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14ymedio, Miami, 1 December 2017 — The Supreme Court of Brazil decided on Thursday, by a vote of six to two, that the Mais Médicos (More Doctors) program, in which more than 8,000 Cuban doctors participate, is legal under Brazil’s Constitution. The complaint against the program, started by ex-president Dilma Rousseff, was presented by the Brazilian … Continue reading "Brazil’s Supreme Court Rules Mais Medicos Program is Legal" Continue reading
14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, 4 December 2017 — Neither metaphorical nor allusive, but simply ruthless, the staging of The Infinite Banquet highlights everything insane, corrupt and violent that political power can be. The play, written in 1999 by the playwright Alberto Pedro Torriente, premiered last Thursday, November 30, at the Teatro de la Luna in the Adolfo … Continue reading "‘The Infinite Banquet’ Reflects the Violence and Corruption of Power" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 8 December 2017 — The essayist, literary critic, semiotician and translator, Desiderio Navarro, died Thursday in Havana, at 69 years of age as a result of cancer that, for the last year, had prevented him from appearing in public. Navarro, born in Camagüey in 1948, was a renowned polyglot and poet, as well … Continue reading "Desiderio Navarro Dies, the “Lone Ranger” of Cuban Semiotics" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 11 December 2017 – Until a few years ago the concept “human rights” was frowned upon by Cuba’s ruling party. The mere mention of these two words together automatically labeled a citizen as on the opposing side and there was no lack of acts of repudiation against dissidents in which slogans were shouted in … Continue reading "The Human Rights That Are Missing In Cuba" Continue reading
14ymedio, Ricardo Fernández, Camagüey, 8 December 2017 — The first online financial transactions have been delayed for two decades in Cuba. The new service, called Kiosco, allows the payment of electricity and telephone bills, in addition to the repayment of bank loans, but is not exempt from technological setbacks and has not yet managed to gain the … Continue reading "Online Payments Come to Cuba Two Decades Late" Continue reading
14ymedio, Ricardo Fernandez, 4 December 2017 — Five days after an ammonia leak that kept some people in the city of Camagüey in suspense, the neighbors of the Coppelia ice cream factory fear that the consequences of the spill will be more serious than what has been announced, and they are reproaching the authorities for not … Continue reading "In Camaguey Coppelia’s Neighbors Live with Ammonia Leaks / 14yMedio" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 4 December 2017 — In November, the Cuban authorities carried out 302 temporary arbitrary detentions, a figure that according to the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN) is the second lowest since the beginning of 2017. The organization attributes this decrease to the fact that, during the past municipal elections, the … Continue reading "Cuban Government Focused Repression Against Independent Candidates / 14yMedio" Continue reading
14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 7 December 2017 – She pauses to think in front of a stand at the market. My mother is not evaluating the size of the tomatoes or the quality of the garlic, but making calculations. A mathematical operation where subtraction and division are the stars. With a pension of 250 Cuban … Continue reading "Life in Numbers" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 5 December 2017 — Dissident Eduardo Cardet received a visit from his wife Yaimaris Vecino on Monday, in the Holguin prison where has already served a year, after a trial that his family believes was manipulated by Cuban State Security. Cardet, a doctor by profession and national coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement … Continue reading "Eduardo Cardet, a Year in Prison for "Political Reasons"" Continue reading
14ymedio, Luz Escobar, Havana, 2 December 2017 — It is risky to define someone in brief strokes, but if it is Ciro Díaz we are talking about it is even more so because the same person contains a mix of the activist, the musician and the mathematician. The guitarist of the group Porno Para Ricardo … Continue reading "Ciro Díaz: “Musician In The Morning, Mathematician In The Afternoon, Activist In The Evening”" Continue reading
14ymedio, 28 November 2017 — The sugar harvest began last Sunday with the start-up of the sugar mill Boris Luis Santa Coloma in Cuba’s Mayabeque province. According to the state monopoly Azcuba, the drought that lasted 18 months and the subsequent scourge of Hurricane Irma have had negative effects and will limit production to around 1.5 million … Continue reading "Cuba’s Sugar Harvest Begins Affected by Drought and Hurricane Irma / 14yMedio" Continue reading
