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Anddy Sierra Alvarez

Anddy Sierra, Havana, Cuba, 30 April 2016 — The battle by Lumumba residents against the dumping of solid waste in the neighborhood is all but lost. The garbage dump, established three years ago, is bigger today and includes debris from roadwork done in the area. According to residents, there were initially only twenty meters of trash, but today … Continue reading "“I’m Going to Set Fire to It and See What Happens” / Anddy Sierra Alvarez" Continue reading
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="419"] [1] First base[/caption] The categories of children’s baseball in Cuba are rescued by parents of the "little ballplayers" because, it seems, the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) has no resources to provide the necessary sports equipment. The categories of 7-8 years and 9-10 years are supported by the parents of the child athletes, as long as INDeR doesn’t provide the minimum materials, such as: gloves, special balls, bats, among others. It doesn’t allow the development of Cuban baseball. Rolando Suarez, a 45-year-old coach, spoke of the ingenuity required to get a result in competitions. "Thanks to the parents we can train the children, because INDER gives each school coach only one or two gloves, one bat and two Kenko balls, which last only four months. During the remaining 6 or 7 months, I have to ask the parents for help to continue to coach." According to some instructors, these categories have special rules, one of which regulates to the play to a solid rubber ball (known as Kenko), a different material from the balls for the older ages, which use synthetic materials. The Kenko balls cost about 300 pesos each. Suarez also explained, "I have an enrollment of 20 students in the 7-8 category, and in 9-10 I have 19 students. What INDER gives me isn’t enough!" Another children’s coach who asked to remain anonymous, explained that the lack of resources also hits the parents’ budgets, "Several students have left the sport because it’s very expensive." Michel Garcia, a 37-year-old father, commented, "My son has his sports uniform, glove and a bad thanks to me but not everyone can spend more than 2,500 pesos for these expenses." According to a methodologist in the capital municipality of 10 de Octubre, who is in charge of educating coaches and supervising the training with the purpose of ensuring good preparation, and who asked to remain anonymous, commented that everything the Municipal Sports Authorities delivered to the coaches, is usurped by them. "They sell gloves, balls and bats to the parents of the students. It is a sport where the majority of the parents have money, and demand creates the market," he said. This methodologist continued, explaining that many parents have complained to the Municipal Sports Authority in 10 de Octubre, about the conditions for the children playing baseball, a sport supposedly prioritized in Cuba. So far, the conditions don’t seem to change. Coaches like Racel Perez, 28, consider another option, "I have to coach a different sport," he laments. From Anddy’s blog, previously published in Cubanet 23 March 2015 [1] Continue reading
[1] Although boat owners mostly fish, getting a boat is not as hard as people imagine. [2]Cubanet, Anddy Sierra Alvarez, Havana, 2 February 2015 -- Any Cuban can have a boat in Cuba. You just have to be authorized by the appropriate authorities. Here is the detail Those who are interested in buying a boat are investigated. If they are authorized, all that’s missing is pure bureaucracy to become owners. Miguel E. Gil, 52, fisherman and owner of a boat, said he never faced obstacles to buying it. "I just had to wait for the Cuban Vessel Register to authorize me, the rest is like buying a car," he said. But there are always some who are rejected, and this was the case for Mendoza, 30, who comments, "My request was denied, I was surprised because I’ve seen people with bad criminal records and I just I had a traffic accident. Like my friends say, I have bad luck." The price of a 12 horsepower boat (the most common) varies between five and nine thousand dollars, according to its characteristics. "A Chernera model, fiberglass with Japanese Yanmal 12 horsepower engine costs $8,000, equivalent to 32 years of work by a Cuban with average wage," said Ernesto Aguirre, 55, a fisherman. Having a boat carries costs An owner of a boat answers to the Ministry of Fisheries, Cuban Registry of Ships, Captain of the Port, Coast Guard, Fish Inspection and Ministry of Transportation. Therefore, he will pay a tax of 75 pesos per year to the Registry, and a tax of 150 pesos to the National Tax Office (ONAT), for having a 12 horsepower boat, the tax is increased if the boat has more horsepower. "I pay 150 pesos to the ONAT because of the characteristics of my boat. For having a fishing license I pay 60 pesos, 20 pesos per place (the number of people who I can carry in the boat), the professional fishing license costs 100 pesos. It allows you longline fishing. All that is annually," said Michael E. Gil. Navigation has its limits By day, the authorities allow the boat to be up to 7 miles from shore, at night 3 miles. "Not only is it limited to seven miles in the day and 3 miles at night, but you can’t be less than 50 yards from the shore, for fear of hurting a swimmer or to be planning an illegal exit from the country," he said Alain Soto, 39, fisherman. Although not controlled by GPS, if you are found more than seven miles out they will impose a fine. "Before they would sanction you to one to three months without sailing, but now they impose a fine exceeding one thousand dollars," said Gilberto Segura, 58, owner of a boat. Maintenance, the safety of the ship and the fuel are borne by the owner "Yes, everything comes out of our pockets, many of us have a contract with the Acuabana company that buys the fish supplies us with fuel, according to an agreement, which should be systematic," said Michael E. Gil. Although boat owners fully engaged in fishing, getting a boat is not as difficult as people imagine. There is a filter that will or won’t authorize you to be an owner, but from that moment you have to maintain it yourself, even though you have a contract with Acuabana. 2 February 2015 [1] [2] Continue reading
