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Daily Archives: May 20, 2017

Roma, 20 may (ansa).- Alarma para las aves silvestres en Europa, pues en una década las que están en riesgo de extinción aumentaron un 70%. Ese es el dato más preocupante de la nueva edición del reporte 'Aves en Europa 3', un informe preparado por … Continue reading
Radio Havana Cuba spoke on the phone with … Puerto Rican independentista told Radio Havana Cuba that he felt it was … in Cuba.  Guantanamo has to be given back to the Cuban people … its meddling in Cuba. Those were comments to Radio Havana Cuba by Puerto … Continue reading
… NEWS for Saturday, May 20th Cuban Tamers and Heroics of Colombia … in their quarter-final duels. The Cuban franchise, an exponent of the … 5-0 in a match in Havana to reach an aggregate score … interest in participating in the Cuba Cup of track cycling to … Continue reading
United Nations, May 20 (RHC)-- World food prices fell for the third month in a row in April as values declined for all agricultural commodities except meat, according to the United Nations food agency.  The Food and Agriculture Organization's food … Continue reading
New York, May 20 (RHC)-- U.S. President Donald Trump's approval rating continues to fall according to a new poll.  The Gallup survey showed that only 38 percent of Americans approved of Trump's performance as president.  This is slightly higher … Continue reading
Tehran, May 20 (RHC)-- In Iran, President Hassan Rouhani has won re-election for a second term by a wide margin.  Rouhani won a resounding victory with more than 23 million 500 thousand votes or 57 percent of the total ballots.  His nearest rival in the … Continue reading
Quito, May 20 (RHC)-- Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa is set to leave office next Wednesday, May 24th, with a 62 percent approval rating, according to the newspaper El Telegrafo, citing new findings from a survey conducted by Public Opinion Ecuador.  … Continue reading
Riyadh, May 20 (RHC)-- U.S. President Donald Trump has closed an arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth almost $110 billion, and extending up to $350 billion over 10 years.   The U.S. president arrived on Saturday in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, on the first … Continue reading
Havana, May 20 (RHC-Xinhua)-- Cuba and China have pledged to … enhance ties with Cuba. The Chinese official is in Havana at the invitation of the Communist Party of Cuba.  He … Gil, a member of the Cuban Communist Party's Secretariat … Continue reading
Havana, May 20 (RHC)-- Cuban civil authorities will spend the … of early warning systems. The Cuban Weather Institute expects this year … could end up becoming hurricanes. Cuba considers disaster preparedness essential, with … Continue reading
… to a deal with prized Cuban prospect Luis Robert, a 19-year-old … a long Sox history of Cuban players including Minnie Minoso, Jose … field. He would join fellow Cuban Yoan Moncada as one of … at international tournaments and in Cuba, he has shown a vulnerability … Continue reading

Tras casi cuatro años de su última producción discográfica, Interactivo vuelve a sorprender con una libertad sonora más creativa. Roberto Carcassés, director y fundador de la agrupación, contó en entrevista exclusiva con Vistar Magazine todo sobre su nuevo disco, Salsa conmigo, que se graba en vivo este sábado en El Sauce.

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… plenty more players out of Cuba to sign to play baseball … ever earn again out of Cuba. Under the new Collective Bargaining … consensus top prospect out of Cuba this year, no other player … going after those big name Cuban players.  Continue reading

El 57% de los alimentos producidos en la Isla se pierde entre las fases de cosecha-postcosecha y de distribución a los mercados interiores y las ciudades, reveló un informe de la organización no gubernamental de ayuda al desarrollo Mundubat acerca del leer más

