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Daily Archives: February 16, 2017

14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 16 February 2017 — David Mauri Cardoso, a 24-year-old from Cienfuegos, dreamt of being lawyer but could not successfully pass a test of dishonesty. In appearance it was a test of Spanish, but what was being evaluated was his capacity to fake it. Along with 30 other young people, who had not … Continue reading "The Student Who Did Not Want To ‘Ride With Fidel’ / 14ymedio, Reinaldo Excobar" Continue reading
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Danilo “El Sexto” Maldonado, conocido grafitero y activista por los derechos humanos, pidió este jueves solidaridad con la causa de la democracia en Cuba en su comparecencia ante el Subcomité … Click to Continue » Continue reading
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The Two Marielas / Cubanet, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello

Cubanet, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, Havana, 14 February 2017 – The
story I want to relate has two parts, one is true and the other is
fiction. The real one is an event I was involved in at the Carlos III
market while in line to buy yogurt, one of the products in shortest
supply in this country – despite the fact that it is sold in hard
currency – and in this case with a price of 0.70 Cuban convertible pesos
(CUC), although there are other yogurts sold in different containers for
as much as 5 CUC (1 CUC is roughly equal to $1 US).

In front of me, while we were waiting, was a young woman of around 30
something, but I could see she'd had a pretty rough life. She had the
money in her hand, some of it in 5 and 10 centavo coins in CUC and a
note for 5 Cuban pesos (CUP) – because, as you know, now the stores have
to accept both currencies. All of a sudden she dropped a 10 centavo coin
and to her great misfortune it rolled under one of the display cases and
although the woman made a great effort to retrieve it, she could not.

She turned to leave the line and I asked, "Are you leaving?" and she
said, "Yes, I had the exact amount of money and I dropped 10 centavos
under that case." Without thinking twice I said, "No, don't leave, take
the ten centavos."

She accepted with the happiest look on her face and told me, "You have
no idea how grateful I am, because my older daughter is sick and she
doesn't want to eat anything."

From that moment, with the facility a Cuban has to establish
communication with another person, even if they don't know them, we
spent the next thirty minutes while we continued to wait in line talking
to each other.

She explained that she worked as a teaching assistant at an elementary
school, but often had to be the teacher because there aren't enough
educators. She is divorced and the monthly support she receives from the
children's father is 50 Cuban pesos (roughly $2 US). That plus her own
salary is not enough to live on and she has to "invent" and go begging
to her mother. She told me, literally, "You have no idea what I have to
do to be able to feed my kids."

Like any good Cuban, she lives in a building considered uninhabitable,
but she won't accept going to a shelter because she knows other people
who live in those conditions and it is dangerous for the girls, now that
they are becoming young ladies. Because her apartment is on the second
floor and nothing works, she has no running water and every other day
has to carry up 10 or 12 buckets of water to meet highest priority
needs, although she says she is grateful to her mother who washes and
irons the girls school uniforms.

"Imagine. My mother was a member of the Party (Communist) and worked in
the Federation of Cuban Women and as for my my father, may he rest in
peace, his surname was Castro, so it occurred to her to name me Mariela
[after Raul Castro's daughter]. Now she regrets it."

Then she said that she did not listen to her mother and married a man
who drank a lot, and when he came home he beat her. It took a lot of
work to get out of that torture and now she regrets not having listened
to her mother's advice.

He left them that disastrous apartment where they live in Centro Habana,
and now she is stuck because her sister is married and has two children
and also lives in the divided living room, which doubles as a room for
both her and her sister's families in the home of their parents.

She confessed to me that she had been so distressed that she takes her
daughters and walks along the Malecon. And she said the girls understand
the whole situation and do not ask for anything. But they're growing up
and they have to have shoes and school uniforms and something to eat for
a snack at school, which is almost always a piece of bread, because at
breakfast they eat half of her daily quota (on the ration book).

I think she had a great need for someone to listen to all her problems
and saw the opportunity to vent.

With a little imagination, while I was on my way to my house, I began to
think about how the other Mariela might live, the one her mother named
her after.

At the entrance, everyone can see that other Mariela's super residence
in the Miramar neighborhood even has a pool, always filled with water.
There are several cars and they and the house are all beautifully
maintained. This is something that you don't have to imagine, and it is
not fiction.

But surely that Mariela Castro does not line up to buy yogurt at 70
cents CUC and much less would she be sad if she dropped a coin, as all
her food problems are taken care of without her even having to leave the

When she gets up for breakfast she does not "donate" her bread to the
children. A maid prepares the food, certainly with ham, milk, bread,
juices, etc. She is assured of coffee every day, very likely imported,
she probably gets the most desirable brands brought in from Miami.

