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Analysis: Cuba policy costs Obama at the Summit of the Americas, and leaves future meetings in more Continue reading
HAVANA – As Latin American leaders fume over Washington's drug war and its Cuba embargo, the US president may show who's no longer boss in the Americas this weekend in more Continue reading
HAVANA — When Mexican President Felipe Calderon arrives here Wednesday for his first official visit to Cuba, the trip may do more to highlight the ongoing estrangement between the two countries than it will their historic more Continue reading
HAVANA – The Marxist model “no longer corresponds to reality,” Pope Benedict told reporters before leaving for Latin America. But the pontiff hasn’t said anything nearly as pointed since arriving in Cuba Monday. Today is his final opportunity.r... Continue reading
HAVANA — By reputation, Pope Benedict XVI is known as an ecclesiastical conservative, a man who hews close to church doctrine when it comes to matters of faith and Catholic more Continue reading
HAVANA — Sometimes diplomacy resembles a middle school party. Colombia is going to throw a very big party. The question everyone is talking about: should Cuba be invited? Cuba's friends want it to go — so much that they're threatening to stay home ... Continue reading
HAVANA — Fidel Castro was 28 and fresh out of prison when he left Cuba for Mexico, where he would meet Che Guevara and go on to topple a dictator back more Continue reading
HAVANA, Cuba — Some regional observers saw something more in Rousseff's visit: a chance to measure Brazil’s emerging role as a Latin superpower and self-styled global defender of human rights. read more Continue reading
HAVANA —The U.S. is softening its stance with Cuba on negotiating the release of U.S. citizen Alan Gross from a Cuban jail. read more Continue reading
HAVANA — Activists bang cookware, chant anti-Castro slogans and the word “Freedom!” Large crowds stand around watching the protesters, but don't join in. read more Continue reading
HAVANA — An oil rig is preparing to put a very controversial hole deep in Cuban-controlled waters in the Gulf of Mexico. read more Continue reading
HAVANA — Not since the early days of the Cuban Revolution has this city faced a transformation like the one that may soon begin sweeping through its neighborhoods. read more Continue reading
HAVANA — Cubans have been jamming theaters here for several weeks to see “Habanastation,” the new film the deals with the growing inequality in Cuba's socialist system.   read more Continue reading
HAVANA — Why then is Cuba, a largely secular society where left-wing politics have dominated for 50 years, still slow to grant full legal equality for gays and lesbians? read more Continue reading
HAVANA — Newsprint and airwaves are the sole dominion of the state in Cuba. read more Continue reading
HAVANA — Steady oil shipments from Venezuela have largely eliminated the chronic blackouts that plagued Cuba and led to riots in the early 1990s. read more Continue reading
HAVANA — For an island where a mere 3 percent of the population has web access, the cable has the potential to jolt Cuba out of the data dark ages. read more Continue reading
HAVANA — A series of corruption scandals has been a reminder as to how the island’s state-run economy got so centralized in the first place. read more Continue reading
HAVANA — Cuba's communists are set to redefine what Cuba means by “socialism” at a historic gathering today. read more Continue reading
HAVANA — Carter lent a sympathetic ear to everyone from Fidel and Raul Castro to dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez and jailed American contractor Alan Gross. read more Continue reading
Espionage cases could complicate Obama's Cuba strategy. Nick Miroff HAVANA — The Obama administration's plans to bring U.S.-Cu...
News of bankruptcy at General Motors and Chrysler stuns Cuban drivers. Nick Miroff HAVANA — The Pontiac Aztek never made it to...
With Cuba's economy sinking, the government calls for energy conservation. Nick Miroff HAVANA — As a general rule with Cuban r...
Analysis: Unanimous condemnation of Honduran takeover highlights new US stance in the Americas Nick Miroff HAVANA — When Hondu...
US and Cuba look for a bridge, but there's a lot of water between them. Nick Miroff HAVANA — In their diplomatic relations, th...
Shrinking population, long life expectancy may be demographic time bomb. Nick Miroff HAVANA — This country reached a tipping poin...
From sex toys to old Chevys, takes communist Cuba's black market to the web. Nick Miroff HAVANA — On this Communist-ru...
On Cuba's national holiday, Raul Castro says higher production will help the economy. Nick Miroff HOLGUIN, Cuba — Former Cuban Pres... Continue reading
Cubans can now check in as guests at beach resorts, creating a boom for local tourism. Nick Miroff VARADERO, Cuba — This massive re...
A trial program that will give each worker a cash stipend instead of a hot lunch portends deeper reforms. Nick Miroff HAVANA, Cuba &mdash... Continue reading
US blocks New York Philharmonic trip to Cuba, and cultural diplomacy stalls. Nick Miroff HAVANA, Cuba — Despite a recent thawing of... Continue reading
Cuba rebuffs Obama initiative that would help provide better cell phone and internet more Continue reading
Belkis Ayon explored the secretive world of the all-male Abakua tradition. Her suicide is still a mystery. Nick Miroff HAVANA, Cuba &mdas...
As the economy slides, Cubans have been asked to rethink socialism. Nick Miroff HAVANA, Cuba — Complaining about the government is ...
Cuba and the US share a marine ecosystem. Can they work together to protect it?read more Continue reading
How will Cuba deal with a 34-year-old blogger with spotty internet and a massive global following? Nick Miroff HAVANA, Cuba — In th...
read more Continue reading
Who will benefit if the US lifts travel restrictions to Cuba — the Cuban government or ordinary Cubans? Nick Miroff HAVANA, Cuba &mdas... Continue reading
How a socialist alliance outlived a free trade agreement and helped cement Chavez's more Continue reading
Island gets festive spirit as a result of reforms to Marxist state. Nick Miroff HAVANA, Cuba — It’s been more than a decade s...
Cuba is hardly a bastion of Islamic fundamentalism. So why the extra TSA security checks? Nick Miroff HAVANA, Cuba — Travelers fro...
Cuba's Communist Party newspaper has been publishing unusually frank criticisms of Cuban socialism. Nick Miroff HAVANA, Cuba — Som...
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You might be surprised what Cubans are watching. Nick Miroff HAVANA, Cuba — Over the past two decades, the U.S. government has spen...
Cuba’s annual literary event celebrates reading, and censors it too. Nick Miroff HAVANA, Cuba— Each February, Cuba’s Intern...