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Daily Archives: May 22, 2017

… later, Nazabal-Amores bid goodbye to Cuba and moved to the Halifax … biology from the University of Havana, he enrolled in the masters … launched O’Cubano Cafe & Catering. It’s a Cuban cuisine business … now Cuban-style cuisine. The most well-known item on O’Cubano’s menu … Continue reading

El coronel Alejandro Castro Espín se reunión con el secretario del Consejo de Seguridad de Rusia, Nikolái Pátrushev, para tratar la cooperación en la esfera de la seguridad informática, según informó Sputnik News.

El medio de prensa no señaló nada más sobre este encuentro.

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14ymedio, Havana, 17 May 2017 — In the midst of the morning hustle and bustle, residents of Havana are trying to reach their destinations on time, a challenge because of the inefficient public transport and the sky high prices charged by the private operators of fixed-route shared-ride taxi services. On Monday a new service, “Rutero taxis,” … Continue reading "A Taxi Cooperative Proposes To Lower Private Transport Prices" Continue reading
La Fundación Nacional Cubano Americana (FNCA) gastó en el 2016 casi $400,000 en apoyo a la disidencia interna en Cuba, según un informe divulgado este lunes en la sede de … Click to Continue » Continue reading

"Esta es la quinta ocasión en que me impiden salir del país y desde diciembre 2016 hasta la fecha es la segunda vez", denunció Carlos Amel Oliva, activista y líder juvenil de la Unión Patriótica de Cuba (UNPACU).

En conversación con DIARIO DE CUBA, el activista relató que este domingo cuando se disponía a viajar a México las autoridades de Inmigración en el Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí le prohibieron abordar el avión.

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Cuba's Proxy War in Venezuela
Mary Anastasia O'Grady in The Wall Street Journal

The commitment to Maduro among soldiers and police is breaking down

Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro is responding to mass demonstrations
by selectively killing civilians. If, as a result, some branch of the
military breaks with the regime, the country will descend into civil
war. But until then it's a one-sided slaughter.

It's also a Cuban proxy war. More than a dozen high-ranking Cuban
officers are said to be in Venezuela, along with thousands of Cuban
intelligence agents. Their job is to keep Venezuelan army officers under
constant surveillance to prevent the feared military uprising to restore
democracy. If the international community wants to head off disaster, a
good place to start would be in Havana.

On Thursday Miami's El Nuevo Herald reported it has a recording of
Venezuelan generals—at a meeting in Barquisimeto three weeks ago—"giving
orders to use snipers to control demonstrators." According to the Herald
they did so "with the argument that they find themselves on the
threshold of a civil war."

Maybe the generals know something not yet acknowledged publicly—that the
commitment to Mr. Maduro among the nation's soldiers and police is
breaking down.

It happened once before, in April 2002, when snipers backing the regime
picked off protesters during a demonstration in Caracas. When some
members of the army refused to help then-President Hugo Chávez crack
down on the crowd, he was forced to step aside, albeit temporarily.

Once back in power, Chávez accelerated the recruitment and arming of
paramilitaries. Thousands now show up at antigovernment protests, firing
weapons into crowds and using their motorcycles to run down
demonstrators. If the Cubans remain the power behind the throne, there
will be no one to stop these trained killers from slitting the throats
of the opposition.

The possibility of a break inside the armed forces seems to be on the
rise. As the Journal's Anatoly Kurmanaev reported on Wednesday, National
Guard riot police are worn down from taking on thousands of street
protesters almost daily since the beginning of April. Rank-and-file
soldiers also are not immune to the hardship and hunger caused by Mr.
Maduro's senseless economic policies. They say they too are underpaid
and underfed.

The dictatorship is clearly worried about this and recognizes it will
lose a war of attrition. One source in Caracas who marched in the
streets Thursday observed a noted increase in regime repression.

In recent weeks government enforcers also have launched attacks on lower
middle-class neighborhoods where Maduro critics live. They break down
gates and doors, rampage through apartment complexes, fire tear-gas
canisters through windows and loot homes.

On May 7 the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional reported that between
April 4 and May 5 the National Guard, together with National Bolivarian
Police and chavista militia, invaded 11 different residential areas in
Caracas. One family of four in the El Paraíso district, requesting
anonymity, told of how they cowered together in a bathroom for eight
hours to keep from being asphyxiated by the tear gas that had inundated
the rest of their apartment.

It wasn't the first blitz on the building complex known as Terrazas del
Paraíso. On April 19 pro-government thugs smashed an iron grille to get
in and rob one of the neighbors. On April 26 civilian-clothed militia
entered the complex and fired rubber bullets, injuring some residents.
"But it was to frighten us, because they didn't steal anything," one of
the victims told the newspaper.

