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One day before the Trump administration was expected to release details about how Title III will be implemented, Cuba Standard talked to Washington lawyer and Helms-Burton expert Robert Muse Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — In a major policy shift after 23 years, the Trump administration will activate a clause of the Helms-Burton law of 1996 that allows claims holders to sue foreign companies that do business in the island using properties confiscated more than five decades ago, a senior official told reporters a day before the expected announcement. […] Continue reading
The fact that the U.S. political system is unabashedly ruled by money should not lead us to believe that all political systems are like ours Continue reading
Bruce Nierenberg quietly sold the Victory Cruise Lines Ltd. brand and its two ships in January to American Queen Steamboat Co., which discontinued cruises to Cuba Continue reading
Four events in the last 14 days illustrate how the region is being captured, probably irretrievably, by a new cold war that involves the United States, China, Russia and Europe Continue reading
Russian companies want to provide cybersecurity and e-commerce services; Google inching closer to undersea cable Continue reading
The project by Britain's Hive Energy is the first of what Cuba would like to be many 100% foreign-owned renewable energy ventures in the island. However, reflecting the difficult environment for foreign investors in Cuba, the British company had to seek deep-pocketed partners in China Continue reading
MAD Event Management went from staging a comics fair in Havana to helping the Ministry of Education put together an international conference on pedagogy. Next: Organizing a marathon in Havana Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced another short-term suspension of a clause in the Helms-Burton Act that would allow claimants to file lawsuits in U.S. courts against foreign companies. At the same time — in what one U.S. lawyer calls a “very, very odd exercise” — the U.S. government will allow plaintiffs […] Continue reading
In a letter to Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, the United Sates Agriculture Coalition for Cuba warned that, if President Donald Trump fails to suspend Title III of the Helms-Burton Act on March 18, "an unnecessary flood of litigation" could "dash the export of U.S. food products to Cuba" Continue reading
However the Trump administration's gamble turns out in Venezuela, the result for Cuba is clear: Venezuelan economic support is nearing its end Continue reading
Is this deal really worth scuttling because Cuban baseball will get money for equipment and training, and some may spill into other sports budgets or Cuban general revenues? Why rebuff Cuban moves to allow world-class athletes to travel and compete abroad and earn market-based pay? Continue reading
Allowing Americans with claims to sue third-country companies would provide zero benefits to U.S. claimants. But it would do a lot of other things Continue reading
During a speech in Miami, National Security Advisor John Bolton could announce an expansion of the "Cuba Restricted List" and a measure forcing U.S. companies to pay Cuban employees directly Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — It’s more than a year late, it’s small, it’s not the first U.S. venture at the Mariel Special Development Zone, and commercialization of its products is — at best — years and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of clinical testing away. Still, promoters of U.S.-Cuba normalization say the biotech joint venture […] Continue reading
Trying to bring some of Europe's larger corporations to the table, a Paris-based consultant is planning to launch a Cuba business association with an Oct. 4 event in Marseille Continue reading
Tony Zamora, a shareholder of Cuba Media LLC which publishes Cuba Standard, passed away in June, after losing his battle with cancer Continue reading
Cubana de Aviación leased the aircraft from Mexico's Damojh Aerolíneas S.A. de C.V. It was carrying 104 passengers and nine Mexican crew to Holguín on CU-972, a regular scheduled flight Continue reading
Maersk dominates Cuba's shipping routes to Asia, but it is hungry for more Continue reading
Raúl's reforms limit the new president's time in power to two five-year terms. Will Rául be the 'retired shogun' behind Díaz-Canel? Continue reading
Vicki Huddleston, a career diplomat who was head of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, just published a book about her insights and experiences with Cuba. Read an excerpt from "Our Woman in Havana" here. Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — The State Department made staffing cuts at the U.S. embassy in Havana permanent, which leaves a travel warning in place. “The embassy will continue to operate with the minimum personnel necessary to perform core diplomatic and consular functions, similar to the level of emergency staffing maintained during ordered departure,” a State Department […] Continue reading
This, in turn, would allow the State Department to lift a travel warning. However, the cuts are likely to remain permanent. Continue reading
