June 2019
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… hear his hit 'Call On Me'. 'It's Not The Same Old Song' highlights 'Bang Bang' by Cher and a different song with the same title by Joe Cuba Sextet. Continue reading
Two British women tourists are in hospital after a coach crashed in southern Cuba. Cuban state media say Irish, Russian, Dutch, Czech and Philippine… Continue reading
… details of internet and phone surveillance by American intelligence. Countries which have so far given no response Nicaragua, Cuba, Iceland, France,… Continue reading
… any crimes. He said the changes marked a normal course of events. Mr Alarcon, 76, one of Cuba's most visible politicians, had been a member of… Continue reading
… development comes as Farc leaders resume peace negotiations with the Colombian government in Cuba. They are discussing how Farc could enter politics… Continue reading
Identical triplets Angel, Cesar and Marcos Ramirez Castellano are top young ballet dancers at the elite feeder school for Cuba's National Ballet. Continue reading
… hairstyles and coffee-coloured eyes. They are also all enrolled at Cuba's prestigious National ballet. Hear about the dancing triplets. Image:… Continue reading
… who flew to Russia on Sunday, are unclear. The US has revoked his passport. On Monday, a seat was booked in his name on a flight to Cuba, but… Continue reading
Nigeria eased to a 3-0 win over Cuba but Ghana lost 1-0 to Spain in their second group matches at the Under-20 World Cup in Turkey on Monday. Continue reading
… to one of his lawyers - and has applied for asylum in Ecuador. On Monday, a seat was booked in his name on a flight to Cuba, but he was not seen… Continue reading
The location of former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden is unclear after a flight he was expected to take from Russia apparently left… Continue reading
… flew out of Hong Kong to Moscow on Sunday. He was expected to be on a flight to Cuba on Monday morning, but there is reportedly no sign of him… Continue reading
… to be particularly troubling," an official said. Mr Snowden had been expected to fly first to Cuba and then to Venezuela before heading to Ecuador… Continue reading
… phone surveillance. On Sunday, he left Hong Kong for Moscow, from where he is reportedly going to make his way to Cuba, and on to Ecuador, where… Continue reading
Dianne Feinstein who serves on the US Senate's Intelligence Committee says she is surprised China did not use Edward Snowden's extradition as… Continue reading
… from Hong Kong. But he is only thought to be in transit before leaving for Venezuela or Ecuador, via Cuba. The US wanted him extradited from Hong… Continue reading
Two British businessmen who faced corruption charges in Cuba have been released, the British Embassy has said. Amado Fakhre, who was executive… Continue reading
A prisoner currently on hunger strike in Guantanamo Bay has described the pain and discomfort of the force feeding regime at the jail. Continue reading
… many prisoners vomit. He has been held at the US military prison in Cuba for 11 years, but was cleared for release 6 years ago. Doctors have called… Continue reading
… it was impossible to trust military doctors who had helped force-feed them. They are being held at the US military prison inside Cuba, which Mr… Continue reading
Cuban and US officials hold talks about resuming direct mail services following a 50 year postal ban between the two countries. Continue reading
Today's show has a distinctly international feel as Janice meets members of the Wasasa Comedy Collective, bringing a little bit of African comedy… Continue reading
A jellyfish sting has ended Australian endurance swimmer Chloe McCardel's attempt to become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without… Continue reading
A jellyfish sting has ended Australian endurance swimmer Chloe McCardel's attempt to become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida… Continue reading
… swim. She. Australian endurance swimmer Chloe Mccardel attempts to swim the 166km (103 miles) from Havana, Cuba, to Florida without a protective… Continue reading
… out on a medal at London 2012 after losing in the quarter-final to eventual gold winner Robeisy Ramirez Carranza of Cuba Meanwhile, Ireland's… Continue reading
The BBC's Jonathan Beale is at the US military prison of Guantanamo bay in Cuba, reporting on the ongoing hunger strike. It is the longest hunger… Continue reading
The number of prisoners who are being force fed at the US military prison of Guantanamo bay in Cuba has now risen to 41. The BBC's defence correspondent… Continue reading
Murphy, (Sinn Fein), Jeffrey Donaldson (DUP) and unionist John McCallister met the Colombian government last November. They are in Cuba to talk… Continue reading
The last British resident to be held inside Guantanamo Bay in Cuba has spoken exclusively to BBC Radio Five Live… Continue reading
The government of Cuba has said it will soon expand public access to the internet, although it will maintain restrictions for access at home. Continue reading
Obama will also address his aim of closing the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Last month, the US president pledged a new push to transfer… Continue reading
Mel meets the woman ready to face sharks and jellyfish as she prepares to swim from Florida to Cuba. Plus more finalists in the 500 WORDS writing… Continue reading
… known for their slim, muscular bodies. But what happens if you love dancing and you don't fit that shape? In Cuba there is a dance troupe trying… Continue reading
Cuba is reopening some of its mothballed sugar mills to try to take advantage of rising sugar prices. Continue reading
… into a bright blue sky. Silent for seven years, the town's sugar mill has been given a new lease of life. Sugar was Cuba's biggest export until… Continue reading
… time ever record the Abakuya dance tradition, which has its roots in Nigeria, then Cuba and then Equatorial Guinea. In the forest Lucy goes in… Continue reading
… he hopes a deal can be reached within months rather than years. Peace negotiations began in Cuba in November. Mr Marquez told reporters in the… Continue reading
Five decades after Fidel Castro ordered Cuba's golf courses to be closed down because he considered them "elitist", the island's communist government… Continue reading
Since her career began in 1961, she has interviewed Michael Jackson, Cuba's Fidel Castro and every US president and first lady since Richard Nixon. Continue reading
… is a unique blend of traditional Saharawi Hawl and Latin Jazz drawn from her Saharawi routes as well as years spent studying in Cuba. Her new… Continue reading
Gay rights campaigner Mariela Castro has led a protest march against homophobia in the Cuban capital Havana. Continue reading
… the Auvergne Yvonne Kenny (soprano), Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Kamirski (conductor) 4:32 AM Albéniz, Isaac (1860-1909) Cuba from… Continue reading
… in the country's bigger cities, leaving remote areas badly covered. Cuba has already sent tens of thousands of doctors to work in Venezuela, which… Continue reading
Dubstep pioneer, Mala joins Huey to talk about his incredible 'Mala In Cuba' project. Under orders from Gilles Peterson, Mala travelled to Cuba… Continue reading