On May 11 El Nacional reported that since this most recent wave of
protests began, state security forces and paramilitary have engaged in
similar violence and theft against 13 condominiums in six cities
including Maracay, Valencia, Barquisimeto and Merida. Forty-seven people
have been killed in the violence perpetrated by the antiriot squads and
paramilitary madmen since early April.

This is state terrorism. But it may not have its intended effect. Most
of the country is solidly against the government, and this includes
low-income Venezuelans, once the base for chavismo. Paradoxically the
repression seems to be strengthening opposition resolve. Perhaps
Venezuelans have reached a tipping point. They will get new elections
and freedom for political prisoners, or are ready to die trying.

The brutality also may be eroding the confidence of the men and women in
uniform. Many seem not to have the stomach for the cruelty their Cuban
handlers expect from their South American protégés. On May 5 opposition
leader Henrique Capriles said 85 members of the armed forces, including
some young captains and sergeants, had been detained by the regime for
criticizing the repression. On May 19 a member of the National Guard was
arrested in Táchira for having crossed over to defend protesters.

The international community has the power, through sanctions, to rein in
Cuba. If it fails to do so, the Venezuelan opposition will be massacred.

Source: Cuba's proxy war in Venezuela | Babalú Blog -
https://www.babalublog.com/2017/05/22/cubas-proxy-war-in-venezuela/ Continue reading
Delito económico, la trampa en el camino YOANI SÁNCHEZ, La Habana | 22/05/2017 Represión, Delitos económicos, Seguridad del Estado, Mercado informal La vendedora describió en un murmullo su mercancía: bistec de caguama, carne de res y camarones. El hombre salivó, pero respondió que no podía comprar ninguno de esos productos, los más perseguidos del mercado […] Continue reading
Estado verde olivo ejerce como patrón empresarial en Cuba 21 de mayo de 2017 – 17:05 – Por IVÁN GARCÍA Desde que el Estado verde olivo decidió arrendar flotas de taxis en moneda dura, los clientes locales han salido perjudicados. “Ahora el precio de las carreras se ha disparado” Malestar en la espalda, aumento de […] Continue reading
Fariñas participa este miércoles en Foro de Oslo 2017 El opositor cubano Guillermo Fariñas dictará la conferencia titulada “La vida de un revolucionario”, y será presentado por la abogada litigante a favor de los derechos humanos Kimberley Motley. El Foro de Libertad Oslo 2017 unirá a los disidentes, activistas, artistas, periodistas y reformadores del mundo […] Continue reading
“No es nada amoral”: responde opositor a quienes le califican de “disidente viajero” Luis Felipe Rojas “Hay que tener mucho compromiso para salir un día, estar en democracia y regresar a Cuba, hacia la esclavitud, y estar en un pestilente calabozo”, dijo Carlos Amel Oliva, líder juvenil de UNPACU. El opositor cubano Carlos Amel Oliva […] Continue reading
La “cayocracia”, otra brecha entre entre ricos y pobres en Cuba Los cayos turísticos son clave en la isla que tiene en el sector una de las principales entradas de divisas. El acceso para la mayoría de los cubanos es restringido debido a los altos precios. Cubanos consultados por Radio Martí definieron el lunes a […] Continue reading
Amnistía Internacional aboga en otra ciudad holandesa por la libertad de Eduardo Cardet Luis Felipe Rojas El grupo defensor de los derechos humanos pedirá a los ciudadanos de Culemborg, Holanda, que firmen una petición por la libertad del médico opositor cubano, condenado a tres años de cárcel en Cuba. La causa del médico opositor cubano […] Continue reading
Arrestan a más de 60 Damas de Blanco en 101 jornada dominical “Todos Marchamos” La líder del movimiento femenino, Berta Soler, y otras dos activistas no habían regresado a casa este lunes en la mañana. La medida busca impedir el avance de la campaña “Todos Marchamos”. Al menos 61 activistas del grupo opositor Damas de […] Continue reading
Cultura y República en Cuba: del origen militar y marinero a la modernidad del Havana Hilton mayo 21, 2017 Armando de Armas / martinoticias.com El eminente historiador Manuel Moreno Fraginals definió la cultura cubana como militar y marinera, y no le faltaba razón a pesar de que, como sabemos, la isla no ha dado ni […] Continue reading

La Unión Europea (UE) y el Gobierno cubano hablaron en su reunión de este lunes sobre las "elecciones" que La Habana tiene previstas organizar en 2018 para designar a un nuevo líder en sustitución de Raúl Castro, informó la Comisión Europea.