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… the hearts of Cubans, and... unjust persecution cannot tamper Cubans' dreams … the historic rapprochement. "The Cuban people deserve a government that … the statement. "Americans and Cubans share allegiance to the principles … "devoted himself to making Cuba an economically competitive and politically … Continue reading
Varias organizaciones e instituciones coordinaron este sábado una jornada para brindar asistencia legal a residentes de los condados de Miami y Broward que quieren optar por la ciudadanía. La Coalición … Click to Continue » Continue reading
… their farm system by adding Cuban outfielder Luis Robert. The Sox … and power. He played in Cuba’s Serie Nacional with Ciego … have a long history with Cuban players, starting with Minnie Minoso … Continue reading
… to a deal with prized Cuban prospect Luis Robert, a 19-year-old … a long Sox history of Cuban players including Minnie Minoso, Jose … field. He would join fellow Cuban Yoan Moncada as one of … Continue reading
Cuban defector Luis Robert is closing … bases in 53 games in Cuba last season. He walked 38 … 30 strikeouts.  Robert defected from Cuba late last year and established … Continue reading
… who now faces deportation to Cuba, from where he fled as … joined an estimated 125,000 Cubans fleeing the Caribbean island nation … Continue reading
… his deportation to his native Cuba. Gov. John Hickenlooper announced the … ." Lima-Marin was born in Havana, Cuba but came to the United … a lawful permanent resident. "Cuba is not his home,… Continue reading
… patient, with a trip to Cuba in December, NJ.com reported … United States to go to Cuba through Make-A-Wish since the travel … always wanted to go to Cuba to meet his grandparents. Her … is working on trips to Cuba for other children throughout the … Continue reading
On the 115th anniversary of the birth of the Republic of Cuba, President Donald Trump on Saturday extended his “warmest wishes” to Cuban Americans and promised that he will work … Click to Continue » Continue reading
… Sox have an agreement with Cuban outfielder Luis Robert, and the … become more active in the Cuban pipeline with Moncada’s presence … Continue reading
… the hearts of Cubans, and... unjust persecution cannot tamper Cubans' dreams … roll back the historic rapprochement. Cuban President Raul Castro, pictured in … the statement. "Americans and Cubans share allegiance to the principles … "devoted himself to making Cuba an economically competitive and politically … Continue reading
Miami Has It All, Even Russian Meat / Cubanet, Luis Cino Alvarez

Cubanet, Luis Cino Alvarez, Havana, 18 May 2017—A neighbor of mine in
Arroyo Naranjo recently had to ask an old friend of his who lives Miami
to help him obtain some amitriptyline. A psychiatrist had recommended
this medication for my neighbor's wife to treat a nervous condition that
would worsen without it.

This drug, among many others on a very long list, has been off the
shelves of Havana pharmacies for months. The official excuse, aside from
usual ones such as "the criminal blockade [U.S. embargo]," is that the
cash-strapped Cuban state has been unable to square its debts with
foreign pharmaceutical companies.

For the very astute customs officials at Cuban airports, ever on the
hunt for drug trafficking and other illegal activities, it is a headache
to conduct their painstaking inspections of the troves of medicines and
vitamins that are brought in by travelers from the U.S.

Thus, it is no surprise that in Havana at this time, it is easier to
find Tylenol than aspirin, and Centrum or Kirkland brand vitamins than
the yellow multivitamin powder produced by the state, which some prefer
not to use because it "whets their appetite too much."

Cubans on the Island are evermore dependent on the remittances and
packages they receive from their relatives and friends abroad, primarily
those in the U.S., whom the regime demonized for decades, called
traitors, and tried to cut their emotional ties to Cuba.

Many Cubans depend on the emigres and exiles not only for medicine,
sustenance and clothing, and the monthly recharging of their mobile
phones. They also request and obtain from them the most varied and
sundry goods: from santería necklaces and white garments for the iyabó
to school uniforms, and even parts for Russian-made automobiles.

That's right. You heard it. In various Miami establishments one can find
parts for Soviet-era automobile makes such as Lada and Mokvich, and for
Ural and Berjomina motorcycles. In today's Russia it is probably
difficult to find these parts, they may not even be produced anymore,
but in Miami, I know not how, there is an abundance of them. And
obviously they are aimed at Cuba, where Russian cars compete for
longevity with the Fords and Chevrolets more than 60 years old that are
still circulating.

