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American Democrats are pining ever more loudly for socialism these days, for “free” education, “free” health care and much else. Let me tell you about socialism as I lived it under the Fidel Castro regime. The house where I was born in Communist Cuba had a dirt floor, a bathroom hole-in-the-ground, which we shared with... Continue reading
FALFURRIAS, Texas — More than a dozen loose-leaf binders in the local sheriff’s office provide a grisly inventory of hundreds of migrants found dead after they sneaked across the Mexican border into the United States. Color photographs show gruesome, bloated corpses baked by the sun and sprawled on the desert ground. Some appear to have... Continue reading
The Trump administration will let Americans file lawsuits in US courts against foreign companies in Cuba that use properties seized from Cuban Americans and other US citizens during the 1959 communist revolution. The move could expose American, European and Canadian companies to legal action, dealing a blow to Cuba’s efforts to attract more foreign investment.... Continue reading
Federal and state regulators slapped an Italian bank operating in New York with $1.3 billion in fines and penalties for laundering about $67.6 billion through the US financial system — in part by rigging its own computer systems to get around US sanctions laws. Unicredit, which is the largest bank in Italy and has an... Continue reading
NEW ORLEANS  — The US Coast Guard said it worked with a cruise ship to rescue 23 people adrift for days in the Gulf of Mexico. The Coast Guard issued a statement Sunday saying 22 Cubans started traveling on a wooden boat from Cuba to Mexico before losing power and drifting for three days. A... Continue reading
NAIROBI, Kenya — Suspected Islamist militants abducted two Cuban doctors in an ambush that killed a police bodyguard in northern Kenya near the Somali border, officials said Friday. It was the second abduction of a foreigner in five months likely carried out by the al Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab extremist group, which is based in Somalia. The... Continue reading
You don’t have to be at Coachella this week to catch what will likely be its hottest act: the much-buzzed about unveiling of Childish Gambino and Rihanna’s indie film “Guava Island.” Amazon Prime will stream the new flick spearheaded by Gambino, the stage name of actor Donald Glover, starting Friday just after midnight — a day... Continue reading
From the right: ‘Impossible’ Dem Tea Party Is Here The Democratic civil war is under way, with the first shots already fired, declares Commentary’s Noah Rothman. First, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threatened entrenched Democratic incumbents with primaries. Then the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced it would “withhold support for firms that work” with the AOC crowd.... Continue reading
UK banking giant Standard Chartered got slammed with more than $1 billion in fines and settlements on Tuesday for helping launder money from Iran, Sudan and other sanctioned countries through the US financial system over a six-year period. The British ... Continue reading
The Trump administration is ending an Obama-era deal that allowed Major League Baseball to directly sign Cuban baseball players competing in their home country. The expiration of the deal will force the Cuban athletes to sever ties with their national ... Continue reading
HOUSTON – US Vice President Mike Pence on Friday stepped up efforts to force Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from office by imposing new sanctions on its oil shipments, and promising “stronger action” against Cuba for helping to keep the regime afloat. Greater efforts to prevent oil revenues from reaching Maduro, including sanctions on Venezuela’s finance... Continue reading
CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan security forces detained a key aide to opposition leader Juan Guaido in a raid on his home early Thursday, an opposition lawmaker said. Lawyer Roberto Marrero was taken by intelligence agents in the overnight operation in Caracas, said lawmaker Sergio Vergara, whose nearby residence was also searched. Vergara said he was... Continue reading
In his first 100 days in office, Mexico’s new president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, seems intent on steering the country toward an idealistic, but ultimately ruinous, future. Known as AMLO, the new president is fast concentrating power and influence in his own hands. He has rewarded party loyalists and mighty state bosses, enriched loyal backers... Continue reading
One of the city’s fabled real estate names just disappeared — but it’s due to success, not failure. Savills Studley Inc. is now simply Savills Inc., dropping a name that’s been synonymous with commercial tenant representation for 65 years. The rebranding reflects how well the firm has done since London-based Savills plc bought the New... Continue reading
The collapse of Venezuela’s electrical grid this month triggered a struggle for power — literally, electricity — by narco-dictator Nicolás Maduro and sent 30 million people scrambling for food and water. The blackouts underscored the gravity of Venezuela’s ­human­itarian crisis and the threat Maduro poses to ­regional stability, not to mention his own ­people. Which... Continue reading
