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Daily Archives: February 1, 2017

El senador republicano por Florida Marco Rubio llamó la atención durante un discurso en el Senado sobre la difícil situación del médico opositor Eduardo Cardet Concepción, detenido el pasado mes de noviembre de forma violenta por fuerzas del régimen.

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… legitimate businesses aimed at getting Cuban baseball players to sign U … . Under Major League Baseball rules, Cuban players who establish residency in … are accused of wrongdoing. Several Cuban-born players are likely to testify … ,000 to smuggle Abreu from Cuba to Haiti. There fraudulent documents … Continue reading
Mark Cuban warned on Wednesday that President … ," Cuban, a billionaire entrepreneur, told MSNBC on Wednesday. Cuban said he … business across the board," Cuban said. Major technology companies like … Tank," which features Mark Cuban as a judge. Continue reading
… expansion of trade with the Cuban dictatorship because of their continued … licensed cargo to Cuba. Currently, we are sailing to Havana, Cuba from Port … exported under provisions of the Cuban Democracy Act. Since 2010, the … sourcing restrictions (a non-Republic of Cuba government component) and textiles and … Continue reading
… of changing the mind of Cuban officials. "I see myself … gym while they push top Cuban officials to support female boxing … bring more glory to the Cuban sport," Correa said. … , most recently, weightlifting. In 2006, Cuba allowed the creation of the … Continue reading
HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, February 1, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Recent research published in Social Problems, a flagship academic journal of sociology, sheds new insight in thinking about immigrants and their everyday hardships in the United States. … Continue reading
Empresas estatales de La Habana registraron pérdidas de más de 51 millones de pesos cubanos convertibles (CUC, equivalente al dólar), según los resultados de una inspección de la Contraloría General … Click to Continue » Continue reading
La cubana Dayamira Aguilera está desesperada y ha lanzado un grito de auxilio al presidente estadounidense Donald Trump. Hace tres meses que la mujer y su hijo de 25 años … Click to Continue » Continue reading
No estarán ahí por mucho tiempo, piensan no pocos compradores que los llevan en grandes cantidades Continue reading

El Gobierno colombiano y las FARC proclamaron este miércoles el fin de 52 años de conflicto armado y el advenimiento de la paz en un acto celebrado en el norte del país en el que generales del Ejército, policías e insurgentes se estrecharon la mano, reportó EFE.

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… . Sancti Spíritus becomes the first Cuban territory to use Heberferon, a … 600 cases have been reported.   Cuban-Made Heberferon Fights Skin Cancer   The … Continue reading
El Gobierno cubano no ha permitido que la voz femenina de Los Van Van, Yenisel Valdés Fuentes, continúe en la orquesta ante la decisión de la cantante de irse a … Click to Continue » Continue reading

Moraima Díaz Pérez, quien fue detenida el martes en el municipio santiaguero de Mella junto a varios activistas del Movimiento Dignidad, fue liberada este miércoles tras casi 24 horas, informó a DIARIO DE CUBA Yoana Quesada Massabeaut.

Quesada dijo que Díaz "llegó a la casa con vómitos" y que "estuvo sin comer todo el tiempo".

Díaz Pérez contó a DDC que le "quitaron el teléfono" y que la Seguridad del Estado no se presentó en ningún momento tras el arresto.

"Fue un oficial de la PNR quien me dejó en libertad".

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El Senado de Estados Unidos confirmó este miércoles, en una votación muy ajustada, al empresario petrolero Rex Tillerson como próximo secretario de Estado en el Gobierno de Donald Trump, reportó EFE.

Con 56 votos a favor y 43 en contra, Tillerson logró el consentimiento de la Cámara Alta después de salir airoso en el voto previo del Comité de Relaciones Exteriores, donde sus vínculos con Rusia le pusieron en aprietos.

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Coexistence Profiles Future Proposals For Cuban Education And Culture /
14ymedio, Mario Penton

14ymedio, Mario Penton, Miami, 30 January 2017 — A pluralistic
education, deeply democratic, with a privileged use of technology and
communications together with a vision of culture open to universality:
these were some of the proposals of the third meeting of the Center for
Coexistence Studies (CEC) for the future of Cuba held this weekend in Miami.

