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Daily Archives: March 24, 2017

Un grupo de 18 países de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA) pidió este viernes a la Presidencia del Consejo Permanente celebrar una sesión extraordinaria el próximo martes para analizar la situación de Venezuela, reportó EFE.

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… Diaz-Balart's Cuba quid pro quo are ordinary Cubans." Diaz-Balart … Diaz-Balart had written it, though. Cuban-American political consultants and pollsters have … ; immigration policy, which allowed undocumented Cuban immigrants who reached American soil … Continue reading
… Gromyko held a meeting with Cuba's Ambassador to Russia …  recovery of citrus production in Cuba was discussed, which might be … statement. Earlier in March, the Cuban Ambassador to Russia said that … Putin's visit to Havana in 2014. Continue reading
… Ferreira, and I were in Havana, Cuba, but it wasn’t just … building surrounding Revolution Square in Havana during the nine day period … for our production schedule. The Cuban government placed a ban on … a mixture of African and Cuban melodies. And the first phrase … Continue reading

Engimov Caribe SA, primera empresa de Portugal en invertir en el proyecto estrella del Gobierno en el Mariel, ofrecerá "servicios de ingeniería, proyectos y construcción", según una nota publicada en la web oficial de la Cancillería, CubaMinrex.

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… tough stance on Cuba, then the obsession of Cuban Americans in Congress … score: President Obama sidelined the Cuban American hard-liners in Congress, and … had architectural renderings for a Havana Trump Tower in hand, a … Cuba in South Florida, but really, it’s high time for CubanContinue reading
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Los republicanos de la Cámara de Representantes retiraron la ley sobre la reforma sanitaria que tenían previsto votar este viernes después de que así lo pidiera el presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, consciente de que los votos no sumaban.

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… ) - A group of 11 Cuban immigrants being detained in South … rescinded that had allowed any Cuban who made it to U … afternoon of Jan. 12. The Cuban immigrants are being held at … Continue reading
Santiago, March 24 (RHC-Xinhua) -- Chilean miners on Thursday ended a strike that paralyzed operations at the world's largest copper mine for 43 days. The miners accepted a deal "to extend the current collective contract for 18 months," the … Continue reading
UN Syria Envoy Staffan de Mistura Geneva, March 24 (RHC-Xinhua), -- UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura on Friday held bilateral discussions with rival Syrian delegations involved in the latest round of peace talks seeking to broker a political end to the … Continue reading
Tehran, March 24 (RHC-Xinhua) -- Iran and Russia will sign numerous cooperation documents during the upcoming visit of President Hassan Rouhani to Moscow, a presidential official was quoted as saying. Teheran had announced on Thursday that President … Continue reading
Caracas, March 24 (RHC-Xinhua) -- Venezuela has been officially approved to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Thursday, which has brought its total approved membership to 70. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told business leaders of … Continue reading
Pasa inadvertida en la galería de la Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba una muestra de 13 rostros de intelectuales rusos asesinados por el régimen soviético
… de Cuba, Cienfuegos, Havana, Miami June 6, 2018 7 Days Miami, Havana, Cienfuegos … de Cuba, Cienfuegos, Havana, Miami October 3, 2018 7 Days Miami, Havana, Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba, Miami October 10, 2018 9 Days Miami, HavanaContinue reading
Lejos de acabarse la polémica, como querían los organizadores del Havana Film Festival de Nueva York, la censura de la película cubana “Santa y Andrés” ha generado la airada protesta … Click to Continue » Continue reading

Una familia de origen cubano residente en Miami ha solicitado a las autoridades estadounidenses que intercedan ante La Habana para conocer más del paradero y situación de su hija, retenida en la Isla desde el pasado mes de diciembre.