She doesn't have to worry about what time the bus will come to take her
to work; in the first place because she doesn't have to mark a timecard
and in the second because she has a modern car to take her to work
without having to get all sweaty and push her way onto the bus with all
the other people.

I could continue imagining things that we all know are part of the
standard of living of the high government hierarchy, but I leave it to
the reader so we can all share in this fictional (?) part of the story.

Source: The Two Marielas / Cubanet, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello –
Translating Cuba -
https://translatingcuba.com/the-two-marielas-cubanet-martha-beatriz-roque-cabello/ Continue reading
For the first time since being appointed nearly 10 months ago to the highest Catholic post in Cuba, Havana Archbishop Juan de la Caridad García Rodríguez met privately with two … Click to Continue » Continue reading
Too Young for the Party and Too Old for the Communist Youth / Cubanet,
Luis Cino Alvarez

Cubanet, Luis Cino Alvarez, Havana, 9 February 2017 — Try as I might—to
avoid being a bore and accused of holding a grudge against the boy—I
cannot leave Harold Cárdenas, the ineffable blogger at La Joven Cuba, in
peace, I just can't. And the fault is his own, because the narrative he
makes out of his adventures defending his beloved Castro regime, and his
loyal candor, strikes one as a kind of masochism worse than that of
Anastasia Steele, the yielding girl in Fifty Shades of Grey.

In a post on 19 January, Harold Cardenas complained of the terrible
limbo, for a communist, in which he finds himself (not to mention that
it would be the envy of many militants who accepted the red card because
they had no other option): Harold, being past the requisite age, was
removed from the Union of Young Communists (UJC), but he is not accepted
into the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) because, they explain, he is
still too young.

His situation reminds me of a 1976 song by the British rock band Jethro
Tull (which Harold probably doesn't know, because of his age, and
because I can't imagine him listening to any music other than that of
Silvio, Buena Fe and Calle 13). The song tells the story of the
disconsolate and hairy motorcyclist and failed suicide, Ray, who was
"too old to rock and roll, too young to die."

Harold Cárdenas rightly intuits, given the entrenchment recently being
displayed by the regime, that he has been given the boot—or the bat, as
his contemporaries say—from both organizations because of his
publications "in other media." And so he knocks himself out with
explanations, challenges his punishers to find one counterrevolutionary
line in his writings, "but without taking a line or a post out of its
context—conducting a serious search through the totality of the content."

As if these guys needed to go to so much trouble to suspect someone and
consider him an enemy!

The blogger, with his foolish sincerity and wild innocence (Ay, Julio
Iglesias!) has annoyed the stony big shots and their subordinate
"hard-core" little shots—always so unsympathetic towards those who, even
while remaining within the Revolution, dare to think with their own
heads and give too many opinions. This is why they consider him
undisciplined, hypercritical, and irresponsible, why they don't want him
in the UJC nor the PCC.

Overall, he came out all right, because in other times, not too long
ago, who knows what the punishment might have been…

Harold Cárdenas, with his faith intact through it all, assures us that
he does not have a single complaint about the Party, although, as he
says, it hurts him "how some dogmatists detract from the collective
intelligence of the organization."

As far as Harold is concerned, his punishers do not answer to an
official policy, but rather are dogmatic extremists who think themselves
more leftist than Stalin. He warns: "We must take care not to confuse
sectarian procedures with State or Party politics, even if they try to
disguise themselves as such. The individuals who apply them, although
they might try to justify their actions as being taken in the name of
the Revolution or some institution, are doing it for themselves. They
are trying to preserve the status quo of the known, motivated by fear,
ignorance or other interests."

Harold Cárdenas, who seems to believe himself the reincarnation of Julio
Antonio Mella (who, by the way, seems to have been assassinated by order
of his comrades and not the dictator Machado, due to his Trotskyite
connections) believes that what is happening is a "tactical struggle
among revolutionary sectors" of which he has been a victim. But he does
not despair. With the patience of a red Job, having been warned that "it
is very difficult to fight for a better society outside of the movement
that must lead the construction," Cárdenas says that he will join the
Party when he will not have to "subordinate the political struggle to a
vertical discipline… when they give me a way, there will be a will."

And one, faced with such resigned masochism, does not know whether to
pity Harold in his wait for the blessed little red card, or give him up
as incorrigible, and let him continue to self-flagellate. May Lenin Be
With Him!

Author's email: luicino2012@gmail.com

Translated by: Alicia Barraqué Ellison

Source: Too Young for the Party and Too Old for the Communist Youth /
Cubanet, Luis Cino Alvarez – Translating Cuba -
https://translatingcuba.com/too-young-for-the-party-and-too-old-for-the-communist-youth-cubanet-luis-cino-alvarez/ Continue reading

Uno de los diarios más prestigiosos del Reino Unido, The Times, concedió cuatro estrellas al espectáculo que presenta Danza Contemporánea de Cuba en su gira por esa nación europea.

