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“I feel like they murder a child of mine each time they deprive a man of the right to think.” –José Martí Somos+, Germán M. González, 29 January 2018 —  In Cuba, there is an urgent need to restore, rehabilitate, revive, reconstruct, rescue, all familiar terms in the party/government media. The sugar and coffee agro-industries, livestock … Continue reading "Which Jose Marti do Cuba’s Rulers Read? / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, Germán M. González (Professor-A1010-S +), 30 January 2018 — Our Apostle (as we Cubans call José Martí) is sentenced to prison in Cuba at only sixteen years of age. In 1871 he is deported to Spain; in 1875 he arrives in Mexico after a brief passage through Paris and New York, and from there … Continue reading "Enemy of the United States? / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, Alexei Games, 9 December 2017 — The laws in Cuba are written, but they are applied in a selective and discriminatory manner. These two images (there are thousands) show that on the walls of public entities and institutions of all kinds, one can paint or place insignias, advertisements, graffiti and whatever else occurs to the Cuban … Continue reading "Let No One Paint Anything! Only the PCC Can Smear … / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, Havana, 27 October 2017 — By the present lines, I, Dr. Carlos Raúl Macías López, Institutional Secretary of the Political Movement Somos+, by virtue of Article I of the Electoral Regulations, and by the expressed mandate of the National Council, headed by the current President Engineer Eliécer Avila: summon all members of our organization to participate … Continue reading "A Summoning to General Elections / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, 18 August, 2017 — The political group Somos+ offers condolences and solidarity to the city of Barcelona, in the wake of the recent terrorist attack which left 13 dead and over a hundred wounded, according to official sources. We grieve the loss of human life caused by this condemnable act. Our thoughts are with the families and … Continue reading "Somos+ Stands In Solidarity With The Victims Of The Terrorist Attack In Barcelona / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, Karla Pérez González, 28 August 2017 — Edison Lanza, Special Rapporteur for the Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH), shares his vision on what is happening in Cuba regarding the violation of a series of elementary rights, already surpassed by the majority of systems that govern the continent. The … Continue reading "Edison Lanza and the Lack of Press Freedom in Cuba / Somos+, Karla Pérez González" Continue reading
Somos+, Leyla Belo, 23 MACH 2017 — Those who ever speak with Reinaldo cannot deny his innate genius, his sense of humor and gentleness of expression. A matter of decorum, isn’t it? That quality which is so scarce among many people nowadays.  He does what he considers to be his duty: to disassemble our Island from … Continue reading "Reinaldo Escobar: The Unqualified Cuban Truth / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, 20 March 2017 — During the last session of Academia 10/10, we were joined by renowned Prof. Moisés Rodríguez Valdés, a physicist by profession but one with ample knowledge of human rights and civil liberties. He is the chief spokesperson in Cuba for Corriente Martiana. Attendees enjoyed this very valuable conference during which, among other important … Continue reading "Human Rights Violations: How to Report them? / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, Eliecer Avila, Havana, 21 March 2017 — During those days we observed with deep sorrow the disaster that Peruvians are enduring, with many deaths and thousands homeless due to flooding and landslides. A beautiful country that has overcome some of the most unfavourable historical events, to rise up to one of the continent’s and … Continue reading "Peru,Thank You for Your Example and Great Strength / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, Roberto Camba, 21 March 2017 — The United Nations has just launched the 2017 World Happiness Report, coinciding with the World Happiness Day on March 20th. From its first publication in 2012, the world has come to understand more and more that happiness has to be used as the correct measure with regards to social … Continue reading "Happiness / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, Ezequiel Álvarez, 27 March 2017 — I believe that, in the resistance against the totalitarian, military dictatorship of the Castros, the existence of diverse organizations is essential and necessary. If we fight against a monolithic system, it is indispensable to start from a pluralist base wherein there is room for different ideas. If communism’s major flaw is to intend … Continue reading "The Right of Assembly / Somos+" Continue reading
