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U.S. rice farmers and other commodity groups are hoping Trump administration will back away from some of candidate's comments about trade with Cuba... Continue reading
As the clock ticks down on his time in office, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack comments on CRP, Trans-Pacific Partnership, Cuba trade and more... Continue reading
Obama administration announces more changes aimed at improving relations with Cuba; rice sales not affected, USA Rice says... Continue reading
Sen. Jerry Moran says timetable for expanding trade to Cuba is uncertain, will depend on next president and level of opposition in Congress... Continue reading
"Some of the challenges for U.S. companies will be to establish physical presence in Iran or to partner directly with Iranian companies." -- Dwight Roberts, President of US Rice Producers Association... Continue reading
“We told (the Cubans) we’d not just design a tractor, but an open system manufacturing model. If you look at tractors and light equipment – backhoes, forklifts, trenchers, excavators – they can all be built with some very basic, common components." -- Horace Clemmons, Cleber, LLC... Continue reading
“Looking at how close Cuba is to the Mid-South, it makes a lot of sense for us to have a strong trade relationship with them." -- Wes Ward, Arkansas Agriculture Secretary... Continue reading
USDA agricultural economist specializing in trade and rice to discuss potential for restoring rice trade between U.S. and Cuba... Continue reading
Sales of U.S. food/ag products to Cuba have dropped precipitously since the Obama administration announced limited easing of sanctions... Continue reading
The trade embargo being lifted will certainly benefit U.S. agriculture and provide Cuba with quality food. But might the benefits to the U.S. farmer also be the flow of knowledge from Cuba to our shores... Continue reading
"We don’t want to get into a situation where we’re enabling the current (Castro) regime to utilize our commodities as political leverage or tools." -- Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford... Continue reading
U.S. should get off the sidelines and restore trade with Cuba, says Arkansas congressman who introduced new bill for expanding trade with Cuba... Continue reading
Pre-embargo trade with Cuba had Cuba shipping more agricultural products to the United States than the U.S. was shipping to Cuba, USDA trade expert says... Continue reading
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Cuba's minister of agriculture announce research and marketing order exchange agreements during historic Cuba visit... Continue reading
New Arkansas State Council for Engage Cuba aimed at helping move U.S.-Cuba trade relations into the 21st Century... Continue reading
“The soybean industry is losing out on valuable opportunities to market U.S. food and agriculture products in Cuba,” says Richard Wilkins, American Soybean Association... Continue reading
Rice producers need members of Congress to step up and say enough is enough on the failed Cuban trade embargo if rice is to benefit from changing political scene... Continue reading
Comments from Carl Brothers, senior vice president and chief operating officer for Riceland Foods, speaking at this year’s Mid-South Farm & Gin Show, may influence how much rice Mid-South farmers plant as they near their 2015 season... Continue reading
What's in store for House Agriculture Committee in new year... Continue reading
"I want fair trade. People tend to use ‘free’ and ‘fair’ trade interchangeably but they aren’t the same thing. I want our farmers to have a fair deal."... Continue reading
How will rice acreage fare in 2015... Continue reading
President Obama recently announced the U.S. would restore diplomatic ties with Cuba and begin to loosen some of the economic sanctions now in place. Some hardworking Arkansans also deserve a pat on the back... Continue reading
Hope rises among U.S. agriculture advocates that Cuba policy will lead to major new market... Continue reading
Obama moves to ease U.S. trade and travel restrictions on Cuba... Continue reading
Early on Tuesday afternoon, the Senate Agriculture Committee passed a new farm bill on a 15-5 vote... Continue reading
Mon, 2004-01-26 11:00 Delta Farm Press Farm Press Staff Farm Press Editorial Staff During the presentati... Continue reading
As a lifelong farmer, I’ve spent decades working together with my friends and neighbors on the problems we face... Continue reading
Hurricane Michelle may turn out to be a key agent for change in Cuba/U.S. relations. A few weeks ago, the hurricane... Continue reading
The resumption of U.S. rice exports to Cuba could depend largely on the future of Alan Gross, who sits in a Cuban jail, serving a 15 year sentence... Continue reading
Further relieving U.S. travel and export finance restrictions could add another $122.1 million in southern exports to Cuba... Continue reading
Shortly after the rice report’s release, Farm Press spoke with Eric Wailes – who co-authored the study with fellow University of Arkansas economists Vuko Karov, and Bradley Watkins – about ARC’s inability to address rice properly, how rice-depe... Continue reading
If the secretary makes such a determination an expedited congressional review would take place.” Pointing to a law already on the books, trade with Cuba was addressed by Montana Sen. Max Baucus. Baucus pulled few punches in calling out trade opponent... Continue reading
Sun, 2001-04-29 11:00 Delta Farm Press Forrest Laws Forrest Laws “The most glaring truth that came out of my visit to Cuba was the tremendous cost to the U.S. taxpayer and the U.S. rice industry as a result of the embargo,” says Ferrara, chairman o... Continue reading
Effort to open Cuba trade stalled “Panama is tendering for purchases of the largest volume of rice in their history. The initiative to open up Cuba to U.S. trade appears to be stalled. Cuba was once one of the largest markets for U.S. rice, and we... Continue reading
Thu, 2006-06-22 08:29 Delta Farm Press Forrest Laws Farm Press Editorial Staff The House voted to try again to block enforcement of a Treasury Department rule that farm groups say has reduced agricultural trade with Cuba by 22 percent since it was impl... Continue reading
Mon, 2010-03-01 09:21 Delta Farm Press David Bennett David Bennett, Farm Press Editorial Staff If newly introduced House legislation passes, trade and travel to Cuba will be much easier. Put forward by Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson, House Agriculture ... Continue reading
Wed, 2009-05-27 08:39 Delta Farm Press Marvin Lehrer, USA Rice Federation senior adviser on , is in Havana this week to discuss opportunities for U.S. rice exports to with ALIMPORT, Cub... Continue reading
markets and the situation with Cuba during an interview at the LSU Rice Research Station Field Day ... ... Continue reading
loosen Cuba trade embargo . While sides in the debate staked out positions, it became quickly ... ... Continue reading
Agriculture Committee, would ease U.S. travel and trade restrictions with Cuba. For more, see Bill would loosen Cuba trade embargo and Trade with Cuba: House debates and Easing Cuban ... ... Continue reading
for America’s farmers and ranchers. Cuba must import nearly 85 percent of its food and current U.S. trade policies hurt American farmers and ranchers by making it more expensive for Cuba to purchase U ... ... Continue reading
productivity and excessive litigation against growers. Lincoln also called for opening trade with Cuba. For more on Cuba legislation, see ... ... Continue reading
.S. agricultural commodities to Cuba, as well as modifies other U.S. policies that hinder U.S. exports to Cuba. The bill clarifies the definition of “cash payment in advance” and eliminates the need for Cuba to go ... ... Continue reading
on Americans traveling to Cuba, and would ease existing requires for financial transactions, including sales ... ... Continue reading
between the United States and Cuba is again being pushed by House legislators as Congress prepares ... ... Continue reading