But do not be surprised by the availability of Russian products in Miami
(let us hope this is not a plot by Czar Putin and his intelligence
service). When I visited that city last year, I spotted on the shelves
of a well-stocked bodega (it being so Cuban I hesitate to call it a
supermarket), located on Southwest 27th Avenue near Coconut Grove,
nothing less than Russian canned meat. Those very same cans that we
would refuse back in the day, the ones we said contained bear flesh or
god-knows what other greasy Siberian beast, and that today, after so
many years of enforced vegetarianism, cause our mouths to water as
though they were the most exquisite delicacy. It appears that in Miami,
while hunger is not their motivation, there are Cubans who are nostalgic
for Russian canned meat, because I doubt very seriously that the only
customers for this product would be the wealthy Russians who reside in
Hallandale and Sunny Isles.

In Hialeah, which is like a piece of Cuba transplanted to South Florida
(but without the ration books and the CDR) it probably is not very
difficult to find those damned cans of Russian meat.

Also there, and in any other part of Miami, one can hear reggaeton and
watch the pigswill of Cuban TV. And don't be surprised if the generation
of Bolek and Lolek manage to get their hands on those cartoons they had
to watch as children in Cuba, when Pluto, Porky Pig and Donald Duck were
considered agents of the imperialist ideological penetration.

Those who cannot resign themselves to watery coffee and bland
cigarettes—if they wish to smoke (to the horror of the nonsmokers,
always such scolds) stronger cigarettes than American Spirit and the
Wranglers sold by the Indians in Kendall—can find in Hialeah, and not
too expensive, cigarettes directly from Cuba: H. Upmann, Populares and
even the unsmokeable Criollos and Titanes, a.k.a. "chestbusters."

It seems to be true what I heard from a Cuban American who, as a sort of
savior-magus bearing gifts, was visiting his impoverished relatives in
Mantilla: "You can find everything in Miami, anything, whatever it is."


Translated by: Alicia Barraqué Ellison

Source: Miami Has It All, Even Russian Meat / Cubanet, Luis Cino Alvarez
– Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/miami-has-it-all-even-russian-meat-cubanet-luis-cino-alvarez/ Continue reading
Trump: El “despotismo cruel” no apagará el anhelo de libertad de los cubanos 20 de mayo de 2017 – 13:05 Un comunicado emitido por la Casa Blanca resalta la felicitación del presidente estadounidense a “la comunidad cubano-americana y el pueblo de Cuba” por el Día de la Independencia del país caribeño, que se recuerda cada […] Continue reading
Declaración del Presidente Trump por el Día de la Independencia de Cuba Comunicado Oficial “El pueblo cubano merece un gobierno que respete los valores democráticos, las libertades económicas, religiosas y los derechos humanos, y mi gobierno está decidido a dar forma a esa visión”, afirmó el mandatario en el texto, publicado en ocasión del Día […] Continue reading

El presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, afirmó este sábado que el "despotismo cruel" no puede apagar el anhelo de libertad de los cubanos, quienes merecen un Gobierno que defienda de manera pacífica los "valores democráticos".

En un comunicado emitido por la Casa Blanca, el presidente hizo esa afirmación con motivo de su felicitación a "la comunidad cubanoamericana y el pueblo de la Isla" por el Día de la Independencia de Cuba, que se celebra cada 20 de mayo, reportó EFE.

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Trump: “Dios bendiga al pueblo de Cuba” El presidente de EEUU felicita a “la comunidad cubano-americana y el pueblo de Cuba” por el Día de la Independencia Sábado, mayo 20, 2017 | Agencias WASHINGTON. Estados Unidos.- El presidente de EE.UU., Donald Trump, afirmó hoy que el “despotismo cruel” no puede apagar el anhelo de libertad […] Continue reading
Fue una gran república ¿A qué mundo llevaron los castristas a Cuba? Sábado, mayo 20, 2017 | Julio M. Shiling El comunismo en Cuba, igual que en otros países que han padecido (o padecen) semejante mal, urgió de un régimen totalitario para fundamentar su incrustación. Factores cruciales para concretar exitosamente ese empeño, han sido la […] Continue reading
La Internacional Liberal pide ‘reformas para la transición hacia una sociedad libre en la Isla’ DDC | Andorra la Vieja | 20 de Mayo de 2017 – 20:05 CEST. El Congreso de la Internacional Liberal (IL), celebrado esta semana en Andorra con motivo del aniversario 70 de su creación, emitió este sábado en su jornada […] Continue reading
Cubanet, Luis Cino Alvarez, Havana, 18 May 2017—A neighbor of mine in Arroyo Naranjo recently had to ask an old friend of his who lives Miami to help him obtain some amitriptyline. A psychiatrist had recommended this medication for my neighbor’s wife to treat a nervous condition that would worsen without it. This drug, among … Continue reading "Miami Has It All, Even Russian Meat / Cubanet, Luis Cino Alvarez" Continue reading