The Cuban think tank, based in Pinar del Rio, held its meeting at
Florida International University (FIU) within the framework of an
journey of thought for Cuba. A similar process is taking place in
parallel on the island, although that meeting had to be suspended in the
face of the repression of the political police. Paradoxically, the
prohibition decreed by the authorities facilitated greater interaction
through alternative means such as email.

Dagoberto Valdés, director of the CEC, offered an overview of the
national reality that, in his opinion, is marked by several elements,
including the country's economic crisis "in free fall," the death of
Fidel Castro and the end of the wet foot/dry foot policy that allowed
Cubans who touched American soil to remain in the country, regardless of
whether they had a visa.

The analysis of Cuban culture involved preparing a list of paradigmatic
personalities, institutions and referential processes that make up the
nucleus of the nation's identity. It also addressed "weaknesses" and
"negative features" in the country's cultural processes.

With regards to education, there was a discussion of pedagogical models
that tend to strengthen ethical values ​​and individual autonomy.

"The projects presented seek to clarify the roots of identity that
should be rescued and maintained, as well as detail models, content and
methodologies. Also, the types of institutions and educational spaces
that should predominate in the future, and what the profile of an
educator should be," said the press release issued by the institution.

Four sessions enriched the meeting, including one led by the economist
Carmelo Mesa Lago, another by anthropologist and journalist Miriam
Celaya, as well as two led by members of the editorial team of
Coexistence magazine, Dagoberto Valdes and Yoandy Izquierda.

The meeting at the FIU, together with the work being done in Cuba, has
enabled the drafting of 45 legislative proposals for a new Cuban legal

The results of the workshops will be compiled by the Center's Academic
Council and the Board of Directors and published on its website.

Source: Coexistence Profiles Future Proposals For Cuban Education And
Culture / 14ymedio, Mario Penton – Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/coexistence-profiles-future-proposals-for-cuban-education-and-culture-14ymedio-mario-penton/ Continue reading
Fire Destroys Cultural Assets Warehouse in Central Havana

14ymedio, Yosmany Mayeta, Havana, 31 January 2017 — A fire reduced to
ashes, on Monday, a warehouse and the offices of the Cultural Assets
Fund, which managed raw materials for artistic productions on Subirana
Street, between Benjumeda and Santo Tomás, in Central Havana. The fire
spread quickly and it required several fire brigades to put itout, due
to its intensity and the flammable materials stored there.

Beatriz Noa, a resident of No. 301 Subirana, told 14ymedio that "the
flames went out the front windows and the black smoke covered all these
streets." When she peeked out of the door of her home "the area was
filled with police and firefighters, but they had to ask for
reinforcements from nearby stations."

According to the neighbors, the incident began when some welding sparks
fell on the rolls of fabric stored in the warehouse. The flames quickly
reached the offices, the workshops and the furniture housed in the premises.

The Ministry of the Interior has begun an investigation to determine the
causes of the fire.

The images of the flames spread quickly through the application Zapya,
widely used to share content on mobile phones. Onlookers filmed from the
surrounding rooftops, but as the fire spread, police officers evacuated
the area.

"There were many firefighters who came to support the first responders,
because the flames went everywhere and the trucks arrived almost without
water, but it was more than an hour before it was completely
extinguished," said Carlos, a young man who recorded everything with his
cell phone from the top of a nearby building where "everything could be
seen clearly."

Noelia Fuentes, a resident of Subirana Street, between Santo Tomas and
Clavel, explained that the smell of burning spread quickly throughout
the neighborhood and the neighbors went out to see what was
happening. "But when we saw that there were a lot of flames, we had to
get away. The fire almost reached the electrical wires and was a
danger," she reported.

Some speculated that a fire in a place "with many valuable products,
like fabrics, wood and lacquers," would result in thousands of pesos
worth of loses.

Minutes after arriving, the first fire trucks shut off the electricity
because the flames were reaching the wires. After seven hours, at about
five o'clock in the afternoon, electricity was restored.

In the evening hours, local workers and company managers began cleaning
up and the street was once again passable for vehicles.

Source: Fire Destroys Cultural Assets Warehouse in Central Havana / –
Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/fire-destroys-cultural-assets-warehouse-in-central-havana/ Continue reading
Cierran el cerco alrededor de cuentapropistas granmenses
On Notice: Cuban Repressor Dainier Suarez Pagan / Foundation for Human
Rights in Cuba

Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba, 30 January 2017 — To Mr. Suarez
Pagan: For six months, since we took the initiative to identify those
people who exercise the repression of the Cuban tyranny, your name is
repeated more often than any other, associated with the use of methods
that stand out for their brutal violence against peaceful citizens.