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Carta suministrada a la redacción de el Nuevo Herald. La semana pasada el cineasta cubano Carlos Lechuga anunció que su película “Santa y Andrés” había sido excluida de la competencia … Click to Continue » Continue reading
… by Diaz-Balart's Cuba quid-pro-quo are ordinary Cubans." Diaz-Balart told … Diaz-Balart had written it, though. Cuban-American political consultants and pollsters have … ; immigration policy, which let undocumented Cuban immigrants who reach American soil … Continue reading
La red nacional les queda pequeña, aunque el Gobierno aliente a su uso
El oficial encabezó las conversaciones secretas que se realizaron en 2013 y 2014 Continue reading
Apoyan la candidatura del opositor Guillermo Lasso Continue reading
Su familia en Miami exige respuestas a la embajada en la Isla Continue reading

La Unión Europea trabaja "sin descanso" para lograr la aplicación total del acuerdo firmado con el Gobierno de Cuba el año pasado, que espera que se convierta en un "verdadero instrumento político" en el nuevo escenario bilateral, dijo este viernes el embajador del bloque en la Isla, Herman Portocarero, reportó EFE.

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A diez años del ‘vaso de leche’ prometido por Raúl Castro Continue reading

Más de 70 artistas e intelectuales, la mayoría cubanos, condenaron esta semana la exclusión del filme Santa y Andrés, del realizador Carlos Lechuga, de la décimo octava edición del Havana Film Festival de Nueva York, que se realizará del 30 de marzo al 7 de abril.

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Una escultura hiperrealista del fallecido exgobernante cubano Fidel Castro se convirtió en un éxito del Art Basel Hong Kong de este año. Cientos de personas pasan frente a la réplica del extinto dictador cubano para que por momentos parece respirar y mueve algunas partes de su cuerpo. … Click to Continue » Continue reading
There’s hardly anyplace left to skate. You can walk around here and the only thing you can find are parks, which are really useless and sometimes we bother people. Old people scold us. I have friends that practice in the middle of the street because the ramps and installations that once existed are in ruins … Continue reading "“There’s No Place To Skate So You Have To Adapt” / Cubanet" Continue reading
"And Then You Hear People Say That Racism Doesn't Exist In Cuba" / Cubanet

I literally just saw a police officer ask a couple of kids for their
identification and I'm pretty sure he did it because they were black.
That's just the life they were dealt. I have almost never seen the same
happen to white kids. It's as if whites are invisible to the police.

And then you hear people say that racism doesn't exist in Cuba. And the
funny thing is that it could've been those same whites that just
finished robbing a house around here because whites also steal. I walk a
lot around the neighborhood of Vedado, so I see many things.

Because of the color of my skin and my mean look, I get stopped all the
time by the cops. I don't want any problems. People look at me and think
that I'm a tough guy but really, I don't like fights or drama.

My thing is, I just like walking around town from time to time, finding
small little jobs here and there to make money. Some days I sell fish
and on other days I sell cans of paint.

I'm not really committed to anything right now but I have to find my
way. I live alone but regardless I have to take care of myself. And on
the weekends, I like to drink a little, like anybody would.

Definitely not beer though, because it's more expensive. Besides, I'm
more of a 'rum' type of guy, even though I advise people not to drink
it. Rum is the reason why so many people are messed up in this country.
I have a friend who went blind because he drank whatever he could get
his hands on. I think he ended up drinking wood alcohol.

Translated by Oliver Inca, Patricio Pazmino, Marta Reyes

Source: "And Then You Hear People Say That Racism Doesn't Exist In Cuba"
/ Cubanet – Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/and-then-you-hear-people-say-that-racism-doesnt-exist-in-cuba-cubanet/ Continue reading
"San Lazaro Has Been My Savior" / Cubanet

San Lázaro has been my savior. I've been through some very hard times
and only when I placed my faith in San Lázaro was I able to find my way.
Many people don't understand why I do this. I left school in ninth
grade, quite early, to work and help my mom. She earned very little
money. How was she going to raise my ailing brother and me, if the money
was never enough, not even for food?

They always called us 'poorly dressed', and to top it off we lived in a
house cramped with people. (…) Since 2007 I've been making my
pilgrimage. I remember the first time, I did the whole trip in
somersaults. My brother went with me. I swear that one was the most
exhausting trip. I passed through many villages, but I was told that was
how it was supposed to be, I had to prove my faith. And I did.

Once I got to El Rincón they took pictures of me, movies… I felt that
San Lázaro was with me. It was my first time at the Santuario del Rincón
[the church dedicated to San Lázaro in the village of El Rincón to the
south of Havna], and when I came in the door it was something amazing.
Seeing the photographers and the people shouting, giving me water, it
felt good. (…)

Today I'm alone, my brother feels better. I start my trajectory in
November and I go around the streets of Havana collecting alms. Everyone
stops, even the children. I see fear in their little faces, but one day
they will understand.

