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Lynn Cruz, Havana Times, 23 March 2018 — I have been working with the San Antonio de los Banos School of Film and TV (EICTV) for sixteen years. Normally when teachers, both Cuban and foreign, connect with some actors, they always ask for these every time they hold their workshops, where purely creative interests are … Continue reading "My Unexpected Expulsion / Lynn Cruz" Continue reading
Havana Times, Lynn Cruz, 7 March 2018 — “Oprah Winfrey, one of the world’s best neoliberal capitalist thinkers,” is a critical essay by Nicole Aschoff for The Guardian newspaper about the speech Winfrey gave at the latest edition of the Golden Globes. While reading it, and as a result of Aschoff’s brilliant analysis, I could … Continue reading "Cuban Socialism’s New Man in Havana’s Capitolio / Lynn Cruz" Continue reading
Havana Times, Lynn Cruz, 27 February 2018 – Ever since I began making Political Theater, one thing hasn’t stopped tormenting me, it’s almost psychological torture. It has something to do with the fact that you end up living in a constant state of paranoia. A prisoner of labels in a world that doesn’t have time … Continue reading "From Worms to Repatriates: Cuba’s Exile Community / Lynn Cruz" Continue reading
Diario de Cuba, Waldo Fernandez Cuenca, Havana, 15 February 2018 — The theatrical work Los enemigos del pueblo (The Enemies of the People), whose presentation at the independent El Círculo State Security forces sought to prevent, undoubtedly marks a watershed in the career of actress Lynn Cruz. At that time she decided to create, with her partner the filmmaker Miguel Coyula, … Continue reading "Lynn Cruz is Committed to a Theater of Resistance" Continue reading
Havana Times, Lynn Cruz, 5 February 2018 — I recently read Tania Bruguera’s statements about an artist’s rights. One of them referred to the artist’s right to dissent. Within an authoritarian system, the artist begins to live a double dissidence, first in art, then in society. Having your own voice is always grounds for suspicion among members … Continue reading "“They’re Using You”" Continue reading

Como viajaban las noticias en la Antigüedad, de mano en mano, al poeta Rafael Alcides le llegaban las críticas que de manera episódica escribió Néstor Díaz de Villegas, otro poeta cubano, pero exiliado en EEUU, sobre el documental Nadie, de Miguel Coyula, del cual Alcides es protagonista.

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