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Sarah Stephens: 43 days in, and the Trump administration has made no changes to the Cuba policy Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — As the oil price has begun to climb out of the basement, on-shore exploration in Cuba is showing signs of life, and Cuba is readying another round of bidding for offshore blocks later this year, a couple of hundred oil and gas industry players are gathering in Havana this week to find […] Continue reading
As a Cuban delegation is touring southeastern U.S. ports, Rick Scott tweeted he would cut funding to Florida ports that 'work with Cuba' Continue reading
The case was OFAC's first travel-related enforcement action in a decade Continue reading
The move closes a gap through which a rising number of Cubans have been entering the United States, and it takes a controversy off the shoulders of his successor Continue reading
Opponents of U.S.-Cuba normalization have taken full advantage of the fact-free character of recent political debate in the United States to spread a variety of myths. Cuba expert William LeoGrande dispels them Continue reading
75% of U.S. adults approve of the current normalization policy with Cuba, and 73% favor ending U.S. sanctions against Cuba Continue reading
The only project that might be affected by the freezing of funds by development bank BNDES is the buildout of the first phase of the Mariel Special Development Zone by a subsidiary of Grupo Odebrecht Continue reading
Julia Sagebien: On Cuba policy, as on many other fronts, the Trump presidency presents a whole new set of complex dynamics Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — With Donald J. Trump moving into the White House in January, a big question mark is hovering over the U.S.-Cuban normalization process begun by his predecessor, possibly removing a keystone from Havana’s foreign policy and a driver of economic growth for the island. The president-elect — who sent his executives to Cuba in the 1990s […] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — No matter how sound their business plans are, European investors in Cuba, competing for a $500 million Havana airport project and more than $1 billion worth of renewable-energy projects, are facing an uphill struggle to obtain funding. That’s due to a toxic mix of European banks’ fear of U.S. sanctions and Cuba’s […] Continue reading
No official damage assessments have been made, but recovery and reconstruction will be costly Continue reading
The city of Baracao will bear the brunt of a slightly weakened Hurricane Matthew in a few hours Continue reading
Look at the big picture! Continue reading
This article is the second of two on the leading U.S. presidential candidates and their expected Cuba policies; Donald Trump’s anticipated policies were the subject of an article in July Continue reading
Cuba is amid negotiations with foreign investors for the construction of 150 megawatts of utility-scale photovoltaic projects, and another 200 mw may be up for grabs eventually, Cuban officials announced Continue reading
Continue reading
This is the second of a new breed of events in Cuba co-hosted by U.S. and Cuban organizers, with major backing by Cuban authorities Continue reading
According to official statistics, 27.1% of all Cubans — or 3.05 million people — had access to the Internet in 2014. Considering the access growth rate over the past few years, by mid-2016, roughly every third Cuban should be connected to the web. Continue reading
This article is the first of two on the leading U.S. presidential candidates and their expected Cuba policies Continue reading
Despite Cuba's economic challenges, international trading partners and creditors are staying the course Continue reading
Zona+ is a food and personal hygiene product store "dedicated to the cuentapropista segment of the market" Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Hit by a triple punch of plummeting prices for its commodity exports, shrinking healthcare export revenues, and increased debt service commitments, Cuba is facing yet another liquidity crisis, stalling growth this year and forcing cutbacks. On July 8, President Raúl Castro broke the bad news to the National Assembly that Cuba’s GDP […] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Following the approval of U.S. scheduled flights to provincial airports in June, the U.S. Department of Transportation on July 7 “tentatively approved” eight airlines to fly to Havana from 10 U.S. airports. If all flights were cleared for take-off, the bidding airlines would face a major challenge to fill seats — particularly to provincial airports […] Continue reading
A short answer to the question whether to buy real estate in Cuba, anchored in three basic principles Continue reading
The new route comes as tourism from Germany grew 26% last year Continue reading
A 2006 Rolling Stones concert at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro drew 1.3 million fans Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Two days after the Obama administration’s March 15 announcement to de-penalize the use of U.S. dollars, the Cuban government said it may end a 10% surtax on the exchange of dollars in the island. The Cuban measure will be effective as soon as Cuban institutions are allowed to use US dollars without being penalized, Foreign […] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — With Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, Agriculture Secretary John Vilsack, and Small Business Administration chief Maria Contreras-Sweet — as well as the First Lady and his two daughters — in tow, Barack Obama is scheduled to arrive in Cuba March 21. His two-day visit, the second ever […] Continue reading
Rep. Kathy Castor is leading a seven-member bipartisan Congressional delegation to Cuba that examines progress made since the restoration of full diplomatic relations last year Continue reading
In June last year, Carlos Gutierrez -- Secretary of Commerce under George W. Bush -- went on the record regarding a change of mind on Cuba policy Continue reading
Blaming technical difficulties, Banco Metropolitano announced Feb. 5 that customers are restricted to one ATM cash withdrawal per day Continue reading
Accompanied by his government's top economic managers, President Raúl Castro landed in a Cubana Il-96 jet at the Paris-Orly airport Saturday afternoon for an official visit of France that is expected to be heavy on finance, trade and investment. Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — In another round in the gradual easing of U.S. sanctions, the Obama administration published amended regulations effective today that allow U.S. companies to sell a broader range of goods to Cuba — including on credit and to state companies — and permit airlines to interact with Cuba on a broader base. After publishing easing measures in January and September […] Continue reading
Taking advantage of eased U.S. travel regulations and rising demand for Cuba travel in the United States, Copa Air began advertising its Cuba flights among American customers Continue reading
The U.S. president will have to work with Congress and Havana to make the move towards normalization effective. But for now, all eyes are on the executive branch and OFAC Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — In the wake of a prisoner swap that freed USAID subcontractor Alan Gross and the remaining three of the Cuban Five, the White House announced steps to ease the U.S. embargo against Cuba. The executive steps include establishing full diplomatic relations, possibly removing Cuba from the Department of State’s list of “terror-sponsoring […] Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — In the wake of a prisoner swap that freed USAID subcontractor Alan Gross and the remaining three of the Cuban Five, the White House announced steps to ease the U.S. embargo against Cuba. The executive steps include establishing full diplomatic relations, possibly removing Cuba from the Department of State’s list of “terror-sponsoring […] Continue reading
Dr. Félix Báez Sarría is currently being treated by British doctors at the Kerry Town facility for UN personnel in Sierra Leone, but the United Nations' World Health Organization is flying him to Switzerland where he will be treated at the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG) Continue reading
Tim Ashby, a lawyer and former Commerce Department official, suggests that the president could ease the embargo, using his executive authority to liberalize trade and travel to the island Continue reading
Apparently taking a reverse clue from "Cool Runnings", a Calgary-based travel company is offering a cruise for ice hockey fans in Cuba's cozy waters Continue reading
Cuba’s Instituto Nacional de la Vivienda and the two housing laws that have historically been used to manage Cuba’s housing stock seem to be heading in the same direction as Cuba's military icons: They may never die; they are just fading away Continue reading
Reviving a regional integration initiative that has lost steam since the death of Hugo Chávez, Cuba will host a summit of ALBA bloc leaders in Havana to coordinate efforts to fight Ebola, both in Africa and Latin America Continue reading
As the Cuban metals remain off-limits for the U.S. industrial consumer, this analysis is looking at the issue from a perspective of U.S. resource security Continue reading
CUBA STANDARD — Natural disasters and politics are, of course, unpredictable, but other aspects that shape an economy can be measured, trends can be laid out, and forecasts can be made — even in an economy notorious for its information deficit and the lack of clear signals. Welcome to the Cuba Standard Economic Trend Index, the first […] Continue reading