October 2018
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The most striking difference between Democrats and Republicans is not their views on #MeToo, affirmative action or the Supreme Court: It’s how they view the economy. Republicans deplore socialism. But more than half of Democrats view socialism favorably, according to Gallup. The Democratic Party’s left flank is turning the midterm elections into a referendum on... Continue reading
Luis Severino was absolutely masterful at his craft Monday night compared to Angel Hernandez. While the Yankees ace was mercifully removed in the fourth inning after a dreadful performance, the first-base umpire Hernandez had nowhere to hide. In all, three of Hernandez’s calls were overturned by replay, adding an extra layer of sludge to Boston’s... Continue reading
Tropical Storm Michael strengthened into a category 1 hurricane on Monday, with authorities predicting it was headed for the Gulf of Mexico. The weather system could produce winds topping 111 mph by Tuesday night, before slamming into the Florida Panha... Continue reading
A Florida teen girl faces charges for allegedly helping her boyfriend cover up the murder of her father, who didn’t approve of them dating, according to reports. Eveline Gainza, 17, and boyfriend Demar Turruellas, 18, are accused in the shooting death of 63-year-old Evelio Gainza at a Doral home, news station WPLG reported. Police said... Continue reading
Mayor de Blasio had a private sit-down with Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel in Manhattan on Wednesday, just hours after the communist country’s new leader denounced America’s longtime embargo in a UN speech. Responding to a press-conference query, the mayor said Díaz-Canel had requested the meeting, which lasted about a half-hour. “We would like to see... Continue reading
Every time we turn on the TV we’re treated like idiots. Then, when we turn the channel, we’re treated like idiots. Thursday night was a peach. In the first inning of the 4-hour, 13 pitchers, 11-6 Yankees loss to Boston, YES’ David Cone was under the spell of evil space aliens. First he claimed Andrew... Continue reading
As a kid growing up in Nashville, I had three sports posters on my bedroom wall: Michael Jordan in mid-flight dunking from the free-throw line in the 1988 slam-dunk contest, a black-and-white photo of Bo Jackson posing with shoulder pads and a baseball... Continue reading
A British man murdered his wife and deliberately sank the couple’s catamaran near the Bahamas in a bid to inherit her estate, prosecutors said last week. Lewis Bennett, 41, was charged with second-degree murder on the high seas in the May 2017 disappearance of Isabella Hellmann, 41, of Delray Beach, Florida, in February. Bennett and... Continue reading
A pregnant mother of three died after a head-on collision with a boxing champion suspected of driving drunk in California — all while the woman was talking to her husband on speakerphone, according to reports. Krystil Kincaid, 29, of San Jacinto, was driving a Chrysler minivan in Hemet at about 8:30 p.m. Sunday when a... Continue reading
WASHINGTON — U.S. and Cuban officials will meet later today in an effort to determine the method and motive behind mystery incidents in Havana that have injured American diplomats. The meeting comes amid widespread frustration among national security agencies and in Congress at the lack of answers about what the U.S. describes as “health attacks”... Continue reading
Prepare to add crippling assaults on US diplomats to Vladimir Putin’s long, long list of crimes. It now looks like Moscow is behind the series of strange “sonic attacks” starting in November 2016 that left three dozen Americans stationed in Cuba, and possibly others working in China, with concussion-like symptoms — and several suffering permanent... Continue reading
Russia is believed to be behind the strange “sonic attacks” that have left US diplomats with concussion-like injuries in Cuba and China, according to a report Tuesday. Communications intercepts, known as “signals intelligence,” that point to Russia as the culprit have been collected as part of an ongoing investigation by the FBI, CIA and other... Continue reading
It wasn’t a pretty exhibition of the Sweet Science. It was more brute force and will that carried Shawn “Showtime” Porter to the WBC welterweight championship over Danny Garcia on Saturday night at Barclays Center. Using a relentless attack that kept Garcia on the defensive for much of the night, Porter was able to score... Continue reading
NFL ratings are facing yet another brutal blitz this fall — and few pundits are betting that they won’t get sacked. With ratings having plunged 8 percent in 2016 and nearly 10 percent last year, experts say this season’s ratings could fall even faster as the league continues to grapple with a slew of ugly... Continue reading
The killer robots are coming! Maybe. The US and Russia helped block the UN from broaching the subject during a week of meetings in Geneva, Politico reported. During the summit, which ended in the wee hours of Saturday, a group at the United Nations’ Convention on Conventional Weapons discussed whether to take negotiations on fully... Continue reading
