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UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Xi’s history lessons Fly Title:  Bello Main image:  20150815_AMD001_0.jpg Rubric:  More is changing in Cuba than meets the eye SUCH is the power of a symbol. A planeload of American journalists was due to fly to Cuba for the day on August 14th to watch John Kerry raise the Stars and Stripes and formally reopen his country’s embassy in Havana after 54 years. Yet should the secretary of state look eastwards along the Malecón, the seafront of crumbling, salt-scarred buildings, towards Old Havana, his view would be obstructed by a forest of flagpoles and an open-air stage adorned with the slogan: ¡Patria o Muerte, Venceremos! (“Fatherland or death, we shall win”). Used over the past 15 years or so for anti-imperialist rallies, there are no immediate plans to dismantle this theatre of agitprop. The official portrayal in Cuba of the decision by Barack Obama and Raúl Castro to restore diplomatic ties is that it was a victory for Cuban communism’s half-century of ... Continue reading
UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Xi’s history lessons Fly Title:  America and Cuba Location:  CHICAGO Rubric:  Despite the embargo, America exports plenty of goods to its erstwhile enemy “WE LEARNED that the steps taken by President Obama to re-engage with Cuba have launched a bit of a global race […] to leave as little as possible for American business when the restrictions are lifted altogether.” Arne Sorenson, the boss of Marriott, a hotel chain, sounded frustrated after he returned from his first trip to Cuba last month. American business is losing out, he says, because European and Latin American companies can cater to the millions of American tourists who are expected to travel to Cuba soon, whereas Marriott and other American companies are still barred by law from doing business there. Before the Cuban revolution in 1959, the island’s farm exports to America amounted to $2.2 billion a year (at current commodity prices) while American agricultural exports to Cuba stood at $600m, ... Continue reading