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Agustín Valentín López Canino

14ymedio, Havana, 6 March 2018 — The activist and blogger Agustín López Canino has been charged with the crime of “receiving” after a police search of his home last Friday, where a personal computer, camera and other objects were seized. The opponent could face a sentence of up to one year in prison, according to the criminal … Continue reading "Activist and Blogger Agustin Lopez Charged with Crime of ‘Receiving’" Continue reading
Don’t talk about politics because they’ll hang you, but I hung myself first and talked about politics afterwards. In front of me there are four panelists, I imagine that they’re people who are knowledgeable about the matter, prominent scholars on the … Continue reading Continue reading
At the end of a row of makeshift kiosks a colorful poster highlights Communist Party propaganda based on the economic reforms and new forms of production, its assertion inviting me to reflect, not like the usual reflections of Cuba’s ex-president … Continue reading Continue reading
Under the title “Tampa seeks to do business with Cuba” in the Miami Herald, we learn that Tampa City Council members Harry Cohen, Yvonne Yolie Capin, and Mary Mulhern, along with Kathy Castor, will soon be traveling to Cuba. Castor … Continue reading Continue reading
Once again it is the first of May, once again the Plaza is filled, slogans that will never be accomplished, unattainable challenges, huge flags carried as if over coffins, people raising their fists and shouting against the ghosts of fear, … Continue reading Continue reading
Between hugs, handshakes and some tears we said goodbye at the Havana aiport last night, Sunday, 10 March, to the leader of the Ladies in White, Berta Soler. She was accompanied more than fifty of these brave women and about … Continue reading Continue reading
It is January 28, Monday, I get a call from Yoani earlier than usual, it was 7:55 am when she told me we should go by Rodiles’ house; she always thanks me as if my work were a favor and … Continue reading Continue reading
The boy stands to the side of the entrance, on his left is his girlfriend who has accompanied him to say goodbye. He carries a bag over his right shoulder and looks around as if startled. On the floor a … Continue reading Continue reading
Emigration: the road to freedom with no destination, shipwreck, despair and death: the price of escape. The people of Israel, that is like saying God’s people, emigrated from Egypt. The Creator led them to “the promised land flowing with milk … Continue reading Continue reading
Although the boy forgot to put a note under the bed for the Three Kings, the father wrote: I don’t want any more governments that rob children of their innocence. It’s a few minutes before 2:00 when I walk into Neptune Street, towards the home of the late Laura Pollan, made God put here in [...] Continue reading
This Wednesday, January 9, a new project comes to light from one of the organizations that dare to claim rights and freedoms under the most strict censorship of the state, repression and prison. Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet convicted in case 63 of 1999, in t... Continue reading
Last Friday a group of  us friends met at the “Y Scares Vultures,” as Agustín calls Reinaldo Escobar and Yoani Sánchez’s house, for the penultimate round of the Endless Poetry festival. The poetry reading started this time with Luis Eligio d’Omni reading a poem of his to Celia Cruz in slam style, as attractive as [...] Continue reading
Site manager’s note: The following excerpts are translated from an article in Cubaencuentro.  In addition, an official government blogger reported that Yoani traveled to Bayamo intending to disrupt and put on a “media show” at the tr... Continue reading
“Good morning,” said the woman with the thick voice and deep tone. My sister responded in kind and the woman began offering medications for sale. The clock indicated it was seven minutes past eight in the morning. The twins had just left fo... Continue reading
The procession starts again after a few minutes of resistance under the burning sun of the nation, Rodiles, Aleago, Guillermo and others already on their way to the jails. The line of vehicles follows the avenue in Cerro crossing a cordon of police and... Continue reading
Julio has finished his story of the abduction where his more than 200 pounds became an inanimate object, consisting of an amorphous substance lacking in spatial location, without any perception of a social being, crosses to the other side where the par... Continue reading
The man dressed in white walks up to the exit gate at the airport. A person with a calculating official face stops him and asks, “Do your clothes have something to do with the Ladies in White? The man’s voice quivers. He’s scared like a deer caught in the headlights. “No, no, I do not [...] Continue reading
What ranks in the military hierarchy would correspond to the equivalent of Cardinal? Commander of the Revolution? General? Colonel of State Security? Minister of Defense? Deputy Chief of Army? Could he have won the last ascent for the sacrilegious statements about the 13 unhappy people, with their lives ruined because of the great Revolution; those [...] Continue reading
Where is the shame, dignity and honor of the commander in chief of the Revolution? In his column in the Granma newspaper today, he has reflected on the Summit of the Americas, their perfidies and Machiavellian calculations of power, expressed in a lexicon as worshipful of politicsas it is absent of justice and love for [...] Continue reading
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Hello friends, we started the year with the sad murder of another of our brothers, and I ask myself: How is it that the people of Cuba don’t realize that we are a disgrace? The fear of losing what doesn’t even belong to us forces many to put their heads down and keep going. The [...] Continue reading