The American diplomats and family members who mysteriously fell ill while stationed at the US embassy in Havana may have been zapped by microwaves that can cause brain injuries, according to a frightening report Saturday. Doctors and scientists examine... Continue reading
We’re at a point in the fantasy baseball season at which you’re looking for help in every nook and cranny of the waiver wire. You’re willing to consider picking up just about any player with a name on a jersey as long as he can bring the production you need, no matter how crazy it... Continue reading
There’s nothing wrong with lounging on the couch and watching TV — especially on Labor Day, or what’s considered summer’s “last gasp.” If you’re planning on doing just that, here’s a handy guide to some of what’s available on Monday for your viewing pleasure. “King of the Hill” marathon (Starts 9 a.m. on Comedy Central) This... Continue reading
J.D. Martinez was technically following his manager’s orders while speaking to the media Tuesday — a day after an Instagram post using Adolf Hitler to show support for the Second Amendment surfaced from his past. Martinez, in his first year with the Red Sox, stood by the pro-gun message he posted to his account in... Continue reading
A devastated bride has told how she spent her wedding night on a drip after a suspected outbreak of salmonella at a luxury hotel in Cuba. Leigh Hall splashed out $4,827 with travel giant Thomas Cook to hold her special day and honeymoon at the popular ... Continue reading
MIAMI — The slow-moving Sept. 11 war-crimes case at Guantanamo has outlasted the judge. Army Col. James Pohl announced his retirement from the military on Monday, ending a career that culminated with his presiding over the military commission trial of five prisoners at the U.S. base in Cuba accused of planning and aiding the terrorist... Continue reading
AUGUSTA, Ga. — A man claiming to have been mistaken for his twin fugitive brother could either be extradited back to Georgia or released from a Miami jail next week. The 63-year-old told authorities he is Jean Vernet Prado, not his twin Raul Eduardo Prado, The Augusta Chronicle reported. Raul Prado was serving a 25-year... Continue reading
After the collapse of Chavism, which way will Latin America turn? It wasn’t long ago that Venezuela, led by a fiery caudillo and dedicated to spreading its brand of populist super-socialism, boosted allies’ economies near and far with petrodollars. Hugo Chavez was spreading his Bolivarian revolution all over and times were good. No más. Spending... Continue reading
Conservative: Ex-Spy Chiefs Doing Permanent Damage Even when it gets things wrong (and it does), “the underlying ethos” of the US intelligence rank and file” has always been apolitical,” contends former CIA analyst Buck Sexton at The Hill. Yet former CIA Directors John Brennan and Michael Hayden, along with former DNI James Clapper and former... Continue reading
A Miami supermarket tycoon who went on the lam after allegedly orchestrating the murder of his wife’s lover in 2011 was finally nabbed this week in Spain, according to reports. Manuel Marin, who co-founded Presidente Supermarkets, was busted late Tuesday in Madrid, sources told the Miami Herald. He allegedly fled there after masterminding the grisly... Continue reading
Late on the night of Oct. 21, 1998, in the charming port city of San Diego, you could feel the relief and exhaustion. Primarily the exhaustion. I’m pretty sure those senses dominated those Yankees after they validated their record-setting regular season by steamrolling the overmatched Padres to win their 24th World Series title. I know... Continue reading
María Irene Fornés wrote more than 40 plays and won nine Obie Awards, a Pulitzer nomination and the admiration of Edward Albee, who called her “the most intuitive playwright” he ever met. Known in 1960s and ’70s New York City as Doña Juana for her seductive charm, she famously bedded Susan Sontag. Yet the woman... Continue reading
The two Guantanamos have been a contrast since the U.S. opened the base at the southeastern tip of the island in 1903, following the Spanish-American War, and the divide has only grown under Cuba's communist government, which refuses to cash the annual rent checks from Washington as it insists the U.S. leave. Continue reading
The Yankees spent much of the trade deadline acquiring international pool money and after signing Cuban right-hander Osiel Rodriguez to a $600,000 deal, they spent a reported $2.5 million to add 16-year-old shortstop Alexander Vargas — also from Cuba. The switch-hitting Vargas has impressed with his speed and his glove. As a comparison, Gary Sanchez... Continue reading
Liberal take: Where Is the Left’s Foreign Policy? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have already slayed some political dragons, but when it comes to foreign policy, she’s “wielding a dull sword,” contends The New Republic’s Sarah Jones. And she’s not alone: It’s becoming increasingly common for left-wing politicians “to either botch or dodge foreign policy issues.” Even... Continue reading
