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The secret to a long life, centenarian Amparo Perez once declared, is “no husband and no children.’ This week, a day before her 105th birthday on Friday, she explained why. “No aggravation,” she said. “It’s the most important thing, not to have aggravation.” Perez, a widow who never remarried, flashed a broad smile last week... Continue reading
Younger | Wednesday, 10 p.m., TV Land Love is in the air — or perhaps up in the air — as Season 6 of TV Land’s “Younger” kicks off. Last year’s finale found buttoned-up book marketing executive Diana (Miriam Shor) solidifying her relationship with blue-collar worker Enzo (Chris Tardio), and millennial masquerader Liza (Sutton Foster)... Continue reading
The UN said Friday that the number of Venezuelans who have fled their strife-torn country in recent years has topped 4 million as the government of strongman Nicolás Maduro struggles to maintain power amid crippling sanctions. The UN’s refugee agency said Friday the number of Venezuelan refugees and migrants rose by 1 million after November,... Continue reading
The Trump administration on Tuesday implemented new travel restrictions for US citizens heading to Cuba, eliminating some of the most commons ways American tourists visit the country — including organized group travel and cruise ship visits. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in a statement attributed the limitations to Cuba’s “destabilizing role” in the Western Hemisphere, including... Continue reading
NEWARK, N.J. — An attorney is going to trial on charges that he shot and killed the mother of his child at her home in an upscale New Jersey suburb, then fled to Cuba and was caught by customs authorities in Havana who had received an Interpol alert about him. More than seven months after... Continue reading
​President Trump said in a tweet that Russia has pulled “most of their people from Venezuela,” where President Nicolas Maduro continues to cling to power despite an ongoing humanitarian crisis and turmoil. ​Russia, which has energy investments in Venezuela, has backed Maduro since January, when Juan Guaidó, the head of the opposition party, declared himself... Continue reading
NEW YORK — The degradation of relations between the US and Cuba under President Donald Trump has begun to cut into scientific and medical cooperation on issues ranging from treatment of infectious diseases to coral reef preservation. A biomedical fellowship exchange program has been put on hold. Cuban cardiac nurses have stopped providing training to... Continue reading
MEXICO CITY – Buckling under surging asylum applications and the lowest budget in years, Mexico’s tiny refugee agency has turned to the United Nations for help opening three new offices across the country starting next month, its director said on Tuesday. Mexico is on track for 60,000 asylum application this year, double 2018 applications, said... Continue reading
GENEVA — The risk of nuclear weapons being used is at its highest since World War II, a senior UN security expert said Tuesday, calling it an “urgent” issue that the world should take more seriously. Renata Dwan, director of the UN Institute for Disarmament Research, said all states with nuclear weapons have nuclear modernization... Continue reading
Just a week after entering the presidential race, Mayor Bill de Blasio is already neck-and-neck with such household names as . . . Seth Moulton and Wayne Messam. How long before he puts an end to this farce? The mayor is struggling to crack the top 20 (out of 23) so he can qualify for the first... Continue reading
Once a Putz, always a Putz. Mayor de Blasio’s announcement that he’s running for president was perfect in one regard: It accurately — and inadvertently — captured who he is. A lazy faker, a race and class warrior and a problem for those he claims to help. He came prepared for his big day with... Continue reading
Fifteen years ago this coming December, the Yankees fantasized about Kendrys Morales’ swing taking advantage of playing 81 home games at Yankee Stadium. Morales was a switch-hitting free-agent first baseman from Cuba via the Dominican Republic and the Yankees were intrigued by his bat. “We had interest. We thought he would hit home runs at... Continue reading
“Why Cuba?” more than one friend asked when we told them about the trip we were planning. Why, indeed. Americans of my generation (I’m now 70) grew up on black-and-white TV images of a fierce Fidel, an angry Nikita Khrushchev threatening to beat us to death with his shoe and the Kennedys facing the Cuban... Continue reading
The Republican National Committee came out swinging against Bill de Blasio on Thursday, hours after the mayor officially announced his candidacy for president. An email blast from the RNC included a “Bill de Blasio cheat sheet” with six zingers labeling the termed-out Democrat a groundhog killer who honeymooned in Communist Cuba. It also slams him... Continue reading
