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Primavera Digital, Eduardo Martínez Rodríguez, 1 November 2017, El Cerro, Havana. Some new phenomena are taking place, products of the state’s poor management and shortsightedness. Dwellings are being repossessed by people who are buying them legally or illegally. I occupy an apartment with three bedrooms, one bath, a living/dining room, a balcony, and a rear … Continue reading "Shortages and Shady Dealings / Eduardo Martínez Rodríguez" Continue reading
Primavera Digital, Eduardo Martínez Rodríguez, El Cerro, Havana, 6 November 2017 — I’ve just finished reading an eBook (which has never been published in Cuba) written by someone who was detained in Cuba’s infamous “Military Units to Aid Production” [known by their acronym in Spanish as UMAP], who endured all of the bloody sordidness of … Continue reading "Poor Memory? / Eduardo Martínez Rodríguez" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 27 October 2017 — The Cuban government has set price caps for 47 food products in the province of Villa Clara “with the aim of containing the excessive increases” of recent weeks, “a gap that allows profit at the expense of the consumer,” says a note published on Thursday in the local press. … Continue reading "Cuban Government Caps Food Prices in Villa Clara to “Stop Unjustified Increases”" Continue reading
The [coma-andante] walking coma, wants me to work El coma andante, quiere que yo trabaje Paying me a miserable salary Pagándome un salario miserable The walking coma wants me to applaud El coma andante quiere que yo lo aplauda After he talks his delirious shit después de hablar su mierda delirante No walking coma No … Continue reading "For October 1st*: A Golden Oldie… Because, Why Not?" Continue reading
Camilo Venegas Yero (from his blog “El Fogonero”), Dominican Republic, 11 September 2017 — I found this image on a Facebook wall. It illustrates today’s Cuba like few others. In it, it is clear that the ruined country survives from catastrophe to catastrophe, without producing anything that makes it move in any direction (when you’re stuck … Continue reading "With Water Chest-high / Camilo Venegas Yero" Continue reading
14ymedio, Luz Escobar, Havana, 8 September 2017 – The return to class, for thousands of children and young people, means a return to the discipline of school after two months of vacation. This September, school directors have focused their crusade against fingernails and hair painted bright colors, and students are forced to get haircuts or … Continue reading "Cuban Students Rebel Against the Uniformity of the Classrooms" Continue reading
Primavera Digital, Eduardo Martínez Rodríguez El Cerro, Havana, 5 September 2017 — We list here the most pressing problems faced by average Cubans: 1-A greatly reduced ration book of subsidized foods. High prices in the markets. Very little on offer in the stores. Relatively cheap goods of horrendous quality. In an island surrounded by water … Continue reading "Cuba’s Most Pressing Problems / Eduardo Martinez" Continue reading
14ymedio, Marcelo Hernandez/Mario Penton, Havana-Miami, 6 September 2017 — After devastating Antigua and Barbuda, Hurricane Irma continues to approach Cuba with sustained winds of more than 180 miles/hour. The islander’s residents are anxious buy food, candles and materials to reinforce doors or windows but the chronic shortages of the last weeks are aggravated by the increase … Continue reading "Cuba Awaits Irma, One of the Most Powerful Hurricanes in its History, With Empty Markets" Continue reading
Primavera Digital, Eduardo Martínez Rodríguez, Havana, 31 July 2017 — In the 1960s and even the 70s, the legitimacy of the system–despite its continuous economic fiascos and failure to achieve an adequate and genuinely Cuban social system–was acceptable for the hopeful lower classes, while the middle and upper classes were fleeing to Miami. Fifty-eight years … Continue reading "How Does the Cuban Survive? / Eduardo Martínez" Continue reading
14ymedio, Mario Penton, Miami, 29 August 2017 — This Monday the process began to repatriate 75 undocumented migrants who were stranded in Panama after the United States ended the wet foot/dry foot policy that allowed Cubans who touched American soil to stay. The Cubans stranded in Panama accepted that government’s proposal to return to their … Continue reading "Cubans Stranded In Panama Are Wary of the Deportation Initiated By the Government" Continue reading
14ymedio, Mario Penton, Miami, 1 September 2017 — Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Giménez, whose family had to go into exile after the Cuban Revolution in 1959,  never thought that his image would be linked to that of Ernesto Che Guevara, one of the “bearded ones” who established communism in his homeland. The image of Guevara welcomed … Continue reading "‘Che’ Guevara Welcomes Passengers At Miami Airport For A Few Hours" Continue reading