Translated by: Beverly James, Aliya Kreisberg, Aracelys Pichardo-Bonilla

Source: "San Lazaro Has Been My Savior" / Cubanet – Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/san-lazaro-has-been-my-savior-cubanet/ Continue reading

El músico estadounidense de origen canadiense Rufus Wainwright invita a sus seguidores a la experiencia "Wainwright Libre" para disfrutar durante cuatro días, del 21 al 25 de septiembre en La Habana, según informa la propia web del músico.

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… Furious film were shot in Havana, Cuba and this action scene gives … careening through the streets of Havana. What we don’t know … before. From the shores of Cuba and the streets of New … Continue reading
Baja el precio ‘online’ de la carne de Brasil mientras el Gobierno guarda silencio ZUNILDA MATA, La Habana | Marzo 24, 2017 Cuba ha reaccionado de manera muy peculiar ante el escándalo de la carne maquillada de Brasil, principal proveedor de la Isla en productos vacunos: silencio por parte de las autoridades, rebaja de los […] Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 23 (acn) The Industrial … to the will of the Cuban government to continue expanding, to … exchange with Cuban specialists. The modern hybrid line installed in Cuba can … Continue reading
“El éxito de un negocio garantiza el éxito del negocio vecino” Entrevista a Gilberto ‘Papito’ Valladares, líder del proyecto habanero Artecorte elogiado por Barack Obama en su visita a Cuba TED HENKEN, La Habana | Marzo 24, 2017 Casi exactamente un año atrás, el 22 de marzo de 2016, durante su histórica visita a Cuba, […] Continue reading
Cuba es el país que más impuestos recauda en América Latina Santiago de Chile | Marzo 24, 2017 (EFE).- La tasa media de recaudación tributaria en términos porcentuales del Producto Interno Bruto (PIB) en América Latina y el Caribe fue de un 22,8% en 2015, según el más reciente informe anual sobre la materia, elaborado […] Continue reading
Portarse bien con el régimen cubano jamás será un pasaporte 23 de marzo de 2017 – 15:03 – Por Luis Leonel León Con una ambigua y lamentable jugarreta los organizadores del Havana Film Festival de New York impidieron que Santa y Andrés pudiese ganar el principal trofeo Los regímenes totalitarios no actúan por benevolencia sino […] Continue reading
Ros-Lehtinem insta a EEUU a tomar acción por violaciones contra activista cubano 23 de marzo de 2017 – 13:03 La congresista del sur de la Florida recordó que Amnistía Internacional califica a Eduardo Cardet, condenado a tres años este martes, como un “preso de conciencia”. “No podemos permanecer indiferentes mientras más líderes prodemocráticos están siendo […] Continue reading
Opositores denuncian arbitrariedades del entramado jurídico en Cuba Luis Felipe Rojas “Es imposible que un ciudadano pueda ir a un juicio sin acusación, sin petición fiscal”, reclaman los hermanos Juan Alberto y Bárbaro de la Nuez Ramírez quienes serán juzgados el 4 de abril. Los hermanos Juan Alberto (47 años) y Bárbaro de la Nuez […] Continue reading
Cubanos en Uruguay estudian cómo lograr el vaso de leche, prometido por Castro hace más de 10 años Unos 18 cubanos asisten en Uruguay a un curso sobre el desarrollo de la industria láctea del ese país. La leche sigue siendo un alimento de lujo que solo pueden permitirse los menores de 7 años, los […] Continue reading
Store Sales and Cuba's Army of Resellers
March 22, 2017
By Alexander Londres

HAVANA TIMES — Everything begins with an order "from above". Then the
paperwork comes down and nighttime preparations. The following day, from
the crack of dawn, the commotion, chaos, crowds… This isn't an
undercover operation; there's a sale.

Every once in a while, because of policies which fit in with the
jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance and Prices and the Ministry of
Domestic Trade, as well as the military's hard-currency stores, and
those belonging to CIMEX corporation, they comply with the centralized
government's decision to reduce the retail price of some consumer goods
according to national economic convenience and other commercial factors
(standstill, expiration dates, etc.).