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El encuentro tuvo lugar este lunes en Bruselas Continue reading
La metodología sistemática de los Castro MANUEL CEREIJO Desde 1959 Castro empezó a planificar lo más importante para la subsistencia de su tiranía: el terrorismo mundial, como crear un exilio en Estados Unidos que pudiera ayudarlo económicamente, borrar la historia anterior a 1959 y crear a un cubano distinto, sin conocimiento del pasado. Cuando lo […] Continue reading

La mayor presa del país, la Zaza, se encuentra en su nivel más bajo en los últimos 30 años: al 11% de su capacidad, con apenas 110,6 millones de metros cúbicos de agua, según dio a conocer el diario oficial Granma.

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La Unión Europea y Cuba han mantenido este lunes en Bruselas su tercera ronda de diálogo sobre Derechos Humanos, en la que se han centrado en discutir aspectos sobre la participación ciudadana en asuntos públicos y en la protección de los derechos de los migrantes y refugiados. Continue reading
… base in Cuba. I also read several books on the Cuban revolution … dusty, narrow streets of Old Havana,” Williams said. They happened upon … the opposite end of Old Havana, Williams and Bunge visited Plaza … stretches from the mouth of Havana Harbor to Vedado. While Williams … Continue reading
Cuba: así no La apertura de un centro comercial de lujo en La Habana es noticia en medio de la recesión DIEGO GARCÍA-SAYAN 22 MAY 2017 – 01:00 CEST La apertura de un mall de lujo no es ya noticia en ningún país latinoamericano, con una excepción: Cuba. Tema de comentario tanto por los locales […] Continue reading
Cuba a Trump: “Está muy mal asesorado” La isla reaccionó a un mensaje enviado por el presidente estadounidense donde denunció la “opresión” que se vive en dicho país Cuba reaccionó a un mensaje enviado por el presidente estadounidense Donald Trump felicitando a Cuba por su independencia de España, afirmando que la fecha sólo marca el […] Continue reading
Wendy Guerra se pregunta si ‘todos los cubanos tienen en la sangre un poco de Fidel Castro’ DDC | La Habana | 22 de Mayo de 2017 – 17:18 CEST. Para la escritora Wendy Guerra probablemente todos los cubanos tengan en la sangre un poco de Fidel Castro, “para mal y para bien”, o al […] Continue reading
In a first, Cuba loses patience with Trump's "ridiculous" statements
US president criticizes regime on Independence Day; Havana chides
Miami 22 MAY 2017 - 17:36 CEST

For the first time, the Cuban government has responded to US President
Donald Trump in an exasperated tone. On Saturday, when the island nation
was observing the anniversary of the creation of the Republic of Cuba on
May 20, 1902, the White House released a statement from Trump "to the
Cuban-American community and to the people of Cuba" stating that
historical figures such as the Cuban patriot José Martí "remind us that
cruel despotism cannot extinguish the flame of freedom in the hearts of

Cuba se crispa por primera vez con Trump y lo califica de "ridículo"
"The Cuban people deserve a government that peacefully upholds
democratic values, economic liberties, religious freedoms, and human
rights, and my Administration is committed to achieving that vision,"
reads the statement.

Just hours later, Cuban television aired a reply that derided Trump's
message as "ridiculous" and "ill-advised." Cuban authorities criticized
"the contradictory, blundering statements by the
millionaire-magnate-turned-president on matters of foreign and domestic

This recent verbal scuffle could set the tone for a future relationship
defined by an ill-humored pragmatism

Up until now, the Raúl Castro administration had exercised
self-restraint in the face of Trump's criticism. This verbal clash is
the first direct falling out between both countries since the new US
president took office, and it represents a harsh change of tone in
bilateral relations following the diplomatic normalization that began in
December 2014 under then-president Barack Obama.

Under Trump, who has spoken – both before and after his election victory
– of the possibility of backtracking on his predecessor's overtures to
Cuba if Havana did not respect civil liberties, bilateral relations have
entered a period of unease until the White House defines its Cuba policy.

Cuban-American political power, which remains loyal to Miami exiles'
traditional demands for Washington to be tough on Havana, is pressuring
the president in this direction, although his administration is not
expected to go much further than verbal political denunciation and the
odd minor corrective measure. This is because half of all Cuban-American
voters support a normalization of relations, and because there is
significant US business interest in continuing with the thaw.

This recent verbal scuffle could set the tone for a future relationship
defined by an ill-humored pragmatism under which both governments would
direct barbs at one another but make no politically significant moves –
or it could herald a regression to the days of open hostility that could
eventually have real political repercussions.

English version by Susana Urra.

Source: Cuban thaw: In a first, Cuba loses patience with Trump's
"ridiculous" statements | In English | EL PAÍS -
http://elpais.com/elpais/2017/05/22/inenglish/1495462290_428970.html Continue reading
Havana lashes out against Trump's May 20 message to the Cuban people

Havana has reacted strongly to a statement issued by President Donald
Trump to the Cuban people over the weekend to mark the 115th anniversary
of the birth of the Republic of Cuba.