14ymedio, Miriam Celaya, Havana, 22 November 2017 — A huge metal cap measuring five feet long and 20 inches high, weighing 66 pounds, is the latest fetish born of the yearning of a certain regional leftist sector to honor Fidel Castro, the favorite demiurge of vernacular socialism, on the first anniversary of his death. The … Continue reading "In Search of a Tropical William Tell" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 27 November 2017 — The last municipal elections before the departure of Raúl Castro in February passed without surprises, exit polls or political differences between the candidates. During the day, several activists denounced irregularities in exercising their right to vote or access the counts and the rains forced some delays in poll closing times. … Continue reading "Election Day In Cuba Passes With No Surprises" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 26 November 2017 — Cuban politician Armando Hart Dávalos died on Sunday afternoon in Havana at 87 years of age due to respiratory failure, according to the official press. The news was announced in the midst of the commemoration of the first anniversary of the death of Fidel Castro. Born on 13 June 1930, … Continue reading "Armando Hart Dávalos Dies, Most Loyal of All Fidelistas" Continue reading
14ymedio, Mario Penton, Miami, 23 November 2017 — Under a parasol printed with a reproduction of the Tropical Gypsy, María Elena has left behind her profession as a doctor to dedicate herself to selling handicraft products that she makes for tourists in Matanzas. She graduated in 1993 but has not practiced for more than 10 years. “They … Continue reading "Official Data Confirm Degradation Of Cuba’s Health System" Continue reading
14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 24 November 2017 — Throughout my adolescence I had a recurring dream related to Mr. Fidel Castro. It used to repeat itself on the nights he delivered those endless speeches in front of hundreds of thousands of people. My fingers would perceive with amazing clarity the texture of the upper edge of … Continue reading "I No Longer Dream Of Fidel Castro" Continue reading
14ymedio, 25 November 2017 — The Mexican illustrator Joan X. Vázquez has created a series of comics produced by the human rights organization Amnesty International entitled Cubans’ Lives  whose pages tell the lives of Cubans and the continuous restrictions to which they are subjected in their day-to-day lives. The first issue is dedicated to Graciela, a … Continue reading "A Life Truncated For Criticizing The Cuban Government" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 24 November 2017 – Cuban State Security managed to limit attendance to just two people to last night’s premiere play The Enemies of the People. The police cordon set up around the El Círculo gallery in Havana’s Vedado neighborhood, where the play was going to be performed, worked as a method of pressure to intimidate would-be audience … Continue reading "Cuban State Security Blockades a Play in El Círculo Gallery" Continue reading
14ymedio, Generation Y, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 23 November 2017 — When Ignacio Ramonet’s interview with Fidel Castro was published in 2006, many citizens did not miss the opportunity to mock the title. “Why should we read One Hundred Hours With Fidel if we have spent our whole lives with him?” people were saying on the streets, but the … Continue reading "Hemiplegia, The Sad Case Of Ignacio Ramonet" Continue reading
14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner, 19 February 2017 — It has been one year since Fidel’s death was announced. It seems like a century ago. For more than a decade, from July 26, 2006 to Nov. 25, 2016, he lived with one foot in the grave. That slow-motion agony was very useful to his brother Raúl. … Continue reading "One Year Without Fidel" Continue reading
14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 20 November 2017 — Several impounded trucks and numerous drivers demanding respect for the law have been the results of the stiffening of police controls, in recent weeks, on the transport of agricultural products in the municipality of Alquízar, located in Artemisa province. Around a dozen truck owners complained to 14ymedio … Continue reading "Alquízar’s Truckers Challenge the Police, Showing Them the Wording of the Law" Continue reading
14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 19 November 2017 – She came to Trinidad and Tobago more than a year ago with “one pair of pants and two blouses.” Kenya Montes de Oca traveled from Placetas, in Villa Clara, with the idea of ​​becoming a mule and living off the import business, but life pushed her towards seeking … Continue reading "Cubans in Trinidad And Tobago, Caught Between Illegality and Hope" Continue reading