Generally-speaking, when prices are cut on basic food items, home
products, or toiletries – the most sought-after items by Cuban families
-, it is the best time for the extremely criticized and scorned
resellers to come into action. They flood the stores with friends and
family, cause a racket and hubbub in long lines, and manage to get their
hands on the lion's share of sale items, whatever it is.

This is something which has become normal in the eyes of the public
because of just how frequently it happens. The authorities are
well-aware of what is going on and they have even tried to put a stop to
it by sometimes placing limits on how much you can buy at the state-run

Doing so proves counter-productive to a certain extent, as every
commercial store's main objective is to sell, not to regulate sales.
Nevertheless, taking into account the social peculiarities in Cuba, it
has been put into practice – in order to defend the country's
achievements, those who understand it say. An action against hoarding –
another name which this phenomenon goes by – which to tell you the
truth, has provided the desired effect on very few occasions: resellers
continue to do it come hell or high water, dedicating themselves body
and soul to scheming and making easy money.

At the end of the day, with or without a limit on purchases, the truth
is that the high prices on sale items remain after the long journey of
the item (manufacturer-distributor-marketer-store-reseller), which has
to be paid by the needy population who didn't find out about the "price
cut" in time, or simply couldn't buy because the amount put on sale was
very small and quickly ran out.

Nobody has been able to scientifically explain how resellers are always
the first ones to find out about the sales. I imagine that they must
have the most foolproof, better articulated and updated communication
network in the country. Or is it that they take advantage of
"accidental" leaks in information, caused by some "selfless" worker in
the retail sector? Who can say exactly?

Orlando, a salesman at a store, told me that, "there have even be cases
where resellers themselves carry out some kind of study, where they take
into account the three month meriod when a product can be reduced, and
then using this information, they demand the price cut themselves."

What is indeed clear here is that these street businesspeople aren't
being arrested, and their lives are being deliberately made easy –
although they also provide a great deal of work for the "brave and
virtuous" body of inspectors which are supposed to deal with them. The
resellers manage to masterfully avoid them in the majority of cases – or
bribe them to turn a blind eye – therefore giving them free reign to
their illegal trade, without a concern in the world.

I ask myself whether there is an effective way of putting a stop to
these individuals' "struggle" to make a living, which, although it's
true that they work with great determination and commitment, it's also
true that it isn't the most innocent or healthy way to make a living.

On the other hand, and taking into account the fact that the
government's unemployment rates in Cuba are so low, it would be
interesting to know what kind of job category these "workers" fall
under, who operate without a legal status. Are they non-government
employees in the non-private sector (which the self-employed are
considered)? Or do they appear as unemployed?

It would also be interesting if in the next population census, some kind
of instrument was used to find out the closest possible to real figure
of this large number of fighters in the world of reselling, who swarm
about Cuba's city streets, selling everything underneath the sun. Then
they would be able to assess what benefits these popular figures should
receive on a social level, which, by the way, are the same as the
benefits professionals, builders and the working population who honestly
contribute to the sustainability and socio-economic development of this

Maybe, in this way, with stats in hand, the (in)competent authorities in
our country would be able to take greater note of the issue – as a more
conclusive action to protect consumers, if they want to – always
defending these other Cubans, the majority, without a doubt, who also
seek out and find alternative ways to get by, in their daily fight to
eat, without pinching from other people's pockets.

Source: Store Sales and Cuba's Army of Resellers - Havana Times.org -
http://www.havanatimes.org/?p=124304 Continue reading
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Cardenal lleva esperanza a migrantes cubanos varados en Panamá marzo 23, 2017 Ricardo Quintana “La visita reviste vital importancia porque refrenda el respaldo de la Iglesia Católica a la causa de estas personas”, dijo el diácono Víctor Luis Berrío, secretario ejecutivo de la Pastoral Social Cáritas. El cardenal José Luis Lacunza visitó la sede de […] Continue reading
Impiden a opositora ver a sus hijas hospitalizadas por huelga de hambre Última actualización: marzo 23, 2017 La disidente holguinera Maydolis Leyva denunció que las autoridades la mantienen alejada de las gemelas Anairis y Adairis Miranda Leyva, internadas en el hospital provincial de Holguín. La disidente Maydolis Leyva -cuyos tres hijos están en prisión por […] Continue reading
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