Cubanet, Luis Cino Alvarez, 24 August 2017 — In his hardline speech to Cuban Communist Party (PCC) cadres, Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel killed any illusions some may have harbored that a future government headed by him, following Raúl Castro’s retirement,* would tend towards reforms and be less authoritarian and repressive. Assuming the stance of a … Continue reading "Díaz-Canel: Killer of Illusions / Cubanet, Luis Cino Alvarez" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 31 July 2017 –This Sunday Nicolás Maduro buried what was left of Venezuelan democracy. He did so in spite of international criticism, national protests that for more than a hundred days have demonstrated disapproval of the Constituent Assembly, and the difficult economic situation that the country is going through. The new organ of power that … Continue reading "Maduro Takes Venezuela One Step Closer To ‘Cubanization’" Continue reading
Cuba Primera Digital, Eduardo Martinez, Rodriguez, El Cerro, Havana, 25 July 2017 –The Cuban people wish for, desire and silently demand changes that can lift us out of this sticky inertia wherein poverty resembles some plasticine or treacly substance that endlessly congeals in our hands. The demand is silent because we lack access to communication … Continue reading "Real Power / Eduardo Martínez Rodríguez" Continue reading
Our apologies for not having subtitles for this video. 14ymedio, Havana, 21 July 2017 — At least 40 activists attended a mass in tribute to opponents Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero on the fifth anniversary of their deaths, on Thursday evening. The ceremony took place in the church of Los Quemados in Marianao, Havana, and passed … Continue reading "Dozens of Opponents Attend Mass in Honor of Oswaldo Paya in Havana" Continue reading
On NOT Waiting for the King to Die / Rosa María Payá Cuba Decides: Continuing Oswaldo Paya’s Work for a Plebiscite Oswaldo Payá Remembered On The Anniversary Of His Birth / 14ymedio Rosa María Payá: “Totalitarianism is not broken in Cuba, we can not pretend it is” / EFE (14ymedio), María Tejero Martín Je Suis … Continue reading "Cubans Want to Vote in Free and Open Elections: Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero Are Two of the Many Who Have Died For It" Continue reading
14ymedio, Marcelo Hernandez, Havana, 5 July 2017 — They arrived, enthusiastic and happy, to their party for the end of the school year. One mother brought a macaroni salad with mayonnaise, another brought from home some disposable plates and a third took on providing the croquettes. The celebration was ready in no time, while the horns played … Continue reading "School Diplomas" Continue reading
Rebeca Monzo, Havana, 16 June 2017 — Cuba is a distant planet. It has nothing to do with the rest of the world, because nothing functions there as in the majority of civilized countries. This “planet” is ruled by the whims of its ancient rulers who have spent almost 59 years doing whatever they please. … Continue reading "Planet Nothing" Continue reading
14ymedio, Zunilda Mata, Viñales, 27 June 2018 — At the entrance to Calle Obispo a guide explains to her customers the restoration works in the historical center of Havana. A few yards away, the line to exchange currency is full of foreigners and in the corner bar one hears English, French and German. Tourism is shaping the … Continue reading "The Dark Side Of Tourism in Cuba" Continue reading
14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 12 June 2017 — His mother died, his brother emigrated and now no one brings flowers to the tomb of one of those many young Cubans who lost their lives on the African plains. His death served to build the authoritarian regime of José Eduardo dos Santos in Angola, a caudillo who, … Continue reading "The End Of The Cycle For Two Caudillos" Continue reading
Cubanet, Miriam Celaya, Havana, 1 June 2017. – A characteristic feature of ineffective and outdated political regimes is the constant appeal to the historical past as a mechanism for legitimizing the present, and as a resource for survival. In the case of Cuba, this principle has been the rector of official discourse and its means … Continue reading "Between the Official Utopia and Generational Realism / Cubanet, Miriam Celaya" Continue reading
Note to readers: Now into our 10th year, this ALL-VOLUNTEER project has rarely paused for even a day. Now, we’re going to semi-pause for about 3 weeks. We will try to post at least one translation a day, but will be physically in the wilds and away from the internet for at least part of … Continue reading "A brief semi-hiatus" Continue reading