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Cuba's Social Control, A Highly Effective Weapon
February 15, 2017
By Osmel Ramirez Alvarez

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban system is well thought out, that doesn't mean
to say that it is flawless though. It works; it holds itself up and
manages to keep afloat in spite of shortages and its lack of success.
How do they do it? In many ways; but it comes down to three essential
factors: the first, a social policy that displays a popular goal, even
though it doesn't work very well; secondly, manipulation of the masses
by exercising absolute control over the media and education; and
thirdly, social control. I will deal with the latter in this article.

Fidel was a great architect of social structures. It's a shame that he
didn't fall in love with real democracy, he would have made great
contributions with that brilliant mind of his, there's no doubt about
it. However, he "entered into holy union" with socialist extremism and
used his genius to strengthen it. He was the father of the Cuban
institutions which now protect this populist tyranny disguised as
socialism with more force than the USSR or Eastern Europe used,
according to historic reality.

The neighborhood CDRs controlling people; government trade unions
controlling workers; the MTT compromising everyone with a place in their
war, which was always on the horizon; the ACRC, which unites those who
have fought, which were many, under the hope that they will be dealt a
better hand in the future which never comes; the FEU and the FEEM, which
control students and neutralize their revolutionary spirit which is
innate to their being; the OPJM and the OPJM, which indoctrinates and
uses children for their own interests; the ANAP, to control farmers; the
FMC to control women; the UJC, which scouts young people who stand out
in any way and obligates them to be the PCC's fresh blood.

[See below for what all the abbreviations stand for]

Lastly, the PCC itself and its repressive organizations. The first
unites both honest people who stand out for their work or in their
communities, as well as management and technical teams which almost have
to have a military background if they want to be promoted as well as
opportunists which climb the ladder in politics and the system as a way
to live comfortably in Cuba. They clap and cooperate, repeating what
those at the top want to hear for the sake of a promotion. The second
includes the MININT and the FARs.

The MININT calls the shots in social control. Apart from the regular
police officers, there are two technical intelligence bodies: one for
economic and social crimes; the other for political and foreign crimes,
known as State Security. Both have a wide network of collaborators and
salaried agents, committed on different fronts, who put pressure on
people in order to get information. Not much gets past their control.

Another not less important factor is the effect that manipulation has on
the human mind, mainly the media. Almost all of the messages we hear
that come from the government have been intelligently put together to
make us believe exactly what benefits the government or at least makes
us doubt. Fear of the unknown, the ghosts of Imperialism and Capitalism
and crises outside of Cuba dominate the media, or the
"mafia-mercenaries, Cubans in Miami" which want to destroy "the glory
Cuba has experienced" and hand over the country "to the greedy Empire",
call it Posada Carriles, Mas-Santos, Orlando Bosch, la wild wolf, etc.

It might seem Machiavellian but that's how the Cuban system has been
designed. That's why the State-Party still holds great control over a
people who don't believe they are avant-garde or anything of the sort
but that they attached by very strong ties. It's unfair for them to be
judged without analyzing the situation; it's unfair to blame the victim
of the accomplice.

A recent example: I've explained, on several occasions, that the famous
"Weekly Package" of audio/visual materials is restricted from spreading
national political information from the opposition due to the level of
illegality that is tolerated. It's a kind of pact: the Government allows
the business which comes from plagiarizing and illegally reproducing TV
and film material to function while it doesn't harm their politics.

On February 10th, the MININT in Mayari, Holguin, where I live, held a
meeting with everyone who has a "CD buyer-seller" license in the
municipality; the objective: to ban a series from being included in the
Package: "Hugo Chávez, El comandante".

According to what they were told, these self-employed workers have it
written in their regulations that they are not allowed to involve their
activities with the country's politics, economics or social situation,
nor act against its interests; and this TV series has been labeled
"subversive". The series was produced by Teleset, Sony Pictures Television.

It seems that the story doesn't fit in with the vision about the late
Comandante Chavez that the government is interested in spreading in Cuba
and so they decided to pressure these "buyer-sellers" from spreading it
among the population. They all know by now that if their computers are
checked and they have the series then their license can be suspended and
they can be fined. Not to mention that the license they have doesn't
include copying the Package to customers, just selling second-hand Cds.
They can penalize this activity whenever they want; it's just being
tolerated for now.