Cubanet, Anddy Sierra Alvarez, Havana, 28 October 2014 — With the delivery of the “weekly packet” to Cuban homes, the people have taken an important leap toward access to information and entertainment. In a country where the only television is … Continue reading Continue reading
The Cuban government is betting on the Port of Mariel to strengthen its economy, but what would happen if crude oil were found in Cuban territory? Many Cubans are not very confident of “progress.” The government boasts of this being … Continue reading Continue reading
Alejandro feels frustrated. The country’s sports leadership has declared him an “untrustworthy person.” Walking home, he rearranges his life into what it will be from now on: do anything except play ball, abandon his university studies, or somehow exit the … Continue reading Continue reading
The Cuban population has no idea of the real worth of a Cuban peso. So many private taxi drivers, like the pioneers of money devaluation–the state snack bars–never stop annoying people with measures outside any legal range. If the government … Continue reading Continue reading
The issue is not just about winning the argument with the United States. It’s also about a legacy created 55 years ago. Of what use to us are their perspectives, when ambitions fade with the passage of time” The leaders of … Continue reading Continue reading
Since mid-June the world has experienced a joy at the rhythm of a round ball and the colorful Football World Cup in Brazil. In Cuba it’s been a great party, although with great regret that we can’t enjoy our own … Continue reading Continue reading
Sitting at a bus stop waiting for the bus are the Gonzalez brothers. Among children’s stories and entertaining laughter one hears the surprising proclamation of a 65-year-old man. “I will give you 80 centavos for one Cuban pesos,” says the … Continue reading Continue reading
Mexico City is one of the safest places for the families of the kingpins of the Mexican mafia. In spite of having a corrupt government, the politicians know the importance of protecting the capital. Even though drug trafficking is out … Continue reading Continue reading
Alfredo has tried several times to get in touch with his brother. He doesn’t bother with sending an SMS because he has sent various messages on other occasions which haven’t arrived on time. Following ETECSA informing most of its users … Continue reading Continue reading
Web domain for newcomers or daredevils. For many, the designation .cu is a way to identify the country on the internet. But for the most accomplished netizens it remains a place very little in demand. The .cu indicates mistrust, ease … Continue reading Continue reading
This time Cuba is the president of a young organization with ideas of uniting Latin America and the Caribbean. In its second summit, held in Havana, the government leaders faced a question: Will Latin America and the Caribbean be a … Continue reading Continue reading
The Cuban government reaffirms to its citizens that transformations are directed towards psychological oppression, and at the same time it mocks Cubans as a way of demonstrating absolute power. The law approved in January 2014 by the Cuban president — … Continue reading Continue reading
With the decline of sports facilities on the island, the Cuban government it taking drastic measures in order to keep sports alive, based on already failed communist ideals. A situation that corners the Castro government so that for once, it … Continue reading Continue reading
Some 0.004% of the Cuban population will connect to the Web. Starting on June 4, 2013, 472 people (maximum) will be the daily human traffic going to a NAUTA Internet cafe, approximately 0.004% of the Cuban population. The state-owned telephone … Continue reading Continue reading
The Julio Trigo and The Dependent Hospitals don’t offer full service. Doctors choose to give basic treatment to avoid complications due to lack of hygiene and the poor condition of patient rooms. An unnamed doctor “Julio Trigo” says that he … Continue reading Continue reading
How can we help?  Was one question asked of the blogger Yoani Sánchez in Miami. Where people like the Cuban-American Felice Gorordo and his friend the Frenchman Philippe Houdard were present at the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts. When … Continue reading Continue reading
The difference in vote totals was only about 300,000 people. The votes of the Venezuelan people have brought to light an almost equal balance in the presidential decision. With 50.66% for Nicolas Maduro and 49.07% for Capriles, the now elected … Continue reading Continue reading
Several banks in the capital’s municipalities have broken ATM cash machines, which makes it hard for people to get their money. In Cuba the use of technology to facilitate and expedite service to the population in the metropolitan banks, fails … Continue reading Continue reading
Most of the private cars in Cuba are old, built around 1939, 1941, 1955 etc. None of them have seat belts or airbags, which increases the number of fatalities in an accident. Private cars don’t have seat belts or airbags … Continue reading Continue reading
he early death of Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, president of the Republic of Venezuela, brings with it instability for the country and those allied with him. With the death of the leader the opportunity to take power is knocking on … Continue reading Continue reading
With the arrival of the anniversary of the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, the Cuban martyr and human rights defender on the Cuban island, hundreds of arrests were carried out in order not to allow any festive and peaceful festive … Continue reading Continue reading