14ymedio, Luz Escobar, Havana, 29 May 2017 — They call him “Manolo 440” because a few years ago he had an electrocution accident in a building under construction. He managed to survive and has since been given the nickname of the voltage that almost killed him. He was lucky, unlike the 89 people who died in Cuba last … Continue reading "Danger, Men At Work" Continue reading
Danilo “El Sexto” Maldonado is in San Francisco, planning for the opening of his art exhibit, “Angels and Demons,” at the Immersive ART LAB, 3255A Third Street, May 11, 6-10pm. His exhibit is sponsored by the Human Rights Foundation as part of its Art in Protest series. This interview took place with the translation help … Continue reading "Interview with El Sexto (Danilo Maldonado) in San Francisco" Continue reading
Cubanet, Norma Whiting, West Palm Beach, U.S., 29 April 2017 – The news, later refuted, of a supposed Cuban flag burning in recent days by Venezuelan demonstrators who oppose the government of Nicolás Maduro provoked diverse reactions on social networks and some Cuban websites. Many Cubans, mostly residing overseas, immediately expressed their indignation against Venezuelans … Continue reading "The Dangers of Hatred / Miriam Celaya" Continue reading
Carlos Alberto Montaner, 2 April 2017 — Maduro changed course. The country’s Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Díaz, facilitated it on a silver platter. Surely it was prearranged. First, Nicolás Maduro eliminated any vestige of democracy in Venezuela. His hitmen in the Supreme Court of Justice took care of it by assuming all the duties of … Continue reading "Maduro Continues to Be a Danger for Everyone / Carlos Alberto Montaner" Continue reading
14ymedio, Mario Penton, Miami, 31 March 2017 — The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FDHC) launched its new program Artists For Rights in Miami on Friday and sent a strong message to the Cuban government’s “repressors”: You are being watched and your actions will not go unnoticed. The artistic project seeks to sensitize artists … Continue reading "Warning to the Repressors: “We Are Watching You”" Continue reading
Site manager’s note: The Cuban opposition frequently posts photos of their repressors — in plainclothes as well as in uniform — sometimes naming them as well. Translation: Angel Juan Moya: Department of State Security (DSE) and National Revolutionary Police (PNR) repressive operation at the national headquarters of the Ladies in White. Martha Beatriz Roque: None … Continue reading "“None of these women have anything better to do at home” / Martha Beatriz Roque" Continue reading
My name is Ángel Martínez and my dream was to become a cameraman. I always thought about photography. Just like you, my friends made fun of me, but I was stubborn and I started to work as a television assistant in 1954. I got to know the best of the culture of that time. At … Continue reading "“My Dream Was to Become a Cameraman” / Cubanet" Continue reading
14ymedio, Luz Escobar, Havana, 14 March 2017 – Whether they are independent or official, reporters share the same complaint against institutions, which they accuse of hindering access to information and hiding data. And for this reason all informants have the same requirement: greater access to sources. Gabriela Daihuela studies journalism and dreams of dedicating herself to … Continue reading "Cuban Journalists Demand Greater Access To Sources / 14ymedio, Luz Escobar" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 7 March 2017 — The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN) has denounced the death of political prisoner Hamel Santiago Maz Hernández, an activist from UNPACU, who died* on February 24 at Combinado del Este prison in Havana. The opponent had been imprisoned for eight months without trial for the alleged … Continue reading "Cuban Human Rights Group Denounces The Death Of A Political Prisoner Pending Trial / 14ymedio" Continue reading