Luke Voit had eight homers in late April, and by no means was that enough to make up for the loss of Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks and Didi Gregorius, but it helped. Nevertheless, since April 26 when Voit homered in his final at-bat, he h... Continue reading
Like Lady Liberty, she knows something about flowing gowns. Wrap-dress impresario Diane von Fürstenberg led a massive fundraising effort to build a new museum dedicated to the Statue of Liberty, and the fruits of her labor will go on display for the first time Thursday, when the gleaming space opens on Liberty Island. “They wanted... Continue reading
While the American border crisis is centered on the 1.9 million migrants coming out of the Northern Triangle of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in the last four years, the next great wave of migration — from Venezuela — has already begun. Continue reading
A US diplomat who suffered a mysterious brain injury in China — and believes it was a microwave attack by a foreign government — has pledged to donate his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation. Mark Lenzi, now 44, was working as a security engineer in China in 2017 when he and his wife began... Continue reading
Cuba is blaming President Trump for its latest economic crisis, but experts say Venezuela is just as great a cause, if not more. The Communist government in Havana released a long list of products it is now rationing, blaming the tightening of the US t... Continue reading
Endlessly obsessed with Russia’s interference in the last election, one half of Washington — the Democrats — all but ignore Russia’s current nefarious deeds around the globe. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, next week. They will have a lot to discuss. Consider: When Iran tried to blackmail Europe... Continue reading
There is a bright side to all the Yankees’ injuries. It has created opportunity long-shot minor leaguers wouldn’t have had, providing dream-come-true scenarios. Nestor Cortes is the latest such story, the Yankees’ 36th-round pick in 2013. The 24-year-old left-hander from Cuba who grew up in Miami figured he blew his shot last year after getting... Continue reading
Cuban activists denounced the government’s decision to cancel this year’s gay rights parade, with some speculating the decision was made due to rising political hostility from the Trump administration. Continue reading
WASHINGTON – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said President Trump has been “very clear” about wanting the Russians out of Venezuela, despite Trump downplaying Moscow’s role in the crisis on the heels of his Friday phone call with President Vladimir Putin. “The president has been very clear on this. He said – I think it... Continue reading
All 143 people on a plane that skidded off a runway and wound up in a Jacksonville, Fla. river were saved in a dramatic rescue — but their pets were not as lucky. At least four cats and dogs are presumed dead in a flooded cargo hold Saturday, USA Today reported. Officials said it’s possible... Continue reading
He came from Cuba armed with a fork — his only defense against marauding groups of thieves and other dangers on a harrowing overland journey from Nicaragua to southern Mexico. Continue reading
WASHINGTON – President Trump spoke by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday and said Putin was “not looking” to get involved in Venezuela, days after America’s top diplomat blamed Russia for helping keep dictator Nicolas Maduro in power. “He is not looking at all to get involved in Venezuela other than he’d like... Continue reading
Rep. Ilhan Omar blames the US for Venezuela’s penury. Go figure. She of all people should know how Marxism can trash a country. Her birth country, Somalia, was run by the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party, created by the strongman Siad Barre ­under Soviet guidance in the 1970s, until it ­devolved into chaos in the late... Continue reading
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Finland next week to discuss disagreements over the crisis in Venezuela, a US official said Thursday. The two top diplomats will take up “a broad range of issues” when they meet on the sidelines of an Arctic Council meeting starting Monday in... Continue reading
Venezuelans took to the streets by the thousands again Wednesday in response to rightful President Juan Guaidó’s call for an uprising to remove hopelessly corrupt Nicolás Maduro from power. But no clear end is in sight. Guaidó clearly enjoys popular support from a nation hopelessly wracked by corruption, oppression and financial chaos, but top military... Continue reading
Hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US was prepared to take military action in Venezuela, the Pentagon on Wednesday appeared to downplay any active planning by the armed forces and stressed diplomacy to stem the turmoil in the country. ... Continue reading
