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Daily Archives: April 7, 2017

(EFE).- El rey Mohamed VI de Marruecos viajó con su familia a una playa de Cuba, una visita sin precedentes a un país que pasa por ser uno de los más firmes aliados del Frente Polisario en el continente americano.

Aunque no ha habido ninguna comunicación oficial, el portal web le360.ma, muy próximo al Palacio, señaló que se trata de "una visita privada" al Cayo Santa María, uno de los cayos que conforman el archipiélago de Jardines del Rey.

También el portal hespress.ma hace mención al viaje, que se realizó justo después de la oración del mediodía, que hoy el monarca dirigió en una mezquita de Casablanca.[[QUOTE:Cuba es uno de los países que acoge y forma a un mayor número de cuadros del Frente Polisario]]

Ninguno de estos medios menciona que Marruecos no tiene relaciones diplomáticas con Cuba y que éste es uno de los pocos países latinoamericanos sin embajada en Rabat desde que Marruecos rompió sus relaciones en 1980 como respuesta al reconocimiento cubano de la República Árabe Saharaui Democrática.

Cuba es uno de los países que acoge y forma a un mayor número de cuadros del Frente Polisario, y La Habana se ha convertido en la capital latinoamericana más firme partidaria de las tesis independentistas saharauis, con Caracas y Montevideo.

Supuestamente, el viaje del monarca cuenta con el permiso y el visto bueno de las autoridades cubanas, que tampoco han filtrado nada sobre el viaje, aunque un medio cubano llamado Caribbean News Digital ya se hizo eco del viaje hace una semana y aseguró que era como celebración del 14 aniversario del príncipe heredero, Mulay Hasán.

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Joaquín Vázquez is one of the many parents whose best-laid plans for the future fell apart. Under the mattress of his room he stores several diplomas from studies he undertook to achieve a broad education. He says they were of no use to him. "I have to get by selling sludge worms (calandracas), to support my family."

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… giving residency permits to 588 Cuban migrants who have been stranded … or refugee status because the Cubans don't "face … the first 273 of the Cubans will soon get residency permits … part of normalizing ties with Cuba. Other Cubans found further south in … Continue reading
… roundtrip cruises from Miami to Cuba in 2018, with 32 voyages … in the capital city of Havana as well as a call … will offer through December 2017. “Cuba is a spectacular destination and … beautiful and cultural-rich city of Havana and her warm and friendly … Continue reading
Cuba reporta 2,174 casos de abuso sexual a menores en el 2015, antes de la llegada de la relatora especial de Naciones Unidas para la trata de personas la semana … Click to Continue » Continue reading

La salida de la crisis de Venezuela pasa por establecer una agenda electoral y el restablecimiento "pleno" de las competencias del Parlamento, afirmó el exsecretario general de la Unión de Naciones Suramericanas (UNASUR) Ernesto Samper en una entrevista con EFE en Bogotá.

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Cuba Gooding Jr Says Sarah Paulson … , was he being a flirt? Cuba Gooding Jr. is attempting to … v OJ Simpson' Star Cuba Gooding Jr. 'Relieved… the video. Read original story Cuba Gooding Jr Says Sarah Paulson … Continue reading

El dúo Gente de Zona sacó a la luz este viernes el tema "Si no vuelves", el primer sencillo del que será el cuarto álbum de su discografía.

La canción, cuyo vídeo se grabó en La Habana, es una "fusión con un toque de reguetón y populares ritmos cubanos como el son y songo", explicó su oficina de prensa, según un reporte de EFE.

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Several Opposition Leaders Detained On Their Return To Cuba

14ymedio, Havana, 6 April 2017 — Cuban opposition leaders were detained
at Havana's international airport on Thursday, when they arrived from
Colombia, according to sources in the political movement Somos+ (We Are
More) speaking with 14ymedio.

Eliécer Ávila, president of that movement remains "in open protest" at
the capital's airport after the authorities' attempt to confiscate his
electronic devices.

"Immigration has not allowed us to pass, it seems there are signs on the
computers that say: interested in confrontation," Avila explained in a
message addressed to his movement. Later they were allowed to enter the
national territory but in the face of the attempt to confiscate their
belongings, the opponents rebelled.

Carlos Oliva, a member of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), is being
held at the police station in Santiago de las Vegas. Eliecer Avila has
said that he refuses to leave the airport without his laptop. The
opponent has been there for more than seven hours.

The order to seize his computer was issued by Carlos Pons, Chief of
Confrontation at the airport.

In the case of Marthadela Tamayo and Zuleidy Pérez, they were subjected
to a "rigorous search" and their personal computers siezed.

Source: Several Opposition Leaders Detained On Their Return To Cuba –
Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/several-opposition-leaders-detained-on-their-return-to-cuba/ Continue reading
Cuban Hosts Complain About Airbnb's Payment System

14ymedio, Luz Escobar, Havana, 6 April 2017 — Airbnb hosts in Cuba, who
were so enthusiastic at the beginning, have been complaining recently
about the delays in receiving the payments made by the tourists who have
stayed in their homes. The discontent is clear from the complaints
published on the platform of the American company and the interviews
conducted by 14ymedio.

On the Airbnb site a couple claims to have experienced repeated delays
in payments. "Between January and part of February 2016 we had a serious
delay in receiving the payments through the agency VaCuba," complained
Ileana and Rolando, who have had problems again in early 2017. "We are
already behind in the dates scheduled by Airbnb; we haven't received the
payments and right now we're waiting on three more payments," they explain.