Reinaldo Escobar

La Habana siempre ha sido hembra en cada milímetro, edificio o muro agrietado. Esta ciudad podría tener cualquiera de los rostros femeninos que el artista plástico Moisés Finalé expone desde este viernes en el Centro Hispanoamericano de Cultura, bajo el título El peso de su cuerpo. Una muestra en que los ovarios reinan y las vaginas mandan.

Finalé se deja llevar por el cuerpo de la mujer. Representa figuras con un erotismo desatado que delatan sus obsesiones y sus filias. Preso entre unos muslos y atrapado entre dos senos, así parece haber dibujado cada una de estas piezas el creador matancero, nacido en 1957 y uno de los nombres más destacados de la generación de los ochenta.Para reencontrarse con Finalé -y las mujeres de sus cuadros- decenas de amigos y seguidores de su arte llegaron hasta el imponente edificio del Malecón habanero con sus cariátides que miran al mar. En las paredes, testigos del reencuentro y del brindis con una pizca de ron, las formas femeninas se concentraban en lo realmente trascendente: el amor, la vida, la concepción y la muerte.

El artista bien que sabe de abrazos y distancia. Aunque participa con frecuencia en exposiciones en la Isla y mantiene el Studio Finalé-Art en el Vedado, pasa buena parte de su tiempo en París. Más de una vez ha tenido que empacar el erotismo y llevarlo en la maleta con la que cruza el Atlántico. Por eso las doncellas de sus cuadros vienen un poco de aquí, otro tanto de allá y mucho de ninguna parte.Los referentes del pintor son diversos, bebe lo mismo de la estampa japonesa y la simbología egipcia que echa mano del expresionismo o de la mismísima vanguardia cubana. En la pintura, como en la sexualidad, el atrevimiento se premia, nos dicen sus pinceles. Así que también asoman en sus cuadros las máscaras africanas y las alusiones mitológicas.

“Estos cuadros pertenecen a mi colección personal, me han acompañado durante mucho tiempo, algunos desde mediados de los 90”, declara Finalé a 14ymedio. Lo dice como quien teme que alguno se le haya quedado olvidado. Son lienzos infinitos como sábanas amplias y fecundas: lechos sin límites.

Los curadores de la muestra, Rafael Acosta de Arriba y Yamilé Tabío, han logrado compilar esas mujeres queridas o soñadas que rondan al creador. Féminas que miran, lamen, se esconden detrás de un antifaz, desean o copulan. Cuerpos perecederos atrapados en la inmortal sensualidad de un trazo.Finalé ha terminado por crear su propia cosmogonía, un universo de seres sensuales que nacen y perecen sin salirse del ciclo del amor. Un universo sorprendido en un espasmo, donde el artista se refugia y permite a los espectadores también entrar.

Las escenas de lascivia y deseo se prolongan cuando al bajar la amplia escalera del Centro Hispanoamericano se entra de lleno en una Habana sensual e impúdica. Una urbe que, como las mujeres que pinta Finalé, hace mucho tiempo que perdió el recato.

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14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 20 May 2017 — Havana has always been female in every millimeter, edifice or cracked wall. This city could have any of the female faces that the fine artist Moisés Finalé displays this Friday at the Hispanic-American Center of Culture under the title, “The Weight Of Her Body.” A show where ovaries … Continue reading "Moisés Finalé: When Ovaries Reign And Vaginas Rule" Continue reading

El Congreso de la Internacional Liberal (IL), celebrado esta semana en Andorra con motivo del aniversario 70 de su creación, emitió este sábado en su jornada de clausura una declaración sobre la Isla, que figura en la resolución relativa a la situación del mundo contemporáneo.