Island, what happened to you? Who changed the spring? Who shut the door? What ship left you alone? Island, they have changed your clothes They have distorted decency They have trafficked your innocence They have shit on your equality and mine. Island, by Lien Y Rey Somos+, Gretther Yedra Rodriguez, 29 March 2017 — A few … Continue reading "Requiem For My Havana / Somos+, Grettha Yedra" Continue reading
We trust in the purity of our intention, May God favor us, To achieve the Empire of Justice in our country. José Antonio Echeverría Bianchi Somos+, Jose Presol, 13 March 2017 — Today, March 13, we celebrate a date that, fifty years ago, could have radically changed the history of Cuba. A date that could … Continue reading "13 March 1957: The Assault on the Presidential Palace / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, Eliecer Avila, 8 March 2017 — Daily, as part of my functions as leader of Somos+ (We Are More), I meet people who are interested in knowing the details of the organization. In theory, these people would become members of Somos+ if there is a sufficient match between their ideas and the ones we … Continue reading "Numbers, Reason and Principles / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, 28 January 2017 — Very early today, January 28th [José Martí’s birthday], State Security agents were at Eliecer Avila’s house to warn him about the impossibility of his “doing anything” today. Later they returned and still have a guard posted out front. We know of several colleagues who are in the same situation or, … Continue reading "Whose is Jose Marti? / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, Pedro Acosta, 19 January 2017 — Thirty-three years later, I talked to more than 60 people under age 40 and with more than a 9th grade education; none of them knew exactly what I was talking about. I asked them: Do you know what happened on the island of Granada in 1983? Most of … Continue reading "Granada, 1983, the Hidden Cuban Martyrology / Somos+, Pedro Acosta" Continue reading
Somos+, Jose Presol, 18 January 2017 — We expected it for a long time and it happened, but when we weren’t in the line for the ration book. I am referring to the end of the “wet foot, dry foot” policy. We all knew that it would end, but what we least imagined was that it … Continue reading "And Now What? / Somos+, Jose Presol" Continue reading
Somos+, 14 January 2017 — Forty-eight hours have passed since we have officially declared ourselves, as a movement, with regards to the elimination of the “Wet foot/Dry foot” policy. There is a reason for that: We do not want to say anything without, at least, consulting the National Council and the greatest possible number of active … Continue reading "We Have to Take Responsibility for Our Own Land… / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, Eliecer Avila, 123 January 2017 — Two days ago, our eastern coordinator in Las Tunas, Wiliam Espinosa, spent 24 hours in jail when he tried to leave to attend our meeting in Havana. Last night there was a great witch hunt and persecution all over the Havana neighborhood of Vededo to prevent us from … Continue reading "Repression Spiking in Cuba / Somos+, Eliecer Avila" Continue reading
Somos+, Javier Cabrera, 24 December 2016 — I was an atypical Cuban child because I always had Christmas. My mother, whom they tried to expel from her teaching job once because Christians didn’t have the morals to teach classes to the “New Man,” said that she wasn’t going to let a man tell her whether … Continue reading "Revolutionary Christmas / Somos+, Javier Cabrera" Continue reading
Somos+, Arlenys Miranda Mesa, 21 December 2016 — December 3rd was the ceremony in Santiago de Cuba after the death of Fidel Castro and the procession of his ashes across the entire Cuban archipelago. I sat down to observe the ceremony, although I knew it would be repeated many times, but I preferred to be … Continue reading "It Is Not Because Fidel Says It, It Is Because I Believe It / Somos+, Arlenys Miranda Mesa" Continue reading
Somos+, Pedro Acosta, 6 December 2016 — After your departure the Cuban people should be eternally grateful for: The fall of the dictatorship. Fulfilling your political promises, especially the respect for the 1940 Constitution, the quick holding of free elections, and not placing yourself permanently in power. For making us economically independent (??!), developing our industry … Continue reading "Legacy and End Point / Somos+, Pedro Acosta" Continue reading
