July 2014
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Miami Herald

South Florida's Cuban-American congressional delegation will meet with the wife of a Cuban democracy activist. Continue reading
A U.S. State Department report says religious leaders admit they censor themselves when they preach. Continue reading
Chinese President Xi Jinping is wrapping up his visit to Cuba after signing dozens of agreements for such things as investment by Chinese firms on the island. Continue reading
On the second anniversary of the death of Cuban opposition leader Oswaldo Payá, his daughter, Rosa María Payá, announced Tuesday that the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) he founded is preparing a campaign to demand a plebiscite on the island’s future. Continue reading
Antonio “Tony” Calatayud, a well known Cuban exile activist and radio commentator, has been arrested on a complaint that he defrauded five South Florida people out of more than $1 million with promises of cheap purchases of distressed real estate properties. Continue reading
Trade, politics, culture and history are leading to warmer relations between the Cold War allies. Continue reading
Retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro is blaming the Ukrainian government in Kiev for the downing of a Malaysian Airlines passenger plane. Continue reading
Commissioners in Miami-Dade County have endorsed giving waterfront county land to a Cuban exile museum. Continue reading
But Russian and foreign media say their own sources confirmed the report in a Moscow newspaper. Continue reading
If true, the Russian move would complicate, if not halt, any Obama administration effort to warm up relations with Havana. Continue reading
The ship’s recent path through the Caribbean has revived talk of last summer’s massive seizure of Cuban weapons Continue reading
A man who threw a party for a friend in a punk-rock band that has been critical of Fidel Castro says that he has been the target of a ‘psychological’ campaign of intimidation. Continue reading
A small group of Cuban exiles is seabound to protest Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Cuba and Moscow's potential for renewed military presence there. Continue reading
Russian President Vladimir Putin began a six-day Latin American tour aimed at boosting trade and ties in the region with a stop Friday in Cuba, where he was expected to meet with President Raul Castro and former leader Fidel Castro. Continue reading
It's not your typical used car lot. Continue reading
A Tampa man accused of kidnapping his children and fleeing, along with his wife, to Cuba is going before a judge for another competency hearing. Continue reading
Lawyer Ernesto Vera said his main task was to attack and sow discord within two key Cuban opposition groups in the island. Continue reading
U.S. and Cuban government officials are meeting in Washington for a new round of migration talks. Continue reading
Sen. Robert Menendez said Tuesday that he has asked the Justice Department to investigate whether the Cuban government had a role in allegations against him that have made him a target of a federal probe. Continue reading
A man described by prosecutors as the leader of an extensive Cuban human smuggling ring has been sentenced to 20 years in prison following his conviction on multiple charges. Continue reading
As Charlie Crist campaigns for Florida governor, the Democrat is calling for an end to the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba. Continue reading
Relatives say two South Florida women have been detained in Cuba for allegedly trying to smuggle synthetic marijuana into the island. Continue reading
A boat with 41 Cuban migrants aboard has arrived in the Cayman Islands and asked for 24 hours of safe harbor because of bad weather, the Immigration Department of the British territory announced Thursday. Continue reading
Three other European banks are under U.S. scrutiny, according to news media report. Continue reading
Havana on Thursday protested U.S. penalties levied against France's largest bank over allegations it processed financial transactions for Cuba and other blacklisted states in violation of U.S. trade sanctions. Continue reading
The company and family of a Canadian business executive awaiting a court ruling in Cuba defended him against accusations of graft, arguing that what were in fact "legitimate commercial transactions" were wrongly characterized as corrupt at trial. Continue reading
Airport officials accuse them of carrying illegal drugs when they landed. Continue reading
The U.S. embargo and keeping Cuba on the list of state sponsors of terrorism make no sense, says Google’s executive chairman. Continue reading
Two boats carrying 64 Cuban migrants were told they could not linger in Cayman waters. Continue reading
Cuban prosecutors are seeking 15 years in prison for a Canadian businessman as he awaits a ruling in his corruption trial. Continue reading
The wife and lawyer of Alan Gross, a U.S. government subcontractor serving a 15-year prison sentence in Cuba, said Wednesday they fear for his life even more after his mother's death from cancer last week. Continue reading
The Democratic gubernatorial candidate says he needs the time to focus on principal opponent, Gov. Rick Scott. Continue reading
Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist is postponing his visit to Cuba. Continue reading
Authorities say a scuba diver died while exploring a sunken World War II naval ship off the coast of San Diego. Continue reading
They were forgotten masters of a long-ago sound, their faces deeply lined and their hands spotted with age. Continue reading
The case depressed Raúl Castro and led to wholesale changes at the Interior Ministry, which is in charge of domestic security. Continue reading
For a brief and shinning moment, it seemed that Cuba had unblocked access to several websites censored for years because of their criticisms of the government, including the U.S. government’s Radio/TV Marti. Continue reading
In a former life they were the "comandante's" cars: A fleet of black, boxy, Soviet-made limousines that for years were at the disposal of the presidency in Fidel Castro's Cuba. Continue reading
The violent fever was found in Cubans who had traveled abroad. Continue reading
The mother of an American who was imprisoned in Cuba while working there to set up Internet access has died. Continue reading
More than a dozen islanders have been convicted in a case of poisonous black-market alcohol that killed 11 and sickened nearly 100, the Communist Party newspaper Granma reported Wednesday. Continue reading
The mother of U.S. government subcontractor Alan P. Gross, serving a 15-year prison sentence in Havana, died Wednesday without seeing her son one last time after the Cuban government denied his request for a furlough, the Gross family said. Continue reading
Cuban health authorities on Wednesday confirmed the country's first six cases of chikungunya fever, a debilitating, mosquito-borne virus that is suspected of afflicting tens of thousands across the Caribbean since its arrival in the region last year. Continue reading
A small majority of Cuban Americans supports lifting the embargo against Cuba, according to a poll by Florida International University. Continue reading
The legendary Cuban musical group Buena Vista Social Club is going on a global farewell tour before disbanding next year after nearly two decades. Continue reading