected.

The new measure reduces the price of kilo of powdered milk by 15% in the
hard currency stores. Now a kilo (2.2 pounds) costs 5.50 or 5.75
convertible pesos (CUCs), and a half kilo cost 2.90 or 2.80, depending
on the quality of the container. The reduction, which went into effect
on April 24, ranges from 0.45 to 0.85 CUC per packet, and is derived
from "updating import costs," according to sources at the Ministry of
Finance and Prices.

The price adjustment benefits only the small sector of Cubans who can
afford to pay the equivalent of what the average worker earns in four
days for this product. Everyone else has to abstain from drinking milk
or resort to the black market, where it is sold for a little less than
half the official price.

In the store attached to a gas station located at the corner of Boyeros
and Ayestaran Streets, several customers browsed on the Monday of the
publicized price reduction, which so far has not set off any buying
frenzy. The parishioners were wary and disappointed by how small the
price reduction was for this basic food.

Caridad Rojas has twin three-year-olds and the milk quota assigned to
them in the ration market isn't enough. After reading the note in
Granma, she went to the closest store to buy milk at the new prices.
"The truth is, what they have done is return to almost the same price
from before last year's huge price increase."

The unpopularity of the measure adopted in 2014 could be one of the
reasons the authorities decided to lower the price of the product. "They
greatly reduced sales with the increase in prices, so in the end the
State ended up losing money," said an employee at the Carlos III
commercial center, one of the largest supermarkets in Havana.

Meanwhile, milk continues to be distributed in the usual way to children
under seven and to patients prescribed special diets at subsidized
prices in the ration market. The rest of the buyers will confront the
prices of the "hard currency" stores, where they can also pay in
national pesos at an exchange rate of 1 CUC to 25 CUP (Cuban pesos, or
"moneda nacional" – national money).

Source: Lowering the price of milk does not satisfy buyers / 14ymedio,
Rosa Lopez | Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/lowering-the-price-of-milk-does-not-satisfy-buyers-14ymedio-rosa-lopez/ Continue reading
Un video lanzado por los servicios informativos oficiales acusa a Bruguera de manipular su "performance" y estar al servicio de una potencia extranjera. Continue reading
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Agencia de viajes estrena en Cuba un tour para comunidad gay y lesbiana El programa que oferta se escapa del turismo habitual para que los viajeros vivan lo que se conoce como una experiencia “gay friendly”. Sus promotores dicen que la demanda crece y que “el tour ofrecido en noviembre se agotó”. Enrique Aguado abril […] Continue reading
El Da Dan Xia llevaba dos millones de fulminantes, 3.000 casquillos para cañones de artillería, 99 núcleos de proyectil y 100 toneladas de pólvora negra y el manifiesto del barco certificaba que iba cargado de cereales. Continue reading
La secretaria de Estado de Comercio de EEUU irá a Cuba “cuando haya embajada” Penny Pritzker no dio fechas concretas de su viaje a La Habana, pero afirma que irá “tan pronto como estén normalizadas las relaciones y hayamos abierto una embajada” Enrique Aguado abril 29, 2015 La secretaria de Estado de Comercio estadounidense Penny […] Continue reading
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