Somos+, Marcia Castillo Alvarez, 7 December 2016 — Today I woke up with many thoughts and memories I’m trying to sort out, and it seems incredible to me how time passes and we with it. I remember when I was a girl, how I dreamt of and visioned the future, always wanting to see farther. … Continue reading "From Girl to Woman in Cuba / Somos+, Marcia Castillo Alvarez" Continue reading
Somos+, Arlenys Miranda Mesa, 4 December 2016 — Nine days of national mourning have been decreed for the death of Fidel Castro. Fidel has died, but it seems like he is still alive. However, we who are alive, it seems we are dead. There are many ways one can be dead and not only physically or … Continue reading "I’m Telling You I’m Here / Somos+, Arlenys Miranda Mesa" Continue reading
Somos+, 3 December 2016 — Joanna Columbié has been released but with the “warning” that she cannot leave Havana until after December 10th*. Once again, the nervousness of the Cuban government in the face of people who know what they want for their country is on display. *Translator’s note: December 10th is International Human Rights … Continue reading "Joanna Columbie Released With Warning / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, 3 december 2016 — State Security took Joanna Columbié off a bus on which she was traveling to her home in Cespedes. We do not know where she is right now. Continue reading
Somos+, Joanna Columbié, 2 December 2016 — It has been announced on any number of occasions — much anticipated by many and feared by others — but the death of Fidel Castro is now a reality. Nothing can delay it and nothing can stop it. However, there is something that lives on after his death which … Continue reading "Fidel Has Died but Castroism Has Not / Somos+, Joanna Columbié" Continue reading
Somos+, 26 November 2016 — Consistent with its tradition of objectivity and respect, the political movement Somos+ acknowledges the death of former president Fidel Castro as an historical event of great significance. We understand that his followers will pay him the tribute they deem appropriate. We hope, however, that this event will be the beginning … Continue reading "Official Statement on the Death of Fidel Castro / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, 12 November 2016 — Professor Jose Luis Artiles Salinas, Coordinator of the Somos+ (We Are More) Movement in Santa Clara, has been released after 24 hours of detention. With the aim to frustrate his participation in an course on audiovisuals in Barcelona Spain, he was detained in order to make him miss his flight. He … Continue reading "Professor Jose Luis Artiles Salinas is Released Under Investigation / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, 12 November 2016 — Cuban State Security forces arrested professor Jose Luis Artiles Salinas of the Santa Clara Vocational School of Exact Sciences in Villa Clara, to keep him from traveling to Barcelona, Spain, where he planned to take a course in audiovisuals along with other members of the Somos+ (We Are More) movement. Once more, … Continue reading "Police Forces Arrest Professor Jose Luis Artiles Salinas / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, José Presol, 7 October 2016 — On October 9 it will be forth-nine years since a man with dirty, matted hair, a lice-ridden beard, boots that were no more than shards of leather and a uniform in tatters emerged from the forest to demonstrate, as he had at other times when he was powerless, his … Continue reading "We Don’t Want to Be Like Che* / Somos+" Continue reading
Carlos Raúl Macías López, 15 September 2016 — Starting in the second half of the twentieth century, the world has witnessed a phenomenon without parallel in the history of mankind, one which has been strengthened by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, and has increasingly expanded to encompass virtually … Continue reading "Who violates the rights of whom in Cuba … Washington or Havana? / Somos+" Continue reading
How much truth can a man take? Friedrich Nietzsche Somos+, Roberto Camba, 12 September 2016 — They say it began with the fight to return the young rescued rafter Elian Gonzalez from the United States to Cuba. Really it was much earlier, since the strategy never changes: silence and ignore the adversary, incessantly repeat lies until … Continue reading "Fidel Castro’s Battle of Ideas… Political Pantomime / Somos+, Roberto Camba" Continue reading