In street-level exchanges, despite a surtax on dollar sales, the U.S. dollar rose immediately against the convertible peso (CUC) — which will be replaced by the Cuban peso (CUP) — closing in on a 1:1 rate Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — After two bad months for Cuba travel — following the Trump administration’s new confrontational rhetoric, allegations of U.S. officials being under physical attack in Havana, a State Department travel warning, and new restrictions on travel — U.S. industry executives went on the counter-offensive. “Traveling to Cuba is legal and safe, something that many Americans do not fully understand,” Tom Popper told a […] Continue reading
As red-hot U.S. travel to Cuba has cooled to orange level in the last months of 2017, 30-plus U.S. travel executives gather in Havana to get the message across to a wider audience Continue reading
John Felder's Premier Automotive Export Ltd., which has been offering Nissan Leaf electric vehicles, now also offers Top Rank Gear e-scooters Continue reading
Raúl's transformation of the system is not just rooted in a modernization of the development strategy Continue reading
New companies and organizations joined dozens of existing players in 2017, lobbying Congress and the Trump administration for openings to Cuba Continue reading
The parliament cites delays in the electoral process caused by Hurricane Irma. Even so, Castro reassures that 'Cuba will have a new president' by April 19 Continue reading
20% more visitors arrived in Cuba this year, but numbers for September, November and December are down Continue reading
Spending $250,000 on lobbying, the travel-booking site successfully secured language in Trump’s new Cuba regulations that allows individual travel Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — The same day President Donald Trump was thanking the Communist leaders of China for a “beautiful welcome” in Beijing, his administration published tightened Cuba sanctions that prohibit any business with 180 armed forces-controlled entities (See list page 9) and greatly reduce individual travel. The amendments to the Cuban Assets Control Regulations (CACR) […] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — In what is the first direct sale of U.S. machines to Cuba in more than half a century, John Deere & Co. executives signed an agreement at the Havana Fair Nov. 2 to supply farm tractors to Cuba. The sale of farm tractors and implements to the Cuban agriculture sector will “improve […] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Cuba has received commitments for $2 billion in foreign investments in 2017, with 30 agreements signed so far this year and more to come, said Foreign Trade and Investment Minister Rodrigo Malmierca during the opening of an investor forum at this year’s Havana International Fair. “There are another 80 negotiations underway, 15 of which […] Continue reading
Amid the isolation caused by U.S. sanctions, Cuba has built a pharmaceutical industry that not only supplies Cuban patients with medicine, but also generates the country’s No. 2 goods export after nickel. Most of the international attention has focused on Cuba’s cutting-edge biotechnology such as cancer vaccines. However, 30-some years into the initiative, observers question […] Continue reading
Continuing a series of measures that make travel to and from Cuba harder, the U.S. government now alleges that private travelers, in addition to U.S. officials, have been subject to what they call "attacks", and tells U.S. visitors to stay away from two hotels in Havana Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Taking another step towards minimizing diplomatic relations, the Trump administration expelled 60% of diplomats working at the Cuban embassy in Washington, to “ensure equity” after the State Department announced it would withdraw 60% of employees at its embassy in Havana. The State Department ordered that 15 Cuban diplomats on a list handed to Ambassador José Cabañas […] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Scraping along most of Cuba’s northern coastline during 72 hours, Hurricane Irma claimed at least 10 lives and caused major damage to much of the island, knocking out the entire national power grid and devastating the tourism infrastructure in the northern keys. Loss of life is an unusual occurrence in Cuba, which prides itself of world-class hurricane preparation and response. However, this Category-5 storm […] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — In a move that will likely have a negative impact on Cuba’s ambitious plans for the cooperative sector, the finance ministry ordered the shutdown of Scenius, one of the fastest-growing new cooperatives in Cuba. Scenius, started two-and-half years ago by a group of accountants and other professionals, provides accounting services almost exclusively to […] Continue reading
Anatomy of a fake fact Continue reading
So you have a copy of the title document whereby your aunt Yuya took title to a parcel of land in Cuba back in, say, the 1940s. What does it mean for Aunt Yuya's heirs of recovering title to that property? Continue reading
Cubans who want to get back the property their families owned before the Revolution must understand that their only venue is a Cuban court, ruling under Cuba’s laws Continue reading
As his administration has yet to announce the results of its review of U.S. Cuba policy, President Trump issued a statement that seems to describe the Cuban system as "cruel despotism". Raúl Castro said Trump makes "contradictory and clumsy pronouncements". Continue reading
A Cuba Standard lecture at the Poynter Institute, St. Petersburg, Fla., Apr. 24, 2017 Continue reading