We have accusations against you that have been issued by your numerous
victims and that are validated by photos, videos and medical opinions.
However, your more recent act of intimidation intended to recruit as an
informant the young woman Liset Maria Santos, from the recently formed
Dignity Movement, has exceeded all limits.

You have told her that you released the criminal who raped her when she
was 11-years-old, and have given her the choice of informing against her
friends or facing the consequences of what this criminal might do to her
or even to her daughter. To brag about your total control over the lives
of others you tell her that, if she cooperates, you can put the rapist
back in prison (he hasn't served even half of his sentence for that and
other crimes) or even kill him.

You believe yourself to be immune for being a part of the national
repressive machinery. But you are wrong Mr. Suarez Pagan.

You are a cog in that machine, it is true, but you are inescapably
personally responsible for your actions. Even your superiors – if they
consider it convenient to their own interests – could take the
initiative to prosecute you at any time to distance themselves from your
abominable crimes.

You may believe that the current non-violent vocation of the regime's
opponents assures you of a peaceful future. But you are wrong there,
too. No one is going to forget or forgive your crimes. For repressors
like you there will be no amnesty.

You are personally responsible for any and all of the detestable
assaults you have perpetrated against peaceful opponents. Do not forget
that. This has happened historically since the trials of the Nazis in
Nuremberg. Each person is legally obliged to take individual
responsibility for their actions and no one can excuse themselves
afterwards with the justification that they "carried out orders from my

You told young Liset Maria Santos that it was within your reach that
nothing would happen to her or her family. Make it so.

You believe yourself omnipotent because you know where each opponent
lives. We also have the facts and reliable proofs of your despicable career.

Know that we are already working to apply various international
sanctions and we will do the same with any superior of yours who is
implicated in this and other sadistic actions. We are not going to wait
for things to change in Cuba. And they will change, Mr. Dainier Suárez
Pagán. Keep that in mind.

Source: On Notice: Cuban Repressor Dainier Suarez Pagan / Foundation for
Human Rights in Cuba – Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/on-notice-cuban-repressor-dainier-suarez-pagan-foundation-for-human-rights-in-cuba/ Continue reading
Una auditoría revela pérdidas millonarias en empresas de La Habana 14YMEDIO, La Habana | Febrero 01, 2017 La última auditoría impulsada por la Contraloría ha revelado pérdidas de más de 90 millones en moneda nacional y más de 51 millones en pesos convertibles en empresas públicas y cooperativas no agropecuarias de La Habana, una situación […] Continue reading

El Gobierno venezolano ha cerrado filas para defender el "legado" del fallecido presidente Hugo Chávez ante el estreno de la serie El Comandante, un relato biográfico del líder socialista que, a juicio del chavismo, busca perjudicar la imagen del mandatario, reporta EFE.