A statement read on Cuban state television on Saturday described Trump's
message as "controversial" and "ridiculous."

"...the Miami Herald on Saturday published a controversial and
ridiculous message from the ill-advised U.S. President Donald Trump to
the people of Cuba about May 20, a date that the United States considers
as the emergence of the Republic of Cuba, when we actually know that
what was born that day was a Yankee neo-colony, which lived until on
January 1, 1959," says the statement, referencing the date when Fidel
Castro seized control of the island.

The statement, which was also published on the Cuban TV website, is
signed only as "Official Note" and it is unclear whether it corresponds
to a change of position by the Cuban government, which had been careful
in its statements on the new U.S. president, who has ordered a review of
Cuba policy.

On several occasions, the Cuban government has offered to maintain a
dialogue with the United States.

Official notes from Havana are usually signed by "the Revolutionary
Government" or the governmental entity issuing it. Cuban Television
responds directly to the Central Committee of the Communist Party, a
conservative bastion within the government of Raúl Castro.

The Cuban Embassy in the United States did not immediately respond to a
request for comment.

The statement also references a wire story published in el Nuevo Herald
that focused on "Trump's slips in state affairs."

"Even within in the U.S. government there is knowledge of the
contradictory and clumsy pronouncements of the millionaire tycoon turned
president, on issues of politics, both exterior and interior," the
statement says.

On Sunday, state television continued to lash out with commentator
Oliver Zamora stating in the noon newscast:

"..Now we must really worry about the future of bilateral relations
after this letter from the president-magnate, because he can only
respond to two initial positions, or part of the cynicism, or at best

Trump's message, which triggered Havana's reaction, highlighted "that
cruel despotism cannot extinguish the flame of freedom in the hearts of
Cubans, and that unjust persecution cannot tamper Cubans' dreams for
their children to live free from oppression."

Trump also promised that he will work for Cubans on the island to have a
government that respects democracy and civil liberties.

During his campaign, Trump promised to change Cuba policy, and a State
Department official recently said that the United States would seek to
put more pressure on the Cuban government regarding its human rights
record. It was anticipated that an announcement about these changes
would come by Saturday, but it was postponed because of the president's
trip to the Middle East and because the Cuba policy review has not been
completed, a White House spokeswoman told el Nuevo Herald.


Source: Havana reacts to Trump's May 20 message to Cubans | Miami Herald
http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article151952832.html Continue reading

"Estamos muy contentos de que la puerta para Kempinski en las Américas sea Cuba", aseguró este domingo Xavier Destribats, director general del Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski.

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El Gobierno anunció este domingo que abrirá cinco mercados más para abastecer al sector cuentapropista vinculado a los servicios al turismo, según dio a conocer la agencia oficial de noticias ACN.

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Se prevé su inauguración oficial para el próximo 7 de junio Continue reading
Silvio Rodríguez exhortó a los venezolanos a que “no dejen de luchar por lo que vale la pena, la América Nuestra que previeron Bolívar y Martí, Fidel y Chávez”, en … Click to Continue » Continue reading
Washington hará lo que haya que hacer para proteger los intereses nacionales de EEUU, pero no más que eso Continue reading
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Eriberto Pérez Martínez, del Partido Unión por Cuba Libre (PUNCLI), fue detenido el domingo en la tarde en su domicilio en San Cristóbal, Artemisa, después de que otros cinco activistas de la misma agrupación fueran arrestados el sábado en la Avenida de los Presidentes del Vedado en La Habana.

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Para la escritora Wendy Guerra probablemente todos los cubanos tengan en la sangre un poco de Fidel Castro, "para mal y para bien", o al menos es una pregunta que se hace en una entrevista que publica la edición digital de Aristegui Noticias.

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… restricted free agent, owner Mark Cuban wants to bring him back … working out together,'" Cuban said, via dallasnews.com. … Continue reading
… the 115th anniversary of Cuban Independence Day, Cuba slammed “ill-advised” U.S … to unilaterally intervene in Cuba and dominated Havana and the island… fully respecting Cuban sovereignty. But Trump has demonstrated hostility toward Cuba and … Continue reading
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El Gobierno pide a los profesionales en Venezuela ‘una entrega ejemplar, combativa’ DDC | Caracas | 22 de Mayo de 2017 – 12:31 CEST. El jefe de todas las “misiones cubanas” en Venezuela, Víctor Gaute López, pidió el sábado a los profesionales cubanos que trabajan en ese país “una entrega ejemplar, combativa” que deje “al […] Continue reading