The Miami-based courier company VaCuba, with headquarters in Miami, is
in charge of bringing the payments to the hosts who rent out their
homes, rooms and spaces through Airbnb. In any other country, these
payments are made in the ordinary way through internet transfers, but
the banking system in Cuba has hired this agency to send the cash to get
the money to the Airbnb hosts.

The growth of Airbnb in Cuba during the last year has been remarkable,
making it the country where the platform has grown the most thanks to
the extension of licenses of that allows Cuban hosts to attract clients
from all over the world, not only from the United States, like at the

Jorge Ignacio, an economics student who rents out a house in the town of
Soroa, in Artemisa, told 14ymedio that in February of this year,
"there's nothing from Airbnb." Now he says he's "looking for
alternatives" to collect for the stays of his guests because VaCuba, the
only money distribution mechanism offered by Airbnb has collapsed,
"because there are so many customers" and it can't continue "counting
the 'kilos'," he comments. "I get the full amount of the payment but
always with a big delay," said Jorge Ignacio, explaining that it's not
an isolated case "because the whole world is in the same situation."

Rebeca Monzó, a Cuban artisan and blogger who has a room to rent in
Nuevo Vedado, has a different complaint but adds to the discomfort
generated in recent months. "The payment delay is almost a month, I
never receive the full amount, they bring me 19 CUC when they actually
owe me 500." Monzó says that a messenger from VaCuba explained that "the
Cuban bank is behind with the transfers" and that "it cannot get the
full amount at once" and that is why they prefer to "make partial payments."

As a retiree, Monzó says the situation is not easy because she doesn't
see the result of her efforts and she only receives a fraction of what
she spends on daily supplies that allow her to "maintain a functioning
business." The payments are not the only thing she needs to stay
afloat. Monzó does her best to earn the good comments that clients place
on her profile. Each morning she prepares the breakfast for her clients
with great care and when they arrive at her house, she receives them
with a welcome card she makes herself.

"I wrote an email to Airbnb to comment on the delay of the payments and
not only did they not answer me but they returned the message. I have
also asked other hosts who have been in this for a longer time and they
have told me that it is not possible to receive the money by any means
other than VaCuba."

She says that Airbnb always makes the payment "in less than two days"
and that the company notifies her by email. Monzó confesses that she
does not want to leave the platform because "it is very safe" and sends
"the type of clients that you ask for."

"I refuse to take in the tourists just off the street because I do not
want to take risks, I want it to always be through a company that
guarantees me the seriousness of the customer," says Monzó.

Other users of the platform say they have found a solution to the
problem by using AIS cards to send and receive transfers, which can be
found in any branch of the state-owned company Financiera Cimex.

"You can ask VaCuba to start sending the money to the AIS card,"
explains an Airbnb host.

By the end of 2016, at least 34,000 self-employed people were engaged in
renting homes to serve a growing number of tourists (4 million last
year). To do so legally, they have to get a license and pay taxes, which
are levied even when their rooms are not rented.

Source: Cuban Hosts Complain About Airbnb's Payment System – Translating
Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/cuban-hosts-complain-about-airbnbs-payment-system/ Continue reading
… circumstances facing everyday people in Cuba. (Maldonado is featured in the … things can affect people. [The Cuban government] has appropriated everything. All … school that she created in Havana [Instar, the Instituto de Artivismo … Libre, which before was the Havana Hilton. That graffiti cost me … Continue reading
Connectify Will Be Free in Cuba to Share Internet Access

14ymedio, Havana, 6 April 2017 – The managers of the Connectify
application have announced additional benefits for Cuban users who will
now be able to access the tool's premium features free of
charge. The app converts a computer connected to the internet into a
virtual repeater and is widely used on the island to share access to the
web from wifi zones.

A statement on the company's official website says that it will continue
"to fully support Cuban citizens with free Connectify Hotspot MAX 2017
licenses." The statement also announced the release of a Spanish version
of its program.

Along with the features available in the free version, such as creating
a Wi-Fi hotspot, using the ad blocker and customizing the hotspot name,
residents of the island will also have access to the premium functions
of Connectify Hotspot, among them the repeater mode.

Connectify for PC has gained users in Cuba in recent years with the
opening of public wifi zones and is used by many to share the bandwidth
of their connection. It has also generated a lucrative business of
reselling access to the web at a price below the 1.50 CUC for each hour
charged by the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA).

This is not the first time that the company offers an advantage to Cuban
clients. In the middle of 2015 the company launched a special promotion
for the island that allowed the free download of the professional
version of the software for three months. Until now, most of the
versions that were used were hacked copies.

Source: Connectify Will Be Free in Cuba to Share Internet Access –
Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/connectify-will-be-free-in-cuba-to-share-internet-access/ Continue reading
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Los senadores republicanos Marco Rubio, por la Florida, y Ted Cruz, por Texas, así como el congresista Dennis Ross, asistieron el jueves a un evento promovido por la Fundación Memorial Víctimas del Comunismo.

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El gobernador del céntrico estado venezolano de Miranda, Henrique Capriles, comunicó este viernes de que ha sido inhabilitado por un período de 15 años.

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El rey Mohamed VI viajó con su familia a una playa de Cuba, una visita sin precedentes a un país que pasa por ser uno de los más firmes aliados del Frente Polisario en el continente americano, reportó EFE.

Aunque no ha habido ninguna comunicación oficial, el portal web le360.ma, muy próximo al Palacio, señaló que se trata de "una visita privada" al Cayo Santa María, uno de los cayos que conforman el archipiélago de Jardines del Rey.

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Un hombre acusado de llevar mujeres cubanas a Estados Unidos como parte de una red de tráfico sexual se declaró culpable el jueves en un tribunal federal de Miami, informó la edición digital de Telemundo51.

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