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Detienen a dos Damas de Blanco por protesta ante decomiso en Correos de Cuba enero 31, 2017 Lizandra Díaz Blanco Rosario Morales La Rosa y Leonor Reino Borges fueron liberadas horas después bajo advertencias de abandonar las protestas, o de lo contrario podrían terminar en prisión. Dos Damas de Blanco fueron detenidas el martes tras […] Continue reading
Aerolíneas de EEUU esperan que se mantengan vuelos a Cuba enero 31, 2017 “El año pasado, estaban entusiasmados con el potencial de cada vez más”, dijo Kavulich. “Este año, están histéricas por perder lo que tienen”, afirmó John Kavulich, presidente del Consejo Económico y Comercial Estados Unidos-Cuba. Los defensores de los viajes a Cuba y […] Continue reading
Amnistía Internacional llama a acción urgente en caso de médico cubano preso enero 31, 2017 Eduardo Cardet es Coordinador del MCL y será juzgado por el supuesto delito de “atentado con agravante”. Podría ser condenado a tres años de cárcel. Amnistía Internacional demandó este martes una acción urgente a favor del médico cubano Eduardo Cardet, […] Continue reading
Gobernador de Florida pone en blanco y negro recortes a puertos que amplíen comercio con Cuba febrero 01, 2017 Rolando Cartaya Rick Scott incluyó en su sugerencia de presupuesto del estado 2017-2018 una cláusula que impide usar el dinero dedicado a mejoras en los puertos en proyectos que fomenten el comercio con el régimen cubano […] Continue reading
Abogado disidente vuelve a prisión tras pase reglamentario Rosa Tania Valdés En prisión desde septiembre por supuestos delitos cometidos en 2014 y 2015, el abogado Julio Ferrer Tamayo continúa detenido pese a constantes denuncias de familiares y colegas por arbitrariedades en el proceso legal seguido en su contra. El abogado disidente Julio Ferrer Tamayo, que […] Continue reading
Compañía australiana quisiera aplicar “fracking” para sacar petróleo de bloque 9 cubano Según Melbana Energy, que explora el bloque 9 situado en esa zona, podría haber unos 612 millones de barrilles, pero se necesita superar la tasa de recuperación de 5 %. La compañía petrolera australiana Melbana Energy (antiguamente MEO Australia LTD.) que explora uno […] Continue reading
… gym while they push top Cuban officials to support female boxing … , at a sports center in Havana, Cuba. Once when the women were … the Cuban Federation of Boxing was not returned. Female athletes in Cuba … has accused the Federation of Cuban Women of not supporting their … Continue reading
Poner carteles contra el comunismo en Cuba y atreverse a contarlo Última actualización: hace 10 minutos Luis Felipe Rojas Eso han hecho varios activistas que hoy cuentan a Martí Noticias sus motivaciones y las consecuencias de enfrentar el poder en la isla. Algunas de las acciones más temerarias y peligrosas entre las que se mueven […] Continue reading
Activista de UNPACU lleva un mes en una celda de castigo enero 31, 2017 Idolidia Darias Lizandra Rivera, detenida en diciembre pasado, permanece detenida en la cárcel de Mar Verde, en Santiago de Cuba, y relata en una carta los abusos carcelarios de los que ha sido víctima. La activista Lizandra Rivera, de 28 años, […] Continue reading
5456629 Mark Cuban told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle … President Trump’s nominees. Mark Cuban (Getty Images) “I am an … to copy the obstructionist approach?” Cuban pontificated. “It was everything wrong … Continue reading
El premio Nobel de la Paz 2014, Kailash Satyarthi, elogió este miércoles en La Habana la educación “gratuita y universal” que garantiza el Gobierno de Cuba, donde “los niños son … Click to Continue » Continue reading
Impartirá Werner Herzog curso cinematográfico en Cuba 1 FEB 2017 17h13 Herzog también presentará su cinta de 1972 “Aguirre o la ira de Dios” en la sede de la Cinemateca de Cuba.El cineasta alemán Werner Herzog viajará por primera vez a Cuba en marzo próximo para impartir un taller de realización en la prestigiosa Escuela […] Continue reading
Exprisionero del régimen cubano aplaude que el internet sea “legal para todos los cubanos” BY: KARINA MARTÍN – FEB 1, 2017, 10:19 AM El estadounidense Alan Phillip Gross exprisionero del régimen cubano acusado de espionaje, aplaudió que el “Internet sea legal para todos los cubanos”. El activista norteamericano que llegó a la isla en el […] Continue reading
Esperan dureza con Cuba y pragmatismo con Venezuela 31 de enero de 2017 – 21:01 – Por VERÓNICA EGUI BRITO Durante el año de campaña por la presidencia de EEUU, Trump mencionó superficialmente a Venezuela. Sobre Cuba, la nueva Administración puede revertir todas las negociaciones que hizo Obama Apenas ha pasado una semana desde que […] Continue reading
Cuba y Venezuela ACTUALIZADO EL 31 DE ENERO DE 2017 06:29 AM LA NACIÓN. BUENOS AIRES. / GDA. Mientras han sido deportados cientos de cubanos que han llegado a Estados Unidos, la represión de disidentes en la isla no se ha detenido. El médico Oscar Elías Biscet, presidente de la Fundación Lawton de Derechos Humanos […] Continue reading
14ymedio, Mario Penton, Miami, 30 January 2017 — A pluralistic education, deeply democratic, with a privileged use of technology and communications together with a vision of culture open to universality: these were some of the proposals of the third meeting of the Center for Coexistence Studies (CEC) for the future of Cuba held this weekend … Continue reading "Coexistence Profiles Future Proposals For Cuban Education And Culture / 14ymedio, Mario Penton" Continue reading
Incluyendo los alrededores de las instalaciones turísticas Continue reading
Ella sueña más con la libertad de su marido María Evelia Ruiz sufre un cáncer, pero curarse no es su mayor deseo Miércoles, febrero 1, 2017 | Ángel Santiesteban LA HABANA, Cuba.- La vida me ha hecho conocer a gente extraordinaria, y muchas son mujeres. Una de ellas es María Evelia Ruiz de la Paz, […] Continue reading