Can the private sector, under these conditions of subjugation, be the
starting point for a more active and leading civil participation of our
people in favor of democracy? Those who harshly judge Cubans for "not
taking real action to save their freedom" should first answer this
question. The reason some people don't understand them is because they
haven't understood how social control works in Cuba. In order for a
"prisoner" to flee or fight against his or her jailers, they have to
first throw off their ties: and it isn't that simple.

Note: CDR: Comité de Defensa de la Revolución; MTT: Milicia de Tropas
Territoriales; ACRC: Asociación de Combatientes de la República de Cuba;
FEU: Federación de Estudiantes Universitarios; FEEM: Federación de
Estudiantes de la Enseñanza Media; OPJM: Organización de Poneros José
Martí; FMC: Federación de Mujeres Cubanas; ANAP: Asociación Nacional de
Agricultores Pequeños; UJC: Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas; PCC: Partido
Comunista de Cuba.

Source: Cuba's Social Control, A Highly Effective Weapon - Havana
Times.org - http://www.havanatimes.org/?p=123667 Continue reading

El Tribunal Supremo de Justicia de Venezuela (TSJ) desestimó este jueves el recurso de casación presentado el pasado agosto por la Defensa del opositor Leopoldo López y ratificó su condena de casi 14 años de cárcel, informó a EFE su abogado, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez.

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Residentes en Baracoa, municipio devastado por el huracán Matthew en octubre de 2016, están alarmados por el surgimiento de bandas violentas pese a la militarización de la ciudad, y reclaman a las autoridades una solución.

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El presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, volvió a reconocer este jueves el apoyo que le ofrecieron los cubanos en su victoria electoral y declaró que compartía las mismas visiones del senador Marco Rubio con respecto al tema de la Isla.

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Editorial: La Iglesia Católica da un buen paso DDC | Madrid | 16 de Febrero de 2017 – 18:15 CET. Desde el viaje a Cuba del papa Juan Pablo II, la implicación de la Iglesia Católica cubana en la defensa de los derechos humanos ha sido claramente insuficiente. No sin razón, algunos han llegado a […] Continue reading
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El juicio a dos activistas de la Mesa de Unidad de Acción Democrática (MUAD) y de la Plataforma Ciudadana #Otro18 acusados de delitos comunes por el régimen se celebró el miércoles en la mañana.

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La revista Billboard dedicó una de sus portadas del mes de febrero a la cantante cubana Camila Cabello, exintegrante de Fifth Harmony, de cuya separación y otras historias ofreció detalles en un extenso artículo.

La publicación también incluyó imágenes de una sesión de fotos realizada a la popular artista con un teléfono inteligente Iphone 7 plus.

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El presidente Donald Trump dijo durante una conferencia de prensa el jueves que compartía los puntos de vista del senador Marco Rubio sobre Cuba. “Cenamos con el senador Rubio y … Click to Continue » Continue reading

El Gobierno en Matanzas restringirá el trabajo privado en Varadero, donde se emitirán nuevas licencias solo para determinadas actividades y las autoridades velarán que estas no se realicen en lugares que comprometan la imagen del polo turístico.

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El presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, nominó este jueves al abogado cubanoamericano Alexander Acosta para que encabece el Departamento de Trabajo tras la renuncia de Andrew Puzder a optar a ese puesto, reportó EFE.

Trump hizo desde la Casa Blanca el anuncio de la nominación de Acosta, hijo de inmigrantes cubanos, exmiembro de la Junta Nacional de Relaciones Laborales de Estados Unidos y quien, de ser confirmado por el Senado, será el primer hispano del gabinete del mandatario.

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Los responsables de la revista Temas presentaron el martes en La Cabaña, durante la Feria del Libro de La Habana, los volúmenes en formato electrónico Estudios sobre el estalinismo y Último Jueves. Los debates de Temas, Vol. 6. Además, auspiciaron un panel titulado "El capitalismo hoy", pero los asistentes se quedaron con las ganas de hacer preguntas.

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El arzobispo de La Habana, Juan de la Caridad García Rodríguez, recibió el miércoles a representantes del Movimiento Damas de Blanco, compuesto por familiares de presos políticos y otras activistas, … Click to Continue » Continue reading

Desde el viaje a Cuba del papa Juan Pablo II, la implicación de la Iglesia Católica cubana en la defensa de los derechos humanos ha sido claramente insuficiente. No sin razón, algunos han llegado a calificar esa insuficiencia de complicidad con la dictadura, sobre todo bajo los largos años de arzobispado del cardenal Jaime Ortega Alamino, quien apostó por recuperar espacios para su Iglesia a costa de no denunciar la crisis social, política y económica inducida por la dictadura.

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Se sospecha que un nuevo grupo de cubanos llegó a EEUU por mar, pese al fin de sus beneficios Continue reading