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“The Cuban government is based on lies and cheap propaganda. That is why it is afraid of words and the truth.”
Raul Rivero, April 2006, University of Sevilla

Cubanews is side project of Cubaverdad.  Cubaverdad posts highly relevant news articles about and creates a non-commercial and educational database of these  articles for future research. Cubanews merely aims to provide a central portal with links to various international news sources. The artcles mostly are “excerpts only” (depends on the settings of the site creating the underlying RSS feeds) and their long term availability also is solely dependent on the settings of the linked news server.

At the request of various readers we have incorporated the two “single langue” feeds of Cubaverdad in Cubanews while giving priority to other news servers.

In order to enhance the site some “news agregators” like Moreover and Bignews are included in the feeds. This means an extra click for the user to get to the source data, but considerably increases the amount of news items linked to.

We link to news sources in both English and Spanish.

Cubanews is meant to be a resource that makes finding the reported news about Cuba easier to find.

Cubanews and Cubaverdad are projects of a group of European, Africans and Cubans that aim to inform people about the daily reality in Cuba in support of the human rights of the Cuban people.


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