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… a convicted armed robber to Cuba but the district attorney whose … 1980 Mariel boat lift from Cuba and had legal residency until … Continue reading

Luego de una fuerte sequía que ha roto récords históricos, las primeras lluvias de mayo llegaron a la capital el jueves, provocando inundaciones en varios puntos, y continuaron el viernes.

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Cuba: Forbidden Fruit / Iván García

Iván García, 11 May 2017 — Scarcely a block away from the majestic Grand
Hotel Manzana Kempinski, whose inauguration is expected next June 2nd,
next to the Payret cinema, a state-owned cafeteria sells an acidic and
insipid hamburger with bread for the equivalent of 50 centavos. Workers
in the neighbourhood and beggars who survive on asking foreigners for
change, form a small queue to buy the inedible hamburger.

The hotel, built by Kempinski, a company started in Berlin in 1897,
stands in the place of the old Manzana de Gómez, the first shopping mall
on the island, at Neptuno, San Rafael, Zulueta and Monserrate streets,
in the heart of Havana. Opened in 1910, throughout its history, the
Manzana de Gómez housed everything from offices, lawyers' chambers and
commercial consultants to businesses, cafes and restaurants and other

Very near to Manzana Kempinski, the first five star hotel there, will be
the Cuban parliament, still a work in progress, which will have as its
headquarters the old National Capitol, a smaller scale replica of the
Congress in Washington.

The splendid hotel, owned by Gaviota, a Cuban military corporation, and
managed by the Kepinski organisation, can boast of having the old Centro
Asturiano, now the home of the Fine Arts Museum's private collections,
the Havana Gran Teatro and the Inglaterra, Telégrafo, Plaza and Parque
Central hotels as neighbours.

Apart from the recently-built Parque Central Hotel, the other three
hotels are situated in 19th century or Republican era buildings, and are
among the most beautiful in the city. In the centre of these
architectural jewels we find Havana Park, presided over by the statue of
the national hero, José Martí.

In those four hotels, you will find shops selling exclusively in
convertible pesos (CUC), a strong currency created by Fidel Castro for
the purpose of buying high quality capitalist goods.

Incidentally, they pay their employees in the Cuban Pesos (CUP), or
national currency. In the tourism, telecoms and civil aviation sectors,
their employees only earn 10-35 CUC as commission.

The chavito, as the Cubans term the CUC, is a revolving door which
controls the territory between the socialist botch-ups, shortages and
third rate services and the good or excellent products invoiced by the
"class enemies", as the Marxist theory has it, which supports the olive
green bunch which has been governing the island since 1959.

21st century Cuba is an absurd puzzle. Those in charge talk about
defending the poor, go on about social justice and prosperous
sustainable socialism, but the working class and retired people are
worse off.

The regime is incapable of starting up stocked markets, putting up good
quality apartment blocks, reasonably priced hotels where a workman could
stay or even maintaining houses, streets and sidewalks in and around the
neighborhoods of the capital. But it invests a good part of the gross
domestic product in attracting foreign currency.

José, a private taxi driver, thinks that it's good to have millions of
tourists pouring millions of dollars into the state's cash register.
"But, the cash should then be reinvested in improving the country. From
the '80's on, the government has bet on tourism. And how much money has
come over all those years? And in which productive sectors has it been
invested?" asks the driver of a clapped-out Soviet-era Moskovitch.

Government officials should tell us. But they don't. In Cuba, supposedly
public money is managed in the utmost secrecy. Nobody knows where the
foreign currency earned by the state actually ends up and the officials
look uncomfortable when you ask them to explain about offshore
Panamanian or Swiss bank accounts.

In this social experiment, which brings together the worst of socialism
imported from the USSR with the most repugnant aspects of African style
capitalist monopoly, in the ruined streets of Havana, they allow Rapid
and Furious to be filmed, they tidy up the Paseo del Prado for a Chanel
parade or open a Qatar style hotel like the Manzana Kampinski, in an
area surrounded by filth, where there is no water and families have only
one meal a day to eat.

