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Daily Archives: August 2, 2017

… is the son of a Cuban immigrant, argued back that by … Continue reading

La decisión de las autoridades de cancelar definitivamente o "por el momento" la entrega de licencias para negocios privados en un conjunto de actividades ha caído como un jarro de agua fría sobre emprendedores que pensaban abrir sus negocios este año y ven cerrarse las posibilidades de mejorar sus vidas en un mediano plazo.

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… day. Acosta’s parents are Cuban immigrants. “When it comes to … his father was a Cuban immigrant who fled Cuba before the missile … Continue reading
… is the son of a Cuban immigrant, argued back that by … Continue reading
… case, but it’s the Cuban women’s volleyball team from … Continue reading
… his father immigrated from Cuba before the Cuban Missile Crisis, questioned whether … .  Trump aide #Stephen Miller lecturing Cuban-American Jim Acosta of CNN on … , "You can be both Cuban and cosmopolitan." Earlier in … Continue reading
… to the U.S. from Cuba, took issue with Miller’s … Continue reading

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… as a director. About Cuba Ventures Corp.: Cuba Ventures Corp. is a … $3.5 billion per year Cuban travel and tourism industry. Travelucion … portfolio of Cuba related websites and online portals providing Cuba travel information … ,487 shares issued and outstanding. CUBA VENTURES CORP. STEVE MARSHALL ______________________________ … Continue reading
… plump for US businessman Mark Cuban for the role instead, a … Continue reading
… . Lauderdale to multiple destinations in Cuba, including Havana. Blackout dates for travel … Continue reading
… saw, according to authorities. — Julianne Cuba Posted 12:00 am, August … Continue reading

El presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, promulgó este miércoles una ley que impone nuevas sanciones contra Moscú, reporta EFE.

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… Creek Dog Park Address: 10100 Havana St., Henderson Hours: Everyday from … Continue reading
… . detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, after allegedly killing an American … Continue reading
… his father immigrated from Cuba before the Cuban Missile Crisis, argued a … CNN “you can be both Cuban and cosmopolitan”. “The New Colossus … Trump aide #Stephen Miller lecturing Cuban-American Jim Acosta of CNN on … Continue reading
… tiles that came from a Cuban castle, but that was Post … Continue reading
… . History Florida y Cuba: Gateways to the Caribbean: Florida's connection to Cuba dates back 500 years and … pieces, including a print by Cuban artist Ibrahim Miranda, created at … Continue reading
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Ivan Garcia, 2 August 2017 — Not even the threat of rain accompanied by a slight coastal breeze dampens the terrible heat that of this summer in Havana. People on the street are in a bad mood. The sun burns, public services are inefficient as always, and empty dinner plates mobilize thousands of capital residents to rummage … Continue reading "Cubans on the Island Don’t Like Maduro / Iván García" Continue reading
…  Sharknado 3 for casting Mark Cuban as their president instead of … we just have gotten Mark Cuban running in 2016 instead? Who … producers scrambled to cast Mark Cuban, a businessman who coincidentally also … Continue reading
… , as the son of a Cuban immigrant, he fully understands green … Continue reading
… an hour before the race. Havana Grey, a speedy winner of … Continue reading
… in his career. While The Cuban Missile Crisis has performed well … Continue reading
… ) These delicately stuffed poblano or cubanelle peppers are a gorgeous way … pepper Peppers: 6 poblano or cubanelle peppers (see note) 1 tbsp … heat to this dish, while cubanelles are more mild and sweet … Continue reading
… 's father was a Cuban immigrant, seated in the briefing … , noting his own father, a Cuban boy and an American immigrant … Continue reading
… charters to various cities in Cuba and a number of charters … in and out of Miami, Cuba, Latin America and the Caribbean … Continue reading
… million, Gabon with $203 million, Cuba with $118.4 million, Macedonia … Continue reading
… the U.S. base in Cuba later this month. Pohl and … Continue reading
… also have strombolis like the Cuban Boli and the Buffalo Chicken … Continue reading

Dos cubanos fueron detenidos este martes por autoridades migratorias de México, según informa Diario Yucatán.

La mujer trabajaba como mesera en el bar Tinieblas, mientras que el hombre era un vecino del establecimiento que se encontraba en el local.

Ambos fueron detenidos por oficiales del Instituto Nacional de Migración "por no presentar la documentación para comprobar su estancia legal" en México.

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14ymedio, Miami, 1 August 2017 – The work performed by the self-employed in the island already generates 17.8% of the gross income of the Cuban economy despite difficulties such as high taxes and shortages of raw materials, according to the latest report from The Havana Consulting Group (THCG), which considers this sector as “a necessary … Continue reading "The Private Sector Accounts For 18% Of The Cuban Economy Despite The Obstacles" Continue reading
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… on Aug 5. By Julianne Cuba Brooklyn Daily Subscribe Get our … noon. Free. Reach reporter Julianne Cuba at (718) 260–4577 or … Continue reading
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