April 2018
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Mr. Acosta, the international ballet star, has started Acosta Danza, a Cuban contemporary-meets-ballet troupe that makes its U.S. debut this week. Continue reading
Stalwarts and heirs of the Communist revolution will help support — and scrutinize — Cuba’s new president, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez. Continue reading
Most expect Cuba’s new president to be a leader of continuity after Raúl Castro. But he also has to figure out how to resuscitate Cuba’s economy. Continue reading
Most expect Cuba’s new president to be a leader of continuity after Raúl Castro. But he also has to figure out how to resuscitate Cuba’s economy. Continue reading
There’s a sense of wistfulness among aging Cuban exiles in Miami: Cuba will no longer be led by a Castro. But they don’t expect real change anytime soon. Continue reading
As Raúl Castro steps down, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez steps up. Here’s a look at Mr. Castro’s handpicked successor and what’s ahead for the Communist country. Continue reading
Without the Castro legacy to rely on, his successor will face a minefield of tasks that even Mr. Castro failed to complete. Continue reading
In 2016, diplomats at the United States Embassy in Havana were mysteriously stricken. Was it an attack? There is no official explanation for it, but it has played a big role in America’s current political disengagement with Cuba. Continue reading
As Cuba transitions away from rule by the Castros, the United States has an interest in engaging Havana. Continue reading
For spies, politicians and gangsters, there are any number of grim ways to die. Poison is a favorite. Continue reading
It was the first team in 45 years with four Cuban players in a lineup. Now, as the White Sox bring in more defectors, the players say Chicago is where they want to be. Continue reading
A future without President Raúl Castro is on the horizon, but everything points to the continuation of the status quo. It doesn’t have to. Continue reading
A future without President Raúl Castro is on the horizon, but everything points to the continuation of the status quo. It doesn’t have to. Continue reading
After examining 21 American diplomats said to have been victims of a mysterious “attack” in Havana, medical experts found concussion-like damage but no obvious causes. Continue reading
Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart, 68, was a nuclear physicist. He had been receiving treatment for depression, a state-run Cuban website said. Continue reading
The transition will happen later than expected, because the Cuban government postponed legislative elections in the wake of damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Continue reading
“You probably know” who attacked the 24 American diplomats in Cuba, the secretary of state said. “You can stop it. It’s as simple as that.” Continue reading
Mysterious illnesses among American diplomats in Havana have given President Trump the pretext to take a harder line on Cuba. Continue reading
The new rules, intended to direct money away from the military, limit ties with Cuba just as President Trump pushes business deals with Communist China. Continue reading
The American dissent on a General Assembly resolution condemning the embargo left the United States isolated again on the issue. Continue reading
Documents released this week recall the Cold War context against which the assassination of John F. Kennedy generated suspicion that persists to this day. Continue reading
Residents of a tiny Bolivian hamlet vividly recall the day the guerrilla leader was shot at their school. “For us, this was a time of suffering,” says a woman who brought him soup. Continue reading
The symptoms reported by U.S. embassy staff in Havana probably were not caused by a mysterious sonic weapon, experts said. Continue reading
With visa processing suspended at the Havana embassy, Cubans who have waited years to reunite with family members now have to wait even longer. Continue reading
In a rare act of defiance, some 150 Cuban doctors serving in Brazil have sued to work as independent contractors, cutting out the Havana government. Continue reading
Food and water were in short supply on many islands in the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma, and witnesses spoke of a disintegration of law and order. Continue reading
Downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane but still carrying fierce winds, the storm crawled up the state’s west coast after thrashing the Florida Keys. Continue reading
Officials upgraded Irma to a Category 4 hurricane early Sunday, reporting maximum sustained winds of 130 miles per hour. Continue reading
One of the most potent Atlantic Ocean hurricanes ever recorded battered Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas on Friday, then made landfall in northern Cuba. Continue reading
The death toll is at least seven, and nearly a million households in Puerto Rico were without power. Continue reading
The president said he was revoking elements of a “terrible and misguided deal” by reinstating travel restrictions, a symbolic step away from seeking better relations. Continue reading
The president is expected to declare that the two-year-old Obama-era approach of engagement amounted to a failed policy of appeasement. Continue reading
Threats and self-dealing don’t get a negotiator very far in Havana. Continue reading
Who would any of us be if he hadn’t rearranged our destinies and caused this rupture in our lives? Continue reading
My land is an insular museum, stuck between the Iron Curtain and the industrial capitalism of the 1950s, and visitors view us an exotic species. Continue reading
Recent calls to cut energy usage, along with the faltering economy in Venezuela, which provides much of Cuba’s oil, have left Cubans worried about fuel shortages and blackouts. Continue reading
On a tour of North America, Cuba’s baseball federation showed signs of old-world stubbornness despite pronouncements that it welcomed the thawing of relations with the United States. Continue reading
Mr. Rubio has vowed that he would not seek re-election after six years in the Senate, but is reconsidering. With him on the ballot, Republicans have a greater chance of keeping the seat. Continue reading
A motley group of Cuban refugees risked their lives at sea for five days to reach the United States and a new future. Many others are not so lucky. Continue reading
The episode, which lasted about eight hours, comes at a time when many Cubans are fearful that the United States’ immigration policies may change. Continue reading
The long-closed dance system may flourish even more with new relationships. Continue reading
The Adonia crossed overnight from Florida to Cuba, becoming the first cruise ship in nearly 40 years to make the trip. Continue reading
Baseball players paid a South Florida-based smuggling ring more than $15 million to leave Cuba in secretive ventures. Continue reading
Jaime Ortega y Alamino has been a savvy political operator who aided the Vatican’s secret efforts to broker détente between Washington and Havana. Continue reading
Hemingway’s life was in many ways a mess, but he proved it is possible to create honest and unvarnished art even in the midst of decline. Continue reading