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Argelio M. Guerra

Lic. Argelio M. Guerra The Law of Criminal Procedure is clear when it indicates in the penultimate paragraph of Art. 251 that: The Police, the Instructor, the Prosecutor or the Tribunal, as the case may be, will decide in relation to the … Continue reading Continue reading
Lic. Argelio M. Guerra The fight for freedom has been, to a large extent, the fight to restrain the power of the State, mainly through the creation of recognized spaces of individual freedom. The idea that certain rights derive from … Continue reading Continue reading
By Argelio M. Guerra Is it possible to file a legal claim against someone to whom you have given your car to carry out some bodywork, paying him something in advance, who has not carried out the work in question, and where there is no contract document... Continue reading
By Lic. Argelio M. Guerra The development in 1966 of the International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, also known as the New York Pacts, has a close relationship with the gestation of the Universal D... Continue reading
By Lic. Argelio M. Guerra In the history of International Law the accords of Westphalia in 1648 set a pattern, establishing the guiding principle, followed since then by the international community, that states are sovereign and within their territorie... Continue reading
With regards to the most basic concept on the subject of a legal relationship, defined as those who participate in the relationship and have the ability to claim rights and assume obligations, we can assume that if this legal relationship is of an inte... Continue reading
  By Lic. Argelio M. Guerra The year was 1945 and with its progressed, the end of a bloody global War, to the satisfaction of the international community. The effects of the global conflagration left the eyes of humanity perplexed and revealed the...