The Giants showed Golden Tate the money. Not long after agreeing to a four-year, $37.5 million deal on Thursday, the veteran wideout celebrated by re-enacting the infamous scene from “Jerry Maguire” in which Rod Tidwell has one request for the titular agent — and then posting it on Instagram. In the movie, Cuba Gooding Jr.’s... Continue reading
SUNY athletes competing for a national championship are set to be victimized by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s hard line on transgender rights . . . in another state. In 2016, recall, Cuomo issued an executive order banning all non-essential state-sponsored travel to North Carolina over that state’s bathroom law. That law was partly rescinded, but Cuomo’s ban remains... Continue reading
When Joe Smith Jr. was growing up on Long Island as the oldest of seven brothers and one sister, he turned to boxing at age 13 to keep out of trouble. It began a journey that has led him to the biggest fight of his career — Saturday, his first shot at a world title.... Continue reading
She’s the shimmering queen of Midtown’s night sky — a mirage of brightly lit triangular forms riding sensuous, sculpted layers to a radiant peak. The Chrysler Building after dark seems a feminine foil to the Empire State Building’s muscular lines. A popular postcard by artist Hudson Talbott depicts Chrysler as a sexy lady on the... Continue reading
Anyone who isn’t a socialist at 20 has no heart, but anyone who isn’t a conservative by 40 has no brain: That old epigram is certainly playing out in today’s Democratic Party. Millennials — ignorant of socialism’s appalling economic and human-rights history — increasingly embrace socialism and its naively unrealistic prescriptions for ending all human... Continue reading
Neither Erislandy Lara nor Brian Castano got what they were looking for Saturday night at Barclays Center. Each wanted a victory to stay in contention for a world title fight. Instead, they settled for a split draw after 12 rounds of boxing before a cr... Continue reading
Long before the murder, the girls and a role in “The Godfather,” Gianni Russo was a 13-year-old with a bum arm. Freshly sprung from Bellevue’s polio ward, he ditched his neglectful parents to sleep on flour sacks in the back of a Little Italy bakery and sell pens in front of the Waldorf-Astoria. It was... Continue reading
Saul “Canelo” Alvarez stood face-to-face with Daniel Jacobs in Manhattan this week, promoting their Cinco de Mayo showdown in Las Vegas, while in Brooklyn, Erislandy Lara, perhaps the most under-appreciated fighter in boxing, awaited Argentina’s Brian Castano on Saturday night at Barclays Center. Meanwhile, ticket sales for the American debut of heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua... Continue reading
When Asori Soto’s family returned to Havana after six years in New York City, where his father worked for the United Nations, the 11-year-old suffered culture shock. “There was nothing,” Soto recalls of the early 1990s, when the Soviet Union’s collapse left communist Cuba in a lurch. “I went from eating Greek food in Astoria... Continue reading
JetBlue paid tribute to a cop killer as part of its Black History Month tribute at JFK Airport’s Terminal 5 — and was forced to apologize for the boondoggle. Joanne Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur, was featured in the exhibit just past security for 21 days before a flier noticed one of the bullet... Continue reading
We're not crying, you're crying. When a former US army vet asked to be sent 100 birthday cards for his 100th birthday, the Internet delivered in a spectacular and touching way. Continue reading
Cigar enthusiasts come together for the XVII Habanos Festival in Havana, Cuba. Continue reading
To think pro ballplayers once had to have offseason jobs to get by. Small wonder many of today’s fabulously enriched pros have an exaggerated, even fantastic sense of self-entitlement. Who’s to prevent it? They’re invited to live in a world that doesn’t correspond with our orbit. And no one to explain or tell them otherwise.... Continue reading
President Vladimir Putin said Russia wouldn’t back away from a second Cuban Missile Crisis if tensions between the two countries escalate, and suggested Moscow would have the upper hand in a nuclear conflict with the United States. “They [the tensions] are not a reason to ratchet up confrontation to the levels of the Cuban Missile... Continue reading
Two split-screen events in one day last week displayed new global alliances ready to clash, Cold War-style. In Poland, America tried to push Mideast peace. At the same time, a gang of rogues united in New York to support Venezuela’s crumbling Marxist dictatorship. The more consequential event was the two-day summit, organized by Secretary of... Continue reading
Nothing against omelets, yogurt or a classic bodega sandwich, but they’re not the only ways to start your day. Just look at other countries’ morning meals: In Korea, for example, brunch might mean a soothing bowl of broth, whereas in Israel, the first salad of the day hits the table at breakfast, not lunch. India... Continue reading
