October 2018
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Alexis Romay

President Obama, a man who actively promotes the audacity of hope and based his presidential campaigns on the idea of change, has combined both concepts in his long gaze at Cuba: he hopes Castro will change. However, that option isn’t … Continue reading Continue reading

El escritor cubano Alexis Romay presenta este 26 de marzo en Nueva York su nuevo libro, La apertura cubana, publicado por Sudaquia Editores. 

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I asked several cyberactivists their opinions about the social network Facebook, about its impact on the island and the relation it’s created, within the island, outside the island, with Cubans and the insults from Power. Alexis Romay, a good man, … Continue reading Continue reading
Editor’s note: This article was originally published at time of Luis Pavón Tamayo’s reappearance on Cuba Television in 2007, and was translated to post here on the occasion of his recent death. On more than a few occasions, those who … Continue reading Continue reading