In a car dealer in Primelles on the corner of Via Blanca, in El Cerro,
they sell cars at insulting prices. The hoods of the cars are covered in
dust and a used car costs between $15-40,000. A Peugeot 508, at $300k,
is dearer than a Lamborghini.

For the authorities, the excessive prices are a "revolutionary tax", and
with this money they have said they will defray the cost of buying city
buses. It's a joke: they have hardly sold more than about forty
second-hand cars in three years and public transport goes from bad to worse.

For Danay, a secondary school teacher, it isn't the government opening
hotels and luxury shops that annoys her, "What pisses me off is that
everything is unreal. How can they sell stuff that no-one could afford
even if they worked for 500 years? Is it some kind of macabre joke, and
an insult to all Cuban workers?" Danay asks herself, while she hangs
around the shopping centre in the Hotel Kempinski.

In the wide reinforced concrete passageways, what you normally see there
is amazing. With his girl friend embracing him, Ronald, a university
student, smiles sarcastically as he looks in a jewelry shop window at
some emeralds going for more than 24k convertible pesos. "In another
shop, a Canon camera costs 7,500 CUC. It's mad." And he adds:

"In other countries they sell expensive items, but they also have items
for more affordable prices. Who the hell could buy that in Cuba, my
friend? Apart from those people (in the government), the Cuban major
league baseball players who get paid millions of dollars, and the people
who have emigrated and earn lots of money in the United States. I don't
think tourists are going to buy things they can get more cheaply in
their own countries. If at any time I had any doubts about the essential
truth about this government, I can see it here: we are living in a
divided society. Capitalism for the people up there, and socialism and
poverty for us lot down here".

Security guards dressed in grey uniforms, with earphones in their ears
and surly-looking faces, have a go at anyone taking photos or connecting
to the internet via wifi. People complain "If they don't let you take
photos or connect to the internet, then they are not letting Cubans come
in", says an irritated woman.

In the middle of the ground floor of what is now the Hotel Kempinski,
which used to be the Manzana de Gómez mall, in 1965 a bronze effigy of
Julio Antonio Mella, the student leaders and founder of the first
Communist party in 1925, was unveiled. The sculpture has disappeared
from there.

"In the middle of all this luxurious capitalism, there is no place for
Mella's statue", comments a man looking at the window displays with his
granddaughter. Or probably the government felt embarrassed by it.

Iván García

Note: About the Mella bust, in an article entitled Not forgotten or
dead, published 6th May in the Juventud Rebelde magazine, the journalist
Ciro Bianchi Ross wrote: "I have often asked myself what was the point
of the Mella bust which they put in the middle of the Manzana de Gómez
mall and then removed seven years ago, before the old building started
to be transformed into a luxury hotel, and which seems to bother people
now. Mella had nothing in common with that building. The Manzana de
Gómez had no connection with his life or his political journey. Apart
from the fact that from an artistic point of view it didn't look like

Translated by GH

Source: Cuba: Forbidden Fruit / Iván García – Translating Cuba -
http://translatingcuba.com/cuba-forbidden-fruit-ivn-garca/ Continue reading
La Patria cuenta con una generación de relevo 20 de mayo de 2017 – 00:05 – Por ILIANA LAVASTIDA Las palabras de Jonathan Ibáñez, especialista en medios digitales y mercadeo, cuya familia emigró como parte del éxodo del Mariel en 1980, encierran el sentir de sus padres y sus abuelos “Vivimos en una memoria reciclada. […] Continue reading
Merecido reconocimiento a Damas de Blanco 19 de mayo de 2017 – 21:05 – Por Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Cada domingo, las Damas de Blanco luchan por sus familiares cautivos y todos los presos políticos en Cuba, en demostraciones pacíficas mientras caminan hacia la iglesia. Pero cada domingo son acosadas y arrestadas por los secuaces del régimen […] Continue reading
Enrique del Risco: “Nunca como ahora veo a Cuba más lejos de los ideales republicanos que la fundaron” 19 de mayo de 2017 – 21:05 – Por Ania Liste Enrique del Risco ha vivido su exilio entre Madrid y Nueva York. Charlamos con él a propósito del 115 aniversario del nacimiento de la República de […] Continue reading
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