President Trump on Monday rallied support in the largest Venezuelan community in the United States for opposition leader Juan Guaidó, saying Venezuela’s current path toward democracy was irreversible — and would pave the way for similar breakthroughs in Cuba and Nicaragua. “This will become the first free hemisphere in all of human history,” Trump said... Continue reading
An 11-year-old student was arrested after refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and allegedly telling a teacher that “the flag is racist and the national anthem is offensive to black people,” according to reports. The boy, a student at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Lakeland, Fla., was charged with disrupting a school function... Continue reading
The House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the Trump administration’s policy toward Venezuela this week descended into farce when controversial freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) attempted to steer debate toward 30-year-old events elsewhere in Latin America. In a cheap attempt to discredit special envoy Elliott Abrams, a long-time foreign-policy practitioner who served in the Reagan... Continue reading
A Florida man who posed as a doctor claimed he could cure diabetes through a dubious procedure transferring the patient’s own blood back into them, according to officials. Onelio Hipolit-Gonzalez, 73, was arrested Tuesday in connection to a medical scam which advertised his services on a site called “Elclassificado,” according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s... Continue reading
It took Rocco DiSpirito 15 years to go from “The Restaurant” reality-TV fiasco to a real restaurant. The 10-year-old but new-seeming Standard Grill, which he quietly took over as head chef last fall, is serving the Meatpacking District’s best American dishes. Here are spectacularly realized takes on delicately poached black sea bass; sliced beef short... Continue reading
A tourist in Varadero, Cuba, learned that swimming with dolphins comes with some surprising risks. She says security had to come over and remove the dolphin after it jumped on top of her and started getting frisky. Subscribe to our YouTube! Continue reading
Are common sense and common decency dead? Hibernating? Or have both been ruled politically and commercially inappropriate? Even a Super Bowl TV audience was not supposed to notice the NFL’s latest rank hypocrisy and pathetic pandering. From just before kickoff of Sunday’s game in Atlanta until the halftime show began, the chosen, beyond-football theme of... Continue reading
A meteorite touched down in Cuba around 1:15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, according to reports. The National Weather Service in Key West says it received reports that a meteor was seen in the sky across the Florida keys and that it crashed in Western Cu... Continue reading
Federal immigration officials are force-feeding six immigrants through plastic nasal tubes during a hunger strike that’s gone on for a month inside a Texas detention facility, The Associated Press has learned. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says 11 detainees at the El Paso Processing Center have been refusing food, some for more than 30 days.... Continue reading
Conservative: How Trump Can Regain His Border Mojo President Trump lost both the government shutdown standoff and his ­leverage. But Marc Thiessen at The Washington Post contends “there is one way he can get it back.” Democrats, while opposing a wall, have “been at pains to argue” that they aren’t weak on border security. Trump,... Continue reading
President Trump on Wednesday congratulated self-proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaido during a phone call from the White House, the administration said. “President Donald J. Trump spoke today with Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaido to congratulate him on his historic assumption of the presidency and to reinforce President Trump’s strong support for Venezuela’s fight to regain... Continue reading
Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned the US that it risks a Vietnam War-style quagmire if it launches a military offensive against his country — while at the same time conceding that he’s willing to begin negotiations with opposition leaders. “We will not allow a Vietnam in Latin America. They want to put their hands... Continue reading
No beach is worth getting DVT on a long-haul flight — try these nine easy, breezy getaways to achieve that new year’s tan, all under six hours away. Aruba Flight time: 4 hours, 40 minutes Valentine’s Day has an uncanny knack for sneaking up on us — get the jump on it this time with... Continue reading
In one of his most decisive foreign-policy moments, President Trump recognized Juan Guaidó, the president of Venezuela’s National Assembly, as the country’s interim leader. Free countries from the Western Hemisphere, Europe and beyond, including some adamant Trump critics, joined the US in support of Guaidó and against Nicolás Maduro’s crumbling ­socialist dictatorship. Yet China, Russia,... Continue reading