On the same day that Venezuela’s “democratically” elected socialist president, Nicolas Maduro, whose once-wealthy nation now has citizens foraging for food, announced he was lopping five zeros off the country’s currency to create a “stable financial and monetary system,” Meghan McCain of “The View” was the target of Internet-wide condemnation for having stated some obvious... Continue reading
This helps explain why the Yankees hoarded all that international signing bonus money. The Yankees signed Osiel Rodriguez, a 16-year-old pitching prospect out of Cuba, for $600,000 on Sunday. The Yankees had made trades Saturday and Sunday to accrue the rights to spend more money on the international market — gaining $2.5 million with trades of... Continue reading
Mikey Garcia has big plans to prove he’s not just one of the best boxers of his era, but one of the best of all time. He takes a huge step toward that goal Saturday night when he faces Robert Easter Jr. in a lightweight unification bout at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Showtime will... Continue reading
See Yo later. Yoenis Cespedes is headed to surgery on both heels that will keep him sidelined for a minimum of 8-10 months — all but ensuring he won’t play the early portion of the 2019 season — the Mets announced Wednesday. “It’s possible it will be longer than that, but it probably won’t be... Continue reading
A black, lesbian political science professor claims the New School only hired her as a token of diversity to stem complaints about its mostly white staff, according to a lawsuit. Professor Robin Hayes, whose academic work focuses on race and diversity,... Continue reading
I was nervous. I was on my way to the airport, headed to Cuba. I’d be spending a week there with my friend Whitney, a couple days alone and the last week on a group tour sailing trip. It was Cuba itself that I was worried about. I’m not new to traveling. I’ve traveled to... Continue reading
Yoenis Cespedes has been part of the problem for the Mets this year, mainly by being injured and unavailable again. Of all things, he may have proposed a way to be part of a solution moving forward — for his own health and the structure of the team. According to a source familiar with the... Continue reading
BERLIN — Research suggests the family of Anne Frank, the world-famous Jewish diarist who died in the Holocaust, attempted to immigrate to the United States and later also to Cuba, but their efforts were thwarted by America’s restrictive immigration policy and the outbreak of World War II. The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and the... Continue reading
A cruise ship crew member fell overboard and was rescued by another passenger vessel passing by after nearly 24 hours at sea. The unidentified 33-year-old went overboard as the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Getaway sailed back to Miami on Saturday, the cruise line said. The Coast Guard was alerted and started searching for him. By... Continue reading
It’s expensive to live in New York. But we big spenders get our money’s worth every summer — with hundreds of free outdoor activities. From movies to fireworks, there’s something to see and do every day that won’t cost you a dime. Here are our picks of this summer’s can’t-miss freebies. Concerts Acts from all... Continue reading
KEY WEST, Fla. — A Florida woman has completed a more than 100-mile voyage from Cuba to the Florida Keys on a standup paddleboard. Victoria Burgess arrived in Key West on Wednesday, paddling across the Florida Straits in just under 28 hours. Burgess is believed to be the first woman to make the trip from... Continue reading
An average of 20 veterans commit suicide each day — a statistic that weighs on the mind of Rich Murphy. Murphy, 38, is executive director of Veterans to Farmers, an organization he joined after suffering a devastating injury and bout with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in December 2007. Murphy, who had escaped injury during a... Continue reading
WASHINGTON — As President Donald Trump was heading to Singapore for a historic summit with North Korea’s leader, a State Department diplomatic security agent who was part of the advance team reported hearing an unusual sound he believed was similar to what was experienced by US diplomats in Cuba and China who later became ill.... Continue reading
A restaurant in Washington, DC, is apologizing for an incident that took place Friday night, when one of the eatery’s managers unlawfully asked a transgender woman for ID before she used the ladies’ restroom. Charlotte Clymer was dining out with her friends at the Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar when, toward the end of... Continue reading
WASHINGTON — Medical tests have confirmed that one additional U.S. Embassy worker has been affected by mysterious health incidents in Cuba, the State Department said, bringing the total number to 25. The new “medically confirmed” worker is one of two who were recently evacuated from Cuba after reporting symptoms. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said... Continue reading