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that the US was prepared to take military action to stem the turmoil in Venezuela — and was scheduled to speak with his Russian counterpart to discuss the Kremlin’s role in the crisis. “The president has been crystal clear and incredibly consistent — military action is possible —... Continue reading
Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaidó called for a new round of mass protests on Tuesday night and urged the nation’s military to join the fight against beleaguered president Nicolás Maduro. Guaidó addressed his supporters with a video statement posted on social media amid political turmoil in the South American country, claiming that Maduro “doesn’t have... Continue reading
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro was prepared to flee the country on Tuesday morning but the Russian government intervened. Continue reading
The battle for Venezuela is entering a crucial moment, and so are the risks for that nation, for America and beyond. Continue reading
EL PASO, Texas — It’s been known as “Nicholson’s Crossing” since anyone can remember — the spot under a downtown highway overpass where Jack Nicholson filmed “The Border.” The actor played Charlie Smith, a corrupt border guard who accepted payoffs from Mexican traffickers making their way into this dusty city in west Texas in the... Continue reading
President Trump on Tuesday warned Cuba that he would slap the island nation with a “full and complete embargo” if its military didn’t stop supporting Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro. “If Cuban Troops and Militia do not immediately CEASE military and other operations for the purpose of causing death and destruction to the Constitution of Venezuela,... Continue reading
WASHINGTON — Military officials say the commander of the task force that runs the prison at the U.S. Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has been fired for a “loss of confidence in his ability to command.” A statement from U.S. Southern Command says Navy Rear Adm. John Ring was relieved of duty Saturday. The... Continue reading
When you go to sea in a destroyer, sometimes you rock, sometimes you roll and every so often you slide down a big wave like it was a ski jump. You are, quite emphatically, in touch with nature. I was 18 when I first stepped aboard a destroyer — USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., named... Continue reading
Here’s the chilling moment an ex-con immigrant pulled the trigger in an execution-style slaying in Miami, police say. David Paneque, 29, of Cuba — who was under order to be deported — was charged Wednesday in the murder of pal Leandro Lopez on March 24 inside a Florida parking garage, the Miami Herald reported. Police... Continue reading
Political scribe: Will Every Living Dem Run for President? The Week’s Matthew Walther says that if anyone had asked him last week whether Seth Moulton, a moderate Democrat who is enthusiastic about public transportation and veterans affairs, was a real presidential candidate, “I would have said absolutely not.” Then, the Massachusetts congressman announced. This election,... Continue reading
CUBA — Just after 8 a.m., Pura Castell got in line behind about 100 other people waiting for a chance to buy frozen chicken legs. For two hours she leaned on her cane watching people leave the state-run market with their 5-pound limit. The chicken ran out at 10 a.m. while the 80-year-old Castell still... Continue reading
American Democrats are pining ever more loudly for socialism these days, for “free” education, “free” health care and much else. Let me tell you about socialism as I lived it under the Fidel Castro regime. The house where I was born in Communist Cuba had a dirt floor, a bathroom hole-in-the-ground, which we shared with... Continue reading
FALFURRIAS, Texas — More than a dozen loose-leaf binders in the local sheriff’s office provide a grisly inventory of hundreds of migrants found dead after they sneaked across the Mexican border into the United States. Color photographs show gruesome, bloated corpses baked by the sun and sprawled on the desert ground. Some appear to have... Continue reading
The Trump administration will let Americans file lawsuits in US courts against foreign companies in Cuba that use properties seized from Cuban Americans and other US citizens during the 1959 communist revolution. The move could expose American, European and Canadian companies to legal action, dealing a blow to Cuba’s efforts to attract more foreign investment.... Continue reading
Federal and state regulators slapped an Italian bank operating in New York with $1.3 billion in fines and penalties for laundering about $67.6 billion through the US financial system — in part by rigging its own computer systems to get around US sanctions laws. Unicredit, which is the largest bank in Italy and has an... Continue reading