7 Plus One Art Project, bajo la dirección del artista Emilio Héctor Rodríguez, presentará este 3 de febrero la exposición colectiva Pure and Beyond en el Coral Gables Museum de Miami.

La muestra, que reúne artistas de distintas generaciones, nacionalidades y estilos, tiene como eje central el abstraccionismo.

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El cineasta alemán Werner Herzog visitará por primera vez la Isla en marzo próximo para impartir un taller de realización en la Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión de San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV) y mostrar dos de sus obras más emblemáticas, informan hoy medios de la Isla.

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Miembros de la Seccional de Tránsito y Transportes de la Policía Metropolitana de Cartagena detuvieron este martes a un cubano que traía un kilo con 195 gramos de cocaína, oculto en 40 cápsulas recubiertas con látex, según informa el periódico colombiano El Universal

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Editorial: Ports deserve state support in dealing with Cuba
Posted: 5:43 p.m. Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Port of Palm Beach officials see an opportunity in normalizing relations
with the communist island of Cuba. As well they should.
The port is in an advantageous position geographically. It has a deep
and rich history of trade with the island, pre-Fidel Castro. And most
important, the 156-acre port has room to expand and accommodate any
future growth in a relationship.

This is no pie-in-the-sky proposal. This is a well-thought-out growth
plan led by Port Executive Director Manuel Almira, who was born in Cuba.
For example, ground was broken in July 2016 on a $10.4 million mini-slip
at the port's southernmost berth that could eventually serve as a base
for cargo service to Cuba — and boost local businesses.

This economic potential deserves the state's support, not to be held
hostage to politics of the moment. But Gov. Rick Scott, who has made job
growth the focal point of his two terms in office, has unfortunately
lost focus when it comes to the state's ports doing business with Cuba.

Days before a delegation of Cuban maritime leaders was to arrive for
separate meetings with officials of three Florida ports — Palm Beach,
Port Everglades and Port Tampa Bay — Scott issued a threat, via Twitter
no less, to cut funding for port operators that do business with Cuba.

That threat risks $920,000 this year for the Port of Palm Beach.

"Disappointed some FL ports would enter into any agreement with Cuban
dictatorship," Scott wrote in a series of tweets on Jan. 25. "I will
recommend restricting state funds for ports that work with Cuba in my
budget. We cannot condone Raul Castro's oppressive behavior. Serious
security/human rights concerns."

Though laudable, the governor's reasoning smacks of hypocrisy. The Cuban
government indeed remains an oppressive regime under President Raul
Castro, despite the movement toward normalization of relations begun by
President Barack Obama two years ago. But more than a half century of
Cold War relations, centered on a draconian trade embargo, hasn't done
much to bring democracy to the island's 11 million residents either.

Moreover, Cuba is not the only oppressive communist regime the United
States — and Florida — would do business with.

China, the United States' largest trading partner, is well known for its
iron hand and shows little sign of changing. "The outlook for
fundamental human rights, including freedoms of expression, assembly,
association and religion, remains dire," says the nongovernmental Human
Rights Watch in its latest world report.

The government controls the media, restricts the internet, arrests
dissidents, regulates religious practice. There is only one political
party. Human rights lawyers and activists are detained, their forced
"confessions" shown on nationwide TV, and punished with stiff prison

Yet the People's Republic of China is a land of McDonald's, Starbucks,
KFC, Pizza Hut and Wal-Mart. General Motors and other major American
giants do big business there. It's where iPhones and iPads are
manufactured, where the all-American Barbies and G.I. Joes are made.

Was Scott thinking of any of these contradictions when, on human rights
grounds, he slammed the ports' plans to sign a memorandum of
understanding (MOU) with the National Port Administration of Cuba to
cover future cooperation?