14ymedio, Mario Penton, Miami, 17 November 2017 – Cuba’s northern keys are a tropical paradise that were forbidden to Cubans for decades. In 2008, in the midst of a severe liquidity crisis, the reforms of Raul Castro’s regime allowed, for the first time since the opening to international tourism in the ’90s, Cubans to stay in … Continue reading "Cubans Are Traveling Abroad More and On The Island Less" Continue reading
14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 14 November 2017 — “Have you come about the Giant African snails?” the residents of the Santa Amalia neighborhood ask any stranger who walks through their streets and seems to be looking for something. People have become increasingly alarmed after the publication, this Sunday, of a reader’s letter sent to the Juventud … Continue reading "Threat of Giant African Snail Reappears in Cuba’s Official Press" Continue reading
A year ago, Mugabe attended the funeral of Fidel Castro, his comrade in authoritarianism, perhaps like one who participates in his own funeral. 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 16 November 2017 – No one who has been in power for four decades is innocent and Robert Mugabe will not be the exception. This week the 93-year-old African … Continue reading "Another Ally Falls: The Siege Against Robert Mugabe" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 15 November 2017 — Twitter is “our Bay of Pigs of the 21st Century” according to the journalist Enrique Moreno Gimeranez, who presented his book Manual for the Exercise of Digital Journalism on Twitter on Tuesday at Havana’s Capitolio. In the volume, the author criticizes “the malpractice of Cuban journalism on Twitter” which “has inefficiently used … Continue reading "Twitter is No Longer the CIA’s, it is “Our Bay of Pigs of the 21st Century”" Continue reading
14ymedio, Regina Coyula, Havana, 15 November 2017 — A more inclusive air can be breathed in the corridors of Performing Arts of the Ministry of Culture. Or at least I thought that was the case when they told me that an article written by me about Departures, a work by the company El Ciervo Encantado (The Enchanted Deer), … Continue reading "The Fear of ’14ymedio’" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 14 November 2017 — A scandal is shaking up the National Council of Performing Arts (CNAE) a few days after the end of the 17th edition of the Havana Theater Festival. The publication in the festival catalog of an excerpt from a review of the event that appeared in 14ymedio has caused three employees of the … Continue reading "Three Cuban Cultural Promoters Fired For Publishing a Review From ’14ymedio’ in an Official Catalog" Continue reading
14ymedio, Luz Escobar, 13 November 2017 – It was a warm night in June and José Enrique Morales Besada was connected to the internet at a Wi-Fi hotspot in Morón, Ciego de Ávila. On returning home, his life took a dramatic turn when he was a victim of a homophobic attack that left him with serious … Continue reading "“My Attackers Act As If Nothing Happened”" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 14 November 2017 — Two fundamental premises have guided the work of 14ymedio since its birth more than three years ago: making journalism of higher quality every day and maintaining editorial independence. To achieve this we have opted for a strict financial autonomy that allows us to pronounce freely on any subject. So far, our financing … Continue reading "‘14ymedio’ Invites Readers to Join" Continue reading
Raúl Castro has not taken advantage of the steps taken by Barack Obama and has chosen to opt for caution rather than reform 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 13 November 2017 — It was too quiet to last. The diplomatic thaw between Cuba and the United States has failed and both nations are resetting their watches to … Continue reading "In Cuba, the Cold War Returns" Continue reading
14ymedio, Marcelo Hernandez, Havana, 10 November 2017 — “Whomever figures out how to sell guarapo in a can will get rich,” says Overti, a Villa Clara resident in Havana who is trying to open his own café in the capital. “I started by setting up the trapiche – the sugarcane crusher – but I never managed … Continue reading "Canned Guarapo" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 10 November 2017 — In recent hours, in the absence of information about the reasons that led to the dismissal of the director of the newspaper Granma, many observers have set themselves to seek out some error that crept into the official organ of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC). They pour over the pages … Continue reading "The Headline That Ended the Career of the Director of ‘Granma’" Continue reading