14ymedio, Generation Y, Yoani Sanchez, 28 February 2018 — The distance between the Havana Capitol and the Ciudad Deportiva (Sport City) remains the same and yet it seems to have changed. With the capped prices imposed by local government on the private taxi routes, this journey has become immense and difficult to complete. Where before … Continue reading "Revolutionary ‘Justice’ / 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 27 February 2017 — Residents of Havana woke up on Monday morning to a strong police deployment, motivated by the announcement of a strike by private taxi drivers. In response to a question from 14ymedio, a uniformed officer said that it was “an operation due to the overcharging by the taxi drivers.” “As … Continue reading "Police In Havana Deploy In Response To Taxi Driver Strike / 14ymedio" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 19 February 2017 — Two Cubans have been rescued from the hands of their kidnappers on Isla Mujeres, as the result of a joint effort between the Federal Investigation Police and agents of the Ministerial Police of the state of Quintana Roo. In the operation carried out on Friday, one of those implicated in … Continue reading "Mexican Police Rescue Two Cubans Kidnapped in Mexico / 14ymedio" Continue reading
Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba, 30 January 2017 — To Mr. Suarez Pagan: For six months, since we took the initiative to identify those people who exercise the repression of the Cuban tyranny, your name is repeated more often than any other, associated with the use of methods that stand out for their brutal violence against … Continue reading "On Notice: Cuban Repressor Dainier Suarez Pagan / Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba" Continue reading
14ymedio, Miami, 25 January 2017 – The services of the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA) were used to attack Brazilian Congressman Aécio Neves, when he ran for president against Dilma Rousseff, as reported Wednesday by the Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo. Neves, a member of the Brazilian Social Democracy party, began a judicial process more … Continue reading "Cuban State Telecommunications Company Used to Accuse Challenger in Brazil’s Presidential Elections of Drug Trafficking / 14ymedio" Continue reading
14ymedio, Pablo de Llano, Miami, 22 January 2017 — Minutes after the announcement of the death of Fidel Castro, last November 25, Danilo Maldonado Machado passed by his mother’s house and knocked on the window of her room. Maria Victoria Machado opened and her son asked: “Mom, are you afraid?” She, who had heard the news, told … Continue reading "The Punk Who Didn’t Cry For Fidel / 14ymedio, Pablo De LLano" Continue reading
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14ymedio, Zunilda Mata, Havana, 20 January 2017 – There were two Donalds that Cubans associated with the United States: the cartoon duck and the famous hamburger chain. Starting Friday, added to the list will be Donald Trump, the new president of our neighboring country. Not as nice as the Disney character nor as addictive as … Continue reading "Voices From Cuba: Obama Yes And Trump Too / 14ymedio, Zunilda Mata" Continue reading
On the filthiest walls of Havana something always surprises you, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 24 December 2016 – Karina Galvez Chiú, editor of the magazine Convivencia (Coexistence) was questioned Saturday about her travels outside Cuba, during a meeting with the Department of Immigration and Nationality of Pinar del Rio. Two interior ministry officials demanded information from the economist about her participation in an internet governance forum in Guadalajara, Mexico. Galvéz … Continue reading "Police Question Publisher Of ‘Coexistence’ About Her Travel Abroad / 14ymedio" Continue reading
UA: 273/16 Index: AMR 25/5244/2016 Cuba Date: 29 November 2016 URGENT ACTION CUBAN GRAFFITI ARTIST ARRESTED AGAIN Cuban graffiti artist Danilo Maldonado Machado (‘El Sexto’) – named a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International in 2015 – was re-arrested on 26 November, shortly after the announcement of Fidel Castro’s death. Cuban graffiti artist Danilo Maldonado … Continue reading "Amnesty International: Where to Write for Release of El Sexto" Continue reading
ABC International, Miriam Leiva, 26 November 2016 — Fidel Castro left Cuba in disastrous economic conditions after exerting absolute power for more than 47 years. His brother received a country “on the precipice” on 31 July 2006. Raul Castro has had to eliminate the “genial” initiatives of the comandante en jefe, without repudiating them, presenting … Continue reading "The Socioeconomic Legacy Of Fidel Castro / Miriam Leiva" Continue reading
El Pais, Spain, 7 December 2016 — The 30 Most Influential People in the Spanish Speaking World The most mentioned in the media in 2016. Continue reading
14ymedio, Miriam Celaya, Havana, 26 November 2016 — The official media have just announced the last and definitive death of Fidel Castro, and I think I have perceived more relief than bereavement in the mournful message. If I were a religious person, I would feel at least a tiny bit of grief, but that is … Continue reading "The Ancient Dictator Died Long Ago / 14ymedio, Miriam Celaya" Continue reading