"There's no human rights down there. I don't believe our ports should be
doing business with a brutal dictator," Scott said last week. "We should
say to ourselves, 'We are going to do business where they are not doing
what Raul Castro is doing.' "

Did Scott somehow forget that he has personally courted China during
trade missions for the state of Florida?

As Almira told The Post's Susan Salisbury: "Private businesses based at
ports do business with Cuba, not the ports themselves. The port's role
is to help with that."

The state's role is to help expand Florida trade and grow Florida jobs.
Not pick winners and losers based on politics.

Though laudable, the governor's reasoning smacks of hypocrisy.

Source: Florida ports deserve state support in dealing with Cuba -
http://www.mypalmbeachpost.com/news/opinion/editorial-ports-deserve-state-support-dealing-with-cuba/nx6GJslfTZl2Q17LItjXwN/ Continue reading
Gov. Scott puts provision in proposed budget to block trade with Cuba

Following on the heels of last's week threatened retaliation against
Florida ports that sign agreements with Cuba, Gov. Rick Scott has tucked
another anti-Cuba provision into his proposed state budget that is even
more far-reaching.

Port Everglades and the Port of Palm Beach backed off plans to sign
what's known as a memorandum of understanding with the National Port
Administration of Cuba last week after Scott tweeted that he would ask
state legislators to cut off funding for any Florida ports that "enter
into any agreement with [the] Cuban dictatorship."

In a Twitter post, the governor said he had "Serious security/human
rights concerns" about Cuba.

The two ports received visits from a high-level maritime and business
delegation from Cuba last week, but both port directors put plans to
sign any MOU with Cuba on hold.

However, that didn't prevent Scott from putting wording in his new
budget, released Tuesday, that says no money can be "allocated to
infrastructure projects that result in the expansion of trade with the
Cuban dictatorship because of their continued human rights abuses." The
reference can be found on page 221 of Scott's 362-page 2017-2018 budget

It's up to Florida legislators if they want to include the governor's
recommendations in the budget they will craft during the legislative
session, which begins in March.

At stake is $176.56 million for port improvements that Scott has
stipulated shouldn't be funded if they lead to expanded trade with Cuba.

It's unclear if the budget reference also includes trade in services and
would impact Florida ports that have cruise service to Cuba or
potentially ferry service to the island. Several ferry ventures have
proposals before the Cuban government to offer ferry service from
Florida to Cuba.

Carnival's Fathom Line currently offers cruises from PortMiami to Cuba
and Pearl Seas Cruises has scheduled 11 Cuba cruises through April from
Port Everglades. Royal Caribbean International plans to offer a sailing
to Cuba from PortMiami on April 19 aboard the Empress of the Seas and
then switch the ship to Tampa where it will offer two more cruises to
Cuba in April and May.

The proposed state budget was released the same day as a shipment of
Cuban charcoal arrived at the Hialeah warehouse of Fogo Charcoal. Two
containers of the hardwood charcoal, which is made by private worker
cooperatives in Cuba, arrived at Port Everglades aboard a Crowley
Maritime ship last Tuesday. It was the first legal maritime shipment
from Cuba to the U.S. in more than 50 years.

Port Everglades Director Steven Cernak said last week that the port
leases space to its tenants and does not get involved in decisions about
their trading partners or how they operate. Crowley is Port Everglades'
largest customer.

Potentially, Port Everglades could lose as much as $125 million in state
funding over the next five years if the state imposes the governor's

"The bottom line is that [trade with Cuba] is really
private-sector-driven. Crowley has been doing business here with Cuba
for the past 15 years," said Ellen Kennedy, a Port Everglades spokeswoman.

"It's a question for the ports in this case," said a Crowley spokesman.

"The infrastructure projects planned at the port are mostly to better
handle the big ships that are coming from South America and Europe,"
Kennedy said. "The expansion is not specific to trade with Cuba."


Source: Gov. Scott uses budget to try to stop expansion of trade with
Cuba | Miami Herald -
http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article129874089.html Continue reading
… with more than two dozen Cuban-Americans, including broadcast journalist Soledad O … I still feel Cuban, still feel connected to Cuba, even though I … inner conflicts tormenting so many Cuban-Americans when they weigh the possibility … Craving Cuba. (Spoiler: She went.) It was July 2015, and the CubanContinue reading