14ymedio, Bertha Guillen, Candelaria, 10 November 2017 — It has not remained seated like the famous figure of Auguste Rodin, but nor has it been able to walk as much as its editors would like. The magazine El Pensador (The Thinker) edited in Guanajay, Artemisa, is two decades old and its founders dream of being able to publish … Continue reading "In Guanajay, the Editors of a Magazine Dream of Publishing in Digital Format" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 10 November 2017 — The Provincial Court of Pinar del Río ratified the sentence of three years of deprivation of liberty against Karina Galvez issued last September. The economist was informed on Wednesday of the sentence on appeal and must spend the time of imprisonment under “limitation of freedom” at the home of her … Continue reading "Cuban Court Ratifies Three-Year Sentence Against Karina Gálvez" Continue reading
14ymedio, Generation Y, Yoani Sanchez, 10 November 2017 — He scribbled on a wall and they detained him for several months; he founded an opposition party and they accused him of buying some sacks of cement; he opened an independent media outlet and they denounced him for treason. Every step taken to be free ended with a disproportionate … Continue reading "The Art Of Turning Artists Into “Enemies”" Continue reading
14ymedio, Luz Escobar, Havana, 9 November 2017 — An arbitrary arrest is not the same if on the other side of the bars there is a family willing to ask questions or a friend who dares to investigate. Roberto Jiménez Gutiérrez believed that no one would notice his absence, which began on October 23 when the … Continue reading "A 16-Day Detention That Started With a Kidnapping" Continue reading
14ymedio, Havana, 9 November 2017 — The arrest of Cuban artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara has unleashed a wave of solidarity on the internet. The artist Tania Bruguera launched a solidarity campaign that as of Thursday exceeded 300 signatures to demand the release of the young artist. The declaration states that the government’s reaction towards the … Continue reading "More Than 300 People Sign a Petition for the Release of Artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara" Continue reading
The director of Granma newspaper, Pelayo Terry Cuervo, was “liberated” from his post by the leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), due to “errors committed in the fulfillment of his responsibilities,” a brief note published on Thursday on Granma’s website announced. “Until the new director is appointed, the current deputy director Oscar Sánchez Serra will … Continue reading "Director of Cuba’s Communist Party Newspaper Fired for his “Errors”" Continue reading
14ymedio, Marcelo Hernandez, Havana, 7 November 2017 — “Sometimes I dream that I’ve returned to Moscow but the contours of the buildings look blurry,” confesses Valentina Rodriguez, 72. She married a Cuban who studied at a university in Moscow in the ‘80s and who lived for many years in Havana until she emigrated to the … Continue reading "The Traces of Russia in Cuba: ‘Bolos’, Kamaz, ‘Polovinos’" Continue reading
14ymedio/EFE, Havana, 6 November 2017 — Viktor Bondarev, head of the Russian Defense and Security Committee of the Federation Council, said on Sunday that Russia should consider restoring its military presence in Cuba and Vietnam to protect “the interests of national security” due to an “intensification of American aggression,” according to Sputnik, the Russian state … Continue reading "Russia Considers Reopening Military Bases in Cuba and Vietnam" Continue reading
In just a few months the great empire had crumbled without its archenemy the United States firing a single shot. 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 7 November 2017 — It was bath time after an afternoon of pulling weeds around tiny lettuce plants. The high school dorm was a coming and going of teenagers with towels on … Continue reading "With the End of the Russian Revolution We Lost the Colorful Candies" Continue reading
Pedro Campos, Miami, 2 November 2017 – Once again, as expected, the United Nations condemns the United States embargo on Cuba. This annual exercise is part of the diversionary masquerade of the Castro regime to try to make the naïve believe that it is the United States that is the main culprit in Cuba’s economic and … Continue reading "The US Embargo and Cuba’s Internal Blockade in Times of Halloween" Continue reading
14ymedio, Mario Penton, Miami, 4 November 2017 — The Catholic priest José Conrado Rodríguez, parish priest of the church of San Francisco de Paula in Trinidad, visited Miami last week to present his book Dreams and Nightmares of a Priest in Cuba. On the way to Miami’s Ermita de la Caridad, where he planned to offer … Continue reading "Obama Made The Mistake Of “Giving In Without Demanding,” Regrets Father Conrado" Continue reading
The book ‘The Companion Who Attends Me’ was presented last Thursday in Coral Gables (Florida) and reflects its authors’ preoccupation with the omnipresence of surveillance in Cuba 14ymedio, Mario J. Penton, Miami, 3 November 2017 — Writing a book can be like an exorcism, especially when trying to leave behind ghosts of the past. This … Continue reading "The Cuban ‘Big Brother’ Seen by 57 Writers" Continue reading