Somos+, Victor Manuel Camposeco, 10 September 2016 — In April of 1960, from the official newspapers Hoy (Today) and Revolución along with the leftist organization FIDEL, the demands to take by force the three independent print media still standing seemed unstoppable. For months, the newsrooms of those newspapers had also been infiltrated by State agents. … Continue reading "Free Press: Knockout / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, Kaned Garrido, 24 August 2016 — Among vibrant speeches, spirited debates, coalitions of power, changing sides, unthinkable alliances and the dream of rebuilding the Republic, was born one of the most progressive legal texts. The ambitious statements of the 1940 Constitution are as interesting as the story behind it. The fall of Machado’s dictatorship had left the country with … Continue reading "Can Cuba’s 1940 Constitution be Salvaged? (Part 1) / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, 2 September 2016 — Yesterday the Venezuelan people gave us another great lesson: We can go out into the streets united to demand our rights, we can peacefully challenge a Populist-Marxist government and conquer the streets. It was a great victory. We salute our Venezuelan brothers and we thank them. Thank you for gathering … Continue reading "Thank You, Venezuela! / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, Gretther Yedra, 1 June 2016 — When addressing the need for a “transition” of Cuban society, Cuban leaders respond that such a process already took place, starting in 1959, when the Revolutionary government seized farms, factories, shops, banks and other industries which had hitherto been in private hands. But when the traditional opposition-in-exile speaks of … Continue reading "Economic Transition in Cuba: A Brief Analysis / Somos+, Gretther Yedra" Continue reading
Somos+, Joanna Columbié, 24 May 2016 — The Cuban economic model, one that is imprecise, vague, and very particular to Cuba, does not manage to meet the needs of the Cuban people. The nominal wage does not come close to the actual salary that a Cuban citizen needs to cover their basic necessities and, in … Continue reading "Without Haste and With Many Pauses / Somos+, Joanna Columbie" Continue reading
Somos+, Jose Manuel Presol, 17 May 2016 — If there is something shameful in our republican history, it is the events of 1912. Nothing much is being said about it, not even in the government’s current propaganda. It is mentioned, articles and books are published about it, although it is not widely exposed. Relatively few … Continue reading "The War of the Blacks / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, 17 May 2016 — On Saturday, May 21, at 2:00 p.m., at the Club Cubano de New Jersey (New Jersey Cuban Club), the president and founder of Somos+ Political Movement, will give a lecture about current issues in Cuban society. After several months of efforts, this meeting is possible thanks to the cooperation of the … Continue reading "Meeting in New Jersey with Eliecer Avila this Saturday / Somos+" Continue reading
Somos+, Javier Martinez, 9 May 2016 — The Cuban exile is not dead. I am 28 and I live outside my country for political reasons, so I consider myself an exiled Cuban. The Cuban exile has not died, and will not die as long as we Cubans have to leave our country to seek in … Continue reading "The Cuban Exile is Young, and It Hasn’t Died / Somos+, Javier Martinez" Continue reading
Somos+, Eliecer Avila, 8 May 2016 — First of all I want to send a huge kiss to all the mothers of the world, and especially the Cuban mothers, many of whom cannot sleep peacefully knowing that a mysterious black wolf called State Security stealthily monitors their young children day and night. Among these mothers … Continue reading "For Mima, the Best Kiss… / Somos+" Continue reading
  Somos+, Eliecer Avila, 26 April 2016 — The last time I tried to meet with several families in this province I was forcibly  “deported” by State Security agents, who told me I was “persona non grata” in the territory. It is very likely that no citizens had heard of the action taken against me, … Continue reading "This Time I Reached Pinar de Rio / Somos+, Eliecer Avila" Continue reading
Mr. Bruno Rodriguez, I am not going to say that your statements about President Obama’s visit surprised me, because nothing you do surprises me any more. Nor do I concern myself with looking for the logic in it, because there isn’t any. You, or some of you, are totally dogmatic and impractical. Because of this … Continue reading "Open Letter to Cuba’s Foreign Minister / Somos+, Jorge Ros" Continue reading
Somos+, Pedro Acosta, 1 March 2016 — In any forum our highest leaders intervene in, they express the idea that the majority of the people support the regime, however… When the people, without excluding those who manifest being its followers, nor those militants of the PCC and the UJC, or leaders at all levels of the country, … Continue reading "The True Support of the Majority of the People for the “Revolution” / Somos+, Pedro Acosta" Continue reading