These have been rigorous days on the island of Cuba, the first elections after the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba. Full of bureaucracy, an evil that affects us deeply. For whom will you vote? Few ask because they … Continue reading Continue reading
The Cuban government takes advantage of the situation of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to assume the presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). As everyone knows, the health outlook of the president … Continue reading Continue reading
With the outbreak of Cholera in the eastern provinces, to cite an example: Granma province.  Result of contaminated or stagnant water for several days.  Citizens obliged to store water because of declining supplies on the part of state entities. When the outbreak’s development reached its peak, the government took small, practically secret measures.  Many of the Cuban citizens resident [...] Continue reading
The Migration Law will show its true face. As announced, today the new amendments go into effect today. As expected, today is a day when many Cubans who want to know new frontiers can be secure in knowing that they will not be denied in the acquisition... Continue reading
The shepherd’s staff march is held every year, on December 17 — St. Lazarus Day.  This time the traffic authorities didn’t help like in past years. Observed by State Security (DSE) this year with more participation. It started at 1:00 pm from the fountain at Sports City, beginning with the participation of 40 people and [...] Continue reading
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias announced that he will again have surgery for malignant cancerous cells found in in medical check up performed in Cuba. Cuban television interrupted regular programming on 8 December 2012 to let Cuban citizens kno... Continue reading
The prime time news on Cuban television provides an account of the loss of values of Cuban civil society. In it they highlight a complaint by a doctor who is bothered by the loud music at night recreation center near his house. The victim in this case,... Continue reading
At 2:00 PM on November 22, 2012, I was interviewed at the People’s Revolutionary Police (PNR) Capri Station, located in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality of Havana, with the Lieutenant called “Junior” from Department 21 (the State Security ... Continue reading
In spite of the internationally offered help, Havana suffers because of damage in the province of Santiago de Cuba caused by Hurricane Sandy.  Food is in itself the major preoccupation of the Havanan. The government has forgotten that it is in charge... Continue reading
November 4, 2012. The second round of voting was held, where both aspirants tied to become delegates from that constituency. Part of the population didn’t vote because they consider it an unnecessary activity. The neighbors of the constituency gave a... Continue reading
Santiago de Cuba is characterized by being one of the provinces than most supports the Castro government. Its citizens, its major, are loyalists. The native city of the Castros has been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Was Sandy the principal cause of the... Continue reading
The boat sent by Venezuela for the victims of Hurricane Sandy in the east of the country will not fulfill its objective. Most of the merchandise will be diverted to the hard currency stores to enrich the Cuban government. It won’t be the first, or th... Continue reading
Like every other citizen, the invitation to the Estado de Sats is taken with enthusiasm, in order to take part in a work of illumination dealing with human development, both spiritual and socially. This brings up the understandable work schedule for th... Continue reading
More than half of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) of Havana did not celebrate their 52nd anniversary of September 27-28.  This celebration was marked at 90% only in the central and eastern zones of the country. September 27 was ... Continue reading
The 21st century. A country called Cuba, where it citizens fight for a transparent democracy and for the freedoms that this encompasses. There are very few resources to achieve the power of the people in a country tossed into the abyss 53 years ago. Th... Continue reading
Cuba is preparing for the 2012 census between September 15 and 24. They are officially explaining the date to be collected, what the interviewee should say, without any guarantee of the validity and veracity of the document filled in. Saturday, Septemb... Continue reading
Cuba boasts of its public health system, and its hospitals are overflowing with cases of viral dengue fever. This outbreak is caused by this country’s poor performance in supplying water to homes, especially in the capital province. The township Arr... Continue reading
A Security of State operation carried out in cooperation with the National Revolutionary Police (PNR), blocked participants from attending Estado de Sats this Friday, August 10, 2012; but those in charge of the Cinema at All Costs didn’t cancel the p... Continue reading
The situation regarding the quality of the drinking water has caused Cubans to take measures to avoid being infected with diseases. Formerly the rivers were the source of drinking water and the Almendares River served the people via ditch in the street... Continue reading
Every day the rumors grow in society, rumors with political, social or economic content that bring, as a consequence, despair, dissatisfaction, stress and mistaken plans. This expression occurs with the loss of some product as happened with the rice wh... Continue reading
People are preoccupied with how to pay the tariffs at the airport, especially on medicine and food. The new restrictions for travelers increase the tension on the island. “With the tax on food